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Little Miss Worry.

So… I’m only a month into planning and it seems to be going really well so far, got the venue, picked my dress, narrowed our choice of photographers down to two and booked our catering tasting. All of these things have been a breeze but I have a couple of things niggling my little brain….

1. Money – I just don’t know how we are going to pay for all of this….and we are making big cuts!! let’s just hope all of my DIY bits and pieces are going to look fabulous.

2. Family – As my Mum and Dad are divorced… and I am born worrier, I REALLY hope they get on well on the day and set my mind to rest. The day is about Malc and I so just for twenty four hours I want them to be friends again.

3. My bonce – One of our cut backs is hair and make-up, I am pretty nifty with a comb so I’m doing all my bridesmaids hair do’s and my own too. My sister is planning on waking me up at 4am (to get me back for getting her up on her day!) so I’m pretty sure I will have enough time but I hope I’m not having a bad hair day and it looks well… rubbish!

4. My wibbly belly – I hope I trim down and fit into my dress!

I think I’m probably a bit early to be worrying about these things but I just can’t help it, it’s such an important day and you only do it once so naturally I want it to go smoothly. Although as previously mentioned I am a born worrier, I do know how to brush things off and just get on so hopefully my laid back approach will shine through on the day…

(Fingers, legs, arms crossed…)

So how about you lovely brides to be, any niggling worries whilst planning? Or if you are in married bliss already, did you have any worries and did your day go as smoothly as you wished??

Lots of (hopefully) laid back love


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Floral Headband Pretty – D.I.Y Friday

Happy Friday everyone!! Phew! been a long week this one and I’m so ready for a nice glass of vino tonight!

Welcome to DIY Friday and I am happy to say that my DIY posts will be a more regular feature from now on… woop woop!!!

So, Charlotte and I were thinking how nice it would be to be able to make your own headband floral pretty (or for your best girls…), so I set to work and here it is. And it’s so very easy……..enjoy and please let me know of anything you want me to have a go at for future posts.

You will need:

  • Some material of your choice
  • Some fabric scissors
  • Needle and cotton
  • Some beads of your choice
  • A pen/ pencil
  • Plain plaited headbands (H & M are great and only £1.99 each)
  • Mini safety pins

Step 1.

Fold your fabric into squares ( think about how many layers of petals you want)

Step 2.

If you fancy it you can draw a flower shape or alternatively just use our downloadable template

Step 3.

Cut the flower shape out

Step 4.

Layer the flower petals and arrange as you wish to (neat or a bit haphazard, we prefer the latter)

Step 5.

Load up your needle with cotton and stitch through the centre of the flower and attach beads and/or buttons of your choice.

Step 6.

Ruffle the petals and if you want a more shabby-chic looking flower then you can pull away the edges of the petals to losen the weave to give a frayed effect

Step 7.

Use a mini safety pin to attach to your headband

Other ideas…

You can use multiple flowers on a band for a more statement effect or glue to kirby grips and use as hairslides. I also like the idea of using these flowers (mis matched fabrics would look cool!) to decorate favour boxes or even added to string to make unique chair back decor.

And if you want a non-wilting (and personalised) buttonhole then these make a great alternative.

I have already told Charlotte I am making loads and having them all the way up my W-day ailse (she just doesn’t know she’s the one helping me make them all yet….)

Top Tips.

Spray starch will help stiffen the petals and you can also use your iron to give the petals some creases in the right places. Also don’t forget to look in your wardrobe for unwanted clothes as these can be useful, the green ones are made from a summer dress I don’t wear anymore.

Finally for those that like a bit of sparkle why not get some flitter (extremely fine glitter) and give the petals a touch of glitz!!

Voila…………please excuse my rubbish hair, I’m going through the “too long too short” stage AND trying to grow out my fringe so at the moment every day seems to be a bad hair day.

Lots of Friday love



click the icon to download the template for this tutorial:

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Sow Me. Grow Me. Love Me.

Give the gift of plant life people!

So then, I was having a think about favours and how it would be a great idea to give the gift of a lovely flower of some sort…. and I came up with the idea of giving a bulb or seeds depending on the time of year you are getting married. For instance, this time of year would be great to give Daffodills, Tulips, Crocus, Hyacinths and if your having a Spring/Summer wedding why not give Strawberry Seeds or my (and Jenny’s) absolute FAVOURITE… Sunflower seeds??

For this example I have used Tulips but you can get some great deals on other bulbs this time of year from your local garden store.

You will need:

  1. A small or medium sized bucket ( I used Medium) 85p or a small plan pot 59p both from HobbyCraft
  2. Some bulbs – mine were £3.99 from Homebase for 10 bulbs
  3. Card / luggage tags – available from craft stores
  4. Some fabric and/or paper napkins
  5. Some ribbon / String
  6. Some transfer letters – available from craft stores

Step 1.

Make a label. I used simple brown card and cut out a heart shape (we have a downloadble template available at the end of the post if you like this idea) I then used letter transfers to write my words, you could use these as name places instead if you prefer to – use a hole punch for the ribbon to loop through.

Step 2.

Wrap a bulb or two depending on the size of your bucket in either some fabric or a napkin, the GB ones here are from tesco and they were really cheap for lots of them! You could use News print which would look great for a more rustic look.

Step 3.

Tie the ribbon around the bulbs and loop the tag in, then tie a bow.

Step 4.

Place the bundle into your chosen vessle and mess about with it to create the right height/ width that you require.

There you go! once your guests have sown and grown your bulb they will think of you and your special day every year when the flower appears and they can use the pot to plant it for an indoor bulb. There are loads of ways you could use this idea, think of where you are from, eg Wales – Daffodills perhaps? England – the great British Strawberry etc!

What do you think???

Much love



Oh, and click the pdf image to get a heart shaped template, complete with the words Sow Me Grow Me Love Me…

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My Proposal Story…

So, Malc bought us a trip to Lake Garda for my birthday this year which I thought was the most amazing present, three nights in the most romantic little village of Bardolino, I was very excited! I’m not going to lie to you, the thought had crossed my mind that he may pop the question, and the magic 8 ball told me to “forget about it” and my thoughts were dashed when Malc let me have free reign in his man bag on the flight out there…. I bought a few too many trashy magazines!

We arrived at the beautiful Color hotel and were escorted to a luxury suite where Malc had arranged for Champagne on ice with fresh strawberries, not only that but they had decorated the room with red heart shaped balloons and rose petals everywhere!…. It was beautiful and so the thought popped back into my head but then was washed away when he left the in-room safe wide open and alas no sign of anything that resembled a ring box. The thought completely left my head and never came back, we were obviously in the most amazing place to celebrate me turning 28.

On the second night we had planned to go out for dinner, there was a wedding on at our hotel and so the restaurants and bars were closed, the entire hotel was empty. We had got ready and were on our balcony which over looked the pool and the hotel grounds, which were lit up by beautiful little candles, it was sunset and the pianist had started to play the wedding guests into the reception. Me being a massive fan of weddings and romance (obviously) I wanted to watch the bride and groom go in so we decided to stay and have a drink on the balcony and spectate. Malc popped back into the room and came back out with a bottle of Moet, he said it was for my birthday. We sat and drank and chatted about how perfect a wedding would be in Bardolino when I caught his eye looking at me a bit erm… strange!! I asked him if he was ok… and with that he got down on one knee and said some VERY romantic things… then popped the question!!

The feeling I had was one of complete shock and entire happiness, every single bone in my body was elated at the thought that the boy that I think so much of thought so much of me, I mean I knew he loved me but this was on another level. It took me about twenty minutes before I even looked at the ring, and my what a beaut! He did so well to completely throw me off the scent and I am so proud that I am marrying the most amazing person in the world EVER.

Needless to say he will be receiving a new magic 8 ball for crimbo this year!!

Much love

Vix x

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Hanging Hearts – Friday D.I.Y

Hello everyone and welcome to my first DIY post!

Hanging hearts are a really cute addition to any wedding day decor and they are also lovely to have about the house…

We have more than a few dotted about, they are so easy to make and can be very versatile. Read on to find out how to make them yourself folks!

*All D.I.Y Images by Charlotte O’Shea

You will need:

  • Material of your choice
  • A pen
  • A pair of sharp scissors
  • Needle and cotton / sewing machine
  • Some wadding
  • Some ribbon that goes with the material

Step 1:

Fold the material in two so the pattern/print is on the inside and draw a heart shape. You can download our heart shape here.

Step 2:

Cut out the shape leaving a small space (about 5mm) around the shape lines.

Step 3:

Stitch along the line of your shape leaving a small gap for stuffing.

Step 4:

Turn inside out and stuff with wadding.

Step 5:

Stitch up the remaining gap.

Step 6:

Cut the ribbon to size (however long you want it to hang) and stitch it into the top of the heart.

Step 7:


You can be really creative with these, why not make tiny ones to go around napkins / knives and forks or larger ones and pin them to the backs of chairs, you could also make them for favours/place settings by stitching names onto them….

The same process can also be applied to different shapes like stars, birds or letters – the possibilities are endless!!

Star Heart Bird

Feel free to download our shape templates, just click on the one you want.




P.S Also good for W-day statement jewellery….. 😉

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Tank Girl.

Well, where do I begin with this one!!  If I cast my mind back to one normal, boring, grey day of school………..I was about 13 ish and I was walking to my Geography class which I hated  (yawn yawn) in my snazzy maroon and gold blazer and itchy, grey, knee length pleated skirt – nice combo NOT! and I heard it, an awful noise which will stay with me forever, “HUUUUUUUUHHHHH HUUUUUUUHHHHHH” (like the noise a big tank would make) I looked over my shoulder and there they were, a group of nasty boys taking the pee out of me for being a bit chubby, they all laughed together and said “Here comes tank girl!!”

That was without a doubt, THE worst Geography lesson I ever had, I was so sad and blue inside and all I wanted to do was cry and eat crisps…. lots of them!  Since that day I have always had an unhealthy obsession about my weight which is not great as I just LOVE FOOD.. as I have admitted before. To lose weight I have tested the lot, not eating for days (that made me very sad indeed) spending lots of cash on diet pills which absolutely do not work and some even sent me a wee bit loopy loo…. an expensive personal trainer who was great but can’t afford him anymore. Weight Watchers, which was good but now they have changed the system I just cannot make it work for me (anyone else tried the new system??) and last but not least a gym membership which I do love and go as much as I can.

I am actually going to confess to even having gone under the knife and had liposculpture, I know it’s drastic but I thought long and hard about it and had tried a lot of things previously, it wasn’t taken lightly in any way but it has actually changed my life – I didn’t do it to lose weight, I did it to change my shape and now I curve in the right places for me and I don’t regret it in the slightest….  The most awful thing is though is that those boys really changed me, they put it in my head that I wasn’t quite “right” in their stupid opinion and it has stayed with me ever since.

The fact is that I will never be thin and I don’t want to be either, I just want to be in proportion which I think I am now but it’s taken me a long time to get used to the fact that I am “me” and I need to like me a little bit more. I think now I am ENGAGED WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! (sorry, burst of excitement) that I will definitely trim up for the Big Day but I wont go mad, excercise makes me feel good and when you feel good you look good …thats a fact!

So if you, like me are a little bit obsessed with diets and weight, and you have a “fat day” don’t hate yourself, take a look in the mirror get yourself together and think excercise, go for a walk, jog, skip, run, swim ….. whatever. It will make you feel better. Promise.

Lots of Love Vix AKA (no longer)”Tank Girl”