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How To Choose A Wedding Band

Becky: I appreciate that this post is less useful to you if you’re planning a wedding in the coming months, but if you’re planning a post-covid-restrictions wedding or a second celebration further down the line, then hopefully you’ll be in a position to have a band at your wedding, should you want one. The question is, how do you choose a wedding band for your wedding? Where do you even start to find trusted bands who will give you exactly what you want? The easy answer for that is to check out our recommended suppliers where you can find wedding bands that we trust to give you the celebration you deserve. And to answer my first question we have enlisted the help of The List supplier Music HQ. Music HQ are industry specialists who can help you put together an impeccable entertainment package and we’re joined by Suzie to share her top 4 tips for how to choose a wedding band.

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What Is A Wedding Celebrant

Becky: Did you know you can hire someone to lead your wedding ceremony? In our experience, most couples don’t even know that’s an option. They think they have to have the registrar assigned to them at the registry office but nope. That’s not the case. Meet Jennifer Patrice. She’s joining us today to tell you all about the benefits of hiring a wedding celebrant; from the personalisation of your ceremony to having more flexibility. With over two decades of experience in helping to plan weddings, Jennifer knows a thing or two about how to make your day special.

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How To Store Your Wedding Dress

Becky: You might be picking up your dress a couple of days before your wedding, you might have it a week before or because of current circumstances, you might have it in your possession for much longer before you can wear it. If that’s the case, how are you planning on storing it? No one is saying that you can’t pop it on and have a dance around the kitchen, but that might not help with the storing-it-and-keeping-it-pristine purpose of this post.

Whatever your dress storing status is, we’ve bought in an expert to fill you in on how to store it safely. Allow me to introduce Cynthia Grafton-Holt. Cynthia is the founder and bespoke wedding dress designer at Cynthia Grafton-Holt Couture so if anyone can tell you how to store your wedding dress correctly, it’s her. Enjoy.

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12 Things A Wedding Planner Can Do For You

Becky: Have you been thinking about having a planner to help you organise your day? Maybe you’re unsure about exactly what things a wedding planner can do for you. Let me introduce you to Chenai Bukutu founder and principle planner of ByChenai Events. She’s going to give you a rundown of the top 12 things a wedding planner can help you with when it comes to planning your day.

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Planning A Wedding As A Gay Couple

A couple of weeks ago we ran a competition on our Instagram and we were struck by one comment, in particular, that said: “As a gay man planning a wedding, I often feel excluded from the community but your page really tries to include and I love that“. That was written by Will Farmer and he’s here today to talk to you about planning his wedding to Fiancé Tom during lockdown.

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Destination Wedding Locations – Poland

Becky: The perfect post for our newly engaged couples who are considering a destination wedding. I’m thrilled to introduce you to award-winning RMW recommended supplier Joanna from Manowce Palace. Joanna is joining us today to highlight all the great things about choosing Poland as your destination wedding location. With varied landscapes, excellent cuisine, and ease of access, a Poland wedding could be a great choice. Here’s Joanna to tell you more…

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Bespoke Wedding Dress – The Process

Becky: I am so excited to introduce you to Naomi Deru. Naomi is the founder and owner of Naomi Deru Bridal, a contemporary bespoke wedding dress design atelier in Kent. Today she is going to share with you the process of having a bespoke wedding dress created, from how much that might cost to fabrics and fittings. Naomi has also answered all of your bespoke wedding dress questions. I know you’re going to really enjoy reading her words so I’ll hand over to her and wish you happy designing-the-dress-of-your-dreams!

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My Experience As a Black Planning Bride By Ally Tyger

Naomi: As part of our Black Love Matters pledge, we wanted to share the voices of our Black planning brides. We wanted to understand how the wedding planning experience can be different for them and to hold ourselves and the wider wedding industry accountable for where we need to step up. To kick-off, we hopped on a Zoom call with one of the first women to call us out back in September 2019. Our call with Ally was a wonderful, vibrant discussion of all that it means to be a Black bride. We asked Ally if she would write a piece to share her experiences, and that is what we have for you today. What follows is an illuminating, passionate, honest read. Over to Ally…

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Multicultural Weddings – How To Plan one

Are you planning a multicultural wedding? Then you’re going to want to read this. Today’s post comes to you from multicultural wedding planning expert Assumpta Vitcu. Assumpta is founder and lead planner of Ave Creations, a multicultural wedding planning company based in London.

Assumpta is going to talk you through how to plan your multicultural wedding and how to get the most out of it ensuring your cultures are represented. Please check out her social and YouTube links at the bottom of the post too. You can find an IGTV from Assumpta related to this post here and you can click through to all the real weddings below to see how our real wedding couples have navigated their way through to having successful multicultural days too. Over to Assumpta.