And The Winners Are…


This afternoon team RMW is pleased as punch to be able to introduce you to four brand new Rock My Wedding Real Bride & Grooms! Voting for this years competition closed last night and the results are in. Thank you to all of our readers, you voted in your masses and I’m beginning to wonder if our latest real brides and grooms should consider running for parliament.

So without any further dallying let’s meet the Rock My Wedding Real Brides, class of 2015…
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Summer & Robin

My name is Summer and my love story starts in a dodgy nightclub with a creepy guy.

I had been rebutting creepy guy all night, so when I saw him working his way through the crowded dance floor in my direction I turned to the closest male stranger and asked him to tell creepy guy we were together. Creepy guy left me alone after that, and will probably never know he is responsible for me meeting the love of my life. THANK YOU CREEPY GUY… See Summer & Robins full story here.


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Paddy & Debs

Debs and I met through a dating website. She asked for my best one line joke, I genuinely couldn’t think of one. Probably just as well really as the ones I do know are shockingly bad and I probably would have never made it to a first date if I had told her one.

We emailed back and forth for a bit and then decided to meet for a drink in Betws y Coed, very cool and nonchalant… See Paddy & Debs full story here.



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Lauren & James

The truth is that I knew I wanted to be with James as soon as I met him. I walked in to the bar we both worked in and said to my best friend (and also Chief Bridesmaid) “he’s mine”.

The sad truth is it was because he looked exactly like X Factor hunk Shayne Ward (“he’s like Shayne Ward…but real”)! I was 21, that was a thing back then – what can I say?! But falling for him turned out to be the best decision I ever made…. See Lauren & James’s full story here.


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Danielle & Scott

Scott and I met through a musical festival in New Joiiiiiiiiiiisey, despite the fact I was a Scottish girl living in Edinburgh and he was an English boy living in Surrey.

Actually, we initially met through Twitter and I think we are one of Twitter’s first love stories because it was back in the day when it was JUST starting up. I tweeted my excitement over going to my first US festival, Scott was searching for Bamboozle as he was also going, he came across my tweet… See Danielle & Scotts full story here.



Thank you to all of our Real Bride & Groom finalists. All of your stories and plans are amazing and you are destined to have the most spectacular wedding days and you must stay in contact with us. We hope you’ll enjoy following the stories of our winners and please do ask your photographers to submit your weddings to RMW – you may still appear on these pages yet!

We think you are going to love our real bride & grooms 2015, please give them all a big hello in the comments box below 🙂


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

20 thoughts on “And The Winners Are…

  1. YAY!! The exact 4 I chose! Your love stories were a great read, I look forward to seeing all your plans and adventures on these pages 🙂 Congrats guys! Xxx

  2. We’re so happy and excited! I’m saving my acceptance speech for when I win my oscar but thanks millions to everyone. And congrats to the other couples….squeeee *we’re getting married* yay!

  3. woooo hoooooo – looking forward to hearing all about your plans!!!

    I like real brides and i can not lie!

  4. How exciting! Thanks for all the support, looking forward to blogging our journey, as well as reading about the other three Brides & Grooms – well done all! Lauren xx

  5. Big congratulations to the new Brides, and of course Groom! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear all about your plans. xxx

  6. WHOOP! Well done Danielle – SO many people messaged me telling me they loved your story, I knew it was in the bag. It’s going to be a brilliant wedding, I can’t wait to share the next year of planning with you on these very pages. And so looking forward to meeting you, Scott and of course Vinnie when we do your engagement shoot! 🙂

    Big congratulations to Debs & Paddy too. Eeeee! Best. Result. EVER. xxx

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