And She Wore Flowers In Her Hair.

If you have already seen the real wedding we featured earlier then you would have read how bride Susan decided to forgo her fancy headpiece on the morning of W-day in favour of a few delicate daisies. And although I worship at the embellishment of many a statement tiara or comb, I can appreciate exactly where she is coming from – I was a just-picked floral wearer myself.

As soon as the sun comes out flowers are all I require to decorate my locks, particularly if I am on holiday donning some kind of brightly coloured maxi dress…there’s nothing quite like a few waves and an over-sized bloom to put you in the get-away-from-it-all spirit….

I swear in another life I was some kind of non-shoe-wearing dippy hippy type who lived in a caravan.

Ahem. Anyway, as I was saying….

We feature a lot of beautiful accessories on these pages, all sorts of shapes, styles and price ranges – but never alternative ways to wear flowers in your hair.

Well that’s all about to change as Kerry from Blossom Tree put together a beautiful inspiration shoot photographed by the uber talented Christian and Erica from Christian Ward photography that she is sharing this afternoon. I am hoping it will capture the imagination of some of you gorgeous lot and perhaps provide some alternative options to the more traditional big day glamour and glitz.

And of course we also have some very pretty dresses for you to admire….as well as some AWESOME bouquets.

Kerry: Our style is very relaxed , informal floristry, being inspired by nature & working with seasonal flowers and foliages, which gave the overall idea for the ‘woodland theme’ of the shoot.

I was keen to have a very natural setting, and use this in an ‘organic’ simple way, no external props, just focus on the models, flowers and beautiful photography.

As we are lucky to be based in the lovely Derbyshire countryside, I wanted to use this for the location, particulary as we planned the shoot for January which makes woodland so interesting with different colours and textures.

For the flowers , I very much wanted them to blend with the setting both in colour and form, so chose a colour palette of neutral tones and incorporated textured material eg seed heads, berries, mixed foliages that would be found in this environment , and to also give a feel of the time of year of the shoot.

We used natural products like twine and hessian within the designs again to support the style of the shoot. Over the last year, we have seen hair flowers become a key trend in our wedding work so wanted to bring this element into the shoot for our clients to be inspired by.

I have worked with Christian and Erica before , and absolutely love their natural style of photography so was delighted when they agreed to be involved and am so pleased with the images .

Flowers – Blossom Tree

Photography – Christian Ward

Models – Stephanie Warwick and Ian Hencher

Makeup – Sheelagh Powell

Hair – Katie Simnett Hair

Dresses – Heavenly Vintage Brides

Jewellery – Flo and Percy

I would very much like some of those green fashion rose hair combs please.

And that off the shoulder lacy number? it is perfect for this years holiday plans….fancy caravan in a forrest somewhere.

I plan to spend the entire time barefoot.

Any of you lovelies going for fresh blooms for W-day? do let us know in the comments box below.

Big Floral Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

19 thoughts on “And She Wore Flowers In Her Hair.

  1. My love of the Lana del Rey floral crown is well documented…I speak of it often…to pretty much anyone who will listen…

    And now, thanks to this shoot, I am aware that not only can you have a floral crown, but a floral crown that TRAILS…

    So, the Big C does not really get the whole whimsical, boho vibe – he once famously declared that Sienna Miller looks like she needed a wash (!) – so our wedding will not really allow me to wear such a crown…

    However, I am going off to the homeland of Jade Jagger for a few days with the bestie soon…and I reckon a crown of flowers would go down a right treat on the White Isle…thing is, I think they would maybe ‘squish’ in my case…so I shall have to wear them on the flight. Not sure that EasyJet, Liverpool – Ibiza is quite ready…


  2. @Pamela and @LouiseT – I vote we all wear one to Ibiza this year. I am determined to go there this summer even if I have to go on my bicycle….

    for clarity…I don’t actually own a bicycle but you know what I mean.

    Charlotte xxx

  3. @Charlotte – get gone Missy! Wedding planning is taking a distinct backseat in my life these days…I have white isle outfits to plan and I require statement necklaces, sports luxe trews (to hide my hideouso, Coleen Rooney legs), and some kind of coral lipstick that does not jar with ginger hair…

    I ruled out a vest from French Connection the other day (that was BEAUTIFUL) because it was almost 100 pounds and as my friend, Helen, reminded me…it didn;t even have sleeves…

    However, I could not stop thinking about wearing it to Pacha…so I’ve bought the ruddy thing…

    My only excuse to the Big C is that it is ‘transitional’…that I can layer it up and wear it on honeymoon…he’s told me if I say transitional one more time to him he’s going to cut up my bank card and I can transition myself through Primark with a tenner in cash…


  4. I am planning on very a very glamorous headpiece but my maids are wearing fresh flowers, just not sure what to choose! Lucy x

  5. @Pamela – I feel I have many questions. What is a Coleen Rooney leg? and what is this FC vest you speak of that is £100? I need one of those clearly. And did you ever learn to ride a bike? I did cycle proficiency but only because I fancied a boy called Daniel who was doing it. I failed.

    I also had a very posh mountain bike bought for me by my Dad for passing my 11 + but I preferred my friend Chris’s BMX so did a swap.

    My Dad was not in any way thrilled by that exchange.

    Anyway – not sure I have been on a bike since I was about twelve….

    This Ibiza trip – can I hide in your suitcase?

    Charlotte xxx

  6. @Charlotte:

    1. The dreaded Coleen Rooney leg – and don’t anyone take this the wrong way because I have muchos respect for Coleen as she clearly works out a lot on her figure – but come on…the girl has baaaaddd pins. They are shaped like an upside down cone, there is no definition…they don’t go in and out…and my legs are EXACTLY the same…I just hide mine in trews and don’t subject the world to them in baby doll dresses. In winter, I can wear playsuits and short dresses because I can get the black opaques out…but my summer wardrobe is based around finding light weight trousers and jumpsuits. I am too short for a maxi dress…THE PINS MUST NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY…

    2. The vest is called the Empress Orchid (the name alone sells the thing!) and I shall be wearing it tucked into a pair of pale orange trousers from Zara with some amazing wedges that are still to be sourced…Again, due to the Coleen Rooney leg issue, I cannot wear any kind of shoe with an anke strap…therefore shoe shopping also requires a lot of effort…

    3. I am sure I was taught how to ride a bike when I was little but never really carried on with it…I tend not to enjoy doing things that make me sweat…and then I had to go to Amsterdam and attempt to ride one…it was easily one of the worst days of my life…and I shall never return to Amsterdam purely because of the bike issue. Although I would like to go back to the bulb market…that was…OK….

    4. Poor Dad of Charlotte – I feel Dad’s have a lot to contend with with girls. Although, considering that he is not a girl, and will never know the anguish of what it is like when Liam from form 7B does not fancy you, mine has always given good advice ‘Go out with someone better’.

    5. I would say yes, but then, who am I kidding…the suitcase will be full to the brim and the hand luggage also…yes, I am that annoying girl that even though they have checked in hold baggage, still takes a small, but none the less still an ACTUAL suitcase, as hand luggage…

    Have you really, really, really found RMW new head office because I do believe there are some lovely offices in San Jose, Ibiza…

  7. I fear i may be slightly behind….have not googled coleen’s legs but instead a lana del rey floral crown – wow, that thing is immense, as are the beauties above.

    I have no idea what to wear in my hair or how to have it done….i dont know if this is something i should be worrying about with 2ish months to go??

    I quite fancy a vintage headpiece type thing but as we are having a relaxed, back garden wedding, perhaps flowers may be more suited. Hmmm?

  8. @Ellie – I think you should wear whatever takes your fancy…although I apply that rule of thumb daily and it doesn’t always come off…

    I’d say find a bridal shop that also stocks quite a large range of accessories…that way you can go and try some on headpieces on and see what you think…will save you having to send for a few off the internet and then sending some back….and then sending for a few more….you get the jig…

    If it’s a headpiece you want, I wouldn’t worry about it the informal garden setting, I mean, come on, let’s face it, you’re going to be the only one in the white frock…you’re going to stand out anyway, so a headpiece is neither here nor there…!

    However, I do think the flowers are beautiful…and if we were having that type of wedding I would deffo go with flowers…not sure how people stop them wilting throughout the day though…do they do a flower change before the evening reception…?!


  9. Christ on a tandem penny farthing… Words cannot begin to convey my love of a flower crown. When I told MoH that I would be adorning my ridiculously curly hair with one of these bad boys her concerned response was that it might look “a bit Sarah Ferguson.” The fool! I showed her the flowery light and she is now a convert. The pictures I’ve given my florist** for guidance are here

    Only problemo is that I’m getting married in 3 weeks (2 days and 22 hours!) and I’m worried that if the weather doesn’t improve I might have to go for something a little less ridiculously summery.


    **Another slight worry is that said florist (lovely lady, a friend’s mum, not a professional florist because there aren’t any where we live – small island) said “I might pass that on to Mrs ‘K’ because she does the May Queen’s flowers every year.” Could end up looking like an 11 year old Sarah Ferguson. Hey ho!

  10. @ Pamela – Thanks for the advice. That is definitely a good suggestion about going to a bridal shop and having a play instead of / before ordering loads online.

    I was toying with the idea of having my hair up for the day and then letting it down in the evening….although now my mind is running wild and im thinking, flowers in the day, sparkly headpiece at night. xx

  11. I LOVE floral crowns! I have a RocknRose one which I wore practically daily since I bought it last year – until one terrible picnic Sunday when it fell off and I never saw it again… I need to invest in a new one before the wedding but with a tiny little bit of blonde fuzz on my head I may just look akin to a Cabbage Patch Kid.
    @Charlotte and @Pamela – bicycles are difficult! Am off to Copenhagen in 3 weeks where bikes are the norm, I hope not to fall in the canal!

  12. Ahhh ladies you do make me laugh 😉 after a thoroughly rubbish day and evening wearing a backless gown and walking a pastel Ward (think Goldfrapp lyrics – not the red carpet) this has cheered me up no end.

    @Ellie – What Pamela said…but I do like your flowers for day/glitz for evening idea – I did a similar thing with jewels.

    @Pamela – I too have a hand luggage case that is really the minimum requirement suitcase size. I can’t believe I can no longer put my toiletries in there however (100ml?!)…as they weigh a tonne and it used to save so much KG for ACTUAL luggage!

    I must also look at pale orange Zara trousers.

    @Tilly – Actually laughed out loud!!! Sarah Ferguson?! I think not pet – you will look IMMENSE. And send me some ruddy pictures or else I will cry.

    @Gabi CB – heart RockNRose….and again canal comment – nearly wet my pants.

    Love Y’all LOTS

    Charlotte xxx

  13. WOW.
    Stunning pictures, gorgeous dresses and models and i am in total awe of how talented kerry is, so much so i have hired her as my flower guru for some summer projects.
    my favourite has to be the wired headress of waxflower and almond blossom, so pretty.

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