An Ice Cream Dream… Part 1

So today we have the first half of this weeks Sneak Peek wedding and you would almost be forgiven for thinking the two were not related, if it wasn’t for the give away style to the photography by Mirrorbox and a couple of quirky touches DIY-d by the bride.

It just goes to show, you can still have the big dress, elegant church ceremony and exercise a whole lot of personality in the process, really breaking loose for the reception.

Suzanne and Sam were married on 7th August at St Mary’s Church, Wanstead, London, followed by a reception at Tyttenhanger Park, St Albans in Hertfordshire….

Cava and Curls

I had my hair done at The Orford Salon in Walthamstow Village (he has a fridge full of pink cava, by the way) and a local beautician, Dawn did my makeup.

Pocket Perfection

My dress was ‘Sophie’ by Pricilla of Boston and I bought it from Angelica Bridal in Islington, London. It has pockets, which really swung it for me!

My veil was my ‘something borrowed’, from one of my bridesmaids, Sarah. My necklace was made by ‘theredmagnolia’ on etsy. I loved the combination of classic pearls with the vintage brooch. My engagement ring is a Victorian opal ring which was my great great grandmother’s and my mum gave it to me just before she died.

Brooch Bouquet

I also made my own bouquet from brooches I collected, bought at markets or was given by friends and family. I had everyone hunting for them! I really loved the way it turned out, although I obviously couldn’t throw it, or I’d have killed someone!

Glorious Gold

My shoes were gold and red Melissa’s from Vivienne Westwood. They are made of the same plastic as the jelly shoes you wear at the seaside when you’re little, and they smell like My Little Ponies.

Ladies in Red

For the bridesmaids, we all met up and went shopping together, and chose the red dresses from Coast. The mint green shoes were from Office. The flower girl’s little gold dress was from Monsoon.

Sam was in charge of the boys – we hired all the suits from Moss Bros and went for a neutral colour as I had no idea what my colour scheme was – in fact I never really had a colour scheme, everything was all over the place!

His own suit was from Moss Bros and the shoes were a panic buy two days before the wedding! I gave him cufflinks as a wedding gift, again from Etsy. I chose a map of London and a map of Aberdeen, my home town. And he actually remembered to put them on on the day!

Love that dress, really love the necklace and also loving the way it has all been captured so beautifully by Mirrorbox.

However, there are some seriously fun, cool and DIY perfect ideas coming your way tomorrow with Part 2.

Photography – Mirrorbox

Venue – Tyttenhanger Park, St Albans

Dress – Pricilla Of Boston at Angelica Bridal in Islington

Necklace – The Red Magnolia, Etsy.

Shoes – Vivienne Westwood available on My-Wardrobe

Bouquet – DIY by the Bride

Bridesmaids dresses – Coast

Map Cufflinks – Sherry Truitt on Etsy

Yours Truly,


Mirrorbox Photography are Rock My Wedding Sponsors, however all real weddings are selected on individual merit and no part of this feature is sponsored.

Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

19 thoughts on “An Ice Cream Dream… Part 1

  1. Gorgeous, so so pretty- another bride with Melissas 🙂 I have the blue and dove ones, and love love love them! Beautiful wedding, part II speedily please xxxx

  2. Dear Santa, do you mind making a u-turn, and heading back over to Blighty and dropping me off that necklace, it’s really really beautiful and I’ll be good all year I promise.

    Love a dress with straps AND pockets! Also really loving the vibrant red of the bridesmaids. And right now, I would give my left arm to be able to sit in a fridge full of pink cava.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!

    I am making a brooch bouquet too, although I think I could make about 5 with the amount of brooches I have collected so far, I have become a little bit brooch obsessed!!! This one is absolutely lovely 🙂

    Can’t wait for the next installment of pretty….

  4. Being back at work (boo!) means I’m back on RMW (yay!). Every cloud and all that…

    Hurrah for not having a colour scheme!

    I am a bit in love with that bridesmaid’s middle-parted fringe, too. Beautiful.

  5. That brooch bouquet is ruddy brilliant!
    Please God tell me there is a shot in Part 2 of the bride with her hands in her pockets?! I love dresses with pockets, I have one myself – regular dress that is, not wedding dress with pockets! xoxo

  6. Wow love that dress, just the style I love, and the bride looks bootiful!! 🙂 looking forward to part 2, have missed my daily dose of new weddings! Love all the new additions to the blog, you’re doing a great job RMW team x

  7. Our wedding is next Friday and that is my wedding dress also! 🙂 It is sooo big, fluffy, pockets, and yummy! I can’t wait until he see’s it!

  8. Oh Golly Gosh – a- licious.

    Firstly, the photography is stunning but then it always is on RMW.

    More importantly, the dress is totally flaming delicious and I tried on those shoes at the weekend – if a bride can last all day without blisters she gets a thumbs up from me!

    And she said they “smell like my little ponies”. Now that’s a description.

    I also love the shimmer of the red bridesmaid. Its different from the usual “coast” satin but still “bridesmaid”.

    I’m currently looking for my “wedding scent” and am incredibly interested to know what everyone else chose. To see whether it reflected them or the wedding itself if you know what I mean?!

  9. I’ve wanted the Priscilla of Boston / Marthas Vineyard Sophie dress FOREVER. Love. It. Shame there are no stockists north of the border… AS USUAL!

  10. I too want to see a shot of the bride with her hands in her pockets!! Love those shoes, too. The brooch bouquet is not for me but hats off to her for ‘rocking’ it!

  11. I can’t wait to see part two because I want, no neeeeed to see lots more of this beautiful dress. And the dreamy photographs. Yum!

    PS. yay for RMW and for everything being back to business as usual, you make life that bit sweeter you know xxx

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