Announcing….our Autumn Pinterest Competition Winner.


If you haven’t already guessed from the title of this afternoon’s post, then this is where we announce the winner from our Autumn Pinterest Competition that we launched earlier this year.

If you’re still a little confused then let me explain. At the beginning of July we launched a Pinterest competition for you lovely lot to get involved in. If you don’t remember the post then you can read more here.

We asked you folks to create your own Pinterest board entitled ‘Rock My Autumn Wedding’ and then cram it full to the brim with fabulous Autumnal wedding images. We actually created our own board to give you guys a bit of a headstart on the inspiration front which you can take a look at here.

Think cherry reds and saffron yellows, berries and pumpkins and wreaths and crunchy leaves and creamy hot chocolates diffused with that soft orangey light. So many of you entered and we thoroughly enjoyed pouring over all of your wonderful interpretations of the theme. It was difficult to choose but there really could only be one winner…

Drum roll please…..

We’re proud to announce that the lovely Katie was our lucky winner! We thought her board was filled to the brim with delicious seasonal images of luscious purples and cherry reds and splashes of gold giving us a fresh interpretation of the traditional Autumn wedding.

We’ve included some of the beautiful images from her entry below to give you a small taster of her Autumn wedding interpretation but if you’re keen to see the full shebang then can see her board in its entirety here.

Rock My Wedding Announces Their Autumn Pinterest Competition Winner_0001

We also thought it might be nice for you folks to hear from the lucky lady herself so without further ado I give you Katie.

Katie: I’m Katie, I come from Solihull and I live in Lichfield with my fiancé Chris who I’ll be lucky enough to marry in April 2015. In terms of style I love Scandinavian cool; modern, simple design; with a bit of British humour thrown in. I have a weakness for contemporary country music (y’all) and my favourite thing in the whole world is spending time with my lovely family and friends. I spend far too much time on Pinterest.

My Rock My Autumn Wedding board was inspired by the idea of rich, sumptuous autumn fare (fruit pies, people). I wanted my board to encapsulate the warmth and spice of autumn but in a glamorous, modern way. So I used deep purples, plums and lilacs, metallic and beaded textures, and rose gold to add sparkle.

Rock My Wedding Announces Their Autumn Pinterest Competition Winner_0002

As you folks probably already know, the prize for winning the Rock My Wedding Pinterest competition, was to join Team RMW as a guest pinner and pin away to your heart’s content. Katie will be adding her ‘pinspirations’ to not just one but five RMW boards including: White On White Colour Palette Weddings, Wedding Favours, Pets At Weddings, Pink Colour Palette Weddings and Purple Colour Palette Weddings.

Katie will be on board the RMW pinning train until the end of September so be sure to take a peek at the boards mentioned above for her take on the themes. Perhaps she’ll inspire you with your own September or October big day?

Commiserations to those of you who entered but weren’t lucky this time round. Don’t despair however…all is not lost!

We’ll be running our next Pinterest competition searching for the next guest pinner later in the year so be sure to swing by to check out the new theme.

Will you be the next RMW guest pinner?

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you…

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

3 thoughts on “Announcing….our Autumn Pinterest Competition Winner.

  1. This is gorgeous! Welcome Katie!

    I love the plum colours, and it’s not something that we’d considered but it’s making me want to change plans now. It’s really a great start to the autumn season’s pinning, great taste indeed!

    Particularly interested in the reader’s thoughts on pets at weddings, our Spud has a bit of a fan-club who may not be too happy if he’s not there…

    *goes off to snoop at Pinterest over lunch*

  2. Thank you very much team RMW! [and thanks for my welcome Debs]

    I am of course very excited to be a RMW guest pinner; please stay tuned for my contribution to those boards!

    Katie x

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