Be-ribboned and Beautiful… Part 2

Welcome back for a corker of a second part to this wedding bursting with unique details. What I love about this wedding is the completely independent style the bride has created that represents her own personality so well. Plus, dispite a larger budget Davina wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and made one of the most fabulous Table/seating plans I have ever seen. And I love a Bride rocking a bright colour palette 😉

Once again all the stand-out photography is by the talented Mark Wallis.

Celebrity Florals…

David Jones is my FABULOUS florist. He has 25 years of wedding experience behind him and he knows his colour palettes so well. He was the florist who did Sting and Trudie Styler’s wedding! I trusted him completely and left it up to his artistic choice for the bouquets, the table pieces and the button holes. The only direction I gave him was vintage chic and to play around with the textures as per my dress.

He came for my dress fitting to get a sense of what I will look like on the day so that he could come up with a bouquet that would go with it. I let him decide what flowers to choose and I wasn’t disappointed. He thoroughly pushed my boundaries and came up with the most beautiful bouquet – it was a gorgeous colour of aubergine, orange and purple. It brought out the mauve in my dress and matched the gold bridesmaid dresses perfectly. He also remembered me telling him that the orchid is the Singapore national flower and gave me the most beautiful orange orchid in my bouquet. I was very upset to part with it at the end of the night. Ollie is wearing the same orchid on his button hole.

David Jones gave us beautiful birch trees littered with pea lights in the dining room, the main hall and the corridors which soften the location and gave it a romantic feel. We also had candelabras in the dining hall and storm lanterns dotted all over the venue.

Favours with a Cultural Flavour

I am from Singapore and I wanted cakes and sweets that we traditionally eat in Singapore during Chinese New Year to be my wedding favours. In particular, I wanted pineapple tarts (pineapple jam encased in shortcrust pastry and topped with a clove “stem”) and kueh lapis (Malay for “layered cake” which involves gently grilling each layer cake mixture to form a whole cake). All our favours were hand-made by London-based Trish Caddy who learnt it from a Singaporean chef during her visit to Singapore. We also doubled-up the favours as name place-cards by tying each favour box with either a sage green or pink ribbon with each person’s name written on brown luggage tags.

All of our stationery and the seating plan was handmade by us.

Documentary style Photography

We found Mark Wallis on the internet and knew immediately that he was the correct photographer for us. We wanted documentary-style photographs to capture the day and he really impressed us with his skills. He manages to capture moments so perfectly without you even noticing.

Mark is non-intrusive but engaging as a photographer, which was important to us. My favourite photo is of me getting ready in the hotel room with all my bridesmaids fussing over my train, whilst my dad is in the corner looking quite nervous in the flurry of oestrogen activity.

Primrose Nostalgia

We chose cupcakes from Primrose Bakery – we first moved in together in a tiny one-bedroom apartment in Primrose Hill and it was our local.

The top tier was a deliciously moist carrot cake (our favourite!), followed by a middle tier of cupcakes and a third tier of mini cupcakes. They were a mixture chocolate, vanilla, lemon drizzle and carrot cake but all with the same ivory coloured icing so it’s a lucky dip as to which flavour you’ve picked!

Leo Growls…

Ollie used to play the saxophone when he was young and he saw Leo Green on television doing the “growl” on the saxophone and practiced ever since to perfect it. So when we both decided we want funk, disco and Motown for our wedding, we knew we had to get Leo Green and his band to play – no expenses spared!

We danced our way out of the venue to the chorus of them playing Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” which was completely impromptu and unscripted!

Motown Magic

Stevie Wonder’s “For Once in My Life”. We wanted an upbeat song as we are both crazy dancers and couldn’t see us slow-dancing. We love the Motown classics and you can’t do Motown without Stevie!

Words of Advice…

(1) Make your wedding as personal as possible as our guests really appreciated the efforts that we went into. This doesn’t have to be ostentatious, even the smallest gesture will be appreciated. For example, we wrote on our menu cards why we chose certain dishes (e.g. Asian-inspired crab for starter because there is a famous dish in Singapore called Chilli Crabs which we have adapted for our starter, NY keylime cheesecake because Ollie used to work in NY etc.). We also wrote in our menu cards why we picked certain wines – we chose wine from a vineyard in the South of France which Ollie and the Ushers visited during the 2008 Rugby World Cup – it was also his first present to me.

(2) Take loads of breaks (10 minutes every 1 ½ hours) with your husband (!!) on the day itself so that you can both enjoy the day together (everyone will be wanting to speak to both of you on the day) and let it all sink in as the day will go VERY quickly.

Love. It.

Individual style, personal touches, Fab photography, unique florals.

Congratulations to Davina and Ollie and thank you for allowing us to share your big day with the RMW readership. Thanks also to Mark Wallis for sharing his fabulous photography.

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

9 thoughts on “Be-ribboned and Beautiful… Part 2

  1. Wow, I really love this wedding. The bride and groom are both gorgeous. The IS dress is one of the best I have seen and it looks perfect on the bride.
    The first dance pictures have bought a big smile to my lunch break.

  2. Love the bouquet, love the table plan and love her advice at the end – what a great idea to add those personal touches on the menu!

  3. Love her dress – one of the most gorgeous i have seen! And the colour scheme is just lovely. I agree with Rebecca that its so nice to see a bright colour palate.

    The details really are fab and I also think the table plan rocks! Super creative!

    Rachie xo

  4. Thank you for all the lovely comments. It’s always reassuring to know that other people (other than our guests) like our wedding as well!

    Ollie and I love being “hands on” and we highly recommend each couple do the same. It’s really easy to apply whatever skills/interests/hobbies you have and have your Big Day reflect as much of it as possible.

    Ollie loves photography, which is why we decided to make the invites, menu cards, orders of service ourselves using photos of Scrabble tiles against various backdrops, for example, we bought Primrose Bakery cupcakes and used/ate them for the purpose of taking photos for the menu cards (honest!).

    I have always liked making things from scratch so I jumped at the chance of doing the table plans myself. You not only save money but you really get to “know” each guest – where they sit, who they are sat next to, what coloured ribbons their name cards are tied with. I even remember what each guest wore to the wedding!

  5. Davina I LOVE the table plan it’s exactly the kind of thing I’m after, but being totally uncreative I wouldn’t know where to begin – could you give me some pointers as to how you did the background board and also where you go the vintage paper / cards that the guests names are written on? Would you mind? I love it! Thanks in advance xx

  6. Hi AJS,

    I bought most of my materials from Atlantis Art Shop located at Brick Lane. They are the biggest art suppliers in Europe (i’m told). The paper, frame and cardboard and pens were all very reasonably priced.

    I “aged” the board by using DIY filler putty (the type that you use to fill up cracks at home) around the ages and then painted it over with leftover grey wall paint. I then got the FT (it has that old cream colour), found a British Airways ad with that lovely old blue and red colour – ripped it up and played around with the words and colours, then stuck it on the board and “soften” it with more paint.

    The ribbons and luggage tags were bought from – they have a fantastic selection of ribbons. I chanced upon the mini-clothes pegs in a random art shop in New Forest.

    Good luck! Don’t be scared to experiment, you get the most unexpected results when you just go for it. Let me know how you get on.

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