Back To Nature.

When you see an inspiration shoot is there sometimes so many pieces of pretty that’s it a bit well…. overwhelming?

And sometimes, is it difficult to put what you see into the context of your own celebration?

I get it. Honestly I do. And when we put a feature of this type together we try to separate everything out as best we can, throw the really accessible ideas out there BIG AND BOLD so you can pin until your hearts content.

This afternoon’s farm and woodland affair is all about the flowers. And the CAKES. Not only was there a frilly one topped with sylvanian families (I had like the ENTIRE collection as a kid) but there is also a NAKED PAINT CAKE.

Yeah – I want it for the name alone.

That’s not to say there are not a few hair, make-up and fashion ideas to steal too, all captured beautifully by RMW sponsor Lily and Frank photography.

Catherine at Lily and Frank: This shoot was a collaboration between myself (Catherine –, Steph at Fairynuff Flowers and Andrea at Cakes By Sugar. We had worked together on a previous creative shoot and this time wanted to put together a different more bolder look and feel to a creative shoot.

We initially wanted to involve chickens or animals in some way and we were incredibly lucky to get Jimmy’s Farm for the location and we loved the idea of having a couple getting married and having their wedding feast on a working farm.

We created two looks one using the woodlands of the farm that it is usually used by picnicking children and families who create dens from the fallen branches.

We decorated a den with a chandelier, mirror, side table, flowers and cakes to create a bold, bright, magical look. Using fallen logs and branches we created a feast of the rainbow bright cakes and flowers.

We wanted a gorgeous red head to complete the look and the fabulous dresses were from Johanna Hehir, her creations have a whimsical, ethereal feel which worked perfectly with our whole look.

Our second look was inspired by the barn and animals – more of a Miss Potter feel with muted, pale pastel colours and a table set up in a pig sty!

A more structure bridal outfit (again from Johanna Hehir) a contemporary oversized bow hair style (created by Kaz Fernando).

The centre piece table was laden with handmade cakes and flowers that complimented the theme. Bride, Groom and Flower Girl all wore Hunter boots and chickens, pigs and guinea pigs all featured as guests.

Overall we were really inspired to do something a little different, mixing the prettiness of all the gorgeous accessories in a place like a farm, woodland and barn, where you wouldn’t traditionally expect a wedding to be taking place.

Location: Jimmys Farm

Photography: Catherine, Lily & Frank Photography

Florist: Steph FairyNuff Flowers

Cakes: Andrea Cake By Sugar

Make Up & Hair: Kaz Fernando

Dresses by Johanna Hehir

Bridesmaids Dress Harrington and Cleur at Wedding Shoppe Surrey by Nicki MacFarlane

I am very much liking the lace curtains hanging from trees. And you don’t have to have a woodland W-day for this specifically, how about using as decor for any kind of outdoor ceremony? or how about hung from trees at any and every reception venue possible?

I’m thinking super pretty backdrop for a photo booth in particular – the mirror frames would work really well for this too.

And um…can someone (anyone?) get thee a naked paint cake ASAP?

Big Inspirational Love

Charlotte xxx

P.S How much do you appreciate the aesthetic appeal of the buttonhole? Pretty right? And no I was not in any way referring to the man specimen wearing said buttonhole….ok so maybe I was. A bit.

22 thoughts on “Back To Nature.

  1. Oh isnt the buttonhole delicious! The man-boy is also delicious, he has a lovely face doesnt he?

    Oh all the cakes, I loves them. I’m really feeling the drizzly icing one. As someone who may end up doing my own cake I’ll be saving that one.

    Sylvanian Families toppers too! joy. xx

  2. Wow! That’s an amazing collection of inspirational ideas, it’s just a shame that more people don’t really go for a wedding on a working farm! I’ve heard of it happening before and it certainly has always sounded like a big hit, again it’s all in the detail!
    And I’m with you on the cake, sounds yummy!

  3. We’re hiring a barn and a field on a working dairy farm. The barn is usually used for the local hunt’s knees up and is going to take a LOT of styling to get wedding-ready. Can’t wait though – I think I’m as excited about transforming our venue as I am the getting married bit!

    We’re taking our photographer to the bluebell wood behind our house for our portrait shots on the day, so this post has made for interesting reading all-round!

  4. @Charlotte – my current problem is my good friend who is baking our cake is preggo and inconveniently due to give birth two weeks before the wedding! So the baking on my part is all a bit of a contingency situation.

    My saving grace is that I do a cracking victoria sponge, so some sort of towering tower of cake with drippy icing all over it might just be okay!!

    I can just imagine you in your crop top and sweatpants a la Hannah from S Club having a great time with your gypsy caravan! love it. I was a My Little Pony girl to the core myself! xxx

  5. This is such a great shoot. Some wedding style shoots can be quite saccharine but this is definitely on the right side of cool.

    I love the vibrant colours of the blooms & adore that pink & white frill cake! Great work.

  6. Oh I love the frills on the cake! also, what are the blue flowers in the first bouquet? I have seen them before somewhere and love them 🙂 Lucy x

  7. Wow, these are amazing. Any shoot that incorporates a guinea pig and sylvanian families is a definite win in my book! All the cakes look delicious, i love the drizzled icing one. And the bright colours are fab x

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