An Easter Parade.


Have you ever had one of those days when you feel like writing everything in capitals? Not because you’re angry or because you want to make a point but because you’re EXCITED.

Today is one of those days. Don’t ask me why…

Perhaps it’s because I’m relishing the bright mornings and the longer evenings (yes even on this grey drizzly Monday). Maybe it’s because the plethora of colour pop and heavily fragranced blooms that stretch as far as the eye can see along country lanes and in green front gardens make me very happy indeed. Or actually (and far more realistically) it’s because the long Easter weekend is on its way with its promise of a chocolate overload or two…

What better then than to share a smidgen of inspiration with you dolls this afternoon inspired by Spring lambs, snuffle-nosed bunnies and Easter chicklets in homage to this frankly awesome time of year. Perhaps it will inspire you in your own wedding decor planning or maybe even provide a few ideas on how to style your Easter lunch…

Beautiful And Unique Wedding Inspiration For Your Easter Wedding With Spring Centrepieces And Florals And Colourful Decor._0001

Typically Easter inspired weddings tend to use a colour palette of lemon yellows, blush pinks, the softest lilacs and colour pop purples mixed in with off-whites and chartreuse greens. Yes it’s bright but somehow all these colours mixed in together just work – Mother Nature clearly knew what she was doing when she assembled her best blooms to start off the year.

If you’re keen on capturing the ‘essence’ of Spring and of Easter then I’d recommend utilising two or more hues from this colour spectrum to start you off. Perhaps the easiest way of integrating these shades is by using the blooms themselves and with so many varieties at your disposal you’ll have plenty to choose from.

Opt for multiple centrepieces of white tulips and delicate narcissi if you’re after a chic modern vibe perhaps for a city do. If you’re after girly romance then long branches of cherry blossom placed in tall clear vases and small posies of snowdrop anemones and hellebores are for you. But if you’re looking to pack a punch on both the scent and colour agenda then sunny daffodils, heavenly hyacinths and bright tulips are for you. Whatever you choose will be beautiful!

Beautiful And Unique Wedding Inspiration For Your Easter Wedding With Spring Centrepieces And Florals And Colourful Decor._0002

I’ve always loved the idea of a petting farm at a wedding (to keep the big kids and little kids alike entertained) but 99% of the time frankly this just isn’t realistic. I’m not sure how many of you have seen Sofia Coppola’s ‘Marie Aintoinette’ but there’s this one scene in the movie where there are beautifully dressed ladies lounging in fields full of wild flowers whilst lambs frolic around them. For me this would be the ultimate in Easter decor!

Whilst it might not be possible to include real life wildlife in your big day there are plenty of ways to introduce animal motifs into your decor. A carefully folded napkin can resemble bunny ears, animal figurines purchased from your local model-making shop and sprayed in the colour/s of your choice make the best favour/placename combos and a animal cuddly toy can keep little ones entertained during long speeches. You could even make like the Easter bunny has visited and provide miniature baskets of treats as a thank you gift for flower girls and page boys…

Spring is such a wonderful time of year for sartorial decisions too – the touch of warmth in the air means that both brides and grooms can opt for lighter fabrics in perhaps more daring shades but the cooler nights provide ample opportunity to ‘layer up’ too. If you’re a groom who is keen to avoid traditional top hat and tails then it’s worth considering a linen suit with co-ordinating accessories. Personally I think boys in powder blue look super HAWT.

I also sincerely believe that Spring is where girls come into their own. Whether you be a tulle princess in the softest blush or a lace-clad lady complete with clutch, Spring brides always look so radiant. My particular favourite Spring look is of soft layers of vintage French cotton muslin and lace like the 3/4 length sleeved creation above. Accessorise tunic dresses with a decadent belt to nip in your waist and add a bit of glamour to the proceedings.

Beautiful And Unique Wedding Inspiration For Your Easter Wedding With Spring Centrepieces And Florals And Colourful Decor._0003

Lastly it’s worth paying attention to your table set-ups as a way of heralding Spring fever. You don’t need to go overboard to really capture the feeling and if you’ve opted for beautiful blooms then these will do the majority of the talking anyway. It is worth considering adding a little bit extra however, perhaps in the form of a gauzy linen pink tablecloth or a yellow muslin chair back. Equally choosing a pretty floral charger or tying together each guest’s set of cutlery with a pretty ribbon can make just as much as an impact.

So which of you lovely girls and boys will be hosting your nuptials over the Easter period?

Are you as inspired by Spring flora and fauna as I am? What’s your favourite Spring bloom – I have to say I’m a sucker for Narcissi and Muscari…

And are you going all out for Easter lunch – we have some very special friends visiting us and I can’t wait to style the table with some of the ideas I’ve shared with you in this post…there may also be lots of chocolate involved too.

I want to hear all about it…

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

11 thoughts on “An Easter Parade.

    1. Also, odd co-incidence, I saw Lower Grenofen just this morning (without knowing what/where it was) on Pinterest and even asked the pinner where it was as I thought it looks lovely. Looks well nice 😀

  1. This is all so gorgeous Lolly, I love springtime.

    Seeing blossom in the trees is always something I look forward to, as well as the Lindt gold bunny from my Granny 🙂

    I think my favourite spring blooms have got be crocus – they would make gorgeous favours in little pots.

    I loved the Easter Parade at school, who else remembers making Easter bonnets?

    Fern x

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