Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Chair Decor Inspiration

…then I’ll begin.

So then folks where do you stand on the chair decor front?

An unnecessary addition to the already stretched budget or the perfect way for you to inject your personality into your big day? Perhaps a bit of the ol’ chair swag sets your teeth on edge and you wonder why in the blazes folks do it.

I like a bit of chair action…done well, that is.

As with any piece of wedding decor, it’s the attention to detail and the effort that counts here. If you’re going to go all out on the chair front then I’d recommend really going for it as half-hearted efforts don’t create quite the same impact; more is always more.

My heart always skips a beat when I spot a bride who has made the humble chair a real focal point of her wedding. In fact lately it seems that more of you lovelies are choosing to do the same so it felt only right to dedicate this week’s post to some seating inspiration.

Let’s crack on shall we.

Scripts And Signs

Ampersands and chalkboards, scrawling fonts and monograms reign here.

And what a delight to behold too.

I’ll let you in on a secret – I almost joined a calligraphy workshop before my wedding just so I could use my skills in my wedding decor. Unfortunately time conspired against me and my sister was more than proficient on the beautiful handwriting front so the workshop fell by the wayside.

Chairback Signs

That said I still fall head over heels for a beautiful sign…the examples below are just some of my favourites. I love the scrolls of paper pinned to the back of the chairs at the top here and daubed with the bride and grooms’ names – something that can be reproduced relatively inexpensively for all of your guests should you so wish.

If you’re looking for something a little more permanent or a keepsake that you could pass on to your own children why not opt for these eyelet Broidery Anglais chairbacks from BHLDN or scrawl ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ on pieces of reclaimed driftwood. These would look particularly good hung in your home after the big day has passed.

Haberdashery Heaven

Tying strands of ribbon around chairbacks was a popular feature of last year’s weddings – especially for outdoor receptions and ceremonies and is possibly one of the simplest ways of transforming a plain chair into a thing of beauty.

From multicolored strands to thick strips of alternating hues, how you interpret this particular trend is completely up to you; the beauty lies in its versatility.

Haberdashery Heaven

For the girly girls, mixing floral patterns in with plainer ribbons in thicker widths looks particularly effective. If you’re looking for something a little more classic then choosing stripes in blues, whites and greens errs on the masculine side whilst keeping things fresh at the same time.

Why not apply your own twist on the ribbon theme then tying a single large bow around painted wooden chairs. Alternatively secure a strip of linen with a clutch of roses around rustic seating to add a dose of luxe.

Floral Garlands

Admittedly this is perhaps the more expensive route to take on the chair decorating front so unless you’ve got unlimited funds then I’d recommend restricting floral garnishes to the top table, pew ends or simply to you and your beau’s chairs.

If I’m being really honest then this particular look is my favourite; there’s something so organic, so natural, so beautiful about a string of foliage and blooms draped across the back of a chair.

Floral Chairbacks

As with the other types of chairback inspiration above, opting for blooms in the colours of your wider wedding theme is the most effective way of keeping all your decor consistent. Using seasonal foliage will also help to keep costs down too – finish the look off with a really wide decadent ribbon to add that element of luxe.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to dress your aisle why not loop a foliage garland along the back of the last row of chairs or opt for posy-filled mini jam jars hung from silk ribbons on each adjacent chair to the aisle. The scent will be amazing.

Swag Up

Decorating your chairs provides you lovely lot with the perfect opportunity to really reinforce your wedding theme be it nautical chic or vintage glamour. If ribbons, florals or a bit of custom signage doesn’t float your boat then maybe this clutch of images will instead.

Why not take the DIY approach and string hearts onto bakers twine to create a miniature garland that can be looped around chair spindles. It needn’t be a fiddly job either – heart punches can be purchased from most craft shops so you can punch to your hearts content in front of the t.v.

Balloons are another cost-effective way of adding a touch of drama to your nuptials. Choosing oversized versions in a similar colour palettes works particularly well – I’d also suggest that you create a sense of structure by being rigorous with the length of the ribbon that you allow your balloons to float from. Add a couple of glitzy tassels for that girly touch.

Swag Up

If you’re looking for that element of romance, why not dress your chairs in sheer overlays with ruffled trains or suspend vintage handkerchiefs or even cotton pouches filled with flowers from the back of each seat. These can also double up as sweet favours for guests to take home with them at the end of the night.

So folks what do you think?

Will you be stringing up apple garlands for that rustic touch? Maybe you’ll be dressing your seating in rosettes for a preppy vibe…

I know that I would very much like to attend a wedding with a beribboned chair or two.

I can’t guarantee that some of the aforementioned ribbons wouldn’t reappear on my head as an elaborate headpiece mind.

You have been warned.

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

15 thoughts on “Are You Sitting Comfortably?

  1. The image, very last, bottom left…epic. It’s like the chairs are wearing dresses *swoons*.

    I LOVE the hearts on twine. The perfect example of how to make a statement of your chairs without having to spend an absolute fortune.

  2. Oh, me and our Sophie Strange Case might already have those hearts pinned! I love a bit of chair action but it gives me the fear about my job centre chairs in the glorious library of joy.

    The dining room chairs are perfect, solid wood loveliness, but i fear we are bringing in the dreaded chair cover for the ceremony. (and no, there’s no option to move all the chairs about half way through the day. I can’t be bothered)

    We’re just going to have to rock those chair covers like only we can! As Kelly Rowland once said… “WORK”


  3. This (as always) is a timeley post as I am in the middle of chair dilemma! I hate the chairs in the venue (just plain ugly and odd!) so have been investigtaing simple and cost effective ways of dealing with them. I had hoped to hire some new ones (and then embelish the top table chairs a la the chairs above), but the venue has nowehere to store their originals. So, what to do….. decorating120 of them in v limited time seems like a massive task.
    What did Brides do?!

  4. Love this!
    Personally I am not partial to the plain chair covers (I sat on a satin one once and slipped right off) and coloured sashes. However, the chairs at our venue are not the prettiest so we may have to even hire in.
    They will definitely have some sort of chair decor, probably jam jars full of flowers with a few ribbons here and there. Chair decor will hopefully stop guests from putting their jackets on the back of the chairs too…

  5. I was just about to start doing a bit of research into chair backs for Karen’s day when the notification for this post appeared in my inbox. Oh RMW what did I ever do without you.

    @Karen forever in love with a string of hearts. Will look up some other ways tonight. I pinned one the other night, Chanel inspired obvs.

  6. Gorgeous post as ever Lolly!
    I have a real aversion to plain chair covers – they are just not me!
    And, in fact, chairs became one of my top questions for every venue we visited (yup, the other half thought I was nuts too!!)! So I was over the moon when we booked our venue – being a swanky restaurant means that the chairs have to look perfectly pretty every day! This didn’t stop me triple checking with the venue that they were not suddenly going to hide all their pretty chairs & replace with some secret stash of ugly conference room chairs!!!!!!!!! Thankfully, they have assured me this won’t happen!

    But even though we have some lovely chairs, I am currently pondering the possibility of tying sparkly initials to the back of the bride & groom chair. In fact the glittery letters have already been made, I just need to sort out the ribbon! 🙂

    Aside from my ramblings, I am loving the following pics….
    Heart garland…….too cute!
    Name scrolls…….gorgeous!
    Apples……………….who would’ve thought apples could look so elegant?!
    Chairs with dresses……….EPIC!!!!


  7. @Becky – @Sophie Strange Case & I have some epic floral plans based on something Chanel did once. We’re hoping to extend it to chairs! /dies of excitement/

    @Becca – do you remember when Toni’s venue ditched their lovely chairs and did EXACTLY that?? Never trust! xx

  8. Love this post, I do like a bit of sexy chair action! On our wedding day we had ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ colour coordinated sparkly cardboard signs on the backs of our chairs hanging by ribbon 🙂 they were such a special touch x

  9. @Sophie Strange Case whatever would you do indeed…;) Well I’m glad that I’m able to help and thrilled to hear that every tiny bit of detail of Karen’s wedding is being researched and looked after. Makes me very proud indeed.

    @PrincessBride chair action is where it’s at, right? I had the bhldn signs in the top mood board which are even more gorgeous in the flesh. We actually came up to our bedroom to find them laid out on our pillows too at the end of the night – how sweet is that!

    @Becca you’re not the only bride to check out the chairs when visiting venues. Iscoyd had fab chairs which was another reason for booking it!

    @Karen don’t worry about the ceremony chairs love. Remember the most important thing is that you’re getting married. Plus you’re at the front and will have your back to said chairs for most of that part of the day. You can totally pretend that they aren’t even there…

  10. OMG thank you! This is the main argument between me and my mum (the purse strings). She wants chair covers, I do not. What I would like is a selection of chair decorations, each chair on a table could be different, what about doilies? and mini bunting (it’s not anywhere else)? and fabric (hair) flowers on ribbons? The list is endless, but how amazing would a room look with different, softly coloured chair decorations??!! I’m creating a mood board now to show the mother and hopefully win her over, if not I’m sending her to you Lolly! xx

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