Boudoir….But Not As We Know It.

I’ll start by admitting that I have never had a boudoir shoot. Or anything remotely like it. The thought of stripping down to my smalls and being photographed every-which-way brings me out in a cold sweat.

I’m not sure I really do full-on “sexy”. As in racy lacy pouty sexy. I can do cute (stop reading now if you fear blogger TMI) as in floral panties, over-the-knee socks and some kind of subtly cleavage-enhancing slip/vest top. And believe it or not I can (at least once in a while) do full on dress up.

I know – how does that make any sense?. Well I guess it’s because it’s a bit like acting, hiding behind the illusion I am someone else entirely rather than trying to be a trussed up version of myself. I don’t think there is anything wrong with this, if it makes you more confident then so be it.

And it the same vein I am the first to put my hands up for any kind of fancy dress party invite, even if it verges on the ridiculous – I think it’s fun.

So what about if you could some how merge dress up with sexy and pretty and boudoir but removing the ridiculous?

Well now you can, because Julia Boggio said so.

In Julia’s new Boudoir master plan you can become all ooh la la Marie Antoinette for the day and wear an array of beautiful costumes and dramatic lashes. And you can flash as much flesh or as little as you please. There are candy-floss wigs and masquerade masks and a whole host of froth and fancy.

I would be like a kid in a sweet shop.

Julia – The Inspiration

Ever since I saw Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, I’ve felt there was a great idea for a boudoir experience in there. It has all the right ingredients: amazing styling, sexy outfits, and, of course, the magnificent hair. The idea has been simmering at the back of my head for a while, but I suddenly woke up earlier this year and thought, “Let’s do it!” So I called in my dressmaker and we got started on designing some fun costumes. I worked with a wigmaker to create the signature updos and had a great time shopping with our stylist for all the added touches.

A touch that I’m especially proud of is the bespoke designed and cut “Let Them Eat Cake” eyelashes. Every woman who comes in for the shoot gets to wear a pair.

Julia -The Experience

When I was concepting the different looks, it was important to me that Antoinette Boudoir be fun, sexy and cheeky – an experience that would be both enjoyable for the woman involved and exciting for the person receiving the images. I mean, what groom wouldn’t like to see a photograph of his soon-to-be wife as a French dominatrix? That would definitely make him rush to the altar.

The shoot is a four-hour luxury experience with hair, make-up and a chance to wear our sumptuous and sexy Antoinette-inspired wardrobe. We don’t expect any of our clients to be models; we are experts in guiding you into the right poses and getting the right expressions. You’ll feel like a supermodel for the whole time you are here. And there’s plenty of Champagne on hand to help make you feel all French and ooh la la.

After the shoot, you’ll be scheduled to come back for your viewing, where we’ll reveal how amazing you look on our big screen.

RMW Offer

To celebrate the launch of Antoinette Boudoir, the studio is offering shoots booked and completed by Valentine’s Day 2013 at a special introductory price of £275 (usually £545). And as a special gift to RMW readers, book your shoot by Christmas 2012 and you’ll also receive a small desk frame (£150 value) of your favourite image. Just quote “RMWCake” to take advantage of the offer.

Julia is also the creator of Vintage BoudoirTM, which started a nationwide trend in pin-up photography in bridal boudoir. Her work has featured on the covers of loads of magazines and she’s written for all the bridal glossies, as well as The British Journal of Photography and Photo Professional.

And we can’t talk about Julia without mentioning that dance. She’s internationally known for starting a worldwide trend in flashy first dances after her husband and her posted their Dirty Dancing wedding vid on You Tube. She even got to dance with Patrick Swayze on The Oprah Winfrey Show…. She now writes a mummy blog called I Carried a Watermelon (get it?!).

Oh, and did we mention she also does wedding photography? see one of our most comment-popular weddings ever HERE.

So lovelies, are you having a boudoir shoot? are you considering it?

And if you did what style do you think would take your (or your future husband’s) fancy?

Big Ooh La La Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

21 thoughts on “Boudoir….But Not As We Know It.

  1. Oh wow, I so wish I dared!!!

    This looks so much fun and those eyelashes are INCREDIBLE!!! I would just like a pair for around the house please, they would make the hoovering so much more glam! xxx

  2. Ummm… I would also like a pink wig. They look immense.

    I’m particularly taken with the intricate mask – I so wanted to get a mask of sorts in Venice but they were ever so slightly on the pricey side and it was that or prosecco. And frankly the prosecco won.

    However looking at these gorgeous images though…I’m wondering if I should have bought the mask instead…

  3. @Charlotte – see I was thinking I would dance around in the rain with it, like Gene Kelly in the Singin’ in the Rain.

    I obviously have a much innocenter mind than @Lauren 😉 xxx

  4. Oh I could do this! I too can’t ‘do sexy’ – quite often I imagine how I’d get on if I entered Americas Next Top Model and it never ends well. If Tyra Banks turned round and told me to smoulder at a camera I’d probably look like I was having a stroke.

    Looks I can do:
    – surprised face
    – smiling face
    – drunken ‘fun’ face
    – girl out of The Grudge face

    So yeah, same, the idea of a boudoir shoot just makes me a bit queasy.


    please @Charlotte can we do a boudoir/Marie Antoinette Real Bride shoot?? Can we? can we? please please?

    You can all play too. xxx

  5. @Lauren – not weird at all! He is dreamy 🙂 I used to watch it with my Nan and we had a shared admiration…Gene Kelly spans all generations!

    I think it might be the dancing…or maybe the singing…or maybe the tails…or maybe just everything! xxx

  6. @Charlotte – yes yes! lets!!! I WANT TO WEAR A GIANT PINK CANDY FLOSS WIG… MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD. I’d totally suit it too

    Can we dress Adam up as a candy coloured french peasant?

  7. Ermmm….let them eat cake eyelashes??!!!!! YES PLEASE!!

    I can safely say I have never manged the smouldering sexy look either BUT I do love a good dress up!
    In fact I have a number of fancy dress costumes, really they need their own wardrobe!!! 😉

    @Karen – OMG that is an amazing idea!! 😀
    @Charlotte – please, oh please, pretty please with big juicy cherries on top!!


  8. OMG I NEED those lashes so badly! I actually had a boudoir shoot of sorts last year – a friend of a friend is a ‘lifestyle’ photographer but toying with the idea of moving into boudoir so I was a willing victim. Mainly I just felt cold tbh, pasties aren’t the snuggliest items! 😉
    Leading on from Karen’s post about ‘faces I can do’, my party trick is doing an uncannily accurate face of one of those blow-up dollies you get in grotty sex shops. It’s always a proud moment when I reduce people to hysterics doing it…not for the lorry driver obv, he just looks mortified!
    And I would LOVE to see the results of a Real Brides shoot (not in a Sapphic way!)x

  9. Haha! Girls that would be brilliant! I’m loving any photoshoot involving cup cakes! I love dressing up..the candyfloss wigs are tots amaze! x

  10. oh my lord…missed this earlier but I want to play too! Those eyelashes!! I love a bit of burlesque action and fancy dress, in fact its what i’m insisting on for my hen do….

    I also did have a “go” at boudoir earlier in the year, my friend and i got a shoot for a tenner so we downed some suspicious wine first thing in the morning and did it! was surprisingly so much more fun and easier than i thought and we both had huge fits of giggles, i highly recommend it….of course MM has no idea about it though, that will be a pre wedding surprise to explain the day his shirt and tie mysteriously went missing….

    So let me join the pretty please Charlotte brigade!!

  11. For anyone who looks at Boudoir photos and thinks they never can, I have always wanted to have a photo shoot like this and one day just thought screw it, I’m going to. I HATE having my photo taken normally, really hate it. REALLY. I am completely incapable of pouting or doing sexy poses. When everyone does sexy poses or dancing for photos when we’re out or just messing around I just can’t do it. I have a size 12 small-boobed figure, no model looks. But I did it and they were so nice and relaxed and have done it so many times they just don’t make it into a big thing. They also direct you exactly. The thing I was dreading was her saying ‘strike a sexy pose’ and me crying and running away, but she just told me where to stand or lie down and positions your arms and legs etc, and several of the photos you are looking away or have your eyes closed so you don’t need to pose. They do very flattering lighting and poses and some nice skin smoothing post production. I went to Boudoir Cameo in London but I’m sure there are other places that are as nice and helpful. They have pics on their site of women of all shapes and sizes and they all look beautiful. Honestly, if you ever have wanted to do it. Just do it. I promise it will be ace. x

  12. Like Christina, I do braved a boudoir shoot this year and I HATE having my pics taken too. I figured that DH and I could look back at the album when we were old and wrinkly and think about days gone by! WIth mine (the lovely Elizabeth Armitage at Lumen Photography) she got in a hair and make up person so I was made up and I brought along the things that DH likes to see me in (or out of haha) and so we used my stuff which made me feel more comfy. DH loved the album and was VERY surprised as I’d had to lie about where I was when I went to the shoot – yikes.

  13. I’m loving the idea! I would love to do it as it sounds so much fun! Also love the makeup in the pictures! If she needed a MUA I’d love to step in> 🙂

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