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Wedding Poems – 16 Of Our Favourite Love Poems

If ever there was a topic that warranted a poem, it’s love. And if ever there was an occasion to recite such romantic poetry, it’s your wedding day. You may already have a piece in mind that holds sentimental value for you. Or you may be looking for examples of wedding poems so you can choose the perfect loved themed verse, sonnet or haiku. We won’t pretend to know the difference between those types of poetry, but what we do know is that these are 16 of our absolute favourite wedding poems. 

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Wedding Flowers – What Exactly Do You Need?

If you’re at the beginning of your planning journey, or just at the beginning or day dreaming about your choice of wedding flowers then this is for you. Spending hours pinning images from around the web of floral colours, seasonal textures and decor ideas is one of the best parts of the whole trip. But once you’re ready to book that florist, it helps to have on hand exactly which ways you wish to use your choice of blooms. Using this list to decide upon your perfect combination will not only make your first meetings with your florist a breeze, but will also help you to set expectations and keep within budget.

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Wedding Gifts – How to Protect Them

Recently we’ve been sharing COVID related resources with you and the response we’ve received has been incredible. Overwhelmingly, couples are choosing to remain positive and tackle the situation head-on with innovation and grace. Some of you have had to go to Plan B as it’s become clear that lockdown will impact your day. Many of you are still in the unknown when it comes to wedding planning and whether or not your date will go ahead as planned, go ahead with smaller numbers or require a postponement.

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Wedding Nails – 46 Real Bride Styles

Whether getting your nails done is a religious part of your beauty routine or not, on your wedding day you will want those bad boys to be pristine. Given that your hands are going to be heavily photographed and peered upon – thank you dazzling bouquet and fancy new wedding ring – it’s only right that you splash out on a set of gels, acrylics or even just a fancy polish that you love for a DIY manicure. Whatever floats your boat. And whilst we’re not here to tell you how long your wedding nails should be or what shape you should have them (do it your way), we are here with some colour inspiration from our very own featured real weddings. 

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Wedding Hair Accessories – 67 Stylish Options

If ever there was an opportunity to go all-out on your dress, your hairstyle, your shoes and your accessories then this is it. Your wedding day. It’s your main chance to go full-on princess/bride/bohemian/queen (delete as appropriate). Wedding hair accessories in particular have come a long way. Our real brides are constantly impressing us with their stylish and creative choices. So if it’s inspiration you’re after on your hunt for the perfect wedding hair accessories, look no further than this post. And once you’ve got your ideas, have a browse of our shortlisted wedding hair accessories suppliers on The List. There are some staggeringly beautiful designers in there with collections to feast your eyes on.

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Postponed Wedding: 31 Ways To Acknowledge Your Original Wedding Date

Ending up with a postponed wedding is never in anyone’s wedding plans. But sometimes life throws you a major curveball and the best you can do as a couple is to navigate it together. In the time of COVID-19, in the wake of a close one’s diagnosis or encountering financial hardship, there are a number of reasons that couples can find themselves having to change the date of their wedding day.

Whilst all manner of emotions and grief are completely normal in making this decision, just know that a postponement is just that, a postponement. Your wedding day will arrive. And it will be all the more joyous and sweet because of what you and your partner have been through. 

So what do you do when the day your wedding should have been on finally rolls around? Cancel the world and stay under your duvet? Maybe. Or use it as a way to extend the celebration of your love and commitment to each other? We think so. Even if that does mean cancelling everything and staying under your duvet together. But if you want to get creative and make it even more memorable, here are some of our ideas (feel free to choose as many as you like)…

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29 Modern Wedding Songs – That Can Be Performed Classically

No matter what type of wedding you’re planning on having, religious, traditional, wild, contemporary, relaxed or a beautiful smash of a few of the above… Music will play a big part. It will set the scene and tone, relax your guests and you. It will also be a big part of your lasting memories for years to come. That song will play on a random Sunday afternoon and transport you right back to the moment you walked up the aisle. Whilst creating those moments with traditional, classical pieces can be the perfect choice for some. Others may want to hear a more popular song that they know, love and already means a lot to them. We caught up with our talented List members, Adel and Karina from 2 of Harps to find out how to take those modern wedding songs and transform them into unexpected, beautiful classical harp pieces that you and your guests will love. 

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Wedding Ideas & Prep To Try During Lockdown

You may not be able to go cake tasting or dress shopping during the current lockdown. But if planning your wedding is still on your mind (and you’re not too concerned about how COVID-19 impacts your wedding), then we’ve rounded up some fun wedding ideas that you can try from the comfort of your own home. Obviously, some of us are juggling working from home, possibly kids and/or are incredibly busy keyworkers. But there’s no denying that with the lack of entertainment, shopping and socialising on our calendars, we’ll all have at least a bit of time to kill at home. So why not make it productive and either learn a new skill or complete some of your wedding checklists with a few of our wedding prep ideas.

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Postponed Wedding Announcements

Yesterday we shared with you a post on “How To Postpone A Wedding”. Whilst it wasn’t the most fun of posts to share, my hope is that it was a practical one. A post that can help the many of you who are facing postponing your wedding in the coming weeks. Aside from all the steps you need to take to actually postpone your wedding, you’ll need guidance on how to announce this to your guests. We think the best thing to do in this instance is to call each of your guests personally. Then you can be sure that everyone receives the message and you can check in on how they’re doing. Next, you can follow up with some kind of postponed wedding announcement.