Best Foot Forward.

I’m curious.

Tell me folks, just how important were your shoes to you on your big day?

I wanted to go all out on some metallic courts for my big day but I know that this isn’t exactly the majority view.

Going all out that is.

In fact, there seems to be a general split into two camps. For some of you, splurging on a special pair of shoes for your wedding doesn’t necessarily come top of your priorities. I know from my own experience that some brides think this is excessive – wanton waste if you will. Indeed for many, it’s an unaffordable luxury.

For others though, it’s a case of ‘if you can’t buy that (bank balance) killer pair of shoes for your wedding day, then when can you?’ Some brides even opt for two sets of shoes, the obligatory heels for the day and a beautiful pair of flats for when their feet simply cannot take any more.

I see the merit in both arguments so I guess I’m fence sitting really. I’m just interested to see what you lot think.

In the meantime, whilst you’re deliberating over the finer points of your argument (whichever it may be) I have a wonderful concoction of shoe-inspired images for your viewing pleasure.

Shall we begin?

Fifty Shades Of White

There’s something very chic about a bride who selects an all-white colour palette for her wedding outfit.

Whilst chalky white and ivory toned heels have been overlooked of late due in part to the popularity of colour pop and metallic trends, we’re beginning to see a real resurgence in the number of brides reverting back to this more traditional hue.

And why not? There really is a wealth of talent and styles to choose from.

My go-to favourite really has to be the peeptoe but these big-bowed beauties from BHLDN could help to change my mind. They really are so romantic and would look great with some skinny jeans and a cropped Chanel inspired jacket for your going away outfit.

Lastly, if you want to wear your shoes after your big day is over but can’t quite envisage yourself sporting the daz-white hue with your jeans, there are plenty of companies out there who can custom dye them for you.

Talk about really getting the wear out of your shoes.


Perhaps my favourite of all the shoe styles displayed here, the embellished shoe is a trend that has been gaining strength for over a year and there seems to be no sign of its popularity abating.

From dazzling brooch adornments to intricate beading through to feather-like chiffon I love how this style allows brides to inject a bit of their own personality into their day. The beauty of an adorned shoe is that it often takes inspiration from high fashion and not just from the bridal world, giving you plenty of scope to find the perfect shoe to suit you.

I particularly love those brides who choose to reflect the fabrics and textures of their dresses in their shoes. If you’re wearing a frothy number why not consider equally ephemeral shoes to match. Perhaps you’re a vintage bride who has opted for a fringed 1920’s frock with matching t-bars…if so we want to hear all about it.

If, like me, you have a special place in your heart for embellished heels but the budget isn’t quite so amenable, why not contemplate taking the DIY approach. Purchasing a plain pair of shoes and adding your own brooch applique is one way of making this trend work for you without the bank balance taking a battering.

Scarlet Harlots

I can’t say that I was that enamoured with Dorothy’s ruby slippers as a child. I know what you’re thinking…I must have been the only young lassie that didn’t want to click her scarlet encrusted heels together and skip around with a dog called Toto.

But when I saw Christine’s vampy red vixen stilettos pictured at the top here from her Brighton wedding earlier this year it was LOVE at first sight. And now I just can’t seem to satisfy this desire for elegant heels in vermillion hues.

And I’m not the only one.

In fact, at RMW HQ we’ve noticed that quite a few of you gorgeous lot are choosing wedding shoes in a delicious array of berry shades. We’re talking carmine bows, cherry-hued hearts, cerise glitter and pillar-box red flowers on top too.

Opting for wedding heels in this colour spectrum is a bold style statement and one I heartily approve of. It adds panache and a heap load of sass to your wedding frock, be it short or long, whilst being utterly romantic too.

What’s not to love?

Hot Metal

The sister trend to embellished, ‘hot metal’ is all about gilded golds, tarnished silvers and burnished bronzes. Nothing quite screams party princess in the way a pair of shimmering peeptoes does.

I’ll let you in on a secret – I was a hot metal bride.

And I loved it.

But I have to confess that my choice of footwear was partly determined by my decision to purchase something I knew I’d wear time and time again. You know… whilst consuming a luxurious meal with my beau… on a night out with the girls…. during the local supermarket shop.

Essentially though it was important to me to choose accessories that I could and would use beyond the day itself. That way I could be sure that when I was spending our precious pennies it would be worth it.

It’s all about pound per wear folks.

Is this something you agree with? Would you wear any of your accessories after the day itself or do you want to wrap them up and store them safely until your children and grandchildren can wear them themselves?

So what type of bride are you? Are you a scarlet harlot or a hot metal lover?

Perhaps you’ve opted to clad your feet in a more neutral palette instead.

Are you matching your shoes to your dress or looking for a colour pop contrast?

As always RMW-ettes we want to hear your thoughts.

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

53 thoughts on “Best Foot Forward.

  1. Oooh my specialist subject! I spy a pair of Valentino’s from my very own wish list.

    Shoe’s are VERY important to me. I have a problem though, granted, it’s not a problem that anyone would feel sorry for me for AT ALL, but still, it took over life for a little while.

    I have a very generous friend, who for various reasons gave me the most generous gift on earth for the wedding. A pair of crystal encrusted, sky high Louboutins.


    Like diamonds on my feet.

    So, I wore them to prance about the house in for a little while, and lasted ten minutes before realising that there was no way on earth they could stay on my feet for much longer.


    Not just that they’re uncomfortable, I can deal with that. They made me ALMOST as tall as Lee (not the dainty delicate creature in my mind) and I realised that a full court shoe in June might just end up making my feet a sweaty swollen mess.

    I finally faced up to the fact that I needed to buy more shoes, so to cushion the blow, I managed to find a stunning pair of silver Miu Miu strappy heels that would stay on my feet for a lot longer.

    I still really want to wear the Loubs though!!! xx

  2. My wedding shoes had to be special, the rest of my outfit was and I wanted that to continue. But that didn’t mean I wanted to break the bank (student loans really don’t stretch that far!) and I did want to be able to wear them again and maybe in a decade or so I want to find my future daughter secretly putting her tiny feet in Mummy’s wedding shoes and finding them as enchanting as I always found my Mum’s shoes! In the end it was my Mum who first saw my shoes, a collaboration between Liberty of London and Clarks, nubuck in a beautiful blue with gorgeous grossgrain ribbons for laces and lined with liberty fabric of my favourite (and wedding bouquet) flowers, dahlias. They were made for me for that day and I have loved wearing them since!

  3. I’ve always been a shoe girl. ALWAYS. And I knew what shoes I wanted before I was even engaged. It had to be the flat, gold, peep toe with large bow on the toe from Vivienne Westwood I’d seen glistening in a shop window.

    And low and behold, 6 months before the big day, I went into Selfridges and there they were, sitting waiting for me, the LAST size 7 (I know, I have boat feet) and with a whopping 70% off!!!

    Needless to say I died.

    My day was complete.

    I still wear them now…at any given opportunity.

    One of my favourite wedding photos is of a soggy, rain soaked concrete path, dress lifted to reveal a very dirty, almost black underneath and these gorgeous glistening bows just shining through, all proud to be the shoe of choice for the best day of my life. AND they smell like cherries. *swoon*

    Excuse me whilst I go and put them on…


  4. Oh Lolly what are you doing to me…… downfall is shoes!!! They’re my Achilles heel, pardon the pun!!!! 😉

    Where do I begin! I’m afraid I was adamant I would not be wearing a pair of white or ivory heels – I have never been, and probably never will be, a white heel girl! Although I have to admit your beautiful pics here might just sway me! those pumps are to die for!

    I alwasy thought I was going to be a red heeled girl, but after a few shops I ended up in the metallic clan! They are not embellished but they are Karen Millen (from the outlet store in Bicester) and they look a little vintage & are very cute, and if you haven’t guessed I quite like them 😀

    But Lolly, now I want soooooo many of these shoes….the red heart peep toes are just AMAZING! and the Dorothy Louboutins…..STUNNING!!!

    I now NEED to go shoe shopping! Just don’t tell the mister!! 😉 xxx

  5. Ohhh shoes…why is there so much choice (even for a Tuesday, I had to spend 10 minutes to decide on my footwear)!! Ideally I would love colourful yet metallic special day shoes… but horrors of horrors my man is the same height as me (and quite aware of that fact too!) so a fab pair of shocking heels is not to be… seems I cannot find a fun pair of shoes with the right heel size!! *still looking*!

  6. ooooh!!! I may have to read this several times over to take in all the shoe-porn!

    Now, in day to day life i’m a bit of a crap girl with shoes. I just can’t be bothered in the office so have some dull ones I hide under my desk 🙂 and I don’t have that many exciting going out shoes, my trainers get most use!

    SO for wedding day I was adamant it was an opportunity to buy shoes I really really love. My main proviso though was that they couldn’t be just wedding shoes, I had to be able to wear them again.

    So after scouring the internet I found the right pair of Lady Dragon Hearts (after falling in love with them on these pages). These will be my church shoes, they’re basically waterproof so can cope with the sand/sea spray/potentially farm mud without being ruined.

    Then I am having wedding wellies for the beach/gardens. Currently being sourced, I’m in love with some union jack faded vintage hunters

    And then (!) I have some bright bright blue suede Rachel Simpson Lola shoes for the reception! These will be my dancing shoes as they tie on to my feet. I’m in love with them. It took me quite a while to persuade Mum. I originally wanted the red ones because I had a Dorothy obsession when I was younger but she kept on saying “red shoes, no…..” !!!

    Oh and I need flats….so four pairs!! good day!

  7. @Becky – I’m a size 7 too! The woes of being a giantess. I love the sound of your Viv flats.

    @Becca – I say we need at least three pairs of shoes. Shoes for the wow, shoes for the comfy and shoes for disco dancing.


  8. @Karen I can absolutely borrow the Loubs and wear them for you on your big day…you know, so they don’t feel like they’re missing out. They’d be terribly miserable left in your wardrobe.

  9. @Karen – Oooo that sounds like a plan! 😉

    seriously I NEED those red heart peep toes – I cannot stop looking at them!!!


  10. Lolly, what about blue?? I love the glitter ones here, but I went with blue shoes on my big day- a deep, glorious cobalt. They were from Zara, and were so so comfortable… and only £35. They looked so striking underneath the white dress… loved them! Then it was white Havaianas all the way for the party… but I think the Toms in the first post up top are absolute genius!! I love Hunter wellies on a bride too- so pretty and perfect for wet and wintry weddings. xxxx

  11. @Vix – great minds!!

    @Becky – i’m gona HAVE to wear them just for the photos. Sitting down. for five minutes.

    @Lucy – great shout on the Havs! I have a massive ‘thing’ about flip flops and feel a bit sick when I have things between my toes. Havianas are literally the ONLY flipper I can wear without passing out x

  12. Oooh a very timely post I have just bought my wedding shoes 🙂

    I was going to be very sensible and buy myself a cheap, in the sale pair as nobody would see them and then I saw these and fell in love

    Although they aren’t wildly expensive they are more than I would usually spend on shoes. And they make me ever so slightly taller than my FH! but once I saw them I couldn’t stop thinking about them, I will just have to buy flats for the pictures 🙂

  13. Does anyone know who the designer is of the top left pair of embellished shoes (photographed by Especially Amy) they are just what I’m looking for!!! x

  14. @Karen I want the Carrie Bradshaw Manolos “Something Blue” for the sitting-down-because-they-hurt-so-much pictures 🙂

  15. CRIKEY! So many thoughts, ideas, comments and desires already. But what was I thinking, of course shoes are close to nearly every girl’s heart.

    @Karen Wear the Loubs. Wear the Loubs. Wear the Loubs. Wear the Loubs. Wear the Loubs. Wear the Loubs. Wear the Loubs. Wear the Loubs. I am SO jealous. I would love to own a pair of Loubi’s.

    @Harriet did you wear your mum’s shoes too? Ahhh that brings back so many memories and your shoes sound exquisite.

    @Lucy S of course I love blue! Who doesn’t – in fact RMW designed some shoes for the boutique with blue soles because we adore the colour so much. There was just so much to fit in -inspiration wise – for this post that we’re saving blue for next time.

  16. Oh Lolly! I’ve spent my entire morning sitting round in my veil (which I ordered after your veils post a couple of weeks ago – it arrived this morning, and I’m super happy with it…)
    And it seems you’re now trying to get me to sit around all afternoon in my shoes! (Red or Dead Shirley: green, sparkly, epic… and actually the first thing I decided on, even though I’d been certain I was going to go with irregular choice)

  17. Shoe porn alert! I need some Scarlet Harlot’s right now!

    I was really tempted to buy some fancy shmancy designer heels, as I don’t currently own a pair. However, I then found my perfect wedding shoes in Zara of all places and I love them more than ice cream! Who cares that they didn’t cost very much at all!

    They are super high though, about 6 inches I think. But as I am a teeny tiny, iddy biddy person, I pretty much live in heels. They are super comfy too 🙂


  18. @Rebecca there’s always room for more shoes. In fact the other day I threw some battered pairs away just so I could buy some more. EEEK! Do not tell my mister either!

    @Becky you’re a size seven? Is it hard to find shoes? I find it tricky sometimes being a size 3.5…

    @Jill – I couldn’t go too high either as my mister is an average height. Once I put on some of my killer heels we were the same height – he didn’t like that so much…

  19. Hello all
    Must admit I’m a bit of an anomaly and just not that into shoes. The thought of buying designer shoes just doesn’t really appeal to me, I’d rather spend on underwear or champagne or more food!
    Will probably go for something vintagey, possible metallic. Or colour pop… Defo something I’d wear again. Will be avoiding the white satin “wedding shoe”… The search continues… Might check out Reiss, they can have the odd gem of a shoe in my experience. Your pics have brought me lots of inspiration – thanks Lolly! x

  20. @Tabitha just for clarification – how much do you love ice-cream? Is it a little bit or a WHOLE lot? I’m hoping it’s a whole lot….

    @Ruby oh Ruby that’s the most wonderful news – I love the thought of inspiring someone to purchase a veil. You have made my week my dear. If you want to sit round all afternoon in your shoes then be my guest….I will too!

  21. @ Amy – aren’t those shoes amaaazing! Pretty sure that they’re from a wedding recently featured here. I looked them up at the time, they’re bespoke wedding shoes but can’t remember the company/shop’s name. Sorry, not that helpful!

  22. @Miss Vix FOUR pairs?! I am so so so jealous. The boy would never have allowed me to have that many. Although I may have purchased a couple of pairs when I bought the wedding shoes…you know just for ‘other’ occasions.

    @Daphne pleasure sweetheart x

  23. @Lolly – I love ice cream A LOT, especially Ben & Jerry’s Winter Berry Brownie. In fact, Chris is under strict instructions not to let me any more for a while, can you become addicted to an ice cream??

    Anyway, that’s how much I love my shoes xxx

  24. I am now in tears! The red heart peep toes……Alexander McQueen!!! 🙁
    Will never get that past the mister well not unless I throw every pair of shoes I own out & promise not buy any more shoes or clothes for a year!! (never gonna happen!) 🙁

    @Miss Vix – I’m jumping on this as well – FOUR PAIRS?!!! love it! 😀 xx

  25. @Lolly and @Rebecca welll….so the wellies and the church pair are ebay…so it doesn’t really count as buying them because I “won” them, and the Rachel Simpson had a great big wedding show discount (and I talked Mum into them with some evil cajoling and pleading), so all in all I’m sure it adds up to way less than some Loubs 😉 – @Karen we’re going to need to see pics NOW

  26. Eeeee! loving this conversation!

    Can I just say – you lovelies REALLY need to keep your peepers peeled for The Outnet (Net a porter discount site) as they really do have some bargains and more often than not slightly small and or/big sizes.

    I bought some Michael Kors studded sandals for some ridiculously bargain price – they are sky high but SO comfortable.

    I have seen these nude and silver ones today and ALREADY they have all sold out. Boo.

    Charlotte xxx

  27. @Miss Vix – haha might have to use that one on Dave – I didn’t buy them I ‘won’ them!!! 😉
    (although he is a trainee accountant, so I doubt it will work) xxx

  28. @Rebecca, its all about “winning” LOL! I get very ebay competitive, it’s like a game against the other bidders. I got a brand new Ted Baker jacket for £12 with the tags on!

  29. @Karen I am so not down with the kids that I actually had to google Ru Paul to find out who he was. I can’t imagine that you could ever look like a drag queen though – you are much too gorgeous!!

    @Tabitha I have to admit I’m a sucker for Phish Food – that my dear is immense!

    @Rebecca don’t cry my dear.. might they be on ebay?

    @Miss Vix love that philosophy….I didn’t buy them…I WON them! So using that one from now on.

  30. @Lolly It’s a gorgeous little tulle bandeau veil, something I really hadn’t considered at all, but the pics you found of similar things really set me thinking and I am now very pleased with it!

  31. Oh wow, I thought this post would be popular.

    I’m not a shoe kind of lady as I prefer to be barefoot as much as possible, but as I love blue and sparkly things, I bought blue and sparkly Indian slippers from eBay for £10. I took them off immediately after the ceremony as I realised they were catching on the lace of my dress, but I’d also had henna painted on my feet so it felt like my feet were still prettified for the day 🙂

    India-obsessed Girl x

  32. I’m wearing a pair of super sparkly red Dorothy shoes from Kurt Geiger (much to the disgust of my poor Mum!) for our Wedding in August. Ever since we got engaged I knew that I would be wearing ruby slippers for our wedding cause im walking down the aisle to a pianist playing Somewhere over the Rainbow (my song since I was a little girl)

    Can’t actually wait to get a picture of my ruby beauties peeking out from under my dress!!

  33. Oh Lolly…. Shoes will always be the number one priority for me, wedding or no wedding! But I am in fact having a wedding next May, and like so many before me, I fell in love with loubs. The most perfect pair of cranberry loubs that I definitely thought would be in my price range.

    However, an £875 price tag and a heavy heart later I said goodbye to my loubi dreams and have said hello to the king of affordable embellishment Sam Edelman! Pink is my most favourite colour (as my fiance well knows and therefore designed me a beautiful fuchsia sapphire engagement ring!) and they are just perfect!

    Being a shoe lover I find frustrating that when some ladies get hitched all love for their feet (and fashion) goes out the window!! So I say ’embrace the embellishment!’ and a multitude of colours on your special day and give your feet the respect they deserve!!

    Vanessa x

    p.s. here they are!,r:10,s:0,i:99&tx=110&ty=67

  34. Those Valentinos are MAJOR!
    Scarlet harlot over here, mine are the berry-red suede version of these:{1}~[black]^Shoe%20Size{1}~[42]&noOfRefinements=2
    They have shiny metallic red toecaps which make me happy! I love a shoe as much as the next shopaholic but I was sadly lumbered with size 42 (9!!) feet so my choices for my wedding, like ‘real life’, constrained by the limited choice available in that size (most shoe shops seem to think size 9 or bigger = very fat + middle aged or older, rather than youngish and very tall, grrr!). I’d also shot myself in the foot (pun intended!) by buying a sample frock, so couldn’t have higher than about a 3″ heel or it would have flapped round my ankles. Good old Topshop came to my rescue with these beauties, which I think I’m going to pair with House of Holland star print tights for the big day. Because I’m the bride, dammit, and I’ll wear stars if I want to! 10 weeks and 4 days to go…x

  35. @Miss Vix – I won them? Genius. In future I can just say to Mr O’Shea “Yes I um…won these shoes via the um…blog”

    Or maybe I can say they are in fact sponsored shoes? As in “Lolly and I are sponsored to wear these shoes….these very EXPENSIVE shoes” 😉

    Charlotte xxx

  36. I was a scarlet harlot twice (much to my mothers dispair! ha) I loved every minute of it!! I had always had my heart set on a pair of red jimmy choo peep toes, I bought said pair and skipped home only to realise they made me taller than Mr M and I just didn’t feel comfortable. I finally found, after searching high and low (and buying many pairs) the perfect ted baker red shoes with a big pink bow (trust me it works). I also got to give my choo’s a spin at a party we had at home, when I decided to glam up my outfit.

    Statement shoes all the way for me 🙂 xx

  37. Bought mine on a whim off ebay, after googling ‘mint green wedding shoes’. They were gorgeous and it felt a bit like fate, even though I hadn’t been planning on buying the shoes anytime soon. I love them so hopefully they will go with the dress!

  38. I am definitely in the Metallic Camp and will be designing my own custom made shoes with Upper Street. Choosing the style… platform peep toe, dainty ankle strap and a contrast bow and choosing the material… metallic silver and pewter. I can wear them again and can therefore justify the price!

    Has anyone else used Upper Street for their shoes? I spend hours online in shoe designing heaven but haven’t yet taken the plunge to purchase them!

  39. See, I LOVE the look of some of the designer ones, but they would end up costing more than my dress and it just seems mental to do that… The upside of my innate frugality is that I have managed 3 pairs for less than £100 – bright pink suede peep toes with a big bow for ceremony (which I also ‘won’ :)), shiny pink wellies with bows on for the barn afterwards, AND pink and leopard custom Converse for dancing. (I love pink and Mr H is not a fan, so this is my compromise – no pink flowers etc but as much as I can pack onto myself where he doesn’t have a say…) And I have a short dress so they will be on show ALL DAY 🙂

  40. Oooh, what a lovely lot of shoes. Hubby is a bit perplexed at how many pairs of shoes I own – he can’t quite understand why I need more than one pair of brown ones and one pair of black 😉

    For our wedding I would have loved a pair of Louboutins but sadly the budget just didn’t stretch that far. Instead I had a pair of union jack Irregular Choice heels – marrying an Aussie I wanted a little bit of Britishness about my outfit 😉 – they were velvet lined and sooooo comfortable! I have a tendency to kick my shoes off at the side of the dance floor when I’m dancing but my shoes stayed put all day and evening, I didn’t want to take them off (they were of course worn again for the Queen’s Jubilee!). I also had a pair of Hunter wellies in our wedding colour in case it rained (you never can tell with British weather) and I wore these to go off in the countryside for some pictures of me and hubby, but the sun actually shone all day. I’ve worn them tons since though so it certainly wasn’t a waste!

    Now, off to see how much is in my shoe fund…..some of those heels just look far too tempting!


  41. Ah, I love me a pair of gorgeous shoes…
    I have a sizeable collection…
    My excuse is that I have small feet (size 2) so when I see a pair and they FIT, I have to (absolutely MUST) have them, I never know when I might find another pair that fits.
    Well, the evidence of my shoe-drobe is that over the years I have found quite a few pairs that fit – eek.
    So for my wedding this year I thought I would have a pair made for me, then it rained and rained and rained and as we were getting married in the garden I thought how upset I would be at having my beautiful (expensive) hand made shoes ruined by the mud.
    So I got practical and got on ebay and bought some gorgeous bronze metallic shoes in my size for £16. Was wearing a long dress, figured I saw so many shots of brides where you can’t see her feet so I wouldn’t worry about it.
    I had a beautiful Sassi Holford couture gown made just for me in gold and put the shoes on to get the length and Kristine of Sassi’s cooed at them – ‘ooh love those, perfect colour, where DID you get them?’ – she couldn’t believe they were £16 off ebay – love me a bargain…
    and I’ve worn them several times since, they go perfectly with an orange lace skirt from Max Mara…

  42. As a total shoe fiend I flippin love this post 🙂

    I’m having a shoe conundrum, and for someone who owns 70 pairs already, this is DANGEROUS!

    My dress is not full length, quite sparkly and very white, so I’ve gone for a plain white peep toe, but my heart years for more bling…

    Kudos to the Loub wearers – I find them utterly painful to walk in. I already own 2 pairs and they barely make it out of the house 🙁

  43. Shoes. I had chosen my shoes way before I bought my dress. I have a shoe habit as it is and I wanted to save the best pair for my wedding day – they will be photographed more than any other shoe I have ever worn after all. Note I said shoes as I have two pairs!

    For the day I have gone for a nude court, but louboutin, I just love loubis and the nude pair was missing from my collection of them. For the evening I have a nude flat with a sparkly toe (similar to the Mui Mui flats above, but by Kurt Gieger) for dancing in, however gorgeous my loubis are I don’t want to ruin them on the dance floor!

    As for purchasing shoes – The Outnet / Cocosa often have sales, worth checking out!

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