Because I’m Worth It……?

It’s no big secret that I’m an advertisers dream.

Show me a glossy magazine full of the latest “life changing” potions and lotions and you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be plotting my next shopping spree, plastic at the ready, dreaming of a flawless poreless complexion/the shiniest barnet in the world/a sculpted orange-peel-free body that you can actually get from a very fancy bottle of cream………

Recently however I’ve become jaded. And it’s not just the lack of significant improvements I have personally experienced from these so called “wonder products” that has made me feel this way. It’s the extreme and completely unachievable “results” some cosmetics giants feel is acceptable to blind us with.

Now I’m not on about the (often extensive) air brushing techniques, or the use of a 19-year-old model to demonstrate the remarkable powers of an anti-wrinkle product, I’m talking about full on 100% FAKERY.

Cheryl Cole’s hair in the recent L’Oreal casting creme advert? It’s a wig apparently. Yes a wig. Why couldn’t they make her own ( and from what I’ve seen perfectly lovely) locks look catwalk-worthy by using their pillar box dye?

And what is all this business with mascaras? “photographed with lash inserts for an even lash line and digitally enhanced in post production” – erm what? I beg your ruddy pardon?

So basically what you are telling me Mr Maybelline is not only is the model not born with it, she’s probably not even wearing the stuff at all. And if this is the case, then what are we buying into exactly anyway?

Because if you can’t make the superiorly aesthetically pleasing Madam Cole look amazing enough with the help of flattering lighting, the best make-up artists, stylists and fashion photographers money can buy ( You still have to resort to a WIG!)…. then what hope do the rest of us have?

As I was saying before, completely unachievable. This to me isn’t advertising lovelies. It’s just a great big fat whopping FIB.

Now perhaps I’m just becoming older and wiser ( and yes some might say, distinctly more cynical ) and actually advertisments have always been 99.9% fiction, perhaps I just chose to believe the boll*cks because a combination of my own insecurities and desire to be shinier, prettier, younger looking distorted my ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

So on this particular Sunday folks I ask you this, are you drawn in by the marketing hype? does a digitally enhanced lash make you livid?

Ever purchased a little luxe something that made your heart go boom at the promise of a sexier you only to be relegated to the back of the bathroom cabinet as it didn’t perform as well as a jar of Nivea?

And how about the investments that did live up to their promise, what recommendations do you want to share?

We’d love to start the What-Makes-It-Worth-It debate.

Big I’m Worth More Than Having My Intelligence Insulted Love

Charlotte xxx

P.S Have you seen Sharon Stone in the new Christian Dior “Capture” skin serum campaign? My, how very line free her forehead is for someone over fifty, I think I might ask for a sample….


Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

42 thoughts on “Because I’m Worth It……?

  1. How true!!! My dressing table is stacked high with magic potions and lotions! Every advert I make a note of the next miracle purchase! Which never seems to work , how do they get away with it?!

  2. It drives me mad too! No wonder so many young girls have a distorted view on what is a healthy and beautiful body image.

    From the previous beauty posts, it’s brands like Vichy, Avene, Aveeno, Eucerin that we all rave about….and these are the ones that you never see an advertisement for.

    That’s not to say those with fancy adverts don’t work, but in more cases than not, it’s some obscure cream you can get from the old-wifey chemist for £3 that gives better results!


  3. liz earle hot polish stuff – i really rate, and bobbi brown moisturiser.

    i stupidly just purchased lancome hypnoise mascara on a wim instead of my normal MAC mascara… it is rubbish and i hate it 🙁

  4. What? A wig?I never knew that. Shame on you Madam Cole.

    I buy things based on recommendations from ladies like you lot. And you’ve been right so far. Charlotte’s make up alley is also useful.

    However, my main technique? Sample sample sample. I bought origins over any other because they gave me enough serum to last a month. And their modern friction? I’m STILL using the sample.

  5. You should read the book Bad Science by Ben Goldacre, it explains and exposes a lot of the myths in beauty products. It’s a very very good book, well worth reading as an eye-opener.

    I’m a biochemist and I get extremely angry and throw things at the telly when the recent Lancone Genefique advert comes on… hydrating skin has NOTHING to do with genes. Creams can’t touch your genes, that’s actually not possible. Stop using science words to add a convincing front to your bullshit. Lancome are not even a little bit alone in doing this, that’s just the most recent example of pseudo-science nonsense.

    So yes, I am a massive cynic. Some products are better than others, probably just due to the quality of their ingredients (love Liz Earle, LOVE her) but 90% of the “science bits” are long words thrown nonsensically together. The book explains it better than me!

  6. I hate these stupid adverts, they really get on my nerves!! To me I believe that what you put into your body, you get out!

    It’s all about the healthy eating and the exercise…although I do have weekends off!!!

    My mum is almost 60, but if you look at that she only looks about 45! So I think (hope) genes play a massive part…not stupid expensive wrinkle cream for me!!!

  7. This came at a good time for me. I usually use Simple facewash and Avene Skin Recovery Cream Moisturiser, but have run out of both. I would recommend these products – my dermatologist told me to use them when I was on Roaccutane last year and I have kept to it. But now fancy something new and I’ve been meaning to try Liz Earle products for ages. Katie and Jess’ comments were the kick up I needed!

    For anyone else, there’s quite a good offer for the start up set:

    (Charlotte, I added info in the box which asks where you heard about their products. You never know you may get some free treats as I’m sure there’s lots of others who have heard about it through your blog!)

    Love these posts. Thanks!

  8. Jess…… I love your picture…. Moomins are amazing!

    I am a total sucker…. although this is not a beauty product as such I got sucked into the Aquafresh ISO Active Foam and was convinced it would make my teeth so white and sparkley because of that amazing foam! It was only whilst I was cleaning my teeth with it my very slow brain started ticking….. all toothpastes foam! I am such a moron. But all the more cynical and savvy for it!

    Bad Science is such a great book. The boy and I are going to see Ben Goldacre in Ipswich on his Geek tour which I am very much looking forward to. He also does a Bad Science column on The Guardian website.

    Enjoying these posts very much 🙂 Down with the lies!

  9. I am a total sucker for products that promise the earth! I can’t stop myself. I am getting better though.
    I spend fortunes on make up and hair products, and really, I look roughly the same each time after each different product.
    I too have followed peoples advice/recommendations off this genius blog and now love Aveeno moisturiser! And Vaseline for dry/sensitive skin as I am blessed with that.
    I last week though, decided to have a bit of a change. For the past two years I have been buying Dior, YSL,Lancome mascara’s which are perfectly fine (didnt obviously give me the false lash effect that it did the model….because I didnt have false lashes on) but were fine.
    So I heard all the hype about the one by one mascara recently out, and decided to trade my 20quid plus mascaras and try the six pound one.
    Now I have longish lashes anyway so I dont know what I’m really trying to achieve, but this mascara definatly made them look better than the others I have used religiously. They looked super long!! Only downside is even though it promises no clumps if your not careful you do end up with odd clumpiness so its a case of mastering how much to put on. But I am happy with it.
    My other make up, MAC/Bobbi Brown/Nars etc are really good and I am happy they do their job.
    I am 26 so the face creams are more of a prevention thing (hopefully) and I do cleanse/exfoliate/moisturise quite religiously so I am hoping this will pay off. As will a healthy lifestyle and plenty of exercise too I hope. My mum looks great at 64 too and I hold out hope.

    It is ridiculous how fake these adverts are and how unrealistic they make the goals for normal people who are not airbrushed everyday. But I am still a sucker for a good sounding/looking product…I really am trying though….

  10. I must admit I’ve always been a bit of a cynic which is why my beauty regime was more high street than high end. However I recently swapped my garner face wash and nivea mosturiser (plus soap and glory face mask once a week) for some dermalogica products and wow what a difference! It is far far more involved than my old regime but I don’t mind that if my skin looks amazing after being just ok for so long 😉

    I do think the beauty industry has a lot to answer for in every womans quest for flawless skin / super shiney hair / make up that reduces your pores and for deeming it achievable… Because you know what, sometimes it just isn’t. As women I do think we are our own worst enemies sometimes…!

  11. Good Morning Lovelies!

    Thanks for all of your great feedback – I am very annoyed with myself recently as I’ve had a bit of a clear out and am ashamed at the amount of products I have that have hardly been used, such a waste of $$$$.

    Colette – Same here. And I only use about 10% of them. I think they get away with it because they are so big and important and no-one dares to question them.

    LWLM – I agree, I always use Aveeno in the winter months and Eucerin is my ultimate body lotion for keeping me eczema free.
    I also use the Avene gentle cleanser.

    Jess – Moomin – ’tis great! which MAC mascara do you rate?

    Rebecca – I love samples, I do find they never seem to have any in the UK though, if you go to the states they are far more generous.

    Katielase – I am officially going on Amazon and buying that book later today, thanks so much for the recommendation Pet. Weirdly my Mum swears by Genefique, but I think that is because she likes it as a serum – not because she thinks it changes her genes, what are these companies on?!

    Lizzie – Good girl. I am slowly moving into the same camp, really trying hard not to eat so much sugar!

    Laura – Bless you, thanks so much, I may get in contact with them actually and just share the love, there are a lot of Liz Earle fans on RMW!! How was Roaccutane by the way? my husbands friend had amazing results from it, does make your skin very dry though no?

    Jenny – He does talks as well? I would love to see this guy, I said above to Katie that I was going to buy the book – I will make sure I check out his Guardian column too, thanks for the tip.

    Alex84 – You sound just like me 😉 I’m glad you like Aveeno though, it really is a wonder cream for curing flakes and redness. Maybe this Maybelline mascara is worth a try then – I nearly always use either a Ruby and Millie lash comb or a mini MAC brush to get rid of clumps, seems to do the trick.

    Charlotte xxx

  12. My pet hate is magazine ‘interviews’ with celebrities which go a bot like this:

    Interviewer: Cheryl, you have such lovely skin. What’s your secret?

    Cheryl: I love L’Oreal moisturiser and their new facemask etc etc

    Gahh! Do they think we’re stupid? I don’t really blame the celebs- yes they are probably telling massive porkies but they are paid to promote the product- but the magazines who pretend that this is somehow an informative article with useful beauty tips when it is nothing more than advertising should be ashamed.

    The only beauty advice I take is from friends or readers surveys where the same products tend to win again and again. I’m fed up of magazines regurgitating press releases masquerading as genuine recommendations for the latest cream/mascara/shampoo.

    So a big fat “hear hear” to Charlotte!

  13. As someone who works in marketing for a cosmetics company this is really interesting for me to read. The companies are getting in to trouble. They’re not allowed to show something that’s false without claiming that it is false – those “shot with lash inserts” are new legislation.. Not enough I agree, but it’s new..

    The falseness isn’t just limited to cosmetics ads. The ads for all of the fashion houses and high street shops also do the same thing… Those models for H&M don’t really look like that in the £29.99 jumpsuit – there’s probably 3 bulldog clips round the back holding the suit in to the perfect position. Don’t even get me started on the airbrushing that’s gone in to it!

    It happens to everything in the magazines you read. I’ve become immune to it now and don’t even look at the model, I look at the clothes, colour of make up – I know quite certainly that I’m not going to look like that just because she’s advertising it.

    I think the crux of it is how to get the message across to the 13 year olds that aren’t clued up to the tricks of the trade. Magazines that show “celebrities are human too” and splash pics of Mrs Cole et al with God forbid, a zit and in a tracksuit don’t help either – in fact they pour fuel on the fire. Of course they’re human and get zits!

    One magazine that I think is realising this is Look mag. For the fashion, they use “normal” sized models as well as the industry standard. As a woman who is “normal” I specifially look for her when I turn the page – as I know that how the clothes sit on her is a far more realistic representation of how they’ll look on me. Bulldog clips and all 🙂

    Sorry – that turned in to a bit of an essay!

    Happy Sunday!


  14. It’s so ridiculous!! Do they think we’re all totally thick, that we’d believe a mascara would make our lashes look the same as the “digitally enhanced, lash inserted” models?? I don’t even look at pictures anymore, i just try and find the product that works best for me. Consequently i found this in the CoverGirl range in the US, and had to buy a years supply while i was there. Other than that i must say that YSL’s touche eclat is a stroke of genius 🙂

  15. I used to be first in the queue for each new item on the market (oh, the days when I would buy Creme de la Mer because I was convinced that I would look far more wondrous because of it!) Not any more.

    As a photographer, I’m fully aware of the work that goes into a commecial shoot and how the finished images used in marketing are very far detached from reality. Essentially, marketing images in the beauty world are artwork, nothing else.

    As for Cheryl Cole’s wig – I remember in the Eighties trying to get my hair to look like the enormous backcombed glories on Dallas and Dynasty, which just never quite worked. When I found out they they all wore wigs or hairpieces, actually a bit of a weight was lifted. My hair would never do that… but neither would theirs, so it didn’t matter quite as much 🙂

  16. Love this bit of blog as i have used Simple products for a while now and think i should be branching out into some grown up products with some sort of preventing anti aging going on.

    Last year on my birthday i was feeling the age so i dropped simple for botanics (more high st but more expensive!) and i ended up with a new fresh spot every day for a month so I went back to simple.

    Yesterday i purchased some No.7 primer type serum radiance stuff which seemed ok.

    As for the fakeness in the adverts, I don’t tend to buy off the back of the adverts but I always get a laugh out of the small print “lash inserts used, digitally enhanced etc” and the best ones are where they say “76% of women agree” and in the small print it shows the number of people in the poll and it was like out of 100, not enough to give me faith in it!

    Loving your work as always Team RMW

  17. I used to work for a cosmetics manufacturer and can reveal that the lovely factory in China who makes your £50 a bottle mascara and lipstick (that promises to make your lips twice as big) also supplies Tesco own brand make up and Boots No7 products.

    All the same products, just different packaging and a different label.

    L’Oreal coincidently owns Maybelline, Body Shop and Max Factor – and use the same products and suppliers for all brands.. Most of the other cosmetics brands are owned by Lancome – who also use the same producs and suppliers for their brands.

    When you see who owns what, and that most of the products on the market come from the same factories in China, Korea and Europe it gives you a different perspective!

  18. Jenny- jealous that you’re going to see Ben Goldacre, I love his column, and also the Bad Science blog.

    TO be fair, I should say I have nothing against Genefique the prduct, it’s just the advert that makes me growl. So frustrating that they assume women will believe anything if you stick big scientific words in.

    Loving this discussion today! RMW and girl power! x

  19. Working as a big, bad publicist, I’m well accustomed to giving out the spin that we see in the media and I see it day in day out… The lengths that brands and their people will go to, to get consumers to buy their products are truly ridiculous.

    I like to think I’m in the honest category of publicists, because quite frankly, I hate false advertising and claims for things, especially beauty products. It is so rare that I’ll ever buy anything on the back of an advert, or even after reading it in magazines, because I know too well that they are often only featuring it as a favour for their PR friend, or they’ve been given tonnes of freebies.

    So… I go by the trial and error method, and can wholeheartedly recommend the following:

    Max Factor false lash effect mascara
    Rimmel eyeliner (both pencil and liquid)
    Mac blusher/bronzer
    Good ol’ Clinique for all things to make your face clean and soft


  20. I think from reading this what really comes across is that everyone is different and what works for one, might not work for another. I use Botanics and find it really good for my sensitive skin.

  21. Hi Lovelies 🙂

    Really REALLY loving the girl power and sharing today, you have made me smile from ear to ear…..

    Katie, Beccie and Holly – it is really interesting to hear your feedback from within this very industry, Beccie – dare we ask what £50 lipsticks are also for sale in Tesco?!

    Charlotte xxx

  22. Oh I ALWAYS get reeled in by something that promises “clear, spot free skin” and I’m sorry to say that I just dont believe them anymore. Esp after the Dermalogica fairy has let me down. I think I will swap my silly expensive items that I am struggling to buy in the run-up to the wedding with cheaper, well recommended ones. Liz Earle and Aveeno seem to be getting a lot of love on here.

    As someone that has and still continues to struggle with bad skin, it makes me angry that a lot of companies play on your emotions and promise the earth to make you buy their products. So I think its time to take a stand!


  23. I remember when Mr O read Bad Science on our honeymoon – my god he got on his soapbox and ranted at me when we were at Bangkok airport Duty Free and I wanted to max out my credit card on make up goodies!

    It’s a fair point though, I can’t bare all that fake advertising. I saw an advert for a foundation by (i think) L’oreal – by Eva Longoria, for a roll on foundation. Hang on i thought. A foundation, that you roll on with a roller. How the hell is that a wonder product? I can’t think of anything worse than rolling my foundation on my face I bet it looks rubbish – but people out there who aren’t confident with make up will look at the fabulously beautifully made up Eva and think that if they buy this product, their skin will look just like hers. It just made me a bit cross. I can almost see the teenage girls rushing out to buy it and walking around with tragic tide marks on their faces… (mind you we’ve all been there!)

    It also made me feel super cross when Kate Moss was the face of Rimmel during her issues with massive Cocaine benders. Yet here she is on TV ads flaunting a freshly made up face (using Rimmel products i wonder?) telling girls to ‘get the london look…’
    Err, yeah girls, go out drinking and snorting coke all night but use Rimmel and you can look just as refreshed as Kate Moss. That really got my goat.

    Sorry for the rant. It’s my due date today. Still no baby. Hmmph.

    Jenny xx

  24. Jenny! Aggghhh due date!

    Ps saw you in wedding flowers. Bloody LOVE IT!

    Good luck with the next few hours. Eat curry?


  25. Thank you Rebecca!

    Curry, pineapple, raw chilli, ahem ‘man glue’………(sorry!!) nothing happening apart from upset tummy and a bad taste in my mouth. A very satisfied husband though ;o)

  26. I love these posts, especially recently when i’ve been forced to wear even more make up than normal just to cover up my new teenage-acne style spots-always a welcome addition to any 28 year old’s face! I bought the Liz Earle starter kit after recommendations on here and it seems to make my skin feel nice, although i’m still spotty. Have changed my pill too so hoping that it’s just an adjustment phase then it’ll start to work it’s hormanal magic!
    Jenny, that comment made me laugh out loud while sitting here on my own! Fingers crossed baby arrives soon, who knows what you’d resort to next 😉

  27. Jenny – I’m sat here snorting away very ungraciously at your comment…. the lengths we go to eh?! For your sake, I hope baby gets a groove on, otherwise you’re going to be very busy over the next few days!

  28. I think advertisers should be obliged to make a clear statement on their images stating how much processing has taken place, perhaps as a percentage of untouched image. As a photographer, the first thing I look at is how much an image has been messed with and it is really astounding. We are all aspiring to something that simply does not exist and I think this is dangerous, particularly to our young girls.
    The images published recently by Britney Spears of before and after processing were most informative, maybe more celebs should be following suit.
    A WIG???!!!! Please!

  29. Read The Beauty Myth, by Naomi Klein. You will never flick through a glossy mag in the same way again.

    It’s REALLY hard to train yourself not to look at ads and think “this product will make me look like this”. But that book made me do it. And now when I look at ads, I admire the artistry of the advert, the clothes, the colours, the angles. I see it as a piece of art. I don’t see the models as real people. They aren’t a reflection of me, or you, or of any of us, or what we could be is we used that product.

    But still. A wig? I bet poor Cheryl was really narked when they bundled all of her beautiful glossy locks into a scratchy wig for camera!

  30. I can’t believe it is a wig, were her hair extensions not enough?

    And the adverts that wind me up the most are the mascara ones, falsh lashes and then enhanced in post production. They write it on the bottom and then think we are still stupid enough to buy it. If it can’t do the job make one that does!

    Sorry rant over.

    I do love benefit though for their blushers and mac for their eyeshadows and YSL touche eclait. And also clinique I find I can always rely on for foundation and concealer.

    But if anything makes dramatic claims straight away I think it will probably do nothing. But somehow some of them still end up in my make up bag back at home.


    PS loving the post and girl power!

  31. I have discovered a fanstic little potion that helps your eyeshadow stay in place all day long.
    Urban Decays eyeshadow primer can be used as a creamy eyeshadow on its own (its a beautiful, shimmery champagne colour), or put your eyeshadow over the top and it acts like a magnet and keeps it there for hours!!!
    I swear by it!

  32. i love that the moomin is getting lots of love!

    i really rate haute/naughty mascara because it comes with the double brush so you can put it on really thickly, or thinly depending on your mood…..I have only had a few bottles of it but it is deffo my favourite.

    charlotte, i got some YSL primer a few weeks ago, on your suggestion agggges ago, and i do like how it feels on my skin. had to wait until i came back to the UK for it though – NZ is too expensive for nice make up:(

    just to reiterate…i love liz earle for price and how my skin feels afterwards, also – its animal friendly! – can’t go wrong really. x

  33. A wig!?? I didn’t know that…..naughty

    I’m also a self confessed buy-a-holic…I’ve been through loads of potions and lotions over the years. Creme de la mer, Guinot, Dermalogica etc, I’ve tried them all. I used to fall for the sales patter every time. I always ended up with the full range too (which was really bad for the credit card!)

    For face cleansing/toning.moisturising, I now stick to Liz Earle and love it. It’s not too bad for the bank balance either.

    Make up is the same, I try anything going. I must have thousands of pounds worth of stuff lurking in my dressing table.

    However, a lady at my office told me to have a go at ELF (eyes lips face) The prices are amazingly cheap, and the products are good!

    Their primer (£6) is on a par with smashbox, and I love their clarifying pressed powder (£1.50) I’ve had a few other bits and bobs too, which all do the job.

    Granted, the packaging is slightly flimsy and a bit cheap looking and doesn’t look as good next to the Mac and Nars stuff in my make up bag – but it’s worth a quid or two just to try it. I’m going to have a go of their mineral stuff too as I’ve heard good things about that.

  34. But surely we all realise that we’re not going to look like Sharon Stone, Keira Knightley, Cheryl etc just for using the products advertised?! Using expensive cosmetics doesn’t guarantee you perfect skin. Some people will suit certain products, others won’t. You can’t expect that buying a bottle of shampoo will miraculously give you long, luscious locks, if you’re naturally frizzy and dry. It’s not the products that make these women gorgeous, they’re just damn lucky with their genes!
    If you’re that bothered you should complain to the Advertising Standards Authority. They have rules on all these issues and they do take action if ads are actually misleading.

  35. Love all the girls on RMW posts. So interesting.

    Absolutely hate those adds and you know the shampoo ads too…i always think: “i wonder what shampoo they really use!” LOL

    Re: Cheryl Cole..that is actually her hair, but it is styled with extensions and dyed off her head. People might remember her in X-Factor this year of having that hairstyle for all of 2 weeks and then being back to her “normal” hair of brunette with extensions. So it’s not actually a wig, but its not natural either.

    Also their new creme foam hair dye for blondes… well…any other blonde try it yet and turned out looking like a bad case of sun-in in the late 90s?

  36. Late again ( have sooo much to catch up on!) but I have to join the Liz Earle fanclub. Just the smell of it (and by that I mean natural planty lovely extracty smells and not synthetic additives) lifts your. Superskin Concentrate is the most amazing serum that makes your skin go ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’.

    When I first got into lotions and potions (maaaaaany moons ago) a lot of beauty houses still tested on animals. Things have moved on but I’m still instinctively drawn to natural brands above any other. Ooh look, they do what they say they do!

  37. After reading all the good comments about Aveeno on here I went out and bought some yesterday! Loving it so far!

    I would like to say I don’t believe any of the adverts, I would like to say I’m intelligent enough to know that they are basically full of lies and scientific jargon that doesn’t actually make any sense…..but so often I buy into the new wonder product that just MIGHT give me advert-shiny hair, or keep the wrinkles from my face for another year. My mum clearly does too as she is often giving me half bottles of shampoo that didn’t quite live up to the dream. And hey the moisturisers never go to waste….I can always use some anti-wrinkle cream on my elbows 😉

    I did get some smashbox primer for Christmas which I love and cannot believe all these years I haven’t used it when it makes my face look better and stops my make-up sliding off my face half way through the day! I’ve heard good things about the ELF one too tho so might have to try that when this one runs out. For mascara I love Maybelline…..but am open to suggestions for any that are better than theirs.

    For foundation I have been using a Revlon one for a few years as it covers my red cheeks really really well, but I have heard many a photographer say to steer clear of foundations with SPF for your wedding photos as it makes the light reflect differently on your face to your body….is this true? If so what foundation do people use for their wedding as they all seem to have SPF in these days?!?!

    And yes, the adverts annoy me so much! Part of me knows Cheryl Cole’s hair does not really look like that….but part of me wants my hair to look like that anyway. I know they’re all airbrushed, and yet part of me wants the super-smooth skin too. It’s cruel in a way, making us aspire to something that doesn’t exist. It’s a form of abuse, and plays a huge part in destroying the confidence of many young women.

  38. I got to know a lot about products – what is made where and by whom (most cosmetics are made by the same factories regardless of price or brand) but if you have problem skin and want something natural I would recommend Dr Hauschka

    All products are made in Baden Baden in Germany and use the natural spring waters and extracts from their own botanical gardens.


  39. I completley agree with this!
    I use Simple face wash, Neals Yard face mousteriser and the nicest smelling body butter from Body Shop. Nice ‘n’ easy as they say!
    Having said that, my mum took her make up off with baby oil for years and years and although this would create instant spots, she looks fantastic…whatever works well for you, stick with it!

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