And It’ll Be Love Love Love… Part 2

It might be the morning, but I want an ice-cream. Remember when you were a kid you’d think to yourself… when I’m a grown up I’m going to eat ice-cream whenever I want… Or, when I’m older I’m going to buy every Transformer that there is…

Typically though things change, we grow up and we realise that ‘owning every Transformer that there is‘ might not be a deep enough philosophical notion upon which to justify ones existence.

But on your wedding day you have the right to regress right? To have that perfect day your way, no holds barred.

Danielle & Julian did exactly that when they tied the knot at Marks Hall Coach House in Coggeshall under the watchful eye of Especially Amy.

Three Tiers! Hip Hip….

Now I love a bit of cake but am not a fan of traditional fruit and icing wedding cake. I came across a photo of a posh London bakery’s take on a Victoria sponge wedding cake and asked our caterers to do something similar – we went for three tiers, one was a standard Vicky Sponge, one was lemon drizzle and the other was cherry bakewell flavour. Delish.

A Picnic On The Lawn

Our caterers Big Day Catering were amazing – we asked them to come up with a picnic themed meal and they didn’t disappoint. Soft boiled scotch eggs and chicken and ham pie, prawns and smoked salmon, along with quiches and jars of pickles – I think there was something for everyone. I wanted everyone to muck in and get involved with sharing the food on their table and I think it helped break the ice.

Let Me Put You In The Picture

Julian’s best man is in a band called The Usual Suspects – we asked them to play at our wedding and they were great. A mixture of rock, indie and a bit of pop finished the evening off perfectly. We also hired a photobooth from Groovybooth, as part favour, part guestbook, and part entertainment. It went down a storm and I love looking through all the photos that were taken.

5 Years Time…

We chose 5 Years Time by Noah and The Whale to be our first dance, as it’s a happy, upbeat song, we love it and dance around the kitchen to it when it’s on the radio. The lyrics talk about having fun fun fun and that is a key element of our relationship. Oh, and the love love love.

The Rules

I typed out a message for our guests asking them to ‘do us a favour’ –

  • Step 1. Grab a friend or loved one…
  • Step 2. Grab a prop
  • Step 3. Step inside the Photobooth
  • Step 4. Strike a pose
  • Step 5. Stick a copy in the guest book and write us a message
  • Step 6. Keep a copy for yourselves
  • Step 7. Repeat as necessary.

Everyone really enjoyed it, and it kept the kids amused too!

A Few Of My Favourite Décor Things…

Teapots, teacups, terracotta plant pots, tealights… pink, white, green, purple pompoms (thank you RMW for the tutorial), chalkboards, brown paper luggage tags… a comfy corner with some freebie sofas and a hand painted sign. It doesn’t sound like it should work but somehow it did. I think.

We All Stand Together

RMW was a huge influence throughout the planning process. Many aspects of the day were inspired by things I’d seen on the blog but the thing that stayed in mind most of all was this… It’s your day, do what you want to do, even if it’s not traditional or conventional. Speaking of non-conventional… We walked back down the aisle after the ceremony to We All Stand Together (The Frog Song) because a few months earlier we’d been playing on Singstar and Julian’s niece jokingly suggested we played the song at the wedding…

Not only did I love that idea but I also put some of the lyrics on our wedding invitations “Side by side, hand in hand, we all stand together”. To me, it symbolised our silly, playful side, and also that it wasn’t just about Julian and I but about standing together and sharing our special day with our loved ones.

What Happens In Vegas…

If you’re anything like me there will be times leading up to the wedding that you will want to run away to Vegas/Gretna Green and leave everyone behind… but be assured that on the day all the stress and worry and tears will fade into insignificance.

  • It’s your day, do it your way
  • Find some time with your husband
  • Eat

…Oh, and find a way of slowing down time and then share it with everyone else, you’ll make millions…

Venue – Marks Hall Coach House

Photography – Especially Amy

Catering – Big Day Catering

Florist – Kerry at Floral Expressions

Photobooth – Groovybooth

Tailor – Roderick Charles

I love the idea of a chin-wag over an impromptu picnic in the great outdoors accompanied with a few drinks… (oh, and getting married of course!)

Danielle’s words of wisdom are worth their weight in gold. Everyone wants to run away from time to time, we all feel pressured into conforming, and sometimes (read all times) there just isn’t enough time in a day.

In these desperate situations do the following. Pop ‘The Frog Song’ on, have a dance around in the kitchen with your loved one of choice and re-discover the things that really matter…

Peace out,


16 thoughts on “And It’ll Be Love Love Love… Part 2

  1. This wedding has been such fun to see!
    And how good looking are all the guests/maids/bride etc!?
    I am really in love with the bridesmaids dresses and I just want one for when the rain stops…whenever that is.

    Love the cake and the ice cream! It has been a great wedding!
    Oh and of course, love the photos!xx

  2. Congratulations on a beautiful wedding that looks filled to bursting with fun and love!
    We did something a bit similar to the frog song for our wedding too – we had “Bless Us One and All” in our ceremony, as sung by the Tiny Tim froggie in the Muppet’s Christmas Carol! It’s amazing how appropriate the lyrics to unlikely songs can be. Val x

  3. I LOVE this wedding the bride looks stunning (lace and beading big fav) the bridesmaid dresses are so great I really want that dress! Lady dragons always a must! the flowers all my favourites, photobooth don’t think its a wedding now without one! Ice cream van I really wanted one at ours it looks so fun and retro. Pompoms are so pretty I want to make some although don’t know if I have the patience they look difficult! all in all a bloody fab wedding 🙂

  4. What a lovely couple!!!!
    Fun, fun, fun indeed!!! I do like it when people don’t take themselves to seriously!
    Simply stunning! Congratulations!

  5. O I love it so!!!! The frog song?! Ruddy genius!!!
    Love everything, the dress, the peonies (how I adore peonies! Damn my Sept date! lol), the teacups and the pom poms.
    What a fab couple!

  6. Such a bright, sunny affair! All those personal touches looked gorgeous, rather like the bride! I love the flower in her hair – so simple, yet soooo stunning!

    Last but not least, The Frog Song? I love!

  7. Phew, I was worried that there would be, you know, actual Transformers in this wedding – a step too far perhaps?! Note to self: do not be so literal…

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