Baby I’m Yours.

I was adamant that the next Ann-Kathrin Koch wedding was going to be mine to post. MINE I tell you.

Adam always pinches them, and they are always so pretty that I get all a bit green eyed and have a mini foot stomping tantrum… Ahem.

The Dublin affair of Daniel and Emily is no exception, to the point where there is so much to say about all of the beautiful details, delicious dresses and fashion magazine-worthy portraits I could make my introduction into some kind of hero-worship essay.

But I won’t, obviously. Instead I’ll just give you a list of my very favourite bits:

Emily’s hair and make-up, she looks like a modern day celtic beauty Queen.

The flower girl’s tutu, I want one.

Emily’s statement necklace, I’ve never seen a bride wear one quite like it before but it so works.

The images out on the cliffs……I die.

Ok I’ll stop now, promise.

Um…did I emphasise just how epic this is?

Irish Dreams

We got married May 20th 2012 at Crinken Church in Shankill, Dublin. Our reception was at Ely Bar and Brasserie in the IFSC area of Dublin.

Mellow Yellow

Daniel bought his suit and I had no say! It was a surprise as to what exactly he would be wearing, and I loved the end product. He wore the same tie as the groomsmen, and I thought they all looked amazing. I loved the yellow. Walking down the aisle was a dream like experience, and it was very calming to see my handsome man at the end of it.

Fit For A Princess

I went wedding dress shopping a few times and never felt like particularly bridey, or like those dresses were anything that special. I also felt that the whole in store experience was kind of pushy, and it kind of turned me off to the whole thing.

I did like the more princessy dresses however, but after some sneaky checking into the construction of those dresses while in the dressing room, I decided “I can do that!” So I searched out a pattern, and with the help of a friend who put me on the right road, and with a little trial and error, I got it sewed up. The sash was hand sewn from a piece of trim and a bit of velvet ribbon I bought at Mood Fabric in Los Angeles where I live. The bustier is vintage bought off

Special Style

My necklace was a fantastic find from a vintage shop on etsy, and my veil was repurposed from my mother’s veil. She had a multiple layer cathedral length veil, so I deconstructed it, took the blusher as my veil, took the longer layers and sewed them into my skirt, and took the lace hair piece and used it in my hair for the reception. It was really special to have my mother’s veil, but repurposed for my style! luckily she happened to have the exact color ivory tulle that I had already used for my skirt.

For the reception I wore a colorful cardigan tucked into my skirt.

Ballet Perfect

My shoes were gold ballet flats from J Crew. I am 5’10” so I didn’t want to wear heels, also it was nice from a comfort aspect as well! I chose gold because yellow/gold was one of our main colors.

Simple And Natural

I did my own makeup, with the help of my bridesmaid who put my eyelashes on… I can never do those myself! Just went for a simple natural look. For the hair I wanted a romantic look with my hair up, but low. A friend of the family is a hair dresser, she brought my look together!

D.I.Y Blooms

I did the flowers with the help of my amazing bridesmaids and family. I went to the flower market in Dublin the week before the wedding with Daniel’s granny just to see what was looking good, and decided to go with white Stock, because it smells amazing, and Yellow Salidego.

It’s a nice filler type flower with lots of color. For the bridesmaids bouquets, I used yellow ranunculus and salidego, and for the button holes, I used billy balls. For my bouquet I used my favorite flower, peonies. For the reception, we used ranunculus and salidego. All in all, we did all the flowers ourselves for under 400 euro! Daniel’s mom was so helpful with this, and so many other parts of the wedding, especially as I was planning from Los Angeles for a large part of it. I couldn’t have done it without her!


The bridesmaids bought their own dresses. I love the mismatch look for bridesmaids so gave them all a general idea of what I wanted (peaches and greens) and pretty much let them have at it. They did an amazing job, and I loved everyone’s dresses. My bridesman also put his own look together, and I loved how he incorperated the peach and green into his shirt and tie. The girls all wore yellow shoes, which pulled the look together.

The Groomsmen bought their suits, and as our groomsmen gift we bought their ties, which were hand sewn by tie maker in America. Strangely enough, the ties were one of the most difficult things to lock down for the wedding. We scoured every shop in Dublin but couldn’t find the right ties, but when we saw those woven linen saffron colored ties, we knew we had the right fit! We even bought one for Sam, Daniel’s 6 month old nephew.

So Beautiful

We found Ann-Kathrin Koch through a fluke, Daniel was researching letterpress, and saw her business card on the website of the company she ordered hers from. He liked hers, and checked out her website. As soon as he showed me the pictures, I immediately felt they were my favorite of any photographer that we had looked out. So natural, and beautiful.

I love how she captures color and light. She was the biggest coup of our wedding in our opinion. A photographer who is so lovely and sweet, who really became a part of our day and a friend, and who managed to capture the feel of the wedding down to a tee. We couldn’t have asked for anyone better!

Baby I’m Yours

We had the best band ever for our wedding! The Wild Colonials play a range from Irish music, country, oldies, and contemporary songs. They definitely know how to get people onto the dance floor. They were so fun, and at the end of the night people were begging for one more song.

We chose “Baby I’m Yours” by Dinah Washington. I love oldies, so we had that theme running through a lot of the music, and when we were choosing the play lists for cocktail hour and dinner, this one stood out for us. It’s just sweet and lovely, without being too sappy or serious.


For our favors we did “happy tear hankies” at the ceremony and a CD with a selection of music we played throughout the day. It included lots of oldies, and older jazz music that we loved. We decided to do that because it was an inexpensive alternative to most favors out there, we had access to a CD duplicator, were able to put a nice print on the cd’s too, and with a few crafty touches it looked really cute! Also we just felt that it would be a good reminder of the wedding that people can just throw in their music collections without it taking up space, and they can keep it for years to come!

Chalk And Lace

Ely Bar and Brasserie were amazing and really brought everything together. I had bought a ton of vintage lace doilies from the Pasadena flea market in Los Angeles, we painted some wine bottles with chalk board paint, and brought in a bunch of jars that a family friend donated. The staff at Ely put the tables together and I loved the end product!

Enjoy It

I had so much doing a lot of the wedding with the help of friends and family. We saved so much money, and I feel that it made it more personal. If it fits your style, and you know people with skills or have them yourself, just go for it.

My only other piece of advice is enjoy the day because it goes by so quickly!

Brides Gown – Made by the Bride

Necklace – Etsy

Brides Shoes – J Crew

Reception Venue – Ely Bar And Brasserie

Blooms – DIY

Photography – Ann-Kathrin Koch

Yes folks. She planned her W-day in Dublin all the way from L frickin’ A.

And she. made. her. own. dress.

And she did her own flowers!

You know earlier I said I wasn’t going to hero-worship?

I lied.

Big Panties On Fire Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
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27 thoughts on “Baby I’m Yours.

  1. What a stunning bride, that last photo makes her look like a dentists poster girl!! Awesome!

    I also think that the bridesmaid with the red hair would put all the contestants on Britain and Irelands next top model to shame! Shame I tell you!!

    The rest of the wedding looks brill too, love the yellow shoes! The hair, the reception venue and decor. Oh and the cliff shots!! Soooooooo gorgeous!!!


  2. I want those yellow shoes!! They are the business! I love the groom shots where the groomsmen are shaking their thang – a fun pic. The baby’s face at the front door is a lovely capture. Beautiful bride, wedding day looks wonderful.

  3. Gorgeous – love the colourful cardigan for the evening – not only a way to bring more colour in but also to change the look … fab!

  4. Okay, enough is enough now. These people are far too gorgeous for my liking! Seriously, it all looks like a wedding fashion shoot! Muchos wedding envy going on over here. The photography is incredible.

  5. What a beautiful bride! and I am also loving the cardigan 🙂
    And yes, the flowergirl’s tutu is immense!
    Wonderful photography as always 🙂

  6. Pretty EPIC, right folks?

    In no particular order I would like luscious red locks like the flame haired bridesmaid here, a statement necklace exactly like the one that Emily is wearing, a bevy of dashing ushers and a bright yellow tie.

    And isn’t Sam (the 6mth baby) utterly adorable. That’s pure joy on his face right there.

    I have to confess that I am a tinsy bit biased by how amazing I think this wedding is and how smitten I am with the photos…you see Ann Kathrin Koch may well be photographing my own wedding….

  7. Thank you for having us all on here!

    Everything you’ve ever heard about Irish people? Totally true. I wanted to move in with them by the end of the day they were so kind and sweet and funny and nice. Two wonderful people uniting two amazing families – I simply love being able to witness that.

  8. Yes, I knew you would a all agree with the epic-ness of this W-day.

    Poor Ann was getting late night texts from me generally girl crushing/dying at the gorgeousness.

    @Alex M – I’ve missed you! Dentist poster girl indeed – My Dad would have loved to have her up on the wall of his surgery!!

    Charlotte xxx

  9. Short on time, So… Things I love: the mellow yellow, the clutch of peonies, the almost Rachel Weiss-esque flawless face, the statement necklace, the crocheted doilies, everything else… xxx

  10. ‘I got it sewed up’ – AS IF she made her own dress, kudos to you Emily, and such a beautiful dress and bride too!

    This whole wedding is EPIC! I love the pots on the pew ends, I love the venue, I love the yellow (especially those yellow shoes on the gorgeous red headed bridesmaid), I love the flowers in the white ikea pots that they’d sold out of when I last went (humph!), I love it all basically….and breath! xxx

  11. Oh my days…simply stunning. The dress!!!!! The Necklace!!!!! The Photography!!!!!
    I’m getting married on Sunday and if I have 25% of this much pretty I’ll be very happy.

  12. Oh, oh, oh – what a ethereally beautiful bride. Yep and the redhead bridesmaid is a stunner too. Love all the yellow flowers. And the cardy – too pretty and individual. And making that dress? Amazing…

  13. Gosh. Such beauties in all things: the way it is put together, the photography, but most especially the people. This is a wedding that I would like to have been a fly on the wall at. Even the cliff wall would have been fine!

    Beckie K x

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