And The Bride Wore Peach….part 1

Way back when in 2010 The RMW Team were on a real mission to bring back peach to the masses. There were peachy maids dresses, peachy florals, peachy decor details, peachy stationery….

But not once did we spy an actual bride in peach.

Well that’s all about to change lovelies, as the uber talented Julia Boggio submitted the wedding of Jo and Luke to feature on these very pages and now we have the absolute pleasure of sharing it with you.

There are many many things I love about this W-day, the fashion, the fun factor, the cake ( to die for I tell you), the flawless bride, the wedding rings served up in giant strawberries….

I could go on.

But I won’t, I’ll just let you gorgeous lot enjoy the pretty for yourselves.

Shoe Love

My shoes were from Rachel Simpson, who designs vintage style wedding shoes. A comfortable height in a soft cream colour!

The Perfect Accessories

My dressmaker Jenny made me a headpiece on a comb which matched the diamond embellishment on my dress. I attached a piece of merry widow veiling as a birdcage netting to the comb. I had a simple clutch bag from Coast.

I didn’t need much jewellery as my dress was heavily embellished around the waistband – but I had a lovely bracelet and matching earrings from the Bridal Rogue Gallery in London

Bespoke Hollywood Glamour

I had my beautiful wedding dress made by the amazing Jenny Lessin – she was so great to work with and without doubt achieved the perfect dress for me. I didn’t have a clear idea of what dress I wanted, which is why I went for a handmade dress.

The material was a mixture of satin and chiffon in a beautiful soft peach colour – with lots of embellishments! The inspiration was old school Hollywood glamour (and Sienna Miller!)

Vintage Bohemian

Our theme which we created with our wedding planner, the wonderful Zoe Lingard was “Vintage Bohemian”

At the beginning of the planning process we sat down together to discuss our likes and loves and our history together. After putting a range of initial ideas together, we opted for a vintage bohemian look that combined our love of vintage style, current trends and also our laid back outlook on life!

The bridesmaid dresses were custom made by Genevieve Leicester-Thackara

From Zoë: Inspired by a wedding featured on Style me Pretty we asked Genevieve to make the dresses in a range of different but complimentary colours. Genevieve came up with the fantastic suggestion of using the wrong side of the Satin. This meant the dresses were really glamorous without being too shiny and nightie-esque! The overall look worked beautifully with the fun, bohemian feel of the day.

The Sweetest Blooms

Claire at Scarlet & Violet were responsible for our flowers and they did and incredible job. My bouquet was a soft, shower style bouquet of garden and spray roses with tumbling sweet peas. For the ceremony there were two large milk churns of blossom, lilacs, peonies and seasonal greenery

For the table centers we had anemones, garden and spray roses, sweet peas, lilacs, snap dragons.

The roses were perfect for the theme and everything else was seasonal and fitted well with the theme of the day.

A Peachy Dream

Luke wore a really lovely Italian suit in a cappuccino colour – it was 100% wool but so lightweight. He had a white shirt from Massimo Dutti and instead of a tie he had a peach coloured pashmina scarf to match my dress. He looked gorgeous!

The Perfect Beauty Duo

My makeup artist was Kit Hall at Slap artists and my hair was by Ian Davies, both were absolutely fantastic!

Brides Gown – Jenny Lessin

Maids Dresses – Genevieve Designs

Wedding Planner – Zoe Lingard

Florist – Scarlet and Violet

Make-up – Kit Hall

Hair – Ian Davies

Photographer – Julia Boggio

Shoes – Rachel Simpson

Adore those shoes, and the colour scheme and the beads….

I am LOVING the beads folks.

More peachy pretty coming up tomorrow, promise.

Big I want to look that flawless if only for a day Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

51 thoughts on “And The Bride Wore Peach….part 1

  1. That dress (and everything else!!) is STUNNING!!!!

    I looove peach, and am in a way glad it hasn’t caught on as a massive trend, because it makes for rare beauties like this

    Cannot wait for Part 2!

  2. All the clothes are amazing and so uniquely styled! The bridesmaids dresses are so beautiful and unusual! And the groom’s attire fits perfectly with the bohemian vibe. And the dress, oh the dress….. glorious!!!! Peach may just be my new favourite colour! 🙂 xox

  3. One of may favourites – I really really love the BM dresses! And her dress is simply stunning.

    Love this 🙂

  4. Such a beautiful bride!! Love the dress, the colour is perfect for her. Also loving the dapper groom and of course the photography!!

  5. Oh good Lord.

    This is transcendant.

    I am quite overcome!

    The bride…you are a beauty. What a dress – it firs like a glove. What hair and makeup. Such emerald green eyes. And You glow! And the pearls…oh the pearls.

    The bridesmaids dresses are a stroke of genius. And the groom…how ruddy stylish. And….breathe.

  6. Ok, firstly the bride has got the most bee-yoo-tiful eyes, hello greenies! Secondly the bride (might be a bit obsessed with this lady!) is a Leann Rimes lookalikey – seriously looks so much like her I thought it was her!
    Thirdly, I am love love loving that the groom is wearing a pashmina. Loving it I tell you!
    Pretty please can we have Part 2 sooooooon?


  7. Just thinking what the chances of me getting my groom to wear a pashmina are…probably not very high unfortunately 🙁

  8. I WANT this dress!!! Absoloutley stunning!! I really should stop looking at all the beautiful dresses on here – making me want to change mine!!! Roll on part 2… x x

  9. Wowsers – the brides eyes are SO BEAUTIFUL! And the dress, oh it is sooooooo pretty. I haven’t even read the text yet but got so overexited I had to comment. Bring on part 2.


  10. aww i must say i LOVE her shoes….. not only because they look beautiful on her….. but they are my wedding shoes also!!! but i have them in lilac 🙂 i cant wait to wear them in 82 days time!

  11. I absolutely want to be in the picture with the BMs and the Bride. I LOVE all the dresses so much. This is AMAZING.

  12. Loving everything about this wedding but particularly…

    1. The mismatched-but-perfect-together maids
    2. THAT dress
    3. Peach making a resurgence
    4. Pashminas
    5. Did I mention the Peach?

    Thank Julia! 🙂


  13. I am actually overcome with love for this wedding! Everything!!

    I hearby vote it my absolute favourite wedding on RMW thus far!

  14. LOVE the dress – how gorgeous is that skirt? And love the idea of a groom in a scarf…somehow can’t see my (incredibly gorgeous but almost fashion-allergic) fiance agreeing to that!

  15. OMG – the bride is absolutely beautiful,such a beautiful colour palate to this wedding and her dress is absolutely stunning! Also loving the bridesmaid with those beads – fab!
    Also really liking the grooms buttonhole!
    Basically I love it all!!
    Rachie xo

  16. Oh, I am sooo in love with this wedding, the dress, the colours, the beautiful bride, and the amazing photography. Can’t wait to see the rest of it

  17. I saw this wedding in a magazine a while ago and fell in love with the dress then – its perfect!

    My wedding colours are corals and peaches, can’t wait!

  18. I actually want to get down on one knee and ask this wedding to marry me. No really.

    The dress, the dressES, the devilishly handsome groom, the photography, thehair, the make up….need I go on.

    I need a lie down.

  19. Gorgeous bride. I saw this wedding in a mag last year and really liked the set up of the group wedding party photos x

  20. OMG! I used to work with the bride!

    Love it!! Such a pretty bride too! Love One Marylebone, getting very excited for our own city wedding!

  21. This wedding was in a magazine last year! I specifically remember the mix and match dresses and of course the bride!

    cant remember the mag but i’m sure its the same one!

  22. The peach is beeaaauuutttiiffuuulll! LOVE that dress so much. And the bridesmaid dresses are fab fab fab, so unique and perfectly matching but different. Also love how well the groom matches.

    Looking forward to part II.


  23. Oh dear gawd! I have died and gone to wedding heaven! From the lovely dress and shoes to the super sexy maid dresses,I love it all. Extreme bridal envy over here!

  24. Absolutely gorgeous bride and dress. However what I really love is that photo of the ceremony room with the fantastic curvy effect. Beautiful.

  25. Stunning wedding; beautiful people! I actually tore this wedding out of a magazine ages ago because it was just so stylish. I adore peach, just received some peach rose petal confetti today-very exciting! If I remember correctly the reception details are fab, I stole their idea for table numbers!! *pinch!!
    Oh and I could never have got my groom to wear a peach pashmina, big respect! x

  26. I am gushing over this wedding. The bridesmaid dresses are just adorable and amazing. Love that bohemian feel to them. And don’t even get me started on the bride’s dress! WOW! I love that she took the non-traditional route and wore this gorgeous peach color. It compliments her skin so well. It’s classic but is still unique. I also thought it was pretty neat the groom wore a matching scarf/hanky thing. (haha I’m not sure what to call it, but it’s great!)

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