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Wedding Ideas & Prep To Try During Lockdown

You may not be able to go cake tasting or dress shopping during the current lockdown. But if planning your wedding is still on your mind (and you’re not too concerned about how COVID-19 impacts your wedding), then we’ve rounded up some fun wedding ideas that you can try from the comfort of your own home. Obviously, some of us are juggling working from home, possibly kids and/or are incredibly busy keyworkers. But there’s no denying that with the lack of entertainment, shopping and socialising on our calendars, we’ll all have at least a bit of time to kill at home. So why not make it productive and either learn a new skill or complete some of your wedding checklists with a few of our wedding prep ideas.

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Postponed Wedding Announcements

Yesterday we shared with you a post on “How To Postpone A Wedding”. Whilst it wasn’t the most fun of posts to share, my hope is that it was a practical one. A post that can help the many of you who are facing postponing your wedding in the coming weeks. Aside from all the steps you need to take to actually postpone your wedding, you’ll need guidance on how to announce this to your guests. We think the best thing to do in this instance is to call each of your guests personally. Then you can be sure that everyone receives the message and you can check in on how they’re doing. Next, you can follow up with some kind of postponed wedding announcement. 

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How To Postpone A Wedding – A Step By Step Guide

LAST UPDATE: 23/03/20 9.30pm

It was never going to be easy to write a post called “How To Postpone A Wedding”. Especially on a wedding site where we champion hosting Your Day, Your Way. But sometimes situations arise which are not under our control. I’m sure you’re exhausted from reading the words ‘global pandemic’. Whilst we’ve all been monitoring the situation closely it seems that for some of you, the time has come to do the most difficult, yet socially responsible thing and postpone your wedding day. Even if you feel deep down that it’s the right thing to do, that doesn’t make it easy. The heartbreaking disappointment you feel is entirely normal. Yes, we all want to keep our loved ones safe and do our bit for society, but the reality is that you’ve likely been planning and looking forward to your day for a long time. And it’s ok to feel a swell of emotions that it may not go ahead exactly how and when you initially wanted. There are scores of couples currently going through and talking about this on the Rock My Wedding Forum. So if you need a place to be supported by like-minded people then please join us. 

What you’ll find below is a step by step guide, explaining what you need to do and when to postpone a wedding. This will hopefully offer a bit of assistance in what can be a very disorientating and emotional time. 

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Coronavirus and Your Wedding – Some Advice

LAST UPDATE: 23/03/20 9.30pm

The Coronavirus outbreak has resulted in a time of uncertainty. We believe that the best thing we can do at a time like this is to accept the things we cannot change, but prepare ourselves with all the information we can to make decisions on the things we can change. Then we can feel informed and empowered to make the most of any opportunities.

Join the  ROCK MY WEDDING FORUM to discuss all things wedding planning including any Coronavirus impacts with your fellow brides and grooms. We’ve designed it to be a safe, positive and encouraging space to both find support and offer support.

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New Things Are Happening {And You Could Win £200 In Gift Vouchers}

We love listening to you. Your DMs, emails, comments… We read them all. And we’ve had some great chats with you too. Planning a wedding is hard. So our mission is to make it as easy and enjoyable for you as possible. When you said you wanted help to find all of the best suppliers in your area, we listened and we curated a list of suppliers. When you said you were sick of seeing ads online, we listened and now we don’t have any ads.

Well, now we have a new plan…

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Wedding Insurance – The Inexpensive Way To Save Your Wedding

We need to talk about something that sounds really serious and difficult, but is not really serious or difficult at all. But before we go any further you should know something… This post has zero affiliation with any wedding insurance company. That’s right… Not an ad. A lot of posts about wedding insurance tend to be. But since we don’t do ads around here and it’s such an important topic that requires demystifying that we wanted to lay it all out for you in one big informative post.

Read on, because this could be the most inexpensive way to save your wedding. 

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Wedding Shoes – Tips For Finding The Right Pair

Chances are your hunt for wedding shoes is going to fall into one of two camps. You’re either a self-professed shoe lover and see your chosen footwear as an integral part of your wedding day style and overall enjoyment. Or, you haven’t given a whole heap of thought to your wedding day shoes but you know it’s likely you’ll want to wear some, so you had better decide what they are. Regardless of which side you fall on (or even bang in the middle somewhere like me), there are tons of styles you can choose from (we’ve listed them at the bottom of this post – everything from white satin to boots and beyond). But before you go shopping, avoid any mishaps by reading our tips for choosing the perfect pair. 

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Wedding Table Plan – The Ultimate Guide To Seating Your Guests

Typically brides will cite the wedding table plan as the most difficult to navigate part of wedding planning. With the eagerness of everyone having a ball and the nervousness of appeasing strained family relationships, the wedding table plan can feel like a giant game of Tetris. But never fear, because we’ve heard it all and we know the pitfalls. So if you’re keen to have a room full of glowing family and friends laughing and chatting amongst each other, read on and we’ll walk you through it. 

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Funny Wedding Readings – An Unusual Selection To Give Your Guests A Giggle

Sometimes wedding ceremonies, whilst joyous, can be a little a bit laden with the enormity of what’s about to happen. Sometimes the room can feel full of all the love but still confined by the tradition of the ceremony. Sometimes it’s good to break that all up with a bit of a laugh. If having a laugh and subsequently relaxing your guests is important to both you and your other half, then you might want to include one of these beautiful yet hilariously funny wedding readings at your wedding ceremony.