Two Brides in a Bridal Suit & Wedding Dress for a Same Sex Wedding Ceremony at The Asylum & Reception at Peckham Springs by Czerminski Wedding Photography Pin Image

Two Brides in a Bridal Suit & Wedding Dress for a Same Sex Wedding at The Asylum

BUDGET £20 – 22.5K

When we say we want you to have your day your way we absolutely mean it, so if that involves one bride wearing a wedding dress and another a bridal suit then go for it. We want all our couples to feel their absolute best on their wedding day, and the smiles will shine through just like the captures by Czerminski Wedding Photography of these two beautiful brides.


“We were absolutely stunned on the day at how everything came together to really represent us; from the romantic theme at the chapel with the beautiful harp music playing throughout the ceremony; the shabby chic and relaxed vibes at the reception, jerk chicken cooking and chilled house music playing in the background, whilst all our closest friends and families mingle. We’d pulled most of the day together ourselves so it felt very satisfying to see everyone having a great time and of course feel the love from everyone who couldn’t be happier for us.” – Carla & Kadeine

Bridal Suit

Bride Carla saw her wedding dress two years ago in a magazine, the only dress seen she liked. After an extensive search, she finally found her dream dress at Blackburn Bridal. It was a sample gown, but as soon as she tried it on she knew it was the one and bought it on the spot! Bride Kadine, however, wanted to wear a bridal suit, and opted for a three-piece navy number which she accessorised with a baby pink tie. Together they look absolutely adorable, and so in love. I especially love our header image where they exit the chapel together as Mrs & Mrs. There’s SO much joy in one capture, plus, their smiles are contagious.


“We had a traditional British ceremony with a romantic and soft theme followed by a relaxed reception, with a party vibe, very much inspired by our love of travel and beach parties. We tried to represent both of our cultures with a traditionally British order of the day, German favours and Jamaican food and music later on. Starry Eyed weddings styled the venues using soft florals (and lots of them!) and neutral colours to fit with our colour scheme of pink and gold.” – Carla & Kadeine

My wedding ceremony, as short as it was, was my favourite part of my wedding day, there’s something so pure about standing in front of everyone you love, vowing to be with one another forever. The wedding ceremony was also one of real bride Carla’s favourite moments – ” I walked up the aisle feeling nervous (and still pretty stressed, to be honest!), but as soon as I reached Kadeine at the end of the aisle, and we locked eyes, I immediately felt a million times better. I then looked around to see all the happy and supportive faces looking back at us. It was perfect.” If you need help nailing your wedding ceremony, give our Wedding Ceremony: The Ultimate Guide article a read to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything.

Photography by Czerminski Wedding Photography
Author: Lorna Shaw
Lorna loves a new posh frock, is a hopeless romantic and is lucky enough to be living her ‘happily ever after’ with her wonderful husband, three beautiful children and pet dog.

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