Behind The Bike Sheds (No Really, There Is Kissing And Everything.)

It’s Friday afternoon on RMW.

And you know what that means right?

Well it means we can do a little bit of random, a little bit of ridiculous and a little bit of….rude.

At the epic event that was Pretty Naughty we didn’t have a photo booth. Oh no. We had a VIDEO BOOTH.

But not just any old video booth, nope, this one was set up as a bike shed complete with graffiti wall backdrop and the goal to get as many guests as we possibly could to take part in our special game of “truth or dare”.

Ahem. This is laugh out loud funny.

There is epic air guitar playing, there are profanities shouted really quite loudly, there are girls kissing boys and girls kissing girls and boys kissing boys…..there are plenty of folk telling you exactly what colour panties they are wearing and who their secret crush is…shhhhhh.

Oh, and I’m not sure how this happened without my prior knowledge but my Mum is on their telling my Dad the last person she got naked with wasn’t in fact him.

I love this video more than ice-cream and candy floss and rainbows.

Bike Sheds EpicnessSimon Clarke Film.

So then lovelies, do you fancy doing something similar for W-day?

Well if you do then you are welcome to have our iron-with-RMW-graffiti back drop for free (although you will need to arrange collection from RM HQ in Birmingham – the thing is ruddy huge) just drop us a comment in the box below if you fancy it.

And for all you others out there who are enjoying this entertainment this afternoon please leave us details of your secret first crush (so we can all laugh at you.)


Big Pretty Naughty Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

52 thoughts on “Behind The Bike Sheds (No Really, There Is Kissing And Everything.)

  1. So I cannot watch this with the sound because I’m at work!!! Shhhh!

    But OH DEAR – Dave & I feature!!! eek!
    although I do love Dave getting high fived for having a crush on Jet!!! The boys went nuts at him – seems she was a popular choice!! 😉

    Thanks for a fab night & what an awesome idea!
    Would love to have a video booth & would love the RMW bike shed, but not sure I can fit that in with everything else I want!!! Booooo……why is my venue not a mansion?!!


    ps. sorry, still can’t remember his name! oops!! :-/

  2. Aaaah this is awesome, even though we didn’t make the cut, we were clearly not naughty enough!

    My first crush was Robbie Williams, I had a black velvet floppy hat that I pinned up at the front with a badge with his face on. I was just too cool…

    I would love a video booth, that would be awesome!


  3. @Tabitha – I remember the floppy hats!!! OMG!! I had a couple of black velvet ones!!! Oh dear, what on earth were they about?!

    Afraid I was in camp ‘Mark Owen’ – until Robbie left TT and I suddenly liked the big brooding man……..! 😉


  4. ahhhh Mark Owen….and before that SERIOUS Luke Perry addiction back in the 90210 days!

    Loving this vid, I can only watch it with the sound off and its still the nuts!

  5. Love the girl who, at 20″, worries that she’s knocked into the graffiti screen! Public air guitar is one thing but just don’t damage the set. Great idea as always. Oh, and first crush? Kieran McCormack, aged 7. Hid an unrequited Valentines Day card in his flip top wooden school desk, complete with ink well.

  6. @Kitty – was it?! I never liked him that much …but I did fancy a hover board.

    @Tabitha – You had Robbie Williams face on your hat?! that is so funny!!! well here’s a story that’ll make you JEALOUS. We were front row for their concert way back when in like 1995 and we got his ACTUAL DRUMSTICK. Yep – the one he used for the show.

  7. @Rebecca – I have no idea, but I loved it at the time! There is a pic of me on fb with this very hat on.

    Big brooding man all the way for me 😉


  8. @Vix – ahhhhh Luke Perry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @Charlotte – hahahahaha of course it isn’t! 😉

    @Tabitha – I am going to HAVE to go on fb tonight to find that pic tonight!!! :-p


  9. @Charlotte – good job you pointed that out, the ‘Can I touch it?’ line might have sounded a bit off otherwise 😉 x

  10. Oh I’m trapped in an all day ‘quality & innovation’ meeting so sneaked off duing coffee to watch this outside!! Funny looks!

    This is marvellous! Two words HIL-ARIOUS!!!

    Better go… I’m being beckoned xx

  11. Looks like a blast – and now I want one. Thats right – no venue, no date, no dress but ohhhh are we gonna get a video booth!

  12. Haha! That just cheered up this dreary wet day! And my first crush was Keanu Reeves, and I’ve just Googled him and discovered this whole internet thing about Sad Keanu and it’s made me feel really sorry for him and like I need to cancel my wedding and go and be with him and cheer him up…..

    Maybe not, eh?

    Btw everyone on this looks H.O.T!x

  13. P.S. 1st crush was Jared Leto around the time of My So Called Life – my 10 year old self had wallpapered my room with his face from Bliss and Sugar magazines, randomly interspersed with pics of the Whitaker Brothers (I was an aspiring showjumper)…

  14. @Mel – Oh yes….Jared Leto!!!!!!!
    And bonus – he’s still HOT!

    Oh and My So Called Life – best TV programme ever!?! Loved it!


    ps. @Karen – too jealous! We want to see video footage of a this video booth at your wedding – can imagine it being immense!! 😉 xx

  15. Right….off home to watch it with the sound on – this will be the mortifying bit!!!
    Nothing worse than hearing your own voice!!! ha ha ha

  16. I SO want to come party with all of you, it looks such fun! Great video.

    I was a member of the floppy velvet hat brigade too, except mine had a floppy velvet rose on it not Robbie Williams. He was on my pencil tin with the rest of TT until he left, then I scratched him out with a compass in spite.

    I remember Zac from Saved By The Bell featured highly on my early crush list. And possibly one of the fake boys from the “Dream Phone” board game that my friend had that we used to play on the last day of term at school…

  17. It’s all about Christian Slater… And I was 11 (really far too young) listening to prodigy hanging out with my boy mate, and we thought we’d try snogging… Suitable awful! He took his brace out… Yes, that is gross.

  18. @Lolly – just noticed we have almost identical answers!! haha spooky!!

    And yup, still hate hearing my voice! Haha

  19. Uh oh @Abi you’ve just reminded me I had a crush on Christian Slater in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves!

    @Charlotte – the hoverboard defo helped, but I was soooo young when I first saw that film and thought he was too cute.

    Later crushes: Ronan Keating, Josh Jackson aka Pacey from Dawsons Creek and of course…Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

  20. @Maria – I LOOOOOVED ‘Dream Phone’!!! I won one in a ‘Girl Talk’ (as in the magazine – yes I subscribed) competition. I remember having a favourite but I can’t remember his name!

  21. Just watched this again properly an all your comments. So funny.

    Um, Take That fans… Would you believe me if I told you I’ve actually snogged Howard? (open mouth, no tongue, brief)

    @Lolly – I love how you got more shouty and glossy eyed the drunker you got… you are such a cute drunk – like naughty Bambi xx

  22. @Karen – WTF???!!!!! you naughty lady you! 😉

    @Kitty – Oooo nearly forgot Joshua Jackson but I first saw him in Mighty Ducks & fancied the pants off him in that & the Dawson’s Creek was the icing on the cake!!! ha ha


  23. @Tabitha @Maria was ‘Brad’ your favourite. I remember ‘ringing’ him from the phone only to hear ‘no, it’s not me’. I almost cried.

    @Karen naughty bambi – that’s possibly the sweetest way that anyone has described me drunk – I’m not sure the boy would agree….

    Also ummm Howard?? We need more details…

  24. @Lauren – I think it might just have well been, he had floppy hair!

    Ah this is bringing the back the memories “he looks cool in whatever he wears.. he’s not wearing a ‘Hat’” or “I know who it is, but I’m not telling. HA. HA.” I think I need to get a life!

    @Karen – No way, you dark horse you! We def need details…


  25. I basically threw myself at him just after the “Beatles Medley” of their 2006 reunion tour after promising my friends ‘I’m going to snog one of Take That’ – it was him or Gary but it was before Gary got hot. It was in the days where I literally carried out every stupid whim in my head, they were fun days! x

  26. Oh. My. Goodness. Only just seen this! Hilarious. Love that I felt the need to physically demonstrate the colour of my knickers. And why did Suzie have two pairs of knickers on? Crazy chick!

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