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Laura looks after our handpicked supplier directory, The List, and all the amazing suppliers in it. She loves abundant blooms, stunning tablescapes and long, leisurely Pinterest sessions.

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Ethical Bespoke Jewellery from Nikki Stark

The story behind Nikki Stark’s ethical bespoke jewellery is nothing short of special, and when picking suppliers for your wedding day beautiful stories always feel much more romantic, don’t they? In 2019 not only are couples seeking out more and more ethical options for their big day, but the notion of going bespoke is going absolutely nowhere. If you can have something no one else has, then why wouldn’t you?! We adore the beautiful ethical bespoke pieces that Nikki lovingly handcrafts and we’re certain you will too, which is why we’re so proud to say she has joined our handpicked and verified supplier directory, The List.

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Grazing Tables – Why They’re Everywhere (And We Love It)

2019 has seen the wedding world go gaga for some of the most exciting things in a long, long while. We often see trends rehashed, and come back around time and time again, but it seems this is the year of the groundbreakers. Eco-conscious couples are planning weddings with sustainability at the forefront of their minds. The desire to eat less meat has filtered down into weddings, with many caterers reporting that 2019 has brought their first all-vegan weddings. The visual delight and social prowess of grazing tables continues on unabated, so let’s chat about that, shall we?

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Wedding Venues Near Me

Choosing your wedding venue is one of THE most exciting parts of wedding planning. Sure, it can also feel like a bit of a time-consuming minefield, but we’re here to help. One question we hear our couples asking time and time again is “how can I find the best wedding venues near me?”. Not one to shy away from providing the perfect wedding planning solution, RMW and our exclusive supplier directory, The List are on hand with our handpicked and verified collection of the coolest venues near you.

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Authentic Vintage Swing from Bootleg Boogie Band

There’s a good reason that RMW readers are the best, in fact, there are quite a few good reasons, but one of them is they love a good party. You know the kind I mean, heaving dancefloor, amazing live music or epic playlist, your great granny being spun around by the best man… all the fun times. One of our passions is connecting you with the best suppliers to help you pull off that party of a lifetime for your wedding, and if you’re after some authentic vintage swing which makes you feel like you’ve fallen down a roaring 20s rabbit hole then it is your lucky day. Today we’re introducing you to Bootleg Boogie Band who are the perfect live entertainment act to transport you and your guests to the decadence and razzmatazz of the Jazz Age. You’d better grab a cocktail…

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The RMW Survey 2019 {have your voice heard and win £250 John Lewis vouchers}

Nataly J Photography

Nataly J Photography

We’ve got a small favour to ask…. There are some people who are incredibly important to the future of RMW, and finding out all about them is our mission. Who are those people? YOU, our super stylish readers. The RMW Survey 2019 is here and we want you to have your voice heard.

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Bespoke Planning and Styling by Helaina Storey Wedding Design

If you’re a long time reader of Rock My Wedding you’ll already know that we encourage every single couple planning their day to stay true to themselves and have the day that they really want. Not the day that your mum wants (controversial!), or the day a glossy magazine is telling you to have because… “trendy”. We want you to do all the things that will make your hearts sing and most importantly, be looked back on knowing it truly was YOUR day, your way. We’re also advocates of seeking out the very best suppliers to help you achieve this dream, and for some of you that will be a bespoke planning and styling support service. Today we’re introducing you to one of our epic, handpicked Planning & Styling suppliers, Helaina Storey, who will literally take your vision and ideas and help bring them to a not only beautiful crescendo of loveliness, but in a seamless yet fun way too. Helaina Storey Wedding Design’s ethos is so perfectly aligned with that of RMW we just know you’ll achieve wonderful things together.

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Luxury Exclusive Use Hampshire Wedding Venue The Elvetham | The List

If you’re looking for a seriously luxe country house wedding venue then you’ve just found something very special. Tucked away in 35 acres of beautiful Hampshire countryside The Elvetham offers you everything you could possibly wish for, with beautifully manicured gardens, sophisticated private rooms and timelessly elegant accommodation for your friends and family. We’re really pleased to welcome this Hampshire beauty to our handpicked supplier directory, The List and give you a closer look at all it has to offer today.

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Find Your Perfect Wedding DJ with Tailored DJ Collective | The List

There is no denying it, no matter how much you stick to your guns, stay true to yourself and plan the wedding of your dreams, there is always an element of stress. It is just part and parcel of wedding planning, but the perfect antedote to this is the fact you’re about to throw one hell of a party (and marry your perfect partner, obvs). And you know what makes a party go off? An incredible wedding DJ. Luckily we’re pretty well equipped at helping you find the perfect wedding entertainment; our handpicked wedding supplier directory The List has a plethora of live music acts which will blow you and your guests socks off. Tailored DJ Collective are an arm of the longstanding directory member, Tailored Entertainment who many a stylish RMW bride have trusted with their wedding entertainment so we’re pretty excited that they’ve now branched into representing some of the best Wedding DJs in the world. Thank us later.