Bicycles And Bohemia.

It turns out many of photographer Lee Garland’s favourite things are also Team RMW’s and lucky for us he organised a gorgeous inspiration shoot that features said things in abundance.

And now we get to share it all with you lovely lot, a whole heap of pretty ideas for W-day.

It’s no secret I love a bit of peach but I have also had a long term love affair with coral – the bold pinky variety that shouts “LOOK.AT.ME.”. These bouquets combine both shades….I know, I die.

And can I just say – this is Lee’s write up of the styling and the general running of the day and it’s very witty indeed, I have been reading it out to Adam and Lolly as I put the piece together.

There are lots of product tips and tricks courtesy of hair specialist Louise Ingham and make-up artist Collette Thorpe so well worth a butchers… get your notepad and credit card at the ready folks.

Oh and um….model Deniss looks ever so dashing in braces and a bow tie doesn’t he?

Lee Garland: Given that bicycles, big trees, boat houses and bridal shoots are some of my favourite things, I decided to do a shoot combining all of the above. Helpfully, I live on the estate of friend and literary luminary Miranda Seymour; Thrumpton Hall, and she loved the idea. The grounds of Thrumpton Hall are something else.

Rolling parkland, lakes and Lebanese cedars, redwoods, larch and catalpa trees, fairytale bridges, writers’ summerhouse and a boat house. Essentially, a photographer’s dream. It’s also still very much a family home, which means there it doesn’t have that well-trodden, National Trust brand feel to it, but instead very much a secret garden, personal feel to it.

Our couple for the day were Anna and Deniss. Anna wore two dresses, both from The Little White Dress in West Bridgford. It was a barefoot woodland affair, so no expensive shoes. The first dress was a 50’s inspired gown by British label LouLou, with short polka-dot veil and quiff-tastic hair by Louise Ingham, who says:

A 50’s do always wants to be started with a set, so get those volume products in first by prepping the hair. Spray ‘Root Boost’ by TIGI Catwalk and tease out the roots with ‘Design Pulse Mega Dust’ by Matrix. Leave in for minimum of 30 minutes. I always try for a little longer so try and have your rollers in before you start make-up for the best results. Once your rollers are out I start with the back and want the iconic horizontal roll.

To achieve this, I pulled some Matrix Design Pulse ‘Mix and Shine’ and sprayed with their ‘Vavoom Shape Maker‘ shaping spray through the hair as it is better to work with gloss serum and a spray that isn’t a fixing spray. Fixing sprays are sticky to work with, and you will end up pulling all your hair out if you are not careful. Back-comb the hair then began to roll the hair into place. To keep with the 50’s theme i wanted the front to look as iconic as the back so i added a vertical roll on the side and a roll on the top to give the style more impact.

Finally, fix the hair with Matrix Design Pulse ‘Hair Lock‘ and you ready to enjoy your day.”

Anna’s perfect, kiss-me-at-the-GI-dance lipstick and make-up was by Collette Thorpe, and suited perfectly. Collette “prepared the skin using Une Radiance Refresh Micellar Cleansing Water, this really refreshes the skin as well as gently cleansing. I moisturised using Une Radiance Reveal Day Cream, Une is a relatively new company but so far I’ve found the products great for all skin types.

I used MAC fast response eye cream to reduce puffiness around the eyes and MAC lip conditioner to soften the lips (this has been a firm favourite with all of my clients and models alike). Illamasqua Satin Primer was applied using a foundation brush once the moisturiser had settled into the skin before applying Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation using the same brush. This combination is really long lasting and therefore doesn’t need endless touch-ups yet as the formulation derives from BB Creams, it still allows your skin to breathe looking fresh and natural.

I applied a very neutral shade-‘foxy’ from the Urban Decay Naked 2 pallet using a wide flat brush to the eyelid and blended out before giving Anna that cute 50’s flirty flick of eyeliner with MAC’s Blacktrack gel eyeliner. I then loaded Anna’s lashes with Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Waterproof mascara. Eyebrows really frame your face, you don’t have to go for the full scouse brow or even ultra defined; as Anna is fair I just gently filled in any gaps using Sleek’s eyebrow powder with an angled brush to imitate brow hairs.

I gave Anna that pretty peachy flush using Springsheen again by MAC, I find their blushers really easy to blend, just remember less is more so work on light layering to build colour to prevent your cheeks looking overloaded with colour.

The focus of this look really is the lips so they need to be well prepared; buff away the remaining lip conditioner using a cotton bud before lining the lips with Redd lip pencil from MAC. Fill in the lip line with the pencil too, this not only intensifies the lip colour, but it also means that no matter how many guests Anna has to greet with a kiss, and no matter how many glasses of bubbly she sips, that lip liner ensures the colour will remain true. The lipstick I used over the lipliner was ‘Lady Danger’ by MAC.”

The groom’s bowtie and braces were from an exclusive boutique; Topman, and the rest of his get up was ‘models own’. We didn’t want a traditional frock coat vibe. Deniss didn’t like his bowtie, but it was cool and he was out-numbered, so we made him wear it anyway. Our page boy, who clearly has an awesome innate sense of style, wore his own too. Our flower girl was in another Little White Dress, which was judged excellent for twirling in.

We then let our hair down (or at least Anna’s) and changed for a different dress, this time a longer, lacier affair by Cymbeline with a beautiful train and complements perfectly with a stunning headpiece from vintage jewellers Eden Bea. Jane from Eden Bea tells us:

We discover timeless and beautiful treasures from yester year to create a remarkable range of vintage jewelery. Our pieces are hand selected, unique and wearable, and are intended to be treasured for years to come. Our preloved bridal range offers items to treasure. Each piece has its story to tell – items with soul and enduring elegance today and for the future. The pieces Anna wore are from our vintage wedding jewellery range available exclusively at The Little White Dress Company and online. For the shoot we brought along a 1930’s fresh water pearl necklace with a beautiful cream/gold sheen and a sparkling teardrop-shaped diamante crystal headdress

As for Anna’s hair change, Louise explains: “I created this bohemian hair style by firstly blow drying products through dry hair and at the roots. I added some Matrix Design Pulse ‘Go Big‘ and a bit of ‘Mega Dust‘. Now its time to set the hair, this look just needed the back of the head as the front is a pulled out Plait. As before, I always leave the rollers in as long as possible so the volume and curls last that little bit longer. Remember girls, the bigger the better on your day, and you want your hair to stay perfect, all day. Another good tip is to wash your hair the morning before. This will help with created you desired look, soft hair will not stay in place.

I plaited the front of the hair, pulled the plait out so its not so tight and makes the plait look bigger. Then let those rollers out, try not to touch the hair after the rollers are out, it will pull them and all your hard work has gone. I set the plait’s into place and gave them a little pull, teased the rest of the hair with a bit of ‘Mix and Shine’ Design Pulse, Matrix, remember not to much!. Fixed the hair into place with ‘Hair Lock’ Design Pulse, Matrix and you have your bohemian hair do!.

The shoot’s planning and coordination was handled brilliantly by Carmen. Keeping us all in line, on trend and generally being ‘the eyes’ to make sure all the finishing touches got finished and all those little tweaks that make all the difference were duly tweaked. This being why clever couples book her, to make sure the day runs smoothly and looks beautiful.

Michele put together the lace canopy and the gorgeous sacking-cloth table and all the flowers for the day. Each time I work with Michelle, I just come away amazed. That whole canopy, table, decorations, punchbowl crate display and centrepieces went up whilst we were in make-up. She’s like some sort of superwoman. Lots of lace was used to soften the wooden canopy, hessian tablecloth, barrel and crates while keeping to the overall rustic, vintage style of the shoot. Polka dot bow-tie napkins added an element of fun to the table setting and echoed the model accessories. The cake which took pride of place next to the punch and matched in beautifully with its handmade ribbon and flowers, was by Yummy Little Cakes.

The vast majority of the props in the shoot were also Michele’s, and she even made a lovely punch of pineapple, cranberry and mango juice with cranberry ice cubes which kept everyone cool. The rustic wooden crate centrepieces were filled with gorgeous coral peonies and roses, dahlias, stocks and thistles and accented with beautiful minty green succulents and foliage. BerinMade provided us with the luxurious menus and wedding stationery, “illustrated white phalaenopsis orchids on a deep vibrant coral ground and hand-lettered elements printed onto luxury GFSmith stock” says BerinMade’s incredibly talented owner, Erin.

Last but not least, the bikes were mine and my partner’s – a Dutchie and a Pashley and the photography was captured by myself – a chance to stroll round the corner with a bunch of super-talented people and create something fun and magical, just a stones throw from my studio.

Photography – Lee Garland

Venue – Thrumpton Hall

Planning And Coordination – Carmen Weddings

Lace Canopy, Flowers and Props – Michele Gledhill

Gowns – The Little White Dress

Jewellery – Eden Bea Vintage

Make-up – Collette Thorpe

Hair – Cakes – Yummy Little Cakes

Stationery – BerinMade

Models – Anna and Denniss at Model Students

How immense are those forehead jewels? I swear, I may no longer be a bride-to-be but I am determined to wear some – would it be terrible etiquitte to wear a similar number to someone else’s wedding?!

Any of you lovelies considering similar blooms?

How about crates and bicycles? Or maybe even a groom in braces and a bow tie…..

Big Bohemia Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

27 thoughts on “Bicycles And Bohemia.

  1. I was at a wedding at Thrumpton last week, it really is a lovely spot. Does Louise have a website or blog or anything else online showcasing her work?

  2. hi philippa,
    Louise here. i am just starting my website now which will hold my blog, so keep your eye out for the tips, secrets and pics too.
    Thank you for having a read
    louise x

  3. Such beautiful blooms and well…everything really!

    I would also like to know if Louise has a website or something, pweeeease! xxx

  4. We’re all obsessed with hair! @Louise, where are you based? Gorgeous pics too and hello hot male model!!


  5. That’s good to know, Louise. I’m one of 3 friends getting married in the East Midlands next summer, and we’re all looking for a good hairdresser so I’ll keep a look out for your website – maybe RMW can feature it when you launch?!

  6. Hi Claire! Unfortunately you won’t be able to get hold of coral peonies in October but you could try coral tone roses such as ‘Miss Piggy’ roses or coral and green hydrangeas?x

  7. @Philippa – Oooh me too and haven’t had much luck finding one so far, although I must admit I haven’t been trying ever so hard.

    @louise – Will keep a look out for you!


  8. @Tabitha I’ve not done a great deal of in-depth searching – but initial finding reveal it’s like the choice is limited to choice of James White (lottery win permitting) or trad-conventional-updo-mobile-hairdresser round here… Where are you getting married?

  9. @Philippa – yeah that’s pretty much all I came up with too! I’m from Nottingham but getting married in Oakham in Rutland so looking in both really! How about you? Xxx

  10. @Michele – just jumping on the flower queries! I am early September, can you get those peonies then? I love all of these colours and am tempted to add some into my “all white” wedding!

  11. Hey, I’m based in Derby. Will let you know when website is up and running. So happy you all love the hair and of course our shoot, its alot of fun and soooo much work goes into them. So thanx guys x

  12. @Tabitha I’m from South Notts but live in north Leicestershire now, getting married just outside Quorn. There are some lovely spots around Oakham!

    @Louise, living on the Notts/Leics/Derby border I’ve been able to find a great range of suppliers for most things, but hair is the one thing I’m finding tricky. Can’t wait to see your site.

  13. I am an avid daily polka dot reader but today I feel the need to comment.

    I love love love this shoot the colours are amaze. But I have to say am really shocked about how skinny these models are 🙁

    I am really sorry as I love this blog but just wondering if there was any chance for the next one we could have some curves?


  14. I knew I recognised Thrumpton!! I too live in Notts and me and the husband spent the last two if not three summers spent whipping up cocktails and slaving behind the bar at a million weddings in order to buy our house. Gave me loads of ideas to steal (and some not!) for ours!! Beautiful, beautiful shoot – love the flowers, styling, dresses, everything really. Am slightly sad now that I missed my appointment in LWD as I’d found something in London…should have kept it local! xxx

  15. Hello all! Just wanted to say a public thanks to everyone involved.

    And though @Carmen has beaten me to it: thank you all for the nice comments 🙂

  16. A really beautiful shoot with gorgeous models, but why on earth dress a tiny slip of a thing in a dress which requires some serious curveature she does not posess? The whole look of the beautiful tea length belted dress was spoilt by the fact it was hanging off that pretty, tiny model. For the sake of curvy girls everywhere please show us how to look good in the dresses which suit us.

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