Backgarden Bliss.

Dominic and Lucy married in July 2012 at their home village church of Hawkchurch, Devon and the reception was held in their actual home just half a mile away.

Backgarden glamour abound, loads of super cool DIY, a bespoke Sassi Holford and some immense pictures from Sam Gibson.

What a way to end the week…

Home Is wear the Heart Is

We wanted to enjoy our wedding at our home… Mostly so the dogs could enjoy it with us!! We live together and work together and the dogs are with us 24/7. Tiggy and Maisy are a part of the family we could not leave behind and celebrate without.

The Mysterious “One”

Dress shopping was such hard work, fun (don’t get me wrong!) but so hard. I really had enough come the end and didn’t think this mysterious ‘one’ existed! It took a strict word from the designer herself to make me realise the dress was out there… It just hadn’t been made yet! Sassi Holford was our final dress shop and I couldn’t have found a happier place to end up!

I loved two dresses, well parts of two dresses. So Sassi said it was simple, we take the skirt from the one, top section from that one and add the lace I wanted as well – seems so simple when you put it like that! I wanted to feel like a princess and I really did with the end product. Big skirt, bateaux neck line and lace were my three wants and I got them 🙂 The neckline was created with the use of a beautiful lace shrug called Mia and it meant I could take it off and have two dresses in one – bargain!

Elegant And Simple

All jewellery had to be elegant and simple to make sure all eyes were on the dress! Simple pearl earrings and bracelet. All topped off with three pearl spray hairpins. All put together at Sassi Holford so I could really see it all together.

Love At First Sight

Shoes!! I loved my shoes the moment I saw them… on RMW actually! Rachel Simpson Marilyn in Ivory. The most beautiful shoes I could have ever wanted. Seeing them in the photo shootEverything’s Just Peachy made me HAVE to have them, so I did!

A Low Up Do

I have no idea about hair and makeup. Messy bun, eyeliner and mascara. Done. So I spent hours saving photos and thinking what I might want. Pages later I opted for a low up do that still showed my curly hair off and a plait to add some interest! Make up I did myself after a couple of sneaky lessons teaching me what it all did!!

Good With Flowers

We were lucky in having two local florists from Busy Bee Florists, who were friends of the family and very talented to boot. So I did not have to worry about flowers at all, I just told them what flowers I liked and showed them the bridesmaid colours and they did the rest.

I am also very lucky to have a mother in law who is very good with flowers, sewing machine and anything else I asked her to help with.

Seven Groomsmen

The boys hired suits as Dominic was greedy and had 7 groomsmen! They had dark grey three piece suits from good old Moss Bros and I have to say looked very dapper indeed.

The ties we tried to match colour wise with the Bridesmaid Coast Maxi dresses just so there was some colour theme throughout. Dominic decided he wanted to have a different tie than the rest of the men only 2 weeks before the wedding and I’m pleased he did. He needed to stand out and be noticed as my very handsome groom!

On Recommendation

Both the band and the photographer were recommended by my brother – no pressure! We had not heard the Ochre Lane play (or met them!) until the wedding day but we were not disappointed. They had every one up on the dance floor enjoying themselves all night. And then there was Sam Gibson, our photographer.

I couldn’t have asked for anyone better! So much so he was also my best friend’s photographer just a few months before! We didn’t notice he was around but he captured such beautiful photos that still tell the story when we look back over them now. And I think he had fun!

Apparently you just need a Clay shoot, tractors, dogs and a field of golden hay to keep him happy! But I’m pleased we did, his photos are just beautiful and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to anyone.

Making Your Mind Up

The cake was made by one of my good friends Helen and it was so delicious. Each layer was a different flavour! Perfect for a girl who can never make her mind up! We didn’t stop there with the home made touch. Favours were Strawberry jam and lemon curd made by Emma, Maid of Honour, her talented boyfriend Josh and my grandmother.

Bunting was cut, pinned and sewn by my mum… who I think after what felt like miles of the stuff is happy never to see a triangular piece of fabric again! Dom’s mum made over 200 fabric stuffed hearts BY HAND to decorate the marquee and a few trees in the garden and let’s just say only a few hearts were left hanging the next morning!

She also made wonderful hanging flower arrangements to hang on our fences, wreaths for the doors and a circular piece of colour in the centre of the garden. I really didn’t have to do much other then turn up!

Married In A Tractor

Dominic was insistent on driving me home from the church in the back of a tractor…..! Ahem, beautiful bespoke wedding dress here people! BIG skirt and Ivory colour to protect and he wants to put me in the linkbox of a rusty old tractor!

To be honest he was very thoughtful and had it re sprayed and cleaned it up before asking me to climb in the back as his wife! I will admit it was fun and I think everyone will remember it. Arrived ‘single’ in a soft top Aston Martin, left married in a tractor!

Enjoy It

My only advice would be ENJOY it. It really will feel surreal, but so special. Oh and your cheeks will really hurt, it’s not just something people say, they really do hurt from smiling!

Photography – Sam Gibson

Venue – Home

Dress – Sassi Holford

Maids – Coast

Florist – Busy Bee Florists

Hire – Moss Bros

Hire – Ochre Lane

Dogs… Brilliant. Hanging Hearts… Brilliant! Driving your wife from church in a spangly painted tractor… Priceless.

This wedding just looks like brilliant fun, and the details are divine. I think Lucy sums up her big day perfectly – a little bit surreal but so very special!

Thanks for sharing with us guys!


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

13 thoughts on “Backgarden Bliss.

  1. This has to be the best line from any wedding ever:

    ”Arrived ‘single’ in a soft top Aston Martin, left married in a tractor!”


  2. Squeeee! This is such a gorgeous wedding- love the tractor and the dogs. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! And we are moving to 20 minutes away from Hawkchurch at the end of the month so double excitement to see East Devon looking its best! Favourite countryside wedding of the year 🙂 xxxx

  3. I really want a tractor now… Does anyone else think that the gorgeous bride looks just like Kate Winslet in some of these too?

  4. Such a gorgeous wedding and so many lovely details to steal! I spy some gorgeous sweetpeas, this is what we’re hoping to do as I loooooooove sweetpeas xxx

    @Emily – she definitley does!! Such a gorgeous bride! x

  5. Well, she has an excellent eye if she put that dress together herself – it’s just stunning. Sassi Holford should add that to her collection!

    Seriously love the dogs. Bet they were very obliging in helping out with leftovers too…!

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