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Hello Jenny

I’m getting married in 3 months and I am really struggling to find a nice guest book. I actually want something that people can write in and we can put a photo of them alongside so we have a record of everyone there looking gorgeous! It means that we’ll need about 60 pages I think. I don’t want anything too overly embellished – more something quite classic and elegant. Conversely I saw some with three hearts cut from old maps on the front which I loved but they couldn’t put enough pages in, nor could they fit our first names on the front (Amanda & Paul, not horrendously long you’d have thought!). Can you help? I’ve run out of places to turn.

Yours gratefully,


Hi Amanda,

Fortunately there are tons of fun and different ideas out there for guestbooks. I went to a wedding a few weeks before my own, and the bridesmaids were tasked with running around with a polaroid camera taking all the guests pictures, and writing a message to the bride and groom in the scrap book they used to stick the photos in (they had pritt stick in their clutch bag!). It meant the bridesmaids had an important part to play, and the resulting guest book was absolutely the most fabulous thing I had ever seen. This also meant that the guestbook was complete there and then, and the Bride and Groom could take it home with them and enjoy reading the messages. The reason this is a plus point is that at my wedding I had a ‘Make a Wish, Take a Wish’ guestbook, which entailed a glass bowl of Irish blessings, delightful proverbs from around the world, and a few affirming mantras for guests to ‘take’, and a glass bowl for guests to leave some words of wisdom for us. I haven’t actually put any of them into my wedding book as yet, they are all sitting nicely in a box waiting for me to get creative with them. One day – when we are back in the UK, I will crack on with this task!

Alternatively, have you had a search on Etsy? This is where I sourced my guest book from, and having a scroll through there are some gorgeous ideas! Seeing as you want something specific, you could have something made that suits you perfectly. Etsy never fails to come up with the goods for me, whatever it is I am looking for, I always find what I want there.

Good luck Amanda, and if our readers have any suggestions to help I am sure they will point you in the right direction!


Jenny x

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  1. Jenny .. I got married last week an i had a wish tree, I used it as a wedding feature and everyone commented how lovely it was.

    I actually hire them out as part of my business too, I personally think they are gorgeous x

  2. Etsy is bound to come through – good thinking Jenny!

    Doesn’t have to be v expensive though. We got a rustic looking, ring bound sketch book type thing from Paperchase (about a tenner), scanned a b&w pic of us for the front so looked all grainy and hand stamped ‘guest book’ on it.

    Looked lush…..not one single person wrote in it as we completely forgot about it!

    Going to try and get them when we see them next and do ‘best wedding memories’ with a pic. Or something like that! x

  3. I agree that Etsy is the answer to life, the universe and everything!! One seller I came across recently is Iris Grimm, a Boston photographer who makes beautiful personalised albums and guestbooks.

    Amanda you might want to check out the custom photobooth option ( with a pocket on each page for a photo, plus plenty of space to write. The example shown is with a photobooth strip but the seller says “this album can be custom made to fit most photo sizes, including polaroid and fuji instax, contact me for details”

    Good luck, hope you find something beautiful xx

  4. Hello!
    Panic not, we’ve bought two lovely looking books from paperchase – extremely inexpensive! I then bought sheets of card in our wedding colours which I’ve cut down to a note size with a guillotine and will supply them with photo corners and sticky fixers and coloured gel pens.
    Hopefully lots of people will write their messages for us. If not, I can make a memory book.
    Hope you find what you’re after x

  5. I’d go for Not on the High Street, Etsy or Bunny Delicious for gorgeous handmade, high quality paper in a cool handmade style.

  6. I was worried about people not writing in our guest book so I will be having jars of pens on the tables and I have made the place settings from postcards with instructions for people to write their messages on the back and then post them in our mail box. That way people can write things between courses before they get drunk and forget!

    Re the issue of buying a book have you thought of using a photo album? You can get love ones from EBay or Etsy and your guests can tack in the pictures and messages on postcards or something similar.
    Failing that I love the sound of the post above of making your own from a scrapbook.

  7. We got a plain note book (it was about A4 width but square if that makes sense) with a navy blue cover from Ikea of all places. It was about £3 and then I just printed out our names, date and logo onto paper, stuck it on matching card and stuck the whole lot on the front of the cover. Job done and it only cost about £3.50 total. The pages inside were plain white but nice thickness of paper too.

    Our guests then stuck their photo’s from the photobooth in there and used the provided pens to write a comment beside their photo.

  8. @Shirley, Ikea is my Secret Wedding Weapon. Well it’s actually my Secret Life Weapon in all fairness… What am I talking about? It’s no secret at all 😀

  9. You could choose just a normal photo album like they have in paperchase, get one with slip in photo mounts, then grab a pic of the couple with a polaroid, often this works well by asking your braidsmaids to do it as people come in to sit down and eat, get one to take the pic the other to write the names on… then place cards on all the tables asking people to write on them, gather up all the cards and slip them into the photo album. I would consider putting them at each person’s place setting, that way everyone gets one and everyone will write one.

  10. This is certainly a matter of debate in my household at the moment!

    I wanted a huge real life oar for everyone to sign which we could then display in our home. The boy said I was being ridiculous so that idea got binned. I still love it though!

    @Siobhan I have to agree that Etsy is indeed the answer to EVERYTHING. It’s my go-to in times of need. That said I have literally just spent fifty squids in Not On The High Street. All strictly on a need basis of course. A planter for the garden may also have slipped in there as well.

    @Emily loving Oh So Cherished!

    One of my favourite ‘unusual’ guestbooks is one made from 3D hearts. Some hearts are blank and others have lyrics of your first song printed on them. Guests can write on the blank hearts and the whole thing is framed as a piece of art after the wedding. Can’t remember where I saw it though….

  11. We had the same dilemmas recently and ended up with a wish tree which at first I wasn’t so keen on but it was the Mr’s idea and actually worked. All of our guests wrote fab, funny (some obviously very drunken) messages on the back of some specially designed around our stationery parcel tags (leaving only one side blank). Now we have our photos back we have had a good old giggle putting them all in a beautiful book (Etsy, of course), photos of our friends next to their messages. My real concern over guest book was that it normally ends up as bridesmaid or ushers job at about 9pm as it can often get forgotten. I have scary flashbacks to writing’lovie/drunk’ messages in friends guest books and have also witnessed red wine being spilt all over one book, gutting. This way we were able to fill a book and keep it safe. It worked for us and I am sure that it will bring us very happy memories for a long time. It already has pride of place on our coffee table!

  12. Thanks so much! I’ll have a look through some of these ideas – can you believe I couldn’t find anything on etsy?! I may have opted for UK sellers only as I thought it would be heavy to have delivered from the US.

  13. The perfect guest book alternative is a wooden guest book puzzle? Have you seen them? Your guests take a piece and write on it and you can then have great fun assembling the puzzle after the big day. they look great framed and make a fab talking point at the wedding

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