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Autumnal Styling For Grooms

Right, October has well and truly started, there’s a definite chill in the air and we’ve decided to fully embrace it. We LOVE Autumn here at RMW – the deeper colours, the mix of textures, and one of the best ways to embrace the season for your Autumn/Winter wedding is with Menswear. Think different fabrics – tweed, wool and mohair. Think different colours – burgundy, navy, browns, even mustard yellows can all be used here. Throw in fun accessories like jazzy socks and hip flasks and push the boat out with outerwear like these seriously smart overcoats from Chester Barrie, and you’ve got some very handsome looking Grooms…

Along with looks from two of our favourite tailors, Jack Bunneys and Chester Barrie, we’ve gathered some of the best seasonal looks for the boys. (And if you spot anything you love, you can see the full collections from both tailors here on Rock My Wedding).

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Get The Look

As you’ll know if you’re a frequent reader, Grooms have nearly as much choice (if not more) when if comes to w-day than the Brides now!! Braces, waistcoats, top hat and tails, no waistcoat, no tie, brogues, trainers, flip flops…we’ve seen it all at RMW. And as I mentioned before, the Autumn is such a fun season to introduce different colours and fabrics for wedding day. Don’t be afraid to try more unusual tones – the boys in the header image above look fab in their brown Jack Bunneys suits with mustard ties – probably not shades you’d initially consider for the big day, but brown is a soft, warm tone that is much more flattering than some of the greys you’ll find out there. In fact, if you’re after colours that you wouldn’t find at your run-of-mill high street suit hire company – Jack Bunneys really should be your first port of call. They offer a great colour range, from traditional navy and black, through to pale blues, browns and a gorgeous purple-burgundy we’ve be swooning over. And the Scottish tweed waistcoats produced in collaboration with Holland & Sherry of Savile Row are just perfect.

If your Groom is looking for a more classic look – Chester Barrie is where it’s at. Sharp, clean lines, luxe fabrics – the kind of suits that make you go weak at the knees. Yep. Because for us ladies a favourite moment of the day is the first time we see our handsome Groom waiting for us at the end of the aisle…A Chester Barrie wearing Groom would hold doors open for you, whisk you off your feet with romance and hold you safely in his arms in an embrace that is strong and masculine.


The gallery above showcases the accessories we think are fun and stylish (and useful!) for wedding day. Obviously your boy needs shoes and this is really led by the style of the suit, but don’t be afraid to opt for some fancy footwear and some jazzy socks to match your Groomsmen. (BTW this shot is by no means essential – I personally don’t like it! But I know lots of you lovelies do)…

A pocket watch is a great way of incorporating a family heirloom into your Groom’s look – and some times having a little lucky charm is a confidence booster. This might sound silly, but remember your boy is going to have to make a speech at some point during the day in front of all of your guests – and that can be quite intimidating!! Also, it will help him keep to the setting up schedule with his best men, which you have no doubt drummed into him.

Umbrella – every gentleman worth his salt should be able to shelter his love if the heavens open and we think a traditional wooden handled black number looks super smart. Your photographer may even manage to capture a romantic kiss in the rain for you.

Tie or bow-tie or no tie?!? That is the question. Really, it’s up to your Groom. We’ve seen boys rock all three looks for different wedding scenarios and trust us, all of them looked v handsome.

Hire or Buy

A decent suit, like a wedding dress, is a big investment, so have a think about what your priorities are. If you want to spend lots of money on the outfits, do it. If you want to invest in a suit your boys will wear again, do it. If you want to hire suits because your partner NEVER wears them then do it. Have a look at the Chester Barrie and Jack Bunneys collections here and let us know if you fall for anything or if you need any advice on dressing the boys!


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Author: Fern Godfrey
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