An Ultra Chic Brighton Belle……..Part 1

There are two reasons why I want you to take an extra five minutes to browse through the images and planning details of Lucy and Jaoquin’s delectable Brighton based Big Day.

Firstly Lucy the bride, she is fast becoming my style icon. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such chic and statement accessories pulled together with utterly unique shoe candy and such a beautifully fitting and sophisticated gown. On paper I might not be convinced, in person though? Another matter entirely.

To.Die.For. I tell you.

The whole look is absolutely and completley delicious.

Secondly Lucy’s writing. It rocks. I literally howled laughing the whole way through editing the piece. This lady certainly cuts through the cr*p and tells it EXACTLY how it is.


With thanks to Lisa Devlin for submitting the gorgeousness.

Making A Statement

I had some fabulous jewellery which is in Lisa’s photos. Two very ornate gold beaded cuffs I bought in Swarovski Crystallized – opposite Liberty in London. They also had a brilliant over the phone order service and post things out very quickly. My ear-rings were from Astley Clarke by a designer called Monica Vinader.

Our matching wedding rings were from Liberty, by Manuela for Annoushka. Gorgeous rose gold. Ours is the ‘wave’ design.

I didn’t want to wear jewellery that wasn’t ‘me’, so I tried to stay true to the kinds of things I would usually wear rather than go all pearls and tiara. I had a couple of small roses in my hair and kept my hair down and curly – a kind of good version of how I usually have it. I Didn’t want that stereotypical bride’s up-do. Who does that in real life?!

Telling It How It Is

My dress was from a little boutique in Brighton called White Leaf.

You choose a sample dress from the shelf and then tweak the design to your own requirements before they make one to fit your own measurements. They take a million measurements including the distance between your nipples!

I added a halter-neck to a strapless dress, buttons all down the back and made it much tighter round my butt! Could actually go to the loo in the end without taking the dress off!
The cost of the dress includes the changes and fittings in the run up to the day, when weight is known to fluctuate wildly(!)

I hated wedding dress shopping – pretentious snooty staff flogging grossly overpriced fluff. White Leaf was different, The owner Blanka was lovely so I would have bought a dress there whether I liked it or not.

The Finishing Touches

I bought my shoes online from They are the highest of the highest shoes in the world ever. I made the bridesmaids wear ballet pumps – they’re all master-race 6ft teenagers and I’m 5’3”. My shoes were really comfortable and made from babies and clouds. – see pics(!)

Cara from Mac Brighton came to my home and did my make-up. She did a trial run a week or so before and was absolutely perfect. She changed things I didn’t like and made suggestions I loved that I wouldn’t have thought of. She was lovely to have around on the morning – sunny and positive. Definitely recommend her.

Hayley from Glow in George Street Hove came to my house to do my hair. She is my normal hairdresser and knows me well. She knew what I wanted in advance and listened to what I DIDN’T want – eg an ‘up-do’ and ‘height’…….

She attached the roses by some clever magic and I recommend her unreservedly.

Smart, Sharp and Gorgeous

It was the first time I saw Jaoquin in a suit! and I would have melted even if he were in pyjamas.

Hair that looked like his hair – not cut into ‘groom-mode’. Smart shoes, sharp shirt. As gorgeous outside as in.

Deepest Darkest Decadence

We had very dark red calla lilies for my bouquet and also for the button holes, with a simple bit of eucalyptus for contrast.

Venue – Hotel Du Vin Brighton

Photographer – Lisa Devlin

Bridal Gown – The White Leaf

Earrings – Astley Clarke

Shoes – Terry De Havilland

Did you check out the nail polish?

Seriously swoon-worthy.


Me thinks you will love what we have in store for part two lovelies.

Big Ultra Chic Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

16 thoughts on “An Ultra Chic Brighton Belle……..Part 1

  1. ‘pretentious snooty staff’ – oooh, we must have gone to the same bridal shops. One said she couldn’t help me choose because I didn’t and wouldn’t have a theme. My response ‘good, I don’t want your help’. One asked why I didn’t want to look like a bride. JUST because I didn’t want bloody sparkle.

    ‘master race 6ft teenagers’ yes. With perfect hair. And Kate Moss proportions. Feeling it.

    Fabulous report. Amazing dress and hair.

    I actually suggested we wear our pajamas because that was what we usually wore but he said we couldn’t because I’d dribbled chicken madras on mine.

  2. Ha ha – just spluttered my coffee all over my laptop at the chicken madras comment Rebecca.

    This wedding is achingly stylish – that dress is a beauty, as is every single piece of her jewellery. And I don’t even LIKE cala lillies, yet I LOVE her bouquet – how does that work?!

  3. Wow-what a gorgeous bride and is it just me or does the groom has the coolest name ever. Love Monica Vinader jewellery and love the down to the point writing style. Plus always wanted to go to Hotel du Vin too so super exited to see the reception…bring on part 2 xx

  4. Now THAT’s a description of a groom.

    And THAT is a proper wedding ring.

    Loving this report! We have all experienced the attack of the killer 6ft master race bridesmaids. It’s even worse when they’re nice.

  5. Rebecca, I was completely anti-sparkle too and the looks I got were akin to those that I would have got had I said I eat small children.

    I love the brides dress and hair, and Lisa’s photograhy is gorgeous as usual xxx

  6. I have never heard of that boutique before but the dress is amazing, and I love all of the details Lucy has added.

    Can’t wait for part 2!

  7. Yippee! A bride with dark nail polish! My friend that does my nails says that she refuses to do mine black for the wedding, I will be showing her this post tonight to prove that I’m not a wierdo and that it looks fab! Love the dress, its beautiful!

  8. littlewifelittlemama…what did you go for in the end?

    I got really snotty by the end of my first trip so have decided to put things on hold. I did completely fall in love with one in a gorgeous shop but it was twice my budget and my budget was pretty reasonable anyway. Pants Pants Pants.

    I would love to wear nail varnish that colour. I’m not allowed to wear it for work so I can never have it in an evertlasting. Am having it done for the 14 days of Christmas holidays!

  9. SUPER stylish and I’m with Clare on the cala lilies-what an amazing colour! Wedding rings to be proud of too-you can really imagine those staying a family for years and years…

    RMW team, just so’s you know, your ‘shoes made from babies and clouds’ link doesn’t work because it’s Terry de Havilland (with an ‘n’ not a ‘r’)


  10. I will never forget the look of horror on my manicurists face when I said I wanted rouge noir on my fingers at my wedding, “but everyone will be looking at your ring so it’s best to go with a French”. Oh well, I’m sure they’ll get over my goth fingertips! I am so glad I went with it, go with your instincts ladies!!

    Gorgeous pics from Lisa devlin!

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