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How To Have A DIY Wedding

Fancy yourself a bit of a Kirstie Allsopp? If the words glue gun, origami and sewing machine get you excited then you are in the right place. Let us share with you our top tips on how to have a DIY wedding and some of our favourite DIY wedding ideas.

What Can You DIY For Your Wedding

Here are our top tips on how to have the DIY wedding of your dreams.

1. Check Rock My Wedding’s dedicated DIY wedding Pinterest board for loads of ideas and inspiration.

2. Take a look through our DIY Archives and make yourself a gorgeous and very simple bottle table plan or perhaps hoops for your bridesmaids.

3. Sometimes (most times in fact), less is more. So, see how you can keep things as simplistic as possible.

4. Make sure you budget correctly. Try and calculate what you need and then you probably want to double it. Unless you have made your DIY items before, it can be tricky to know exactly how much you need. Also, factor in for times when it might go wrong. A DIY budget contingency if you will. And believe us, a can of spray paint never goes as far as you’d think.

5. How long is it all going to take? Be realistic and then add some extra time on. 9 times out of 10, DIY projects take longer than you originally anticipated. Have plenty of time scheduled in for no DIY too. You don’t want it taking over every single evening of the run-up to your wedding day. Create buffer time to help you wind down before the big day.

6. Get a team behind you and delegate. Having friends and family involved helps to create even more amazing and often hilarious memories.

7.  DIY the things you enjoy. If it becomes a labour, you want it to be a labour of love, not of I-wish-I’d-never-started loathing.

8. Don’t strive for perfection. It doesn’t exist.

9. Don’t underestimate how long it might take to put your own stationery together. And if you’re giving it a crack, you could look at taking a modern calligraphy course to make them extra super fabulous and give them a really personal touch.

10. Invest your money where it’s going to be worth it. Is it more beneficial to hire in a bar for the evening than find the time to figure out how to make the bar yourself (thats going to be sturdy and actually stand up) and then find the time for actually making it and then you know, filling it with excellent beverage choices.

11. Practice when it comes to DIY flowers. Thinking of making your own bouquet? Give it a go way before the big day to make sure you have it nailed and if you don’t, that leaves you plenty of times to get yourself booked onto a floristry course.

12. Buy someone else’s wedding. In the interest of helping save the environment and save you time, you might find that someone else has already had a wedding with a similar style to what you’re after and they might be selling the decor on. So investigate that route.

12. Be careful not to pull on your best creative friend too much. Set expectations. Friends will want to help but they might not want to dedicate a fortnights worth of evenings to tying string around cutlery or cutting place cards out.

13. Be frugal. Scour ebay or local charity shops and car boot sales for bargains. If you’re looking for crockery or furniture or maybe vases and general decor these are great places to look.

14. Check out some of our favourite easy and budget friendly DIY projects here.

  • DIY Rustic Tipi Wedding
  • DIY Wedding Dress
  • DIY Decor
  • Rustic Boho

Hopefully that will all help you on your way and give you a place to start and for more absolutely solid advice, visit these weddings to see what these DIY couples had to say about the process:

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And if you still want more you can listen to Charlotte and Becky chat all about DIY weddings over on our podcast.

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DIY Cathedral Veil Tutorial

Today we’re going to show you how to put together a DIY Cathedral Veil with two tiers and plenty of ‘pouff’ for less than £15. Although wrangling all that fabric may seem like this could be a complicated tutorial, you’ll soon see that this is incredibly easy, inexpensive and straightforward.

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Wedding Dress Shopping – How To Find The One

Let’s talk about wedding dress shopping. You’re likely to either be fully ecstatic about it or feeling a bit nervous and uneasy. Either way, we’re here to walk you through what to expect and more importantly, how to get what you want when shopping for a wedding dress.

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Katie & Rich

Move over marquee there is a new bad boy in town. Katie and Rich had a stretch tent in Katie’s parents’ back garden and I think it looks stunning! They put some work in to that garden and it is amaing. They created some sort of mini garden in the middle of the tent and it is just, well, see for yourself… The perfect place for a table for two. And I looooove the centrepieces. So original and… different.

“…fill a venue with pretty things that you love you will have a beautiful wedding.” I think Katie has hit the nail on the head. And boy did she do just that. She also has some very sound advice for those of you who are having to source a lot of your own suppliers. And it was all sumptuously captured by the talented Kirsten Mavric. Oh, and there’s a very cute dog involved.

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Miriam & Juan

If you are signed up to our newsletter you will of seen a sneak peak of Miriam and Juan’s wedding already.

My word it’s a beauty. A blue and yellow beauty. Set in an estate in the middle of a forest with gorgeous weather allowing for them to have the entire day outside, ceremony, food, everything.

Miriam is absolutely gorgeous and her tea length dress is so much fun. And the succulent favours… love. I think you’re going to like this. Very much.

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Jenni & Ben

Oh beautiful sunny wedding how I love thee. Jenni looks incred in her gorgeous Essence of Australia lace gown. I love it.

Both Jenni and Ben wanted to create a day that would reflect them. They fell in love in sixth form (aawwwww) and they got engaged on their 10 year anniversary. They wanted the day to be relaxed and fun and party filled. Jenni created all of the centrepieces herself (ace bride alert!) and baked her wedding cake with her Mum. Does it get more wonderful than that? Also, the ring shot in the field? Epic. Enjoy peeps.

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Amanda & Conor

Oh. My. word. This wedding is beautiful. It is classy. It is elegant. It is so super sleek. We’re talking the most beautiful of pastel shades for bridesmaid dresses, the most glorious backless Jenny Packham gown, stunning stationery and festoon lights. They are my very favourite kind of lights.

Photographer Lelia Scarfiotti has captured the mood perfectly with her romantic and dreamy shots. Prepare to swoon.

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Lesley & Simon

Believe in your dreams, always.

Poignant words from this afternoon’s bride Lesley. She envisaged her day and went for it, with only 5 months to plan! Lesley and Simon had a colour riot. It was SO much fun. Nothing too formal, just fun. There was a BBQ, a partially fake cake (such a clever idea!), ribbons on the chairs (love!) and a serious amount of fun and laughter, and the flowers. So gorgeous.

I love that the day reflected them so well. The stationery is so bright and so fun. I think couples can sometimes be easily put off by the opinions of others who may have a traditional view of what a wedding should be and it makes me so happy when couples are so headstrong and they just go for what is really in their hearts… and their super creative heads! Oh, and mini buttons as confetti on the tables?! Seriously. So clever. Big colour love to these guys. Enjoy.