Ask Jenny – Big Plates O’Meat (feet).

Hi Jenny,

I am having shoe issues. In fact, the issues don’t actually lie with the shoes but with my feet.

Whilst only being 31 I have bunions on both of my feet, I also have something called clawed toes (though I like to call them Claude, sounds a bit more exciting/exotic)… basically it looks like my feet are holding on all the time.

Trying to find shoes that fit, look nice and are comfortable is not easy at the best of times. As I write this I am surrounded by shoes that I have bought that fitted but on the first wear tore my feet to shreds. I basically live in converse boots.

I am getting married in September and will be wearing a Candy Anthony dress, it’s a short dress and requires a “statement shoe”. In addition my groom is only a couple of inches taller than me and I can’t walk in high heels.

I bought some GLORIOUS shoes from Bespoke Big Day, the kitty with a 1.5″ heel and encrusted in purple glitter. They are so beautiful I nearly cried. I did indeed shed a couple of tears when I only managed to squeeze one foot in – it was fine whilst I was sitting but then when I stood up my little toe went numb. Waaaaah!

With a 12 week lead time on their shoes I contacted the ever helpful Rachel at BBD and I’ve ordered the next size up which will get to me in time for the wedding but I am exceedingly worried – what if they don’t fit?!

I’m not sure where to start looking for pretty shoes that are going to accommodate my Sasquatch monstrosities – I’m certain you don’t have the same affliction, I seem to recall you having gorgeous wedding shoes – but do you have any recommendations or advice?

It’s also worth noting that I’m a size 42 (8, 8.5, 9 depending on where you go) and whilst wide fit shoes fit the badboy bunions in they normally flap around like a dead fish because the rest of my feet is normal width.

Ho hum. Any advice is gratefully received!


Claire xx


Dear Claire (and Claude),

They can’t be that bad….? I laughed when you said your toes look like they are holding on all the time, I have a pair of old flip flops where my feet do the same!

Your options do sound pretty limited, although I have a good feeling about Bespoke Big Day coming up with the goods in perfect time – and I do believe my own Bespoke Big Day wedding shoes were indeed a size 42, and the perfect width still as my feet aren’t overly wide, just long! And do you remember me saying in my wedding report how I didn’t sport a single blister, despite doing the running man, moonwalking, AND hopping in them all night? It’s true, not a single blister! I went on honeymoon the next day with my newly pedicured married feet in tip top condition still. No gnarlyness at all.

Another alternative, is to find a shoe that is comfortable, then customise them to within an inch of their life so your end result is the statement shoe that you desire? This means trapsing round shops etc to find said shoe. But with the possibility of having them dyed to a statement colour (which they can do in John Lewis I do believe, someone correct me if I am wrong?) and adorning them with brooches/feathers/beads etc yourself you CAN end up with something magnificent, and totally bespoke!

Please remember, as much as we feel we have to look fabulous beyond reason (well, it is our wedding day right?) People won’t be looking down at your feet. You could change into converse if you felt the need and yes, you’ll be the kooky bride who wore Candy Anthony with Converse, but it’s your beautiful, smiling, happy face people will remember, and your eyes people will look into when they congratulate you (unless they are shifty and avoid eye contact, and then they will notice Claude in all their glory, but then really, who cares?)

Do you have something comfortable shoe wise in your wardrobe to practice customising, just so you have an idea of whether you could pull off a DIY shoe? I know it’s not ideal, with so many factors against you like height, dress length, and Clawed toes it’s a case of beggars can’t be choosers and drastic action must be taken. Oh how we big footed ladies envy those who can rock the spectacular killer heels on their big day! There is no reason, should the Bespoke Big Day shoe not be right in the bigger size, that you cannot pull off a case of Shoe Customisation! Be imaginative, be creative, and ask yourself – ‘What would Gok do??’ Channel your inner Gok and get cracking lady!

Oh and please, send us photo’s of you in all your wedding finery? I am head over heels in lust with Candy Anthony gowns, and I just know you will look INCREDIBLE!

Wishing you luck, if I were in the UK I would come and give you a hand – I love a customisation project!

Jenny xx

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  1. Here are my top shouts for you:

    Glittery converse. Converse are clearly you so sparkle a pair up for the day and completely rock it.

    Melissa by Vivienne Westwoid do a flat range (I had for my big day) they are ‘jelly’ based so very soft and very comfortable. Mine were gold with a bow on the toe and I know there are a few other designs too.

    Have you thought about Irregular Choice? They do a gorgeous kitten heel shoe that’s perfect for weddings. And can be bought on the high street (mainly from schuh) so you would have to worry about delivery times.

    Just a few thoughts anyway. I hope you end up with the shoe of your dreams 🙂 please keep us updated with what you go with 🙂


  2. Sorry, awful typing, you ‘wouldn’t’ have to worry about delivery times (also I find IR to be quite wide)


  3. Have some sympathy for those of us with size 3.5 feet, but which are also a touch wide. Endless blisters. My centre of gravity is so small that I can only stand in heels for about 4 minutes before toppling over.

  4. This post made me laugh…A Lot! some great suggestion from @Becky and @Steph B that is such a cool DIY!

    I am ore like @Kirsten, size 4 feet but wide like planks. Yesterday I thought it would be a REALLY good idea to walk around London all day in huge (and I mean HUGE) Charlotte Olympia-esque platforms that were quite narrow….

    Today I can’t even walk.

    What we do for fashion eh?

    Good luck with your search Claire/Claude, I am sure you will find something gorgeous.

    Charlotte xxx

  5. I have a similar problem in that my feet are wide so I find getting into beautiful skinny shoes is a problem! I can’t wear heels for an extended period of time and I find I’m ‘practising’ at work, where it’s all carpeted.

    I agree with everyone that it would look fabulous to wear sparkly Converse! There’s also nothing wrong with a pair of statement flats, which are infinitely more comfortable than kitten heels. A nice strappy sandal may also be a good option, because it doesn’t cage your entire feet in and you can find ones that leave your toes room to wiggle! 🙂

  6. OOOH I have the exact same problem with the bunions – I also have very flat feet which makes narrow shoes a no no. I’m also size 8 – or as my sister in law noted at my wedding when she took a closer look at my shoes ‘half man’!! I wore irregular choice shoes for my wedding – they were brilliant. they have so much choice and are a brilliant shape to show off under a non-floor-length dress.

    I tried Candy Anthony dresses and LOVED them so am well jel that you’re wearing that – I think sparkly converse are defo the way to go for the evening, they’ll look fab and you’ll be you and super comfy. One of the bridal shops I went to had sequined plimsolls in their bridal shoe range and I so wanted them – my two friends had to frog march me away XX

  7. I think there is a massive lack of nice sparkly flat wedding shoes! I don’t have problems with my feet but my fiance is a bit shorter than me, so any extra height is a no-no unless its him wearing the heel! I’ve struggled so much to get nice sparkly flats that don’t cost the earth. I’ve toyed with the idea of DIY’ing a pair and also bought 4 pairs of cheap high street flats I’ve come across on my travels, but non are really special enough. Another option is buy some plain flats that you know fit nicely and add sone really amazing shoe clips – ebay have some gorgeous sparkly ones.

    I agree with the above, crystal up a pair of converse, that would look amazing! I got the Kandi rhinestone applicator for christmas and its amazing, its only about 14.99 on ebay and allows you to easily add hot fix crystals to shoes/clothing. Its very addictive! Real Swarovski crystals are expensive but worth it for the extra shine, but you can get a good effect from the cheaper crystals too, you’ll need quite a lot! Good luck 🙂 xxxx

  8. I’m gonna throw my weight behind the custom converse. I totally understand you wanting glorious heels but you really should be comfortable.

  9. Custom converse! Custom converse! They sound amazing and would provide you with the Statement Shoe without the pain and sobbing of sore feet! Plus I bet Claude would love to wiggle around in a pair of glitter and sequin adorned Chucks!

  10. Giant-footed sympathy coming to you in torrents Claire! I have the same size feet as you (I’m 5’11, if they were smaller I’d have a permanently squashed nose!) and find a lot of my shoes from Topshop – about two-thirds of their range now comes in a 42 and they do the statement thing well. It is hit-and-miss with regard width though, so be prepared to try and discard a few – I haven’t got particularly wide feet but I have found some of them to be too narrow for me (and equally some have been too wide). Make sure you do the online thing, as I think most of the shops get precisely 2 pairs of size 42s each per season and there’s always some wily minx who snaps them up first!

    My best friend and bridesmaid is a size 7 and is also blessed with the wide feet/bunions problem and she swears by New Look wide fits – they have their own separate section in most stores and most of them now go up to a 42.

    There’s also a shop in Leicester called Lou Lou Shoes (not affiliated to me, I promise!) – they’re less statementy but they do go up to a size 45 or something crackers like that. Also Duo and Evans go up to a 43 and beyond so they could be good hunting grounds for a customisable shoe. Or if you have the time have you tried trawling eBay? Sometimes a good drag queen shoe can be just the ticket – maybe with a spot of customisation like the others have suggested. Failing all those, custom Converse could be the cat’s nightwear! Hope you find something, I’m sending massive support as I genuinely feel your pain on this subject!xxx

  11. My friends had custom converse for their wedding and they looked fab! I think some sparkly ones would look awesome with a Candy Anthony dress. Hope you find a solution.

  12. I feel for you too! I have bought 5 pairs of shoes for my wedding and tried on others, as like you I have bunions, (and only at 25!!) I feel in love with a pair of irregular choice shoes to fit my 7/8 narrow flat bunion feet, but just sitting in them hurt so much I had to return them and that started my hunt for shoes! I’ve ended up buying some pretty pewter BERTIE leather shoes that are soooooo comfy, but they don’t have a huge selection of party type shoe.
    I’ve also bought a pair of flat slip on pumps, which I plan on embroidering (I’m an embroiderer) for if my feet hurt and dancing in the evening. I love the converse idea as mentioned above. Go with what’s ‘you’ and comfy! Us bunion brides don’t want to be worrying about our sore feet on our big day! Good luck xx

  13. Hi Claire,

    I’m 6ft with size 43 feet, and found some super-sparkly ballet pumps for my wedding day (which was featured on these lovely polka-dot pages… win!).

    They’re from French Sole’s Pirouette range (which goes up to a size 44), and they have a leather sole, so they really mould to the shape of your feet (I am also the not-so-proud owner of bunioned-up alien toes).

    I also run a fashion blog for tall women which lists loooads of suppliers for larger-footed ladies, so you might find something else you like on there…

    Laura xxx

  14. Hi Claire

    I am 5ft 11 with size 8 feet and a severe phobia of heels. My other half is also slightly shorter than me so gives me the perfect excuse not to wear heels day to day (although he doesn’t care in the slightest).

    I am at my most comfortable when I am wearning no shoes or flip flops and I am absolutely horrid if I have sore feet so comfort is definately a priority.

    I have therefore got a pair of flip flops for when we are outside and then plan to go bare foot for everything else as this just feels more me. As my mum said ‘it wouldn’t be a proper party if you had your shoes on!’ xxx

  15. @All The Tall Things – I’ve never seen your blog before but have just started devouring it – I don’t see me getting much work done this afternoon! You are F.A.B!x

  16. Hi Claire from another Claire!

    I wore a short dress on my wedding day too, one that initially you might have thought needed statement high heels to make it pop. I live in Converse, not just because I like them, but because I have fairly serious rheumatoid arthritis and Cons are the only shoes I can fit my custom inserts in!

    So for my day, I wore statement shoes to walk down the aisle, and for a few photos, and then changed straight into a pair of brand new bright blue Converse (with the inserts in!) and bounced around the place very happily and in great comfort!

    I also have sparkly Cons, custom ones, and a whole host of others, but those blue shoes are for me so special now as they were my wedding shoes. Wear them and rejoice in your freedom of movement, and how often you’ll get to wear them afterwards!

    Best of luck,

  17. Claire – Long Tall Sally currently have a sale on and I spotted a low heeled, slingback, peeptoe there screaming out for a little customisation! I have no bunions but really, really wide feet and have found that some of the LTS shoes do fit ok…

    Good luck and I too adore the custom converses, although understand it may not be what you’ve dreamt of for your big day…

  18. I have bunions on my little toes and fairly wide (plate) feet – Mr J says because of this i ‘run like a duck, run ducky run’.

    Anyway, Next also do a wide fit and extra wide fit range, extra wide fit are just that, wiiiiiiiide, the wide fit are a really good fit.

    I’ve spied these and they do them in ivory too – £30??!!

    Also, M&S 😉 I work for them and they now do a fair few styles in wide fit, it is a bit hit and miss but there defo could be some shoes ripe for customisation, and they have the ‘insolia’ technology in the sole which revives tired feet or something along those lines!

    This topic is something that I seriously worry about, I joked about customising a pair of havi’s or converse and my Grandma laughed, my mum looked horrified and Mr. J told me to stop being ridic!!

  19. I am having a short dress, and custom Converse – and I have no foot issues at all, but they look damn cool and will be suitable for dancing until I fall down 🙂

    If you’re still having a wobble, put ‘wedding converse’ into Google images and then revel in the number of AMAZING photos they produce – so much more interesting than a pair of boring ivory court shoes, and, as Claire says, something you will then wear until they fall to bits (and probably a little while after too) x

  20. I recommend Hush Puppies.

    I got married on Saturday (yey!!!). I have similar buniony clawy feet (runs in the family) but I really wanted to wear a tea-length dress and some statement shoes that
    a) didn’t look too generic ‘bridal’, and
    b) were comfy.

    I tried on some Irregular Choice but they were too high and weren’t very good quality, but then I spotted these, which were perfect:

    I would second everyone’s call for changing into converse though. I didn’t have a change of flat shoes and my feet were achy by the evening.

  21. My problem is that I have fairly large 7/7.5 feet, but at the same time they are bloody narrow so most shoes slip about on me!

    I have to buy those heel grip things from Scholl to hold them on!

    I think I am going to get some custom converse to change in to later in the day, otherwise there’s no way in hell I’m going to make it down the steep cobbled, uneven hill to the quay in Lymington for photos!

  22. Hi Claire!
    I have total half size feet (5 1/2 that is, not midget feet or feet with no toes) AND they are super-wide so I almost never wear heels. However, I recently discovered New Look’s wide fitting range. They are super comfy, even in high heels, which usually leave my feet bleeding after a few hours or with no feeling in my toes. I don’t know how they fair against bunions, but I can recommend them to anyone with wide feet! Also I agree with the other comments – you don’t NEED to wear heels at all. There are shops like DUO which make flats in a variety of widths, which might also be a possibility?
    Good luck! x

  23. Hi

    I have big feet – usually a size 43/44 and a wider fit. I have found that Rachel Simpson shoesfit really well – Marilyn in particular – although I don’t know if they are a bit high? They are a lovely soft suede with plenty of give and come in ivory, mink, red and black.

    I agree you don’t need to wear heels. People think I shouldn’t wear heels as I am tall and a little taller than my other half but I don’t care!

    Good luck, I am sure you will find something fabulous xxx

  24. Goodness me, the ONE day in the last year that I don’t have a look on RMW you post my question – and so many lovely comments and encouragements! What. A. Lovely. Bunch!!!
    I do actually have some converse ready to change into for dancing – emblazoned with a crystal “I Do”.
    I took my original bespoke big day shoes to the cobbler this morning to get stretched.
    I’ll be sure to let you know how it works out.

    Thanks Jenny & everyone else for all your advice & encouragement – I’m totally blown away!!

    Sasquatch xx

  25. The cobbler did work his magic! The shoes are stretched and didn’t lose one speck of sparkle, I can get my feet in but may need to wear them in a little bit more but am one step closer to my dream w-day shoes – yippee!

    And for those of you who say “surely your feet aren’t that bad”…if my SILTB (sister in law to be) is even slightly hungover she can’t look at my feet without doing a sick in her mouth. True. Story.
    These hooves are not in need of a pedicure, if a foot transplant was an option – I’d take it!

    Happy Friday y’all xx

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