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…Big Mistake. Big. HUGE.

Big mistake.

This line from Pretty Woman sums up my underlying feelings about the topic of this post. In life, I have few regrets. So few I’m not sure I can name any… except one.

My wedding was amazing. Boy of my dreams (actual dreams…definitely dreamt about him once before I met him…true fact), everyone I loved in the same room at the same time and I’d never felt more confident in my own skin. Ever.

I chose my photographer very carefully. And I made the perfect choice for me. I am utterly in love with my wedding photos. So many moments captured that I didn’t even know existed, so much fun on the day, even in the horrible rain. My photos tell a story. The story of a day that started very chilled, both at my hotel and back at my apartment where Mr S got ready. Then there was his anxious face as he waited for me to walk down the aisle, our first kiss as husband and wife, lots of laughter, an abundance of food and finally lots of dancing. Friendships forged with photographers that will hopefully last a lifetime.

A day I will never forget for many many reasons.

But even having said that, I feel there is something missing from my memory.

How did I move in my dress? How did I sound saying my vows? What words did I actually say? How many times did I whoop? (because I guarantee I will have whooped a lot).

Yep, my main regret is not having any moving footage of my day.

It makes my heart cry.

And why didn’t I have someone there to film my day? Budget? Lack of thought? Was I really that bothered about it at the time being too wrapped up in everything else? Did I want to avoid some dated 1990’s fade in fade out rubbish?

The truth is I can’t really answer the question. I did look into it. For the videos I liked I was looking at adding around an extra £1500 to my total spend – an amount I hadn’t factored in to start with. But was it really budget that made me not follow through with my research? I can’t believe it was…if I’d have wanted it badly enough I’d have found the money, I could have spent less on something else, had a loan from the bank of Mom and Dad etc. Plus, for the quality of video I was looking at and the lasting memory it would give me, £1500 was pretty much a steal.

I just don’t know why we didn’t organise a videographer. I guess it just wasn’t high on my list of priorities, perhaps I thought about it too late. Perhaps Mr S wasn’t really as bothered as me. Perhaps it was all the talk of other couples who said ‘we never watch our wedding video’…but maybe that’s because their videos weren’t well made?

Whatever the reason, I deeply regret it. I regret not having that extra dimension. The other side of the story.

And now it’s too late.

I will cherish my photos forever and I often look through them and smile from ear to ear. But I’d love to be able to put that DVD into the PlayStation and see it differently.

I implore you to carefully consider having someone to film your day. The standard of wedding films today is incredible. They are exactly that, a film of your day, you on the big screen. We have some amazing suppliers on the List if you’re unsure of where to start to find your videographer. I’d hate you to feel the crushing feeling I do each time I think about how much I wish I had a film of our day.

So, which camp are you in? Are you having someone film your day? Or do you think it’s a waste of money that you can spend on something else?

I’d love to hear your thoughts? and does anyone share my heartache at not having a film of their day? We can weep together (or alternatively plan a vow renewal and do it all over again?!).

Big regrets but still generally massively happy with everything about my day love,

Oh, and if you’d like to see it then follow this link to New Love At The Old Library.


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

95 thoughts on “…Big Mistake. Big. HUGE.

  1. Oh Becky. What are you doing, tugging at my heartstrings like this when I’ve barely woken up? Damn you and your regrets…

    Having a videographer has always been on my ‘wishlist’ but still hasn’t quite made the Actual List. I think it shocked me just how expensive they were when I started looking in to it. Not that I don’t think the price can be justified. It’s a long old day, a wedding day- not to mention the hours of editing afterwards- and sheer amount of talent- that some videographers apply to their work. But I just can’t justify spending nearly a quarter of the budget on recorded work (I’m including photography in that). Actually I could justify it, but my other half isn’t having any of it, and at the moment the ‘spare change’ just isn’t there.

    So I will continue to wait… and make a list of videographers that have caught my eye… and see how we feel (and the state of the budget) in that last month. And then cry when nobody’s free. Ho hum.

  2. We won’t be having a videographer either and I don’t feel even slightly bad about it. We are having a photographer, but basically we went for the cheapest one we could find whose website we quite liked – a groupon deal in fact: pre wedding shoot and shots on the day with a disk of the edited images ( no album) all for £545! Its controversial but I really can’t believe how much photographers charge and I’m amazed at how many people spend thousands of pounds on them. After all your wedding is one day, your marriage is your whole future together and you can’t capture that on film, moving or otherwise. I will look at my wedding photos once or twice a year for the first year or two of married life and probably not a lot after that, and I don’t think thats a reflection of the quality I’m expecting, its just that all those lovely memories will be carried round with me in my heart and head anyway.

  3. I was in two minds about having a video and booked it at the very last minute. I can honestly say that it is the best money I spent on the wedding by far!

    I love my dress, the photos and all the other mementos but the video is just the perfect reminder and captured on film so many thing I didn’t see/had forgotten. And I paid about £700 for filming from the ‘arrivals’ at 1.30pm to 10pm.

  4. I completely regret not having a video! Definitely something that we thought would be an added luxury, but now I wish we had to capture the moments, the expressions, which you can’t always get with photos! Definitely splash out on a video guys! X

  5. I am a wedding photographer. I love stills. I love capturing a moment with my camera and I think photography, if you pick the right photographer, tells the story of a wedding beautifully. Having said that I am SO glad I had a film made at my wedding last year. The photos made me unbelievably happy but the film made me sob like a small child.

    The combination of film and other media, i.e music, is powerful. The first track to my wedding film is the song I walked up the aisle to, followed by my first dance song.

    I love my wedding film so much that it makes me want to learn to make films. I wish I could make films badly.

    You can see my highlight film here if you want:

  6. I felt the same as you Jol but for some reason I did end up booking a videographer… And thank The Lord I did. Watching the DVD of the day a few weeks later was amazing, emotional, exciting, as near as you’ll get to doing it all again, and believe me you will want to do it all again!

    For me it was about seeing all that I’d missed, the guests arriving, who was chatting to who, what everyone was wearing, seeing the nerves on my husband and how he was coping whilst I was getting ready! How the ceremony room looked as people entered, how I was beaming as we exited! And then in the evening, watching guests arrive at our reception venue and seeing the dance floor rocking. All things I would not have witnessed or would have missed in the whirlwind of your big day.

    I shared the edit to my film on these very pages and I still well up when I watch it.. Happy days 🙂

  7. Wow, this is a timely topic!! Videos would never have been on my list of *must haves* however…my gorgeous boy is a freelance videographer-y type and starting doing wedding films a couple of years ago. My gosh, they are beautiful. I cry watching them, and i have never met the couple.
    So now, i want one. Only trouble is, i want one like his…and for some reason he isn’t keen on running round with a camera on our wedding day ( strange eh?). So now, i need to find someone else who has the same style and lives up to the boy’s high standards: “ooh, that grading isn’t good” “overexposed” etc etc……

  8. Having cried at many a wedding film of people i dont know and then watching one of our friends wedding HELL YEAH we are having one. Exactly as you say Becky another dimension to the day. We have finally found a wedding film maker in Glasgow who isn’t too expensive but has the right aspect we are looking for (lollipop wedding films). I can’t wait to see how they convey our day.

    Great post Becky xx

  9. The photographer and filming are the most important part of capturing the day for me – memories fade and you need to capture all that love on the day – all the friends and family together. And for me, Im doing it for our children. I lost my father several years ago – and when you lose someone precious – you realise how priceless photos and home-movies become. Nothing can replace them. Id rather have less in other areas to ensure having these two aspects. xx

  10. Totally agree, I would have a videographer for sure. There is something magical about hearing the voices.

    I also know way too many couples who applied the same (lack of) thinking to their wedding photographers, though 🙁 They booked the cheapest photographer they could find, or got a family friend to shoot it and now look back and hate their images and it breaks my heart.

  11. Ahh, I just watched Laura’s wedding video from the link above. Even though it was so happy, I had a few wobbly lip moments!!
    It was lovely!!!

    What are the implications of using music which has royalties to pay for your wedding video? Is it expensive to get the music of your choice?

  12. I would LOVE Shutterbox to do mine and my boys wedding film but we’re on such a tight budget, we just can’t do it. I’ve seen so many of their lovely films and they just really capture the beautiful day to complete perfection.
    Maybe for my second wedding…

  13. Morning Becky,

    This post has made me feel a lot better about my bad behaviour around our wedding. Me & the boy had a chat early on about the priorities for our wedding budget – No.1.pretty venue that we can fit everyone in that we want to come 2. Good food 3. Good band and 4. Great photographs. We agreed these were the 4 things we would spend the most of our budget on and booked all of the above including lovely Mirrorbox photography.

    Then I was naughty… having seen so many lovely highlight clips on this blog I started to really want a video too, but this wasn’t part of the deal 🙂 Anyway I found Cinemate films in Glasgow and their films are so pretty I knew I had to have one, with a wee bit of arm twisting by me and the sacrifice of Louboutin wedding shoes we booked them and I am so glad we did.

    But your wedding photos are truly amazing and I think you can see in each of them what a wonderful day you all had so no regrets! Have a wee vow renewal one day and get a beautiful film of that, your babies can be in it too then and it’ll be perfect.


  14. I’m with Sama on this one – a videographer is just one step too far in the budget!
    I do agree that wedding videos are gorgeous, and completely understand the cost. But we have already extended the budget to make sure we get the best photographer we can for the money we have, finding another £1000+ is just not possible! (there really aren’t any nooks or crannies we haven’t searched already!!! 😉 )

  15. ^^^^^ that there, up there, Laura Babb is my wedding photographer *waves*

    Budget Budget Budget. I hate to say it but our whole wedding is revolving around money. I feel we have ‘invested’ in our photographer, our rings, my dress, the venue etc. all fo the big things. Videographer never came up in conversation.

    I would LOVE a video of our day, as someone else said to see the bits we miss. Lolly & Ste’s video’s on here are EPIC as is Lauras by Piece of cake. I have contacted a few via the Love List and to be quite truthful, they are a hell of a lot of money………£1500 + travel, + hotels for two nights etc.? We just dont have that extra pot of cash in the budget. Its wine or video at this point…………..dry weddings are not much fun!

    Oh and I also forgot to mention that the H2B is quite opposed to being ‘filmed’ im trying to convince him that he wont even know but no such luck as yet! Fingers Crossed I might win the lottery and convince him between now and then, it’d be a shame to feel like we ‘missed’ something.

  16. Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma… We have a videographer lined up, but it is the one bit of our wedding that i’m like ‘do we really need this?’ Everyone has said to me have a video done as you won’t regret it, so I think that some how, some way, we will have to find the budget for it. Like others, I’d be doing it more for the future – to watch with our children, show to friends/family that can’t make it on the day etc, oh and of course to watch again and again with my future husband and be reminded of our day. For us, it’s the speeches that are the key bit to have on film…

  17. Hi everyone!

    Really like this topic! Like many, h2b and I never considered a videographer…. I had only seen family made ones in the past, and I’d rather have no video than some of those awful ones! I never gave it one thought, we found our photographer, a really good one at that (he’s done family weddings in the past) – Tony Fanning of North Wales.

    But…. Thanks to RMW…. and in particular Lolly’s beautiful wedding…. I stumbled across **Shutterbox films**…… OH MY!!

    It all made sense and fell into place after seeing their wedding vids, they were exactly what we wanted (when you get ‘the one’ feeling you know!)

    So we went for it…..Sure its expensive, sure its only a day…….. BUT That’s it! Its only a day!!! It will go by soooo quick, the more tings I can do to help me re-live that day the better!

    @Nance- I’m definitely on the same wavelength as you when it comes to sharing it with your children! I want my kids and my grandkids to see our wedding, not just pics but moving images….laughter….. those moments that capture the love of the day 😉


  18. Becky – YES! Thank you!

    Sama makes a really valid point in that so many couples leave video to last if there’s budget left – meaning all the good ones are booked, you book a dodgy one in desperation, never watch it and only fuel the perception that wedding video is rubbish and the money would have been better spent elsewhere. If you’re going to do it (which I cannot recommend strongly enough) do it properly.

    @Charlotte – a good videographer will be paying the necessary licence fees to the MCPS and other relevant music licensing boards, both to let them record live music (like an organist or a band) and to dub music onto your edited film. They’ll explain to you any limitations as to what you can choose to have it edited to. So you can be assured that your DVD is completely legal!

  19. Oh Becs! I totally remember you saying not long after how much you regretted it but thank goodness you went and got yourself an awesome photographer (x2!) to make up for it. Would have been 10 times worse if your pics were disappointing too. The thing is £1500 is such a lot of money just ‘to find’. When you’re spending around that amount on a photographer you are then doubling your costs and you have to be realistic with budgets (not to mention the other £££’s spent on the day) I guess it goes for anything really, clothes, handbags, houses “oh if i just spent that big extra I could have had…”

    Saying that I can totally understand the importance of them and have only recently come to realise how beautifully edited they can be (Lolly I’m blaming you to start with!). I was probably in your camp beforehand thinking of ‘uncle bob’ stood at the back with his shaking camera, capturing long winded vows (it’s always long on film!) fidgety kids and Granny picking her nose! (actually that would be quite funny!). Your wedding was amazing and I’m sure each and every guest can always recall a little tale or two for you – i can help with this 🙂

    Love Lisa xx
    P.s How tiny is Layla on the pic above!

  20. HI lovely ladies 🙂

    It’s interesting – I was a bride who right from the off knew she was going to have a videographer and that the majority of my budget would go on that, photography and entertainment……considering I own a um….wedding blog (!) and focus so much on styling/the pretty I saved on other areas such as cake, flowers (to a degree) and decor – doing quite a few things myself/working out ways to have more for less.

    It’s all about what’s important to each individual person.

    Keep the comments coming folks, loving the discussion and feedback.

    Charlotte xxx

  21. ARGH, this couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m sorting out booking my wedding and had thought wedding vid’s something i wasn’t bothered about until yesterday someone showed me a wedding video of a friend who got married at the same location i’m considering. I nearly cried and it wasnt even my wedding! The film was stunning and caught the day perfectly… i checked the website and they charge 2K……. gutted! I’m still deliberating but think that ultimately it may be too much for me, i’ll keep researching though

  22. When Ste and I sat down and discussed our wedding budget and our priorities, film (both moving and still) was absolutely and fundamentally top of our priorities.

    Yes you can replay your memories like a miniature showreel in your head. And yes these memories are free. But I think it’s important to take a minute here to remember that you are a single entity unable to be in more than one place at a time. And you’re certainly not able to hop outside of your own body and watch yourself from somebody else’s perspective however egotistical that sounds.

    You hear it time and time again…my wedding day flew by…it was all such a blur. Having someone there to capture the day in a photography and a videography capacity is the most wonderful opportunity to go back and relive it all over again without the distortion of time. Ste and I regularly watch our video and look at our wedding images and I know I speak for both of us when I say we see something new every time.

    We’re able to experience the day from another perspective, to see Uncle Terry’s moves during our first dance, to see a joke being shared between the two sides of our family, to see all those smiling loving faces as they threw confetti but which we were oblivious to because we were sharing one of our first married kisses.

    I also like to think of our wedding film and our photos as a legacy. How many of you have spent hours looking at your grandparent’s wedding photos, perhaps even your great-grandparent’s too and wondered what they were thinking, how they were feeling? I know I’ve often wanted to reach out to them to talk to their younger selves especially when so many of them have now gone. I guarantee that your own children and great-grandchildren will want to do the same – they’ll want to know who you are, what you were thinking on your big day, to watch you smile, to see the secret glances shared between you as a couple.

    I love both our wedding photos and our wedding films equally; they each have their attributes, something to offer that the other can’t. There’s an intensity about a still image – you’re able to hold onto a particular look, a glance for eternity that can be a case of ‘blink and you miss it’ in video. Moving film captures atmosphere and personality in a way that still images aren’t able to.

    I understand that having both can be costly. Ste and I applied a ‘cost per wear’ philosophy to this part of the budget in that we knew that we’d have it forever, so would our children and our grandchildren and that when viewed in this way the cost was actually pretty reasonable. So I implore you, if you are able please allocate as much as you are able to this part of your wedding budget. You really do get what you pay for and you won’t regret it.

  23. This blog post has stirred up my mixed feelings again! We decided to have a really good local videographer just to cover the ceremony (i.e. not too expensive) but then he wasn’t free on our wedding date (disaster!). We can’t afford the full cost of a good quality videographer, but I desparately want our ceremony videoing to show to friends and family who can’t make it on the day…..argh! We have spent £1500 on an amazing photographer so I know he’ll capture the essence of the day, but I’m on the fence whether to ask for a loan from the bank of mum and dad……it will only be worth doing if we do it right, and that unfortunatley means another £1000 at least! Decisions, decisions….!

  24. OK folks after some debating with myself I’m going to give you a tip-off. Check out this guy His name’s Ben and he’s very young (but does have some years of experience already!), so is currently charging a good third less than you should really pay for this quality and gorgeousness. He’s in Wales near me but will travel. Seriously he is a steal.

    Watch the video anyway just for a pretty fix. 🙂 (Might spot me in the background snapping away if you’re looking close!)

  25. A real difficult one. But there is always a silver lining Becky, It’s a good thing that you didn’t decide to have a cheap videographer, trust me sticking with stills when you only have a budget for stills is a good thing.

    I have to say that it is always better to spend your budget on what you really want, be it a videographer or stills photographer as opposed to hiring one or both at a lesser cost. Essentially you pay for what you get with anything at your wedding from the venue to the food. There are ways to cut costs to ensure you can afford that dress, venue, photographer……by making your own decorations, cake or even by having an awesome BBQ cooked by family members (seen it done spectacularly first hand) but cost cutting on photography either means it isn’t massively important to the couple (it’s not for everyone which is totally their choice) or they didn’t budget for it correctly. It’s not easy but there really is a reason why you can get a photographer for £500 or £3000 trust me.

    A majority of couples we come across consider a photographer first and videographer as an afterthought, I’m really not sure why and maybe it’s because they are approaching us as stills photographers which is what they really want. Usually this means their budget is all for photographers and little left for videographers. If you only have budget for one please only go for one, what most people don’t realise is that if they split the pricing for two average suppliers or spend most of the budget on stills and just find the cheapest videographer they are going to jeopardise all stills and video. The reason being is you pay for what you get and I have experienced first-hand amateur videographers spoiling the photography, getting in the way, using crazy lighting and likewise inexperienced photographers spoiling the videography. It’s not all about the quality of the work, it’s to do with experience, working as a team and having a plan.

    As a stills photographer I ensure I meet a videographer way before the wedding to ensure we have a plan and are on the same page. I also speak to the couple and ensure they understand how we work. Usually if planned ahead it’s not an issue and we work well with videographers and both get the shots we want as we worked as a team.

    Really the choice is yours, you pay for what you get and if you want both video and stills then save a little longer 🙂 You won’t regret it!

  26. First comment on RMW after days of devouring the archives – greetings! – and it had to be on this post as it’s hitting me now as well just how strongly I am FOR wedding videos. I just got engaged at new year’s and we are currently planning our wedding in England whilst living abroad in Warsaw, Poland (as you do…), but I know before almost anything else that a videographer is one thing I MUST have. And my reason is very simple: I only got to watch my parents’ wedding video once, before it was lost.

    I was about 15 when they dug out the projector and the very 1970s reels and set it up in our lounge after much faff, and I can vividly remember how amazing it was to see the live action of all those pictures I’d seen before – all the guests lined up outside the venue for the photos, everyone laughing, my Grandpop who I never got to meet moving around, my Uncle making a tit of himself in the background, my parents smiling at each other and the breeze blowing my mum’s veil… My sister’s then boyfriend was a photographer and worked in a shop, and he took the video reels and all the photo negatives to get them touched up as a gift for my parents – but he left them on the back seat of his car overnight, and it got broken into. Everything was stolen. I remember my mum cried for *hours*. I’ve never seen anyone look so ashen as when they had to tell them.

    It’s only as I’ve got older and older that I’ve come to realise just how big this loss is. We have all the printed photos and we keep them safe, but we’ll never get to see that video again and it meant SO much to them to have it. And for me, watching. It was amazing. I’m so gutted not to be able to see it again. So I definitely definitely implore people to get a video done! Even if it’s just by a mate who films half of the day for free or from a camera borrowed off someone and set up on a tripod in the corner – screw it, it doesn’t have to be artfully put together (although some of the ones I’ve seen are sooo lush, er, FLAIL) or cost the earth. Even a 30 min glimpse of your day is going to be so so meaningful in the future. I promise 🙂 x

  27. Hey all 🙂 For me and the boy it’s a simple case of – we just can’t have it all!! We prioritised the venue and food – a stunning Borgo in Italy and initally I wasn’t sure we even needed/wanted a professional photographer (have now done a complete 360 on this one and are flying over our amazing photographers and everything) but there is just noooo way we can afford a decent videographer on top of that! I totally agree that it’s better to have a good one or none at all! I’ve seen some horrific examples of bad videographers – one who was clearly hungover and spent the entire ceremony necking red bull and yawning – so distracting! Another interfered in the ceremony so much he actually positioned the priest a few times to suit his shoot!

  28. We didn’t want a videographer and I don’t regret the decision at all. I thought I didn’t really care about photographs either but then we let Amy Murrell of Especially Amy ( let loose on our big day and I couldn’t love the images more! I got married 6 months ago and I still look at them ALL the time.

    From reading the other posts I reckon if you want a film of your day then you should try very hard to afford one 🙂

  29. We are having a videographger. We weren’t going to until our planner said that we should as you get to see everything that happens when you’re not there, esp when you are having your photo’s taken as a couple. We’ve probably been a bit stupid and gone for a really expensive one when i’m sure a cheaper one would have done. Their video’s just looked so fab though, like a Hollywood production. I got very caught up with it all and just booked them, we’re now spending this year figuring out how to pay for everything. The not eating is killing two birds with one stone though, saves money and losing weight 😉

  30. I had a real struggle persuading my hubby to book a videographer as he didn’t see the point in having a videographer and photographer. We had booked the amazing Jodie Chapman for our photos and he was convinced that booking an amazing photographer was enough to remember the day by. I badgered him and pestered him and in the end he booked the fabulous Rebecca Reville as a suprise for me { i think he did it to shut me up!!} one week before our big day.
    I can honestly say it has been one of the best things we spent our money on. Photos are a must obviously but a video just adds that extra dimension and it makes my heart sing everytime I watch it.
    Here is a 2.32 min highlight of our video…

  31. Oh, I didn’t want one at all until I read these posts and now I kind of do… But we have no pennies left, and the Mr has I think been a bit scarred by the allegedly completely awful video of his first wedding… I also hate the sound of my voice on tape so perhaps it’s for the best. We have an AWESOME photographer booked so that is where my memories will be created, and I’ll just get Mr H to video people arriving on his phone so I can see that bit 🙂

  32. This has made me head straight to the DVD cabinet and hunt out my wedding DVD to watch tonight. We ran off and got hitched in Barbados. Got very lucky with the only photographer we could find (now I shoot weddings I imagine I’d be a little more picky!) and had my Mom film the ceremony.
    As it was so bright and sunny, she focused the camera on the two silhouettes she could see.
    I now have a lovely wedding video of me and my Dad, occasionally you see my man’s nose poke in from the side. Nevertheless, I LOVE it.
    If I had to do it all over again, yes, I’d probably try and hire a videographer, more so that my Mom could enjoy the ceremony instead of having the responsibility of a bit of technology she had no idea how to use but I do love our video – I can hear the emotion in our voices, the laughter, the waves crashing, my Mom swearing as she almost drops the camera!
    A professional videographer would of course have given us a much more polished product but I have a video of our day. I have photos. They aren’t Jasmine Star quality but they’re mine and I love them!

  33. I definitely regret not having a video/film, especially now knowing how amazing and beautiful and ‘none cheesy’ they can be when done well. I am obviously slightly swayed by the fact my husband is now a videographer and makes beautiful wedding films but it just makes me even more sad we didn’t have one. At the time it was a budget thing and we knew we’d have the beautiful photos, so did we really need one? On the budget, why do so many people put it to the bottom of the list? Why do you seek out to find a cheap one? In my opinion it’s surely the same as hiring a photographer or buying a beautiful dress. Quality, experience, level of service etc contribute to the high(er) price tag. I think basing your choice on budget is a big mistake, the first priority should be someone who’s films you love. And I totally agree with Lauren, if it’s something you are keeping forever and will pass through generations, it’s one of the only things left from the day, why compromise? Will you miss that extra money in 5/10/20 years time?? Probably not. A video can capture so much that a photo can’t, the movement of your dress, people laughing hysterically, the speeches, saying your vows to each other, the sun peeking in and out through the trees. So so worth getting a video and please don’t regret it like we did if you are thinking about having one, you can’t go back. There are so many amazing people out there now you will find one you love. I get it that some people really do not have the budget at all and maybe some are repulsed by the idea of being filmed, I really really do, it’s just in my opinion I think it’s definitely worth doing 🙂 Happy Wednesday! x

  34. Oh wow Becky, I completely know where your coming from. When we got engaged we had a very clear idea of what a wedding video was – and steadfastly decided not to have one. Then we did the wedding budget. all fine so far…

    Then I found Rock My Wedding.

    Big mistake, yup!

    All I can say is, thank GOD for the amazing amount of support we’re getting from our friends, which has allowed us to take a step back and realise we can have a video, and it will be ‘us’ and what we want. Danny, our lovely Papertwin pal is a legend and has saved the day!! As long as I dont have to hear myself speak with my stupid voice then I’ll be happy 🙂


  35. Wow, what a debate this has sparked!
    To be honest, photography has always been first and foremost for me and after much pursuasion, me and the H2B have found an amazing photographer for our big day. I am so excited and having a professional videographer hadn’t really featured in my list of priorities. My sister’s bf is great with all things technical and we have asked if he would film our ceremony and speeches, but insisted that there is no pressure to produce anything artistically amazing. We just want to a record of the key parts of the day which photographs won’t be able to capture. Having spoken to our photographers, they are fine with this. BUT they did say when we booked them that they refuse to do weddings where a profiessional videographer has also been booked. As @Michael says, they think that it can really interfere with the quality of their photographs, with cameras getting in the way of shots, trying to use unnatural light and generally creating a power struggle for the best angle.
    As I have said, we are fine with not having a “proper” video, and I am confident that with the quality of our photographer and a bit of amateur filming from Sis’s beau, we will have an amazing record of our day. But I did think it was interesting that our photographers have such a firm stance on this. Anyone else had a similar experience?

  36. I think stating it makes your heart cry is a little overboard. We’re not even having a photographer at our up coming wedding – all our guests will be snapping away with their digital cameras on the day and will be emailing us their pictures afterwards. Photographers charge the earth. I think the actual day itself gets way too bogged down with what we all think we need to have.

  37. I didn’t have a videographer at my wedding but we did have a video camera! friends took it in turns to take footage and I threw something together on my very old sony laptop (was married 5 years ago) I would love to see if we could get it professionally edited, have even thought about re-editing it myself now I have a Mac… either way I HAVE watched it, time and time again! in fact I’m thinking of digging it back out again now reading this!

    There are loads of fab videographers out there, being a photographer, I’ve worked alongside some great ones at various weddings, do your research and find one that suits you, they don’t have to be boring 🙂

  38. Following a recommendation from our brother in law (also our photographer) we hired Reel Weddings to film our wedding day. We were amazed by their showreel and were SO excited to have them film our wedding. They were a joy to have at our wedding, and they were so discrete that so many of our guests didn’t even realise they were being filmed (and therefore there was no awkwardness).

    When our 2 minute “trailer” was released we were thrilled. So many family and friends have been so very impressed by the film – both the trailer and the full length movie.

    I think the true pros in the industry make a real FILM, and don’t simply press record and leave a videocamera runningy, which is what I think many people perceive as being a videographer’s job. They tell the STORY of the day and your relationship – in a beatifully edited way! And, with the full length feature being circa 20mins, encapsulating the church, speeches, getting ready, dancing etc, lots of our guests have watched it, and accessed it online. I don’t know that many would simply want to re-watch an entire, unedited hour long church service. But a well edited film of the entire day is perfect, and many have enjoyed reliving the day! And it is a lovely way to share the day for those abroad, or unable to make it to our wedding.

    Almost 6 months later we still frequently watch our wedding film – my hubby last week watched it when he was working away from home for the week 🙂

    Put simply, I couldn’t recommend a videographer enough – especially the very talented Reel Weddings!

  39. I am a wedding photographer and I work in a discrete fashion. Videos add a lot to the story of the day but “may” (depending on who is doing the video) be more obtrusive, especially if you have photos and videos. However some video companies do it very well and they are worth the money you pay for…

    I agree with the sound element described above and I now offer photofilms, which is a slideshow of your images, times to especially sourced music and adding the recording of your vows, speeches and other key moments. This is not a video but it adds the sound element and is not incredibly expensive to add…

  40. At the time, a videographer seemed like a luxury. Whilst everyone knows you have to have a photographer, I faced quite a lot of resistance from my parents when trying to justify the need for a videographer – perhaps it’s a generational thing? – and we eventually ‘agreed’ (!) it would be one of the final suppliers we’d appoint when we had finalised our budget. I didn’t research it as much as I should have done, perhaps because it seemed like an afterthought, and think I just saw the video as something that would enhance our photos, rather than something I couldn’t be without. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

    On our wedding day we were surprised by one of Paul’s best men who wrote and performed a song for him. That along with all the speeches, our ceremony and reception brought back the most amazing memories when we watched the video for the first time. And we became that annoying couple that made all our friends watch it when they came over! We’d spot something new each time – whether it was my bridesmaid’s heel getting caught in the grate in the aisle, my Dad losing a page of his speech, people going ‘ahh’ as we kissed in church…there are so many wonderful moments captured forever. I love my photos but they are somebody else’s vision, moments caught in time but not ‘real’ somehow, not moving, honest and unguarded in the same way as the video. I wish I could explain it better but somehow it captures the essence of the day in a way that the photos don’t.

    The wedding video took on an additional meaning when tragically, just last year and before we had chance to celebrate our second wedding anniversary, my husband suddenly passed away. He hadn’t been ill and just the week before we’d celebrated our little boy’s first birthday. So that video, with Paul’s declaration of love to me, his message to Alfie and the reminders of the way he sounded, the way he stood, his mannerisms, the way he looked at me, the way he laughed and seeing us all so happy on that day mean that it is the most precious possession I have and the reason I encourage every couple who marries at our houses to work with a videographer.

    Sadly there will be many people at your wedding who won’t be around for all of your married life – my case is an exception but the sentiment remains the same. This is the first time I’ve publicly shared something so personal but as you can tell, it’s something I feel very deeply about, L x

    1. Laura – that made me cry! Thanks for sharing… For those of you panicking, there are lots of great great companies doing v cool wedding films – and many might be open to a reasonable negotiation on price too. I negotiated my costs down and I don’t see it as a luxury – but a necessity. Great subject xxx

  41. Ahh man! This makes me panic big style that we haven’t booked anyone and I’m guessing it’s too late for 25/5?! I think we’ve both wanted one but it’s just not made it on to the ‘actually happening’ list.


  42. Hey Jessica, we have heard of a few photographers who have taken a similar stance. It tends to come from them working at a wedding where the videographer has been in the way all the time and slowing the day down (tbh, any professional shouldn’t do this).

    We’ve experienced the flip-side of filming at a wedding where the photographer is the amateur friend. They often got in the way and posed the couples in awkward ways – but hey, it was the couple’s decision to choose them so we have to respect that.

  43. We deliberated for months and months over this issue, but in the end we booked one, for similar reasons as Julia above.

    We aren’t having any bridesmaids or a bestman/ushers, as my fiance said he would have picked his uncle, who sadly passed awaya a couple of years ago, and said there is no-one else who could fill his boots. That made me think about his wife, my aunt-in-law-to-be, who at the tender age of fity was left without her parents and her husband. I wondered how much money she would now pay for a DVD of not only her wedding day, saying her vows, and seeing her folks on film, but also hearing their voices. The voice part is huge for me – I never want to forget my nearest and dearest’ voices, but I guess I probably will one day. I think she would probably sell most things she owns to have that on a DVD she could watch over and over again, and we want to ensure that if the worst happens, we at least have that film.

    This all sounds macabre, but I promise I am just as much looking forward to seeing the parts of the day I don’t get to see, how my dress moves, etc, etc!! We searched high and low for a decent cinematographer, until we came across one who lives in the teeny tiny little village where my Dad grew up, in the back of beyond where no-one EVER goes! So that sealed the deal and we booked them. It’s not cheap, but it’s the best money we’ll spend, and I can’t wait to see it!

  44. As a documentary wedding photographer who works in an unobtrusive manner I have complete sympathy with your photographer’s views Jessica. A videographer can impact upon your still photography, especially if you don’t want contrived, posed up images all the time, as you are often competing for the same angles. I had a wedding in France last year where two videographers were hired. They followed each other everywhere, filming from the left and the right. I had countless shots ruined by one or both of them creeping into the frame. During preparations, the bride was sat on a chair with two videographers sprawled on the floor either side fliming her. It was intrusive and constantly contrived. In the end they became part of the coverage. Especially when one set up his camera on a tripod three feet in front of the couple, every time the priest moved across, during the ceremony. I don’t refuse to shoot weddings with videographers but I do advise couples that it can impact upon the sort of images they have specifically hired me to shoot for them. That said I would say 90% of the weddings I shoot have no videographer or it is just a friend or a relative filming the vows and the speeches. For a similar reason I don’t use a second shooter – it’s more discreet working alone, capturing images with people unaware and if your photographer is good, they will get those shots. Images you will hopefully put on your wall rather than in a book and forget about.

  45. Ahhh. I went through a lot of these feeling but thankfully just before my wedding. I have spent years watching and working on films, the moving image has been a massive part of my life (since the days of filming my barbie dolls and sylvanian familes), so it made sense to get our big day filmed. My husband hated the idea, something that seems quite common reading all the posts here, but I finally twisted his arm and had a few pro cameraman friends film! It honestly was the best decision we made for our wedding. My husband loved the finished product so much he bought a website named after our first dance (Love Gets Sweeter) and I now make wedding films full time. That’s how much we both believe in wedding films!!

    My sister in law got engaged at Christmas and her fiancé asked for her honest opinion, ‘If Charlie didn’t make wedding films, do you think you’d still have one?’ and her answer was a very enthusiastic yes. She was with us during our research and saw how bad some of them are. She completely gets why people decide against it after seeing some of the sample DVD’s but she just adores my wedding films and can be found crying over the iPad when I have a new film to show her. Now that’s love, right? 😉

    I am probably seen as being a tad biased now, being a wedding videographer and all, but I think they’re amazing and well worth the investment. Someone above mentioned how you couldn’t capture your married life after so why capture your wedding? Well I have tons of footage from my childhood and plan to capture lots of moments in our future lives together. In fact, I’m taking the camera to film our 30th birthday road trip in the U.S in May. I personally think seeing and hearing things in moving images brings back the goosebumps and that’s why I love it 🙂

  46. Hi everyone,
    We had both a photographer and videographer at our wedding and I think it’s really great that your comment, Laura, as heartbreaking as it must have been to write, might get some brides-to-be to think twice about this and get a video too.
    It is true that it adds a whole other dimension, it is really really really priceless.
    Our videographer was amazing, her name is Natasha from and our video was actually blogged on RMW if you want to have a look
    Great topic X

  47. My Wedding DVD is without a doubt one of my most treasured possessions! I would advise any couple to take it off their Wish List and firmly on to their Must Have List. Our wedding was only 18 months ago but time seems to move so quickly these days that memories fade fast! For both us as a couple, and our families, planning our wedding became a huge part of our lives so having an ever lasting film of the day is absolutely wonderful. I really did get the wedding blues once I was back from our honeymoon so knowing I had the arrival of the DVD to look forward was a real treat. I think we must have watched it over 10 times in the first week, and even now it never fails to make me sob uncontrolable happy tears!
    It was lovely for me to see my groom arriving at the Church, greeting our guests, speaking with the Vicar before I arrived, and also in turn for him to see me with my bridal party getting ready, drinking champagne, pulling up in a beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom with my Dad…. and to be honest I didn’t even notice the videographer was there most of the time!
    Also it is a must to capture the speeches….. my groom hadn’t wanted to do a speech so I had prepared to speak on behalf of us both but on the day he surprised me by standing up and delivering the most heartfelt wonderful words that meant the absolute world to me. On the day I sobbed through the whole thing and would never have remembered all that he said so watching that back on our DVD is completely priceless to me. And the beautiful speech from my Dad always makes me cry. Our photographer did an amazing job of capturing the reactions from me, my husband, and our families throughout the speeches, some of my favourite photos from the day are from this time but there is nothing like hearing those words from those you hold dearest over and over again.
    Overall our videographer cost us £750, this included 4 copies of the DVD, and he was there from 11am until 9pm, spread that across a lifetime of watching your special day over and over and it really was worth every penny. Even if you are on a budget, have your vows and the speeches recorded and ask for a discount!
    Don’t regret it for the next 50 years, book it! I’m only 29 but I can’t wait to show our grandkids our wedding DVD!

  48. Oh Becky! Don’t do this to me!

    I want one, I am so in the FOR camp! I want a video I want a video! But at the moment we are not sure where we are going to get the money to pay for (my must have demand) photographers, so videographers pay be a step to far for our money. However if I can find the right one, the right deal, bank of mum and dad here I come. I will keep looking and I will sort it…somehow.
    I have not even spoken to the boy about it…waiting until I have all the facts and an amazing deal to spring it on him! 🙂

  49. With any aspect of your wedding, you have to set a budget, and then decide what is most important to you on the day, whether that is food, or photography, or the dress.
    With so many special moments on the day, like the speeches, and music photography doesn’t capture it ALL.
    It’s unfair to say that photography costs the earth, it’s not just a day spent filming/photographing. There are lots of insurances, equipment, preparation and editing, as well as the cost of your images. It’s unfair to say that prices are bumped just because the word ‘wedding’ has been mentioned. There are a whole lot of responsibilities and stresses to factor in, which a person just cannot burden without finance. (You wouldn’t turn up to your stressful job at the office for nothing, and a photographer/wedding vendor can’t be expected to either).
    (I’m not a photographer by the way).

    I possibly wouldn’t have a videographer as I think that I wouldn’t like to see myself in motion, I have a picture in my mind of how graceful I am, and in reality that is not the case. I love music, but it’s not integral to my day, and my family are quite shy so speeches are likely to be a bit rubbish. So for me, videographer is unlikely.
    That said, there are some photography/videography companies who offer both in one package which could be a much more viable and finacially doable option, such as Urban Cinematography, who I’ve met along my travels, and they are a wonderful husband and wife team.

  50. Nothing comes close to the utter joy I feel every time I watch my wedding video. Not having a budget is no excuse. Take my advice and book a videographer.

    We had one pot of money and if we over spent on one thing we had to cut something out of the other, so I ditched two large floral displays and a wedding cake for a videographer. It was the best decision I made.

    Our video is perfect – everyone is there and the moment we were pronounced as husband and wife is in glorious technicolour forever!
    DO NOT get married without one!!!

  51. Why not ask a few friends to record snippets throughout the day & the speeches on their phones or a videocamera? Sure, its not a professional job but the end result is the same isnt it? We’re going to do that as we can’t afford to get a pro job done and are happy that it will be enough for what we want.

  52. Just saw your comment about us Charlotte – you rock!

    Hey Becky, what a great topic for the afternoon. Plenty of debate to help out many brides-and-grooms-to-be.

  53. Ahh this article has reinforced all the feelings that I had on a videographer! When we got engaged last August we went full steam ahead on the planning and one of the first things we booked was the photographer. Knowing that the best get booked up early we were so pleased to find the lovely Sharron at The Image Garden. Looking at her work just gives me that tingly excited feeling that come the end of this year I will too own photos that beautiful!!
    So that was when I realised that we hadn’t even considered a videographer. Firstly I hate seeing myself on film and secondly it wasn’t factored into our budget but I thought I’d take a quick peek at some…just in case! At first all I found were cheesy looking, very expensive options and had all but given up on the idea……until I stumbled across the lovely Shutterbox on RMW!
    And that was it. One look at one of their films and I was sold. I couldn’t imagine not owning one of these beautiful films and fortunatly my other half fell as hard as I did. I got that same excited feeling I got from The Image Garden and I’m one for trusting that instinctive feeling.
    In the end, we know we have splashed out more than expected but I am so excited to have these guys at our special day.
    Hearing also how others have benefitted after loosing the ones they love, it has reconfirmed for me that it’s worth every single penny.

  54. Every bride and groom I know who didn’t have a videographer regrets it, and so even when my parents and my now husband said it was an extra that could be dropped, I ignored them all. And despite saying he’d never watch it, my husband did – and loved it. So I would implore any bride umming and ahhing about it.. try to find the budget if you can, it’s such a lovely way to look back on the day and see things from a different perspective… not to mention all the little bits they capture that you miss!

  55. ooooh I feel your pain – we almost made the same mistake!!

    Originally I wasn’t fussed on having a videographer, I’d seen some pretty bad wedding videos in the past and the thought of them catching me with bad posture or worse was putting me off. I decided fairly late on in the planning to have a look into it anyway, and then I discovered a different style than I’d seen before.

    From then on I was set on it and our budget was prioritised (after venue etc.): Photographer, Videographer, Rings – they are the physical objects you take away from the day. You can be clever and economising with decor, outfits, flowers etc. (that’s how I justified it to the other half anyway!)

    To say I’m glad we chose to have our day videoed is a complete understatement! I get goosepimples every time I watch it.

    I can whole heatedly recommend Reel Love Films if anyone is looking

    Our highlight video featured on the write up if you fancy a watch

  56. I have a video (VHS! Remember that!) about 25 years old of my parents, it’s homemade, shaky, not even a hint of professional talent or romantic music… and it’s the most precious thing I own. My point is, that with every one and their dog having the available technology, you don’t need to pay hundreds of pounds to end up with a few little snippets of love-filled memories. In years to come, you won’t care about the lighting, the clever transitions or the Westlife track!!

  57. I think another consideration for us is that we want our guests to have the best time possible and having a videographer would mean cutting back on food/drink/entertainment.
    I know none of this lasts, but we are asking guests to come from all over the country to see us on this big day & we want to be able to thank them for making the effort by making sure they have the best time ever

    But totally agree that each to their own

    I do, however, have a feeling that my FiL to be will be filming the arrivals & the ceremony as he did that earlier in the year for SiL’s wedding. It was a nice way to show their gran the important bits as she wasn’t able to make it

  58. Wow, I must say this post and the responses are extremely emotive, although I’m not surprised. It’s just that I thought we’d made peace with not having our wedding filmed – for many of the reasons other brides have already given – bigger priorities for the budget, already booked an awesome photographer etc – but now having read so many compelling arguments for having a video made, I’m wondering if we’ve made a mistake after all. The problem is, it’s just 5 weeks until the wedding and with no spare budget at this stage, I think it’s too late to change our minds.

    Not sure really what we can do, just slightly regretting reading this post now rather than several months back! Maybe as suggested above we can get some friends to film the important bits and not worry about having a perfect polished product. I just don’t want to look back and be disappointed!

  59. Wonderful thought provoking post -Becky if i could turn back time and rock up to your wedding unannounced with my camera I would!
    I HATE the saying ‘if I had a pound for every time…’ but I’ve never wanted to use it more than I do now. It breaks my heart when I meet brides who say they wish they could turn back time and have their special day filmed, and how they wish they could hear the speeches all over again. Most of the time it is the first thing you cut out of your budget and then the first thing you regret.
    As a bride-to-be myself I am experiencing the ‘can we justify it… is it worth it… should we / shouldn’t we’ dilemma towards pretty much everything! We set ourselves a top priority list and unfortunately some aspects will be further down the ‘maybe list’ because like most couples we are really feeling the pinch and have to draw a line somewhere.
    But what I will say is, if you are already contemplating having a film now, you very much want one but decide eventually to not have one, when your day has passed I can assure you will want it more than ever. For me, (and I know I am slightly biased!) is an investment for not only your future, but your children’s children’s future. Wouldn’t we all want to see our grandparents, in the height of fashion, young & free spirited, ridiculously in love saying their vows to one another? I know I would give my right arm.
    If cost is the only thing stopping you from having it filmed then I urge you to at the very least to ask a guest to bring a video camera anyway just to capture you moving in your wedding dress, the vows and the speeches.
    Those precious moments documented that day you will cherish forever, I promise.

  60. For anyone saying that they won’t regret having a video done of their wedding, I completely agree. How can you regret something you never had.

    However, we got a video for our wedding after being convinced by a trusted Aunt and a good sales pitch. An unexpected Christmas bonus helped ‘seal the deal’. Honestly, the best amount of money we spent on the day and worth every penny.

    The memories will always be in your head, but the one thing the video does is helps you see it from everyone’s point of view – and you really see what a beautiful day it was. The moment when I was nervously waiting for my bride to arrive, the moment when my 3 year old niece got excited by a balloon – they were all missed by us but caught brilliantly on camera. Plus, you get to relive it as often as you like. We’ve been married 7 months and we still watch it every couple of weeks as it’s so good.

    I can’t recommend it enough. Don’t question it – if you can find the money, it’s well worth it.


  61. I have to admit, a videographer has never even been mentioned throughout our whole planning process. The photographer was right up there, but I didn’t even realise people paid for companies to film their big day until we got asked about it at a wedding fair by a supplier. To be honest, i don’t even get the whole filming thing anyway – although that’s probably just me. My parents took tons of photos, but there was never a camcorder in sight (for good reason – we didn’t have a TV to watch whatever happened to be filmed on!) I also feel incredibly uncomfortable in front of any camera. My wedding fear is looking awkward in the still shots, and to add to that with a videographer would just be too much. I understand that a good videographer, just like a good photographer would be able to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, but for me it would just be an unnecessary added stress. However, like i said, that’s just me. Luckily, the boy feels the same way (he is even more camera shy than I am!). I think that if you have ummed and aahed about it than it’s probably best to take the plunge and hire one as yes, you’ll probably regret it. However, it’s not for us.

  62. Oh @Laura, I am so sorry for your loss and thank you for sharing your story. I’m so glad that you find comfort in your wedding video and I am sure it will mean the world to your son too in years to come. xo

  63. I KNEW I had to have a videographer, the only issue was convincing my H2B whose knee-jerk reaction was ‘it’s not in the budget’ – seriously, how much does that phrase grate?! Then came, ‘it’ll be cringey’ and finally ‘seriously, when will we ever watch it?’.

    We lucked out and were able to bag one of the best photographers in the land- not just my words- Brett Harkness- and my H2B was nervous about how a wedding video would stand up to Brett’s A.mazing images. Well, let’s just say Brides know best! The ‘film’ – yes it really is like watching a movie of our day – arrived exactly 1 month ago and guess what? It’s epic- my words this time! My (now) husband and I have watched it EVERY single day since (A tad narcissistic?!) and each time we notice something new! It’s not just the footage, it’s the whole production (editing, sound, lighting) for which I have to give a massive big up to the TREMENDOUSLY TALENTED Mark Lenik/Lenik Wedding Cinematography for the stunningly beautiful imagery and capturing all of the emotion of our Wday. Literally, how ecstatic I am?!! Eeeek!! 🙂

    So, whilst I totally get budgetary constraints, I would not be without the HD reminder of the hubby and I’s big day. (I also love stalking *ahem* watching other folks’ wedding vids too!) xxx

  64. Ladies, PLEASE, PLEASE! Have a video. I thought it was just an added expense when I got married, but I decided to do it anyway. I am so glad that I did. My children love watching it and since my lovely mum died, it is the only video footage that I have of her. You also get to see all the things you didn’t see on the day.

  65. @Becky, i seriously feel you pain. We chose not to have our wedding videoed and i really DO NOT KNOW WHY!!! i guess the budget took over and we got caught up in making all the other pretty details look as pretty as possible, and then just didnt realise what a huge mistake it was not to have a film.
    Mt good friend emailed me a selection of photos from our wedding not long after we were married… and there, amongst them all, was a short piece of film that he had accidently captured on his phone as i walked into the town hall to see my husband to be for the first time. It is grainy, its all over the place, it sounds appaling and yet i have watched it 1000 times and i just wish there had been more than that 30 seconds worth. Brides to be if you can have one, then get one. it is our one and only regret xxxxxx

  66. i got married a year and half ago and my wedding video is such a treasured possession. We were so very lucky that Jeff Wood was in our budget at the time we booked him, and his beautiful video of our wedding is something that I will always make time to watch. Its also online and its really easy to show it to someone at work or send it to a releative who hasn’t seen it before, its a real reflection of our day. everyone is different, and i love my wedding photos as well, but the emotion captured in the video can’t really be seen any other way and is a very special thing to own, and for us, worth every penny.

  67. SO…….. the question is, are any of the WONDERFUL List Videographers going to offer us a fantabulous discount in light of this post??!!

    It was worth an ask 😉

  68. I agree that we can get a little bogged down with what we think we should have, but for us videography was right up there with photography in terms of priority for our August wedding. We’ve booked the lovely Leanne from Blooming Lovely Films-check out her work if you’re looking for a talented and reasonably priced videographer- she hasn’t charged us the earth and her videos are just beautiful.

  69. We aren’t having a video – a step too far budget wise. I’ve seen loads that look lovely but after asking all the marrieds I know about it, every single one has said they didn’t think it was worth it – realistically how often would I sit down and watch it?! Instead we’ve got a photographer who we know has a particular talent at capturing all of those ‘moments’ and we don’t feel the need for one as her photographs will more than do it justice ( – she also does gigs so capturing that right moment is what she’s all about!). A beautiful, well shot, photograph that hangs on my wall will be something I look at everyday and smile about so I’d say invest in a decent photographer first and above all. If you can afford a videographer then that’s a lovely brucey bonus! As with all wedding stuff – your day your way! Never feel under any pressure to have to do or have anything.

  70. @lolly we are having a videographer. It was as important to me as the photography. Unfortunately the boy did not feel the same. This was one area where I couldn’t get him to budge (despite showing him every Mark W Brown super 8mm film I could lay my hands on)! Then I came across yours and Ste’s wedding film and the boy LOVED it! Suffice to say we booked Shutterbox Films the very next day! Many thanks for helping me turn a corner 🙂

  71. I admit I am more than a little biased but I love film and and it really does bring a moment to life again. That’s why I do what I do! Every videographer has their own style so there is something for everyone and it doesn’t always have to cost the earth. Have a think and look at the options and you will find the one for you…

  72. As a wedding filmmaker, I want to say THANK YOU for this great article! We almost didn’t have a video of our own wedding (started our company after we were married) and I’m so glad that we ended up having one! Sorry for your regrets, but that is good that you at least had a great photographer. 🙂

  73. The heading got my attention to this post first .. fabulous line from a fabulous film.
    My first wedding was back in 1994. We had a video man and he turned out to be a million times better than the photographer back then.
    Photography has changed so much in 20 years as has the cost of it !! But the quality of images around does generally reflect the price. We spent more time watching the video than we did looking at the images afterwards especially on our anniversary.
    As a divorced woman in her 40s, in a new relationship, looking at what I’d do again. I think I would definitely choose both videographer and photographer again even though the price is now considerably higher than back then. I personally think it is worth it.

  74. Sad to say but so many couples after their big day would say the same. At any shows/fayres or weddings we attend, we always have someone who says, it was their biggest regret not having it filmed. I love photos but wouldnt personally not dream of having video. We filmed our own wedding (standing our cameras at the front of the church for the ceremony, over 20 yrs ago) and we have years and years of footage of us and the children and we all love watching it, especially now that some of those people are no longer with us – priceless. As one photographer told us once, photos show the smile, with filming you see how it got there. Sadly too many couples put video at the bottom of their list – nothing can be done after the wedding but your heart goes out to those couples.

  75. OK as somebody asked, here is a wedding filmmaker wading in, out of the shadows with some dirty secrets from the other side. We at Reel Sixty shoot weddings on Super 8, we’ve shot something like 180 of them. We shoot a lot on HD too, this would cover things like the ceremony and speeches.

    Our two cents worth on costs; most couples want a substantial amount of material on their wedding day, thorough coverage often from morning to midnight, it’s not just one long day but a very long process to edit all of that material to a high standard. If you have a limited budget, ask yourself if you want quantity or quality for your money? Sometimes people tell me their budget won’t stretch and I tell them that we could shoot less material, they get something shorter (sweeter), rather than the epic version. Wedding Photographers and filmmakers are frequently asked “How long will you stay for?” “How many pictures will we get?” “What will the run time be?”, like good value is chiefly associated with volume. Forget volume.

    If you see a supplier you like, then what you see is what you get; that quality. Go to the best looking people and ask what they can do for your budget.

    With that said we are here on the List and we would love to hear about anyone’s wedding plans. Whatever the scale or the requirements we can see what is possible.

  76. I always think budgeting for photography and/or videography is tricky before the wedding as they are one of the only things that you don’t necessarily experience on the day in the same way you do with your other ‘costs’.. you wear your dress, your shoes, you eat the food.. you dance and hear the band.. so it’s sometimes hard to foresee how important it will be to you after the day is over. @lolly’s previous comment earlier really struck a chord with me.. her and Ste looked at their photography and videography as ‘cost per wear’.. in other words, yes.. forking out xxx amount at the time could be considered a lot from the budget BUT those images.. that film will be ‘worn’ for a lifetime.. and I bet when you’re sat together on the sofa at 70 years of age having lived a whole life together..those images, that little film will be absolutely priceless.

  77. Hey lovely people!

    Righto… we bloody love our couples and we know they ‘get it’… film is a creative medium that is important to them… so us waving the flag for wedding films isn’t really going to change much. We’re not here to pimp our video work and we’re certainly not here to say that wedding films are a must. We just love film… film speaks volumes to us. Always has, always will.

    It all comes down to one thing – priorities. We had a tiny budget for our wedding but still managed to book photographs and film… we just had to sacrifice a little on other elements. Small cut-backs on other things… suits, shoes, cake… all of which were lower on our list of priorities for the day. We’re not saying photo and film are more important than those things… they just were to us… those were our priorities.

    The problem is priorities change. So it’s always a good idea to get a snippet of the day captured. If a wedding film is not a priority before the big day you probably won’t mind not having a cinematic edit… so even if it’s an iPhone clip… please just press that record button.

    I’m a little shocked to hear photographers advising couples on videography when it’s based on a bad experience with a single supplier… Aww, this does make us sad. Especially when the combination of photo and film can create such amazing memories for a couple.

    Cannot wait to meet some of you beautiful people over the next year or two. It melts our hearts to read such lovely comments.

    Lee, Dawn & Stephen 🙂 x

  78. Hey lovely people!

    Righto… we bloody love our couples and we know they ‘get it’… film is a creative medium that is important to them… so us waving the flag for wedding films isn’t really going to change much. We’re not here to pimp our video work and we’re certainly not here to say that wedding films are a must. We just love film… film speaks volumes to us. Always has, always will.

    It all comes down to one thing – priorities. We had a tiny budget for our wedding but still managed to book photographs and film… we just had to sacrifice a little on other elements. Small cut-backs on other things… suits, shoes, cake… all of which were lower on our list of priorities for the day. We’re not saying photo and film are more important than those things… they just were to us… those were our priorities.

    The problem is priorities change. So it’s always a good idea to get a snippet of the day captured. If a wedding film is not a priority before the big day you probably won’t mind not having a cinematic edit… so even if it’s an iPhone clip… please just press that record button.

    I’m a little shocked to hear photographers advising couples on videography when it’s based on a bad experience with a single supplier… Aww, this does make us sad. Especially when the combination of photo and film can create such amazing memories for a couple.

    Cannot wait to meet some of you beautiful people over the next year or two. It melts our hearts to read such lovely comments.

    Lee, Dawn & Stephen 🙂 x

  79. I’ve got to agree with Lee, Dawn and Stephen here. They can compliment each other beautifully. I’ve only ever had issues with one (very, very ‘old-school’) video team and that was about 5 years ago. Since then not one has done anything other than add to the day.

    So choose your photographers and videographers well, ensure that they’re used to working with, not against, each other and you’ll have photography and video that will be there long after the price is forgotten.

  80. I am so happy we did book to have a video as our photos were awful! Really awful. There is only one we can put in a frame. Our video on the other hand was wonderful and I get to see all the bits going on that I missed – hubby in the church waiting for me, guests arriving, comments to camera etc. That videographer saved the day as we would have had nothing otherwise. I still watch it now. It’s amazing.

  81. I filmed several weddings last year for couples who appreciated the wedding film more than their photos. It’s important to seek out a professional photographer and not rely on a friend.

    I shoot both HD and Super 8mm – chemical film. I always tell people that Super 8 is the way to go because like printed still photographs, you at least have something to store in the attic to pass down to generations when the discs get worn out, damaged, or the digital media is accidently lost in 5 – 10 years. The stylised editing will quickly go out of fashion and you might go off the music, so it’s important you talk about this with your videographer. But with the reels, they can be safely archived in a can and transferred again several decades later. Let’s be honest, discs will not last forever. Those memories will be priceless. Super 8 is what you want. Money well spent for such an important day, no matter what your budget!

  82. You know I’d love to see a video of my Parents Wedding or my Grandparents. There are photos of course, but what would it be like to actually see and hear them on the day. To get a feel for who they were, what was said at the Speeches, see their 1st Dance. Photos are amazing, but video shows so much more. Whenever I film Weddings, always in the back of my mind is that I am in a way giving the couples future children and Grandchildren a little piece of their own history.

  83. A little late to the party, but I’d like to say: FIND YOURSELF A VIDEOGRAPHER. I don’t actually love working with videographers at weddings (someone else to consider when I’m getting in there, doing my own job), BUT I do love that my couples get something to hold onto as well as their photos.

    That video will last you the entirety of your marriage and when you look back at it, you’ll relive it all again. I cry my eyes out at other people’s videos, when they’re done well.

    We didn’t have a videographer at our wedding purely as the ones I’d found at the time were all really awful. Look no further than Shutterbox Films and those Clark & Palmer boys. I just wish I’d found either of them four years ago, when we got married.

  84. I always, always, always send my brides to go and see my recommended videographer. As individuals we all buy DVDS, films or TV series that make us laugh or cry and that we want to watch again and again yet we spend on average £15,000 on the biggest day of our life and we don’t want to watch it back? A DVD of that is considered an added extra. An additional bonus. But is it?

    You worked hard, planned a lot and paid for these memories – don’t you want the opportunity to enjoy them again and again.
    A wedding lasts a day – a wedding video is like a marriage – it lasts a lifetime.

  85. I cannot agree more! We have some absolutely stunning images from our wedding day, but I truly wish we’d also opted for a video. It was one of the things that was a complete oversight on my part back when I was planning. I didn’t even consider it – I wish I’d been able to read a post like this back then.

    Now that I work in the Wedding Industry and have been privileged to meet so many wonderful Videographers, I wish even more so, that it had been something I had looked into. If Mr ITC and I ever get around to renewing our vows, I will definitely be making it a top priority (maybe even more so than my dress!!). xx

  86. To me, having a record of the speeches is everything. It’s something even the best photographs can’t capture. I have had clients who are incredibly disappointed that they can’t review and savour the speeches we have crafted with them. To see the reactions of guests and your partner is wonderful – just look at Tom Fletcher from McFly on You Tube – and it’s impossible to take that in at the time.

  87. We were married in Southern California and when coming to hire a videographer, we found it very difficult to choose. Too expensive! Too cheap! Too blah!!! On and on we went on our search. In the end we hired a videographer from Utah!! I know right! Why add even more money in travel costs!? Well..when we saw our videographers work, it was hands down the best quality we had seen and his prices were actually less than a mediocre quality videographer here in California!!
    Even with the travel it was less:-) I’m all for that!
    Just in case you’re wondering, we booked Chris McClain Productions to come out and film our wedding!
    He actually went to film school so his style was just what we wanted. Creative, cinematic, and discrete at the same time!
    Chris was super awesome to work with the entire day! He always worked awesome with our photographer and wasn’t in the photographers way at all!! That garbage that photographers pull when they say they won’t work with a photographer is malarchy. If they care about you, then they should want you to have a great videographer!
    After all, a wedding is a LIVE event!! Why not capture it live??
    Photos indeed tell a story, but the video lets you live it again!

    In the end, after the 1000’s of dollars spent, the video is still the best investment we made. Even my hubby agrees and he was initially against it! Ha ha. We consider Chris McClain family now ! Even better is that we’re having him come out to film out baby’s birth in a few months!! It doesn’t stop with the wedding!!
    I guess you could say I’m addicted to video now!!

  88. Fantastic comments!! Like a few in this discussion I am a stills photographer and I think that a GOOD video is priceless and a BAD video or videographer as discussed above an absolute disaster. Also, my view is that photographs evoke memories with a strength and power that the literalism of video cannot compete with. The power of suggestion is extremely strong – a great photograph will stimulate the imagination and cause you to re live the moment, a video hands it to you on a plate and deprives you of this enriching experience.

  89. I am a wedding cinematograoher and i can honestly say that the feedback i get from my couples friends and family that have seen our films and are already married, is all about how much they regret not having a wedding film done. These days, its not “uncle joe” with a massive camcorder with a horrible light on top sticking the lens in everyones face. We now have more powerful and discrete cameras and can create beautiful cinematic films that, after the wedding is the one and only reminder of how you said your vows and speeches, moved in your dress and cried when you saw your loved one walking down the isle. DON’T HAVE REGRETS – GET A FILM AND GET A GOOD ONE.
    check out


  90. YES! YOU WILL! sorry but the fact is if you are concidering that you may regret it, you will. The fact of the matter is that literally the seccond you wake up the next morning, you are going to start forgetting. Give it 2 days and you will forget some of the speeches, you will forget what happened at your ceremony, give it 2 weeks and you will completely forget the emotion that was brought up during your parents speech when they said that special thing, or your bridesmaid recited that poem she wrote for you. You will NEVER see what you looked like as you walked down the isle, how your dress flowed while you moved and although you may have photos, you will never be able to ACTUALLY see, feel, and hear all the emotion, fun, laughter, and happy tears that happend on your wedding. You spend all this time, effort, and money to create the most important day of your life, I find it crazy that you wouldnt hire a professional to capture that day for you. Photos and video are the ONLY 2 things you will take away from your big day, but only one of those will let you re-live it for the rest of your life, let your family re-live it and eventually let your children feel as if thet were there with you, while the other (photos) will have you remembering and trying to piece together yourself what happend. Trust me, you are NEVER going to look back and say god, I wish we never spent that $5000 hiring a professional to film our wedding. But ill guarantee you that in a month, if you dont hire one, you will regret it.

  91. I hate looking at my wedding photos and videos. My wedding was something that I needed to get over with. I cannot help but see them all as potential memes. The only part of the videos and photos I like are the precious people smiling in them.

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