BIG News.

Big BBC News in fact.

Yup. Tomorrow night at 8.15pm Rock My Wedding are being interviewed live ( ??!?!!) on the BBC News channel. That means little me standing in the BBC Birmingham Mailbox studio with an earpiece whilst some fancy person in London asks several questions about the on-line place of pretty that is Rock My Wedding and what you gorgeous lot ( yes that’s you!) think of of all things Royal W-day.

I won’t lie. I am incredibly nervous. And I have absolutely no idea what to wear.

Last time I did anything in front of a (what I consider) large audience was when I played Wendy in my Dance Academy’s musical version of Peter Pan.

I was fifteen.

And I was donning a pale blue winceyette nightgown.

I have a sneaking suspicion there may be a few more people watching BBC News in the lead up to the Royal Wedding than there were at my Christmas Pantomime circa 1996.

So more than ever your wardrobe advice would be appreciated folks, as well as your assistance in how to a) calm nerves b) not forget what to say c) not sport a shiny moony face ( my sister suggested primer and LOTS of powder….)


Big These Opportunities Wouldn’t Happen Without YOU Love

Charlotte xxx

P.S Spectacular pretty coming up later this afternoon!!!!!

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

112 thoughts on “BIG News.

  1. OH MY GOD!!!! That is bloody amazing!!!!! SO pleased and proud for you guys! It shows just how fantastic this blog is and how far you’ve come in such a short period of time. I will definitely be setting my alarm to watch that. And I’m sure you’ll look fantastic whatever you wear Charlotte.

    WOOP WOOP!!!! Go team RMW!! xxx

  2. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! This. Is. AMAZING!!!

    Congratulations, what fabulous news and what a wonderful opportunity! GO RMW!! Charlotte not to worry lovely, you will be absolutely fine, wear your most favourite outfit and be comfortable – can’t wait to tune in xxxx


    Go Team RMW!! Nothing short of what you deserve, you all rock far more than weddings!

    Will be watching and I will cheer at the TV!!

    Good luck Charlotte!


  4. Wow, this is so, so exciting, congratulations!!!!! I will def tune in! Best of luck, no need to be too nervous – it will be great!!
    Only advice would be don’t wear stripes as they will strobe on TV – other than that go for it, you’ll look fab!! xx

  5. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK!!! How exciting!! BBC News are lucky to have you!! πŸ˜‰ I’m sure you’ll look fab too, if the weather’s nice how about a pretty dress – wedding-type attire you know?!!

  6. That is awesome news – well done and congratulations you guys, very proud of you and I will definitely be tuning in!

    No real advice but I used to work for a film company (just as a very underpaid runner) and their advice was always avoid crazy bold prints and patterns!

    Other than that, remember that you are a bonafide wedding expert and just be your lovely self and smile!

  7. Right, practical advice:

    Clothing Donts:

    – no red or green
    – no patterns, block colours only
    – high heels but ones you cam confortably stand in

    Before you start, deep breaths, all will be fine.

    Speak slowly, very slowly and pausing is absolutely fine.

    Congratulations Charlotte! You’ll be amazing, it’s all in the preparation!

  8. This is it…. next step Hollywood! Well done, just goes to show how hard work pays off. Well deserved!

    Adding to Lora’s great tips (used to work in telly – speak slowly cannot be understated! REALLY), may I add jewellery is fine but make sure you’re not wearing anything too distracting round your face. Relax. You will be brilliant! x

  9. Amazing! Can’t wait to see it!
    I personally would rather listen to RMW commentary than Huw Edwards any day, so do a good job and you might get a shot at the big time!!
    Just don’t look directly at the camera as it looks bizarre when people do that. And don’t forget to breathe! Find out in advance if you’re going to be sitting or standing and find something to do with your hands if you’ll be tempted to gesticulate wildly (I am like a talking mime artist at times!!)
    Good luck!

  10. Holy sh*t!!!

    That’s A.MAZING Charlotte!!!!!!!

    Word of advice….. deep breathes before you go live and slow down your words ever so slightly, when a camera is on you, you’ll probably speak quicker without realising.

    Wear something that is equally fabulous and comfortable, and make sure you don’t fiddle with anything on your outfit.

    Above everything else, just be your fabulous self and rock it!!!


  11. Eeeee! Wowzer! Well done and Good Luck! I shall try and watch it online (as not in UK)…really hope I can see it. Maybe iplayer will have it after! You’ll be fab. xx

  12. OMG that is super super exciting! Congratulations!

    I work in telly just behind the scenes and i would say

    1. No distracting necklace (as it might hit the radio mic)
    2. Speak slowly.
    3. Pretend you are speaking to just one person – ie the interviewer (forget the millions watching!)

    I have no doubt you will be amazing! Good luck!

    Rachie xo

  13. How exciting!! You will be fine I am sure and although you might feel nervous it’s often difficult for others to tell you are : )

    Wear something you really and like everyone has already said take a deep breath.


  14. Brilliant news team RMW!
    My advice – make a crib sheet – covering all the bits you want to say – including any RMW plugs!
    Ask the news team if they will be asking any specific questions so you can prepare.
    Know your subject and be passionate about it – easy peasy for you!
    Speak enthusiastically, but don’t rush through and stick to answering the question
    Don’t get drawn in to anything negative about the Royals or the wedding- highly unlikely in this situation, and its BCC not nasty Kay doodah from Sky News (Poor Peter Andre!!)
    Don’t worry – you will be fabulous!
    Good Luck! And if it is any consolation I used to handle the PR for a v. famous author and she used to dread live interviews – everyone does.

    Best of luck xx

  15. Congratulations! This is such exciting news! And if this isn’t a massive sign that you should follow your heart with the ‘big decisions’ you were thinking about before then I don’t know what is. Think of the publicity you are going to get, you will be huge!

    You always look great in your blazer-type things- stick to what you always wear and you’re bound to look cool.

    Wishing you lots and lots of luck x x x

    P.S. I had a dream about the royal wedding last night. Kate shocked everyone by wearing a one shouldered corsaged dress with big backcombed ‘fashion’ hair. She looked fab! And William loved it! Shame it was only a dream!

  16. ooh eeem geeee!!!! That is such brilliant news!!! Well done guys, and Charlotte, just remember we’ll all be watching and rooting for you with that supportive kind of love that Rebecca spoke about yesterday πŸ™‚

  17. Wowee thats AMAZING! Well done you guys for all your hard work.

    As others have said, top tips:
    1) Block colours only but not all black
    2) Speak slowly – feel like you are almost speaking too slowly – practise today – record your voice speaking normally then record and slow it down, it will sound perfect.
    3) Brush your teeth and have some water before you go on – your mouth will dry out in a flash when you go live
    4) If you are getting legs out just remember that the lights will make you look far paler so you may want a spray tan
    5) You will need far heavier make up – have you got to do your own or will they be doing it for you?
    6) Good deodorant – and a top thats not too light or of the material so it won’t show sweat marks
    7) Think before you speak

    As others have said, keep positive, show support for the royals and the big day and plus RMW wherever possible!

    Good luck πŸ™‚

  18. Wahey!!!! Mahooosive ‘well done’ to you gorgeous lot, I’ll set my Sky+ so I don’t miss you!!!!

    Just be your wonderful self and you will be great!!!

    Donna xx


    This is brilliant guys! You soooo deserve it, make the most of the opportunity and go for it!

    Take some deep breaths and be your amazing confident self and everything will be fine!

    Looking forward to welcoming loads more peeps onto these blue polka dot pages after you give RMW an even BETTER name for itself and everyone flocks here to see your amazingness!

    Go for it, enjoy it and ROCK IT!


  20. Wow, congratulations! Thoroughly deserved!

    Lots of powder, nothing with sparkle. More make-up than normal. Wear a solid dark colour, but not black. Blues are good. Speak slowly and remember to breathe!

    Think about the key messages you want to get across, but don’t try and script too much, needs to sound natural.

    Good luck, can’t wait to watch!

  21. Amazing news guys, nothing short of what you deserve!

    I’m a journo and drawing on my broadcast training, here’s a few pointers!

    – Agree with Lora re. clothes – but the Beeb probably will have informed you about that anyway.

    – Ask what they may be asking so you can prepare, at least somewhat.

    – Think of 3-5 points you want to make (with suitable RMW plugs at certain points (eg. “Well the readers of RMW think…” etc ) so you can revert back to them if you get pulled off track.

    – if they ask you a question you don’t have an answer for (doubtful – they aren’t going to be asking you hardline questions I’d hope!), steer it back on track with one if the points you’ve pre-planned – make the interview go YOUR way.

    – Agree – don’t be pulled into any sort of hardline argument on anything to do with Kate, weight, Royals etc – you’re not there to do that. If they do (which again, I’d doubt), smile and say ‘well that’s not something I’d want to comment on but what I do know is the RMW community… [revert back to one of you points to make].

    – if you’ve finished making a point, stop talking! It’s the presenters job to fill any gaps – don’t trip yourself up by overtalking something.

    Ultimately enjoy it! It should be a fun topic to discuss, and a great platform for RMW. You’ll be fab!


  22. Fantastic news! Honestly, I am so chuffed for you all. Your hard work has paid off in spades!

    Agree with all the advice above. I would add, from having scary interviews with Ministers (not NEARLY as cool as your opportunity I may add…) :

    1) Don’t wear mahoosive dangly earrings – this may pain you, but people will be distracted

    2) Don’t answer the question until they’ve finished asking it. Once they’ve finished asking it, repeat the nub of question to yourself in your head. This will ensure you actually answer the question and you don’t just talk about nothing through nervousness.

    3) Keep the answers shorter rather than rambling…and clearly wrap up each question at the end.

    4) Have a run through. Get someone to ask you questions, and practice your answers. This will make it come so much easier on the day.

    5) If you’ve done your prep you will be a million times less nervous.

    6) Blusher.

    Am SO chuffed for you all…did I already say that?!?

  23. Amazing news Charlotte and RMW team! You guys have worked so hard and it’s SO great that it is paying off!
    Good luck for tomorrow. I will be watching and cheering you on! xoxo

  24. Super Exciting!!!! Already set the Sky + but will try and catch it live too! Sounds like you’ve had plenty of good advice above and remember we’ll all be cheering you on from our living rooms!!!

    Good Luck! πŸ˜€

  25. Amazing news Team RMW!

    How exciting for you! and us πŸ™‚

    Charlotte, keep the outfit classic, that way you can’t go wrong! I’m thinking power dressing ever so slightly…

    Good luck x

  26. HOLY CRAP! THIS IS SO EXITING! I am afraid I have no advice as I am a horrific public speaker myself BUT I will be thinking of you and sending good vibes!!

    Good luck, you will be amazing!

    x x x x x

  27. Wowsa!!! Amazeballs RMW! This is such an awesome opportunity and a well deserved reward for all your ridiculously hard work! It is going to be so cool to see you on TV! I’ll pedal home super fast to make sure I don’t miss you!

    You will look amazing as you always do Charlotte! Super duper good luck! We’ll all be cheering you on! Can’t wait!!! πŸ™‚


    RMW so rules!

  28. Woohoo! How exciting is this news? So excited (and nervous at the same time) for you Charlotte!

    I will be on a train at this precise moment in time – I’m hoping (beyond all hope) that you can somehow pop a little video of it on here??

    Massive luck and love,
    R xx

  29. A.Mazing! So excited for this! Rescue remedy works like a charm whenever I have big scary presentations! Good luck, you will rock it!!!

  30. So so so super cool and so so so well deserved for all the hard work team RMW put in. Also, I feel proud of you and the blog, and pleased that the rest of the world will get to know about RMW and its fabulous community xxxxxxx

  31. WOW! Fantastic news – They couldn’t have chosen a better person for this, luckily it’s BBC so I can even see it LIVE here in Belgium. I am sure you’ll totally rock it!

  32. OMAG! Charlotte, that is so exciting and what an accolade for the wonder that is RMW. I for one will be glued to my telly madly sending you all the good vibes and calming thoughts I can muster. Am sure you will be utterly fab. huzzah! xxx

  33. Amazing news Charlotte! I’ll be setting the sky plus for that!! I am sure you’ll be fantastic. Good luck x

  34. Wow congrats on the opportunity RMW … you will be great Charlotte. Anything in my life that I have ever been really nervous about has always turned out ok and quite often exceeded all expectation. Quite often the opposite has happened i.e I am not nervous about something and things go really wrong which I wasn’t expecting …so nerves are good…they will help you ROCK (which you will!) x

  35. Wow, fantastic news! Excellent advice given by others. Charlotte you will be fab just think of what RMW has already achieved and the people in the industry who want to be associated with you! Can’t wait to watch it! X

  36. Wow ladies, have just logged in as been in meetings all day. Thanks so much for your kind words and support, it means a lot.

    I am going to be practicing talking (!) tonight and rummaging through my wardrobe for appropriate items…..

    Charlotte xxx

  37. Amazeballs!!!! I suddenly had a panic, because I’m on night shifts at the mo, so my days are all mixed up in my head, I thought I was going to miss it. But I’m not, yay!!

    Very very well done. It must be such an amazing feeling that all this hard work is paying off in such a spectacular fashion. Good luck, you’ll be great.

    Eeee, exciting.

  38. That’s such amazing news! Fingers crossed for you!! I have no advice at all as I would be absolutely terrified, but I’m sure you’ll come over as charming as you do on your blog.

    Nice to see that RMW has been noticed and rewarded!! Good luck Charlotte – we’ll all be cheering you on. xx

  39. Wow wow wow πŸ™‚ so chuffed for RMW πŸ™‚ We’ll all be here to give lots of advice I’m sure! Looking forward to seeing it! Well done. xx

  40. Woop! Just goes to show how much we all appreciate/love the blog and how it brightens up my week! Muchos love x

  41. OMG!!!! Excitingness!!!
    I have no helpful advice for how to look or act on tv, I just wanted to express my excitement for you lovely ladies (and man)!!!! Congratulations and good luck!!!! xxxxx

  42. Congratulations, this is going to be the biggest best blog in the universe, love it!! xxx Good luck for the morning, does that mean you’ll be up with the larks? exciting!!

  43. OMG!!!! That’s so amazing!! Look at all the fabulousness that’s happened since YAYW…. Aaahhh so happy for you πŸ™‚ just dont wear anythig that will cause that weird glare thing that hurts your eyes and remember to breathe and you will be amazing πŸ™‚ xxx

  44. Oops I was so excited when I read this earlier on my i-phone that I just made the boy miss 5 mins of the football as I was a day ahead of myself!

    It’s all so exciting in general…the RWM posts on the Royal Wedding, goings on outside my office (opposite Westminster Abbey tho sadly the side rather than the front!), having 1 day left of work and 9 days to go until w-day and now this fabulous news! It’s whipping me into hysteria!

    Will be tuning in again tomorrow! You’ll be just grand, I’m sure. x

  45. Wow, thats really fab news. I will defo be tuning in and squealing at the tv!
    I am sure you will be fab though, and just be yourself and pretend no one else is watching lol.
    Good luck!x

  46. Charlotte you will be amazing. Have no other advice other than what has already been said but just wanted to wish you the best of luck x x

  47. Wow how amazing – major congrats and good luck! Just share your fabulousness like you do with us all on a daily basis. Much deserved x x

  48. Wowzers!!! This is amazeballs! πŸ˜€

    Well done on the recognition and remember deep breathes and enjoy it. Wear some knock out lippy and awesome nail varnish and rock the broadcast!! xx

  49. That’s amazing. I work in PR and it is such a difficult slot to get. Well done.

    Remember work out what the key messages are that you want to say – and get them in somewhere e.g. if you want to mention RMW say something like Well the readers of our blog Rock My wedding are really excited as am I , if they ask you something about the wedding….

    On the outfit front, nothing with a too bold pattern, also remember you may be cut off around the neck or shoulder area so usually something to frame your face but not make you look like you’re a floating head. Avoid white or black as well. Don’t have your hair in front of your face and don’t fidget with your hair as you speak.

    When you get there ask if where you should look and what their first question is going to be. It is your right to ask.

    Have an amazing time. It will be over really quickly and afterwards you’ll be on a crazy high but it will be amazing.


  50. Eeek this is so cool. No advice, but good luck. You’ll have your little RMW geeks all over the country rooting for you!

    It was the first thing I told my H2B as he came in from work today:

    Me: “you know Charlotte…”
    Him: “as in your best friend? Err yeah…”
    Me: “uh, no not that one – Rock My Wedding Charlotte”
    Him: “no Laura, I don’t. You don’t either”
    Me (frowning):”Well anyway she’s going to be on BBC News tomorrow night.”
    Him: “What really, that’s cool? We’ll have to record it as we won’t be here.”
    Me: “Hah! You love her too!”


  51. Hi again lovelies πŸ˜‰

    Just read through all of these messages again and I am speechless, so many kind and thoughtful words – I know it might not seem much when you press “submit comment” but really it does – we read each and every single one and appreciate the time you have taken to write something, even if it’s just a few words.

    I will do my absolute best to do RMW and you gorgeous lot proud tomorrow night, must try and get lots of sleep and remember to breathe…..!
    Charlotte xxx

  52. Congratulations, well deserved and I’m sure it will go great πŸ™‚ looking forward to seeing it, wishing you lots of luck Charlotte x

  53. Only just seen this utterly cool news! How totally flipping amazing! I can’t give any advice on being interviewed on Telly as I would be absolutely rubbish I think I would go a lovely shade of green and then pass out. You will be totally cool and look amazing as always and you know we will all be watching and cheering you on
    Good luck xxx

  54. The best thing that you can do is try to relax! I know… Sounds really hard. I would suggest using some Bach Rescue Remedy as it really does work (nothing else could possibly get me through my driving test!) and it is floral based so it wont harm you at all. I even suggest it to my brides when nerves get the better of them.

    As for clothes I definitely say something smart that suits your personality.

  55. Congratulations! Like some other people mentioned, it would be amazing if you could post a link online for those of us who aren’t in the UK so that we don’t miss out on you rocking the BBC πŸ™‚

  56. Saw this last night on my Blackberry and IMMEDIATELY put a reminder in my phone to switch on BBC News later for the big RMW moment!!

    How very exciting! Good luck Charlotte. I know you will be amazing. If you are just a smidgen as articulate in 3D as you are on these here wonderful pages then you will be super-fab πŸ™‚

    I think I will feel like a proud elder sister watching you later. Hope you will pick up on all the RMW gang vibes as you wait for your moment xx

  57. Totally tuned in and ready for it to come on complete with cuppa and flake!
    Just seen some big american guy on talking about his blog. Its really exciting watching all the preparationy stuff going on!

  58. Yay! Well done Charlotte you were fab and looked gorgeous!!! Lovely make up too!! Have a big drink to celebrate your first steps of stardom! Hope they were all lovely to you at the Beeb!x

  59. You were fantastic, Charlotte!! I actually applauded you when when it finished. Hurrah. You looked great and spoke eloquently and knowledgeably. Our RMW Queen on TV πŸ™‚

  60. Well done lovely! Amazing… Had to shush fiancΓ© several times… he was like ‘ is this that website you are utterly obsessed with?!’

  61. I was so nervous for you, but well done! Bet you still can’t believe that it really happened! I love the rmw community, it’s such a happy place to be πŸ™‚

  62. ARGHHH! You were BRILLIANT!

    Well done, you were confident and knowledgable and you looked HOT!

    It was soooo strange and exciting to hear Rock My Wedding’s name on BBC News!!! Well done!


  63. Hi Charlotte-just wanted to say congrats-you were absolutely fabulous! You have done the RMW community proud  Apologies for not being able to post a good luck comment before the interview-I have my folks staying with us this week (as I’m currently having a bit of a wedding meltdown!) and I’ve not been able to log onto my fav blog as much as normal. Not that you needed any luck at all-you’re talented, gorgeous and have such a way with words that everything you do is bound to be a great success. RMW rocks! Xx

  64. Just watched it on Sky +! Had a crazy busy night of printing evening invites, finalising caterer and a cheeky Yo Sushi with a special Royal Wedding plate, yum! πŸ™‚

    Anyway, you were fab, was starting to worry I taped the wrong news channel when the other blog bloke was on but waited patiently and there you were! Good choice of outfit colour and very good answers, especially the elegance and return to tradition bits! I’m very intrigued by the trees too, can’t wait to see what they’ve done! Sooooo excited to see it all tomorrow!


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