An Italian Summer.

Depending on where you are in the UK you may or may not have experienced lots of sunshine this weekend. Here in the Midlands it was a little disappointing to say the least, there was mostly cloud, so instead of displaying my sun lounger on the patio it was just the um… washing, hardly the epitome of summertime glamour.

However, do not be disheartened lovelies, because we (being super generous and all) are bringing a deliciously warmer climate right to your door screen.

Oh yes. Stylist Tiffany Grant Riley, photographer Chanelle Sergerius- Bruce and a whole host of other talented W-day suppliers got together to produce an inspiration shoot full of the prettiest fashion and statement accessories, surrounded by all sorts of ice-cream hues and floral fancy.

And if you want to see EVEN MORE of the awesomeness then you need to head on over to the Wedding Chicks from 5pm, we’re sharing this with those beautiful Americans you see.

If I’ve mentioned it once I’ve mentioned it a hundred times, when we feature inspiration shoots on these pages it’s because we feel you gorgeous lot will, even in some small way, benefit from the image content.

Perhaps you are looking for your ideal W-day barnet do, maybe the perfect shade of lipstick you will be swiping across your bridal pout, maybe you are still choosing your colour palette…..whatever the decision maybe we hope these pages may offer a little piece of your “want” list.

From a personal perspective I love all of the sexy eye make-up that the models are donning, I appreciate the requirement for everything to look as natural as possible, I also appreciate how (in photographs particularly) you really want your best features to stand out.

Stylist Tiffany Grant Riley gives us the inspiration behind the styling:

“The beautiful surroundings of Grove House and it’s grand Georgian style inspired us to transform the space into an Italian summer wedding. Combining vibrant Mediterranean pinks and yellows with paler tones and crisp whites this look creates a sense of understated luxury, an ideal backdrop for an exquisite collection of gowns.

With a subtle twist on the dessert table, all the treats are lemon based, from the cheesecake slices, tarts and meringues to the Italian wedding biscuits. Touches of etched glass and soft lace help to finish off the Italian look. “

And as I am so taken with the glossy and glowing cosmetic choices I asked make-up artist Gemma Sutton to share her tricks and tips of the trade:

“It all starts with the ultimate base. Foundation always looks more natural on clear, freshly moisturised skin. I always use a moisturiser with a SPF15 – higher if the bride is getting married abroad. Smooth on a primer as this will even out your skin tone and will help your makeup last longer.

On this shoot I used a liquid foundation with light-reflecting particles, which is idea for brides as it creates gorgeous luminous skin. Concealer is then applied where needed. Powder maximises the staying power of the makeup by setting your base and controlling the shine.

The ultimate brow is so important to frame your face and eyes. I draw the ideal shape using shadow, then tweeze both brows alternately. As a quick guide, your eyebrows should start in line with your eyes and the highest point of the arch should be above the outer edge of your iris. This should end where an imaginary line would meet from the side of your nose diagonally to the outer corner of your eye and upwards. I used an eyebrow powder to then fill in any gaps and to add definition.

This shoot I wanted to keep the eye makeup as natural as possible, whilst making the eyes the focal point. I used gold/pink undertones and blended the colour to the outer corners. Liquid liner was then added which adds definition to the upper layers.

Mascara was then applied – remember to use waterproof mascara even if your not a cry baby (!) by nature, it is still a good idea-just in case your eyes do water or you touch your eyes for some reason.

I applied individual false eyelashes to all the models on this shoot – they make such a difference to your eyes. Apply them using tweezers no further along than two-thirds from the outer edge.

Lip were kept natural, l like to use a cream blush – this way the cheeks and lips are the same colour.”

Gemma’s key products for this shoot:

– YSL Teint Radiance – shade Ivory.
– No7 Extreme Length Waterproof Mascara
– MAC Cream colour base – Hash
– Bobbi Brown Cream Eyeliner – Black.

Have you got your make-up all planned out? attempting a false-lashed look? if you are and want to have a go at doing it yourself (a few practices and it becomes easier promise!) then you can take a butchers at our tutorial.

Photography: Chanelle Segeius Bruce Photography

Fashion styling: Luella’s Boudoir

Stylist: Tiffany Grant-Riley

Location: Grove House, Roehampton

Dresses: accessories and shoes: Luella’s Boudoir

Make-up: Gemma Sutton

Floral design: Philippa Craddock Flowers

Tableware: Jones Hire

Stationery: BerinMade

Cake: Rosalind Miller Cakes

Lemon desserts: The Lawn Bakery, Wimbledon Village

Sugar barrettes: Belle de Sucre

Ribbons: from a selection at John Lewis

Confetti: ‘Honey B’ by Shropshire Petals

Glass lanterns: Indigo Gifts & Interiors

So then lovelies, what’s your favourite aspect of this shoot? are there any ideas you want to steal? You are of course COMPLETELY ALLOWED.

And if you would like any further information on the dresses or accessories then please drop us a comment in the box below and we’ll get someone in the know to come on and tell you all of the details.

Big Italian Love

Charlotte xxx

31 thoughts on “An Italian Summer.

  1. Currently drawing a fringe on hairstyle no.1 in my head (with imaginary yellow crayon) – I LOVE that, and will be fab excuse for proper scouse clip in hair for my side sweeping shoulder waves.

    Dear Santa, please can you make me into a willowy bridal model for Christmas please. Thank you!


  2. I saw the thumbnail for this and went… Ohmigodthatbrideissogorgeousshelooksjustlikeamodel…. then came over and realised that she really is a model!! Such beautiful photographs, a lovely shoot. Can I get married again to wear a slinky gown and hang out on a Tuscan rooftop?

  3. Well Charlotte, I am GLAD you washed – cleanliness is next to godliness and all that…

    LOVE that first hairstyle with the beautiful brooch/hairclip in it.

  4. Agree with Karen & Peridot – that first hairstyle is to die for!
    Lots of hairspiration for my pinboard 😉

    Oh and please stop showing me such gorgeous wedding gowns (that aren’t mine) – I really don;t need any more dress wobbles!!!! 😛 ha ha
    thank goodness I get to go & see my dress again on Sunday – fingers crossed I still love it!

  5. Rebecca – please don’t get dress wobbles or you’ll set me off. Eeek!! I have to wait until September to see mine again…

    Anyone that chooses to drape flower garlands over stone statues and hang beautiful foliage wreaths on the back of chairs is a hero in my book!

    And those cakes…I’ve died and gone to heaven.

  6. Eeek – I am getting married here next June so thanks RMW for all the lush ideas! Also loving the glass laterns on the wisteria arch…that styling had not even crossed my mind…more things to jot down in the ideas book!

  7. Stunning ! Love the styling with those lemons and those gorgeous flowers. Must add that the photography is absolutely awesome! (Not that I am biased as Segerius Bruce were my photographers!!) 🙂 x

  8. The do’s in this spread are to die! Even though I’m already wed, I may have to steal some inspiration for a glam night out!

  9. Loving the lanterns with the ribbon, ribbon is a big factor in our wedding decor so this idea is well and truly stole, simple cheap and very effective, smiles all round 🙂

  10. Hello from sunny Santorini (where we are shooting a wedding, yey!) Thanks for featuring and thanks to everyone for the amazing comments. As a photographer it is so nice to have the feedback. I am shooting more bridal fashion and still life work for the wedding industry and loving it! A lot of these where shot in an old medium format film camera but can to tell which ones? …. 🙂 We are of to the beach now….

  11. Hi. Just to say if anyone’s interested I’m selling my never worn Emmeline dress featured in this shoot. See the sell my dress section of this website for more details…

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