Bridesmaid In Heaven….Win Shoes!!!!

**Not One but TWO pairs of shoes to be won right here, right now.**

Well, I hope you have all been ejoying the sunshine this weekend… We thought we would start the week off with our own little ray of sunshine – in the form of a free giveaway from boutique Twobirds Bridesmaid and shoe designer Rachel Simpson.

Twobirds Bridesmaid and Rachel Simpson have teamed up to offer a collection of beautiful bridesmaid shoes exclusively designed by Rachel Simpson to compliment the Twobirds Bridesmaid collection which is renowned for its timeless and elegant style.

Here is a little more detail about the new collection:

Combining the style of Rachel Simpson with the versatility of twobirds Bridesmaid, the collection will comprise three shoe styles each available in two different colourways that can be mixed and matched across bridesmaids, perfectly complementing the 19 different colour choices of twobirds gowns.

  • Rosie: Satin slingback peep-toe platform with rosette trim. Available in rosewater satin and slate satin. 10 cm heel height.
  • Kittie: a suede two-part peep toe with rouched detail and a metallic leather trim. Available in nude suede with champagne trim and pale grey suede with silver trim. 8cm heel height.
  • Sofia: Satin peep-toe platform with rouched detail and diamante trim. Available in champagne satin and navy satin. 10cm heel height.

The shoes have been designed in the UK using a range of luxurious leather, suede and satin fabrics with pretty diamante embellishments and chiffon rosettes, appealing to both the contemporary and vintage bridesmaid. Ensuring maximum comfort and style, the shoes are made with full leather linings and soles. Reflecting the twobirds Bridesmaid philosophy to offer styling that lasts beyond the wedding day itself, the fashion inspired shoes have been designed as an investment piece to enable bridesmaids to wear them time and again.

The collection will be available to purchase exclusively in the twobirds Bridesmaid London boutique, at the Rachel Simpson showroom or on the Rachel Simpson website from May 2012.

If you would like the chance to win two pairs of these exclusive Rachel Simpson beauties all you have to do is leave a comment in the box at the end of this post stating how many pairs of shoes you currently own… And why that amount is simply not enough 😉

Terms And Conditions

  1. Entries close on 4th June 2012.
  2. One entry per person.
  3. Winner to choose two pairs from the Rachel Simpson website and they will be sent direct to the winner.

Prices start from £85. To book an appointment at twobirds Bridesmaid contact call 0207 243 8647 or email For further information visit and

Good luck everyone – we look forward to reading your comments/confessions!

Team RMW

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

89 thoughts on “Bridesmaid In Heaven….Win Shoes!!!!

  1. shoes, shoes, shoes, I love shoes! I currently have about 30 pairs (out of storage) and a further 40 pairs…..they range from beautiful sparkly flats to full on platform ankle breakers! I also keep adding to the collection (ssshh…. dont tell the mr) because you just need a pair in every colour! p.s loving kittie

  2. These shoes are absolutely amazing! I have a silly amount of shoes (my future Mr had to begrudgingly build me some extra space for all of them when we moved in together) but I can count my well made and timeless shoes on one hand, and these shoes fall into that category perfectly.I’ve also just bought TwoBirds bridesmaids dresses for my bridesmaids and so know they would look gorgeous in these!

    There are so many reasons why you can never have enough shoes (personally I would love five pairs for every outfit à la Imelda Marcos…how utterly fabulous), but in my opinion the reason why you can never have enough great shoes is that these shoes last forever, look beautiful and genuinely fit your feet best, meaning that you can enjoy your day and night to the absolute fullest x

  3. I used to own over 50 pairs but they had to make way for when the kids came along! Currently I own about 20 pairs but only about two pairs of heels. This is simply NOT enough because, well a woman needs her heels, makes me feel glam and womanly rather than my motherly flats! Maybe if I had more fab heels I’d make sure I had nights to show them off!

    But, I have passed my fetish onto my daughters who have far too many shoes than kids their age need! 🙂

  4. I’m a little embaressed to admit this but i have 140ish pairs in my wardrobe (at last count!) plus a basket of flip flops and sandals under the bed, a cupboard full of them in my old bedroom at my mum and dads aswell as shared access to my sisters collection as we share a shoe size! I guess thats ok though as i still don’t have as many as my mum who had over 500 pairs when we counted a couple of years back (you can see who i picked my habits up from). And the reason that isn’t enough? Because i bet my mum i’d own more than her one day! ;-p xxx

  5. Shoes…I am ashamed to admit that I spend a lot of money on them and then batter them…For a five foot two, bit of nothing, I must carry myself like an elephant…”Those ballet lessons were a waste of money weren’t they?!” Yes, dad, yes, they were.

    I realised a couple of years ago that there is NO POINT in me buying a shoe with any kind of patent or decorated heel…because I am the girl that on first outting will have the heel stuck down a grid…My friend Helen who often comes shoe hunting with me is now well versed in the mantra to frustrated sales assistants, ”Oh yes, they are lovely, but no, no patent heel.’

    As such, I am pretty ruthless with my shoes (I am not a hoarder) and have come to terms with the fact that alot of them are going to end up in the bin after a couple of wears…seriously, our spare bedroom is crammed full of wedding regalia…there isn’t any room for pairs of shoes that I am not going to wear again…so I reckon I have about 20 pairs…oh actually, make that 21…the Big C dragged me in a charity shop yesterday to look for records and I found a pair of size 2.5 Poste Mistress, tortoise shell heels for 6 quid!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that’s the other thing…I always need an insole….

    I’d shamelessly like the shoes above because….nearly all of them are without the dreaded ankle strap! I spend my life searching for heels without an ankle strap! My Coleen Rooney cone-legs cannot cope with an ankle strap…CANKLES ahoy! Seriously, last week, me and the best mate (and her baby, Felix) pounded the pavements of the Trafford Centre searching for wedges (You cannot wear heels on the White Isle but I need height) without an ankle strap that don’t look like something a cleaner of a European holiday apartment would wear! Do you know how hard it is to find them?! Anyhow – if anyone is interested Office have some amazing ones (super high for nighttime) and then Topshop have some called Watson that come in tan and black (less high for the day but still a good six inches!)….


  6. These shoes are amazing. What a wonderful start to a Monday morning browsing through theses beauts!
    I currently own around 10 pairs of shoes, I need to add to this collection because my hubby to be owns more than me *the shame*

  7. I do not own very many pairs of shoes as I have ‘problem’ weak ankles and although I love shoes I always find it hard to find comfortable shoes I can walk in. I own probably 12 pairs of shoes, whereas my Fiance has hundreds of pairs of shoes! I need more to try and compete with, or at least match, him. However if I won these shoes (I’d like the Sofia navy shoes) I would give them to my bridesmaids who are completely shoe crazy, as these would go perfectly with our soft lemon yellow and Navy colours! Although if I won them and loved them too much I may have them myself as I am planning on wearing navy blue shoes….

  8. I don’t have many pairs of shoes, I have about 10 pairs. With my student nurse bursary I don’t have much money to spend on pretty shoe, especially after paying all the bills!’So winning these two lovely pairs would be a dream come true!

  9. Well, lets think……..I own 3 pairs of long boots, 1 pair of ankle boots, 1 pair of converse, 2 pairs of printed pumps, 1 pair of brogues, 1 pair of tassled suede loafers, 2 pairs of ballet pumps, 4 pairs of summer sandals, 1 pair of black shoes I’ve never worn (they are very painful!) and 5 pairs of heels, or varying heights and colours, oh and 1 pair of running trainers. So, thats makes, with my maths a grand total of 22. So I think I definately need a few more to add to my collection please!!! x

  10. I am a little ashamed to say I couldn’t tell you – I have a shoe trunk bursting at the seams plus the whole bottom of a double wardrobe and counting… My shoes are currently the only thing I have bought for my wedding – skyscraper pink platforms with giant bows on the toes – only 16 months til I can wear them! (So unfair…) My bridesmaids will need something equally gorgeous on the day so these would fit the bill perfectly 🙂

  11. I have about 20 pairs at the moment having finally thrown out a few pairs of ‘old faithfuls’. I’m a broke student, giddy with excitement about my first paycheque at the end of August after starting my new job and planning to build up the collection again then-Lovely pair of KG’s I have my eye on! (*oops! Also giddy excited about getting married of course!!)
    We’ve just got the keys to our new flat and have a spare room with no use at the moment and from my point of view, the only sensible idea is to turn it into my walk in wardrobe! And 20 pairs of shoes on their own in that room is going to look a little silly!

  12. I love these shoes! I currently own 15 pairs, but rediscover “new” (read old and forgotten) shoes under stuff all the time – the pains of living in a storage-less apartment, the majority of the ‘shoe space’ goes to my finance and his ever growing collection of trainers – the brighter the better in his world!
    I also have a ‘shoe graveyard’ of high heels/wedges/’Primark four pounds for ballet pumps?! I can’t afford not to!’ types… I occasionally take the extortionately high heels out and look at them and imagine a world where I could walk in heels – imagine that girl that all the men turn and look at in the bar? If their type is penguin then that would be me, the heel shuffle step/5 minutes to make it down some stairs is not a good look, although I’m sure my bridesmaids will wear these pairs to death, even after the wedding!

  13. I own 8 pairs myself, but I realised the other day that my other half currently has 11 pairs sitting on the shoe rack!! That can’t be right! I MUST start doing something about that!!! 🙂

  14. What a lovely post to wake up to! These shoes are beautiful. I’ve always wanted a pair of Rachel Simpson shoes but they’ve been a wee bit out of my price range. Kittie are my favourite-love those colours as well.

    I have around 80 pairs of shoes but I usually get obsessed with around 2 pairs and circulate them for a couple of months, leaving the rest to sleep until something reminds of the others and my obsession changes. Husband to be not impressed! If me and my bridesmaid had kitties I think we could find an excuse to wear them every day! Xx

  15. I have around 30 pairs that my fiance knows about….and about another 20 hidden away in various places that magically appear every now and then shortly followed by the line “what these old things i have had them for ages!!!!”
    However i feel like my shoe collection is under threat form my partners as his is slowly but surely taking over the wardrobe space….and this is simply unfair…and not right on so many levels……therefore a few more pairs of beautiful sparkly shoes are needed to assist in the War of the shoes! Especially wedding day shoes as they surely get extra points.

  16. I’m a fairly poor excuse for a girl really. I have only about 15 pairs of shoes, with the majority of these being pumps, flip flops or converse. That’s not to say I don’t like heels and beautiful shoes. I am often admiring shoes when I go out shopping, but I can never quite justify spending lots of money on shoes I won’t wear frequently. I’m not in a job where I can dress up nicely and put a pair of heels on, so flat and comfy works for me most of the time. If I had some extra cash, I would love to invest in a few pairs of lovely heels, because I think it’s important to have some good quality shoes you can go back to time and time again.

    I can’t believe some people have hundreds of pairs of shoes! I genuinely can’t even imagine where I would put them all! 15 pairs is clearly not enough, but crikey, don’t think I’d get away with anything above 30!

  17. OMG! I love the navy satin shoes you have shown!! After moving house a while ago and having a very ruthless cull I now have about 20 pairs of shoes and counting…I absolutely love the summer, when I can bring out all my pretty sandals/pumps/wedges and of course secretly add to the collection (without my future Mr. knowing). My latest trick to foil his “Are those shoes new?” question is to resist wearing my newly purchased foot candy, keep them in my car boot for a couple of weeks and then enjoy wearing them – that way when I reply by saying “No…Ive had them a little while!” technically, I’m lying to him 😉

  18. Ooops I did it again…ordered another pair of shoes. So this week I’ll mostly be loitering by my front door hoping to catch the postie with my most recent (guilty) purchase of green ‘scooter’ shoes as reccomended by Charlotte on Friday in her RMW post. I really should be saving for our upcoming wedding…I own maybe 40 pairs of shoes but I realise now my collection wont be complete until I own a pair of magnificent, vintage inspired Rachel Simpson shoes!

  19. Oh geez, I don’t think I can possibly count ALL my pairs of shoes. At least 5 pairs of sports shoes, a few pairs of boots, a couple of pairs of heels and about 10 flats/sandals. And that is only is this flat. Goodness knows how many are in my wardrobe still at my parents house. Frequently I go home with a bag of shoes just to do a swap over for the seasons! (I know my comfy flip-flops are there dammit, I needed more notice Mr Weatherman!).

    I’ve treated myself to a nice pair of McQueens for the Big Day, and I’d love my girls to be in something equally as glam 🙂

  20. I don’t actually own that many pairs, perhaps 60?
    When my fiance tells me I have too many shoes I always remind him that Cindarella is living PROOF that a pair of shoes can change your life 🙂


  21. I own about 35 pairs, ranging from flip flops to flats, to sensible work heels and glitzy occasion heels! It’s simply not enough as a girl needs shoes to match every possible outfit and mood. Sometimes you want to go boho with your maxi dress and flat sandals, sometimes you want to rock it with a pair of killer heels! The possibilities are endless…. Unfortunately my shoe collection is not – yet 😉

  22. Oh my goodness , I only have about 5 pairs of shoes:( my long leather Fly boots, my reef flip flops, my sparkly flip flops, my uggs and my only heels in navy.!!)

    Mum of six, (quite trendy!!) always wearing shoes which I can run around in, definitely have a sexy inner me! And long for a pair of fab Rachel Simpson shoes for my gorgeous country wedding in September.

    Love kittie, oh and Tilly.


  23. @Janie – oooooo I love that! Cinderella! But is she real?!

    I was describing a pair of shorts I wore at the weekend to a friend…’You would like them, they’re made out of mermaid skin.’

    ‘Pam, you do know don’t you that mermaids aren’t real?’

    ‘You say that, but then where did my shorts come from?’

  24. I have just counted my shoes……I cant believe I only have 15 pairs….including my wellies.
    ( I used to have a lot more…I wore too many on nights out and ruined them, and not had the funds to replace since having two beautiful little girls to buy pretty shoes for!!)

    I heart Rachel Simpson shoes SO much. A fab British (Midlands!) designer. I thoroughly recommend Rachel Simpson clearance outlet too – I managed to pick up a beautiful pair of bright pink beauties on there for under £30! I am an avid browser of her website and was hoping to buy my pretty wedding shoes from Rachel Simpson – so winning two pairs would really be a dream come true, and would kit out myself (those nude kitty pair are dreamy!) and also my only adult bridesmaid (perhaps in the dove grey?!)….my fingers are crossed tightly xx

  25. I have about 20 pairs, I used to have more but sold some on eBay to boost the wedding fund! When we moved into our little home 9months ago mr c let me have a whole room as a shoe room, with shiny shelves and everything! I need the shoes so that my shoe room doesn’t look so empty…

  26. I’m one of those silly (and of limited means) people who buys cheap shoes which are incredibly uncomfortable and regularly get trashed, rather than being Miss Sensible and saving and investing in a decent pair!

    Now that I am about to be a Mrs I can’t really save for more shoes to wear to my friends’ weddings and whilst I have about ten pairs of heels, they are in various states of disarray and I would be so grateful for a couple of lovingly made classic shoes that I know I would cherish forever and properly look after! Fingers and toes crossed…

  27. Well I havent had a count in quite a while but am probably at about 100 pairs? But that is including flip flops, sandles, Boots, flats, sky scrapers and everything in between! I used to be all about the height and the ‘prettyness’ of the shoe but then unfortunately I slipt a disc and couldnt wear them so had to buy all flats etc (The only plus side was the excuse for the shoe shopping!!) My back is all healed now and so back to the sky scrapers I went but just can’t hack it like I used to be able to (Picture me literally limping towards a taxi after a night out but still refusing to take off my pretty shoes!!! lol) so now I have a nice mix of all heel heights which I chop and change through and yes despite what my H2B says I do wear them all and need them all! lol
    I would love to win these shoes as they are the perfect mix of everything I require in my perfect shoe now-a-days, Sooo pretty they could almost just be an ornament!, Perfect heel height for my poor tootsies, Fab colours and for me one of the most important factors for the wedding day shoes was that I could wear them again and maybe on our anniversary’s to come I could always wear something from our wedding day! I’d love the girls to have some shoes that they could truly wear again and again also and that they would truly love xxx

  28. I own around 90 pairs of shoes, my most prized of which are my jimmy choo’s i’ll be wearing to my wedding in 6 weeks 4 and half days time! I still haven’t got my bridesmaids shoes and these would be perfect for my two girls Sam and Ann. It whould be lovely for them to have lovely shoes and feel brilliant on the day. 46 days to go!

  29. I love these shoes! My bridesmaids and I have been checking them out all weekend. They would go perfectly with their Olive Twobirds dresses.

    I have about 27 pairs of shoes, all incredibly different and being topped up as I see cute ones all the time.

    I’m most excited about my Emmy wedding shoes that I am waiting to pick up.

    You can never have enough shoes as you need a pair for every mood and every outfit combination.

    Katherine x

  30. Only ten pairs as I had a big clear out when I moved house. I very clearly own far too many ‘sensible’ shoes and not enough fab ones so would love a pair of these. I’m going to be one of two bridesmaids next year so it would be fab to win!

  31. Ooooh, fingers crossed… I’ve been lusting after Rachel Simpson shoes for ages.

    I have two sackfuls of shoes (hmmm, about 30 pairs) but probably only wear about 5 pairs!! I have shoes that are too high, too small, too old – you name it! I just can’t throw anything away!

    Oh, hold on… I didn’t include flip flops. I’m addicted to flip flops…!

  32. I have about 40 pairs of shoes all arranged in clear boxes in neat rows under my bed! I convinced H2B that we needed to buy the super expensive bed with a lifting base so that I could store all of my shoes underneath neatly in their little boxes! I need more shoes to finish off the collection and I only have 2 spaces left. x

  33. I don’t have enough shoes sadly as I’m living with my mother in law (to be) until me & finance move into our new home together in a few weeks. We’ve been living there for a year and a half to save to buy a place after renting for the last few years.I had to throw old pairs away when we moved 🙁 I currently have 15 pairs. I have a walk in wardrobe in my new place and am dreaming about how to fill it already! Girls need shows to match various outfits, colours and situations!

  34. This post has just cheered up Monday morning for me. I picked up my bridesmaid dresses just last weekend and have now started the search for some pretty shoes to go with them.

    I had a quick search in my wardrobe this morning and realised that I only have 12 pairs of shoes – I have spent too many years of buying poor quality shoes and then having to throw them away after a couple of wears because they’ve given me blisters or the heels have broken! However I’ve turned over a new leaf for my wedding and invested in a beautiful of Rachel Simpson ‘Tilly’ shoes that are patiently waiting in their box to be worn. I saw them on the Rachel Simpson website about 6 months ago and fell a little bit in love with them but thought thy were out of my budget, 3 months and several shoes shops later and I couldn’t find any that compared so I gave into temptation and got them – I find myself doing the housework in them to ‘wear them in’ but really it’s just an excuse to out them on!

    It would be incredible to be able to give my wonderful bridemaids a pair of shoes to match!

    x x x

  35. Hmm, I have loads of pairs of casual pumps which I wear for work but not enough pairs of smart ‘I work in a fancy office’ / ‘I’m going dancing!’ beauties. Probably about 10 pairs of fun shoes (some of which should really be thrown away but I loves them so). However, I have just added to my rather pitiful collection a pair of super sparkly beaded silver lovelies for my wedding next summer – hoorah! So as beautiful as these Rachel Simpsons are and as much as I reeeeeeeeally want some for myself, I’d love to win these for my two wonderful maids. They’re wearing short dresses so this stunning footwear will get plenty of ogle time and will make them feel uber flash, which they deserve as my special gal pals. xxxx

  36. I love shoes, I know that that’s pretty standard to say but I do. I own about 85 pairs of shoes and it’s a collection that I add to constantly. I love buying shoes, they make me feel good about myself and best of all they always fit! None of that horrible feeling in the changing room if you aren’t the size that you thought, so they are always worth the money. My favourites tend to be stilettos, they make me feel both elegant and confident, but I’m learning to embrace flat shoes now too! I believe that shoes can make or break an outfit. They say something about who you are both as a person and about your personal style, and I always wear them to an interview! I even wrote my dissertation at university on high heels and often create my own bespoke designs for my friends. They love owning their own personal designs and always get compliments on them.
    My wedding is following a 1920s Hollywood Glamour theme and the gorgeous Kittie style would fit perfectly! They are so stylish and classy I definately want them in my wedding. There’s enough of a heel to add elegance but not too much that you’re going to have achy feet half way through the night! Plus they’ll work for all of my bridesmaids, the ones who love heels as much as I do and the ones who don’t wear them as often.
    Please help make my special day even more so with your stunning shoes.

  37. I have two beautiful grownup bridemaids who currently don’t have shoes to go with their dresses so winning these amazing beauts would make me very, very popular. Personally I couldn’t possibly comment on the amount of shoes I own, the fiance might read this!

  38. Love these shoes especially the Rosie’s and i promise that’s not just because i am a Rosie myself they are beautiful!!!

    I only have about 15 pairs my H2B made me go through the painful task of a clear out before we move into our new flat next month. I managed to keep a few beauts though! Even managed to keep the killer heals that make me a little bit taller than him- I know he hates it but they are just too beautiful to throw away! A girl can never have too many shoes in her life and boy does my H2B know it! The way i see it i had to throw some away but surely that makes way for some more beauties!

    To top it all off though i have two beautiful bridesmaids who will be walking down the isle with me in March- these shoes would make them look even more beautiful (if that’s at all possible) x

  39. As a student, I have to be curb my shoe cravings, but (if my mental tally is correct!) I currently have 15 pairs of shoes! I’m terrible for constantly buying heels instead of shoes I can actually wear in the day, but they do look so pretty on my shoe-shelf 😉

    The Rosie Rosewater design would be perfect for my two bridesmaids (my sister and my best friend), who’ll be in dusky pink at my wedding next July 🙂 Think these shoes are lovely and summery, and would be so easy for my girls to wear again.

    Fingers crossed! Hannah x

  40. Honestly….. I Have no heels…. AT ALL 🙁

    My manager at work owns a room full of shoes and i guess i have just never been a heel girl…
    lovely shoes tho! xxx

  41. These shoes are A-M-A-ZING! I only have 2 pairs of heels do I defintely need more! My bridesmaid and I both have large feet and so far been a nightmare to find pretty, stylish and colourful shoes in size 9s. Love this collection soo much and needing more shoes is always a shore for me to find something that fits- this collection in comparison is a delight!

  42. I own about ten pairs of shoes, but for someone with so few shoes I have already bought three different pairs for the wedding! I have now narrowed it down to one pair for the day and one for the evening. But I would love to win two pairs of these gorgeous Rachel Simpson shoes because they are just stunning. And more than that, I would love to win a pair for my maid of honour who has been such a star and so patient with me through the whole planning process. With only three months left before the big day, winning these shoes would really complete her outfit and mine.

  43. Phew, reading through all these comments has made me realise i’m not the only one! I love shoes and getting married is the perfect excuse to have AT LEAST one new pair! I think I have about 25 pairs but could be in for a shock when I get home and have a count!

  44. I have only around 15 pairs of shoes!! I simply need more as this is only 2 weeks worth for a different pair everyday! And i simply Love love those blue ones they’d match my wedding theme!!! SO SO SO well 🙂

  45. NOT ENOUGH, obvs. Probably around 30 pairs I’d say, with a higher-than-average proportion of T-bars and wedges. I LOVE a wedge. But my favourite thing about shoes is that they always fit. My weight fluctuates a lot and I find it really hard to find clothes that I like and fit well (including the wedding dress, what a nightmare that was) but shoes are a constant. Plus, a good pair of heels is a must when you’re having a fat day! My bridesmaids have got TwoBirds dresses (rosewater!) so I’d love to win this prize – hello, Kittie!

  46. Shoes? I have so many they’re coming out my ears but it’s my two best girls I’m worried about. They need them some Rachel Simpson gorgeousness so they can trot up the aisle in style. Pretty please?

  47. I have about 20 pairs of shoes: some flats, sandals, boots, heels, trainers. I need more because I wear the heck out of my shoes and I either need more asap or need to get myself to the nearest cobbler!
    Plus, I haven’t found wedding shoes yet and these are all to die for! 🙂

  48. 7… & I only regularly wear 2 pairs! I’ve long been embarrassed of my pitiful collection (or lack of!), makes me feel like I’m not a real girl, glad to know it’s not as abnormal as I thought from looking at the other comments!! I really would like to have more shoes, my fiance has twice as many! I would love to wear a pair of these for my wedding and if I won, I’d give the other pair to my MOH.

  49. 12.. I think! I don’t have too many as I banned myself from buying anything I didn’t need in order to save for my wedding (this August). The 10cm heels look idea & comfortable. I also like that you could wear them again after. My (rather clever) friend is making me a vintage inspired gown and they would compliment it perfectly.

  50. Funnily enough I was at my parents’ house last night and my Mum made me go to my old bedroom to empty a cupboard which was completely filled with shoes. There were some pretty tragic ones in there (including the ones I wore to my 6th Form leavers ball in 2000 and my first smart ‘interview’ shoes). Sadly, I decided that if I hadn’t needed them in the last 4 years, I wasn’t going to now. So off to shoe heaven they went.

    As for what I have now, well at least five pairs of ‘killer’ heels that I cannot walk in (fiance is 6ft4 – I’m 5ft1), two pairs of flip flops/ballet pumps, trainers (which don’t really count), ditto Uggs, and a couple of boots which need re-heeling.

    I would LOVE to be able to treat me and my MOH to some pretty new foot fancies for the big day. PLUS she is heading down the aisle 1 month after me, so if we could re-use that solves two shoe dilemmas! xx

  51. I only have a few – I like to have just the right ones of each ‘type’ to avoid too much confusion! (black flip flops, natural leather sandals, white plimsolls, black plimsolls, asics runners, tan brogues, black ballet pumps. Done!) …but all flats! Clearly not enough when there are *no* pretty heels for my August wedding 🙂

  52. Jeez hey…. I have so many ballet pumps and kitty heels, about 10pairs… 2pairs of fancy slops, 3 flip flops, Uggs, and 7pairs of winter boots (Boots are my shoe weakness) Being 5ft9 I only have about 4 pairs of stiletto heals which I can only wear next to my husband to be as he is 6ft. . .TWENTY SIX PAIRS!!!!!!! well not including the pumps, oh dear!!!!!!

    But I love sharing my shoes and making my girlies happy! !
    I want to win these shoes to give to my beautiful sister who is my MOH and lovely Brides maid!!!!!! They are working so hard to make my big day special! They deserve shoes! 😀

  53. These kittie shoes are just delectable!

    I have around 12-15 pairs, depending on whether I can find them or not! My wonderful, gorgeous fiance has a habit of moving things if he thinks they don’t belong in a certain place (what’s wrong with down by the coffee table?!), so I can often lose the odd pair.

    What a great collaboration to set up, and I really hope that the collection extends! I don’t have any sisters, so my best friend (who is like a sister to me!), and my fiance’s sister will be my Brides Maid and Grooms Maid for our wedding, I would really love to be able to bestow something just so, soo purdy upon their feet!

    Congrats on the fab joining of 2 inspirational collections!


  54. Those shoes are gorgeous! Great competition. Would love to wear/give these to my bridesmaids – we’re still looking for the perfect but budget shoes to go with their lovely dresses as so this would be amazing…

    This post has made me realise that I don’t actually know how many pairs! Sounds worse than it is, though – I’m no Imelda Marcos but I just don’t know!. Hmm – let me see – around 25 I think! 🙂 Feel like I’m slacking, looking at the other posts – best get shoe shopping!


  55. WOWZERS! Well I thought I had a lot of shoes, around 25 pairs, but since reading the comments I have realised that 25 pairs of shoes is nothing and I REALLY need to expand my shoe collection! At the moment I am searching for shoes for my graduate job (aka. my *omg I am a big girl graduate grown up now with responsibilities and my very own flat* job!) The post about work clothes was so helpful the other day, but I still havent found suitable shoes (apparently electric blue sky scrapers are not suitable for the office 🙁 ) I would love to win this prize, my faves are the grey ones <3 a bit of grey!

  56. How many shoes do I own……

    Well depends who is asking the question..
    Mother – 12 (only sees the functional ones that nice respectable girls wear)
    Best Friend – 28 (Sees every pair whether she likes it or not)
    Fiancee – 6 (”what these old things, of course you have seen them before!”)

    Another few pairs…. ooohhh go on then I’m sure I can find a few more hiding places x

  57. I love shoes!!! I love the way a simple pair of Chanel-esque ballet pumps can turn you into Audrey Hepburn for the day; and how a stunning pair of peep-toes can make you feel like Marilyn Monroe. That delicious sparkly flat sandal takes you right back to being a (glamorous) hippy oat Woodstock on a sunny day! And we’ve all got those fabulous ‘car to bar’ shoes that turns your whole evening into one long catwalk! (As long as you don’t do a Naomi Campbell!)
    Personally, I believe I own about 50 pairs of shoes (in many guises) but I am in love with Rachel Simpson’s ‘Sofia’. This shoe would go beautifully with my bridesmaids’ rose-covered 50’s style dress from Vivien of Holloway! What a treat that would be!

  58. Ok So no one will believe me but I own a grand total of 8 pairs of shoes – 2 pairs of boots, 2 trainers, 2 going out shoes some sandals and some pumps. I’m getting married next June (he proposed yesterday!) so we have about a year for my partner to get a job and save enough money for the entire wedding. It’s going to be a modest affair but I would just love to have the perfect pair of shoes to go with my dress and the bridesmaid’s will cry if their shoes are not matching. I’m not experienced with fashion but I have been secretly planning this wedding for about 6 years (possibly longer) and I know it will be beautiful no matter how much we spend on it but I don’t want it to look shabby so I am doing lots of research to get the cheapest but best deals possible. I’ve only been doing it a day and I know it’s going to get worse but I’m panicking already haha!


  59. although I only have two feet, a glance in my wardrobe would seem to defy this! i LOVE my shoes, have many many many pairs, including platforms, wedges,ballet flats, hi-tops & flipflops… the list goes on. my two bridesmaids are wearing gorgeous charcoal classic long flutter dresses this September for my wedding and i would love to ge them shoes to match!:)…or just grab a couple of pairs for my ever growing collection!!!

  60. I only have 7 pairs of shoes and I love shoes I just have a very sensible fiancee and can only sneak one pair into the cupboard a year without him noticing!! I adore rachel simpson shoes and would love my maids to wear Sofia as they would fit perfectly with my vintage themed wedding. Ive got my fingers and toes crossed 🙂

  61. I would say I have about 20 pairs of shoes, pretty modest really. But – if the question was ‘how many pairs of wearable shoes do you have?’ then I am even more lacking – 10? The problem is not my lack of shoes, more the feebleness of my feet…I fall in love with a pair of shoes, they fit me in the shop and then I take them home and they *kill* me. Sometimes I am lucky and I manage to break them in, othertimes my heels just can’t take the rubbing and it’s game over! I have had my eye on the Rachel Simpson shoe collection for a while (I was most excited when they were at The National Wedding Show and I could try some on), as the styles are lovely and they look so well made surely they wouldn’t harm my tootsies?! I am even more in love now that Kittie has been released – just the right heel for me (don’t want to tower above the fella on the big day) and the colour rosewater is perfect for tying in with our colour scheme and my bridesmaids dresses…and they’re gorgeous to boot. Fingers and toes crossed 😉

  62. Honestly I don’t have that many pairs of shoes. I actually think that Mr C has more.

    I find it really difficult to find ones that a) I like and b) don’t make me look like I have a wee tiny person’s feet. I have little feet (between a size 3 and 4) but big boobies and honestly that’s not a good combination. Much as I love Dolly Parton, I don’t want to look like her all the time. As a result, my little feet need grown up, lovely looking shoes with a timeless elegance so that I can look like a lady (rather than a kid in her mum’s high heels!).

    Other things to note:
    1) I have cut out every single pair of Rachel Simpson’s shoes and stuck them in to my bridal book. I actually ran out of glue.
    2) I pinned a picture of the two birds dress on my Pinterest board as a possible bridesmaid outfit for my sister and it got over 90 re-pins. That’s the online equivalent of running out of glue!

    So, in conclusion, pick me because a) I don’t want to look like Dolly Parton and b) I have run out of glue. Thank you!

    Beckie K x

  63. I have 13 pairs of shoes, that’s just unlucky for a start. Strangely though, I struggle to shop for shoes. I’m too picking, my taste is to expensive and I’m too broke(!). If I was to win this competition, I would want to get the shoes for my two older sisters, they deserve a treat 🙂

  64. 17! Though 3 pairs are the same style – I finally found pretty, comfortable flat shoes with an ankle strap so I decided to stock up! Most of the rest are my gorgeous heels, but I’m always falling in love with new pairs. Unfortunately most the shoes I love I can’t have because my odd shaped feet mean I always need ankle straps for my narrow heals and a lot of shoes are too tight around my wide toes! But I can always keep looking and dreaming… and the Kittie shoes are definitely my dream!

  65. I love lovely shoes but am very ashamed to admit that I don’t know the exact number that I own…and not because I have so many either! I estimate my number of shoes to be somewhere between 6-8, and that includes my wedding shoes!

    Obviously this number is simply not enough, and was I to win I would add one of the pairs to my own collection and give the other pair to my sister 🙂 I would go for the Rosie style for myself as they are too pretty for words!

  66. Shoes can definitely make an outfit. They are one of the first things I notice about a person (that and teeth…) I have about 30 pairs but all this saving up for a wedding means that a few pairs which are very much loved have seen better days.

    SOS rock my wedding I’m in need of new shoes and what a wonderful treat it would be 🙂

  67. I have a lot of shoes! My collection ranges from casual flip-flops to ouch-they-hurt-but-they-look-so-good heels. I believe shoes have the power to make you feel fabulous (even on those nothing fits/I have nothing to wear days!).

    At the weekend I managed to find 5 left foot black flip flops but not a single right foot…sounds like a great reason to buy another pair to me!

  68. Now are we just counting my winter shoes/boots or summer wardrobe… Or do you mean my going out collection?!? Lol i would guess I have about 50 pairs ranging From knee high boots, to sparkly going out shoes to Sandles. Sadly the going out shoes don’t get much of an airing at the moment, as we’re saving for the wedding, so staying in is the new going out. I however never have the perfect pair to go with my outfit for the day… I always need a different shade or heel height or material or well…. I guess the saying really is true… A girl can never have enough shoes 😉

  69. I have just discovered the Rachel Simpson shoes, and I have falled in love. I have around 10 pairs shoes, but attempting to focus spending money on decent good quality shoes. This is taking a while… I need more shoes to go with the many new outfits I will need to buy to go with them!. In particular I need a pair of Rachel Simpson shoes, have a feeling they would be perfect with my wedding dress!

  70. Shoes… Those fabulous things that always come in pairs! They never judge you and they don’t care if you’ve put on a few pounds! The right pair will finish off an outfit and always make you smile. I love my shoes even my old biker boots (that have seen a better days) and I know they’ll always be there waiting for me to show them the light of day even if it’s been a while. 35 paies isn’t too bad but I’ve got a feeling my collection will be growing this year. Have you seen how many gorgeous pairs there are for brides!! I can’t wait to get mine 🙂

  71. I really do love a good pair of high shoes, not Liverpool high, but respectively high. My financé, however, is only a couple inches taller than me so this causes an obvious dilemma on date nights.

    I currently have 27 pairs of shoes;
    15 are too high for him (deemed above eyebrow height),
    at least 3 give me painful blisters if worn longer than 2 hours,
    2 can be counted as near-ankle breaking and therefore are for girly dinners only where sitting down takes up at least 70% of the evening,
    1 pair give me lemming feet (where your toes hang off the edge of the shoe)
    and the rest are either flip flops, pumps or a variation of a flip flop.

    So, the reson I need more shoes is so I can come under my fiancés eyebrow height without having to cheat and bend my knee slightly to trick him and wear non flip flop like shoes on date nights.

    For the wedding coming up next March, he doesn’t really have a say as they will hopefully be Jimmy Choo… and you can’t scrimp on a a pair of Jimmy Choo!

  72. Hmm, how many pairs of shoes do I own? The straightforward answer to that is – not nearly enough! I was always a bit scared of “proper” shoes (or rather I was scared of my ability to walk in them without tripping and falling), then I met HTB who is 6’4” to my 5’3”… Shall we just say it suddenly became essential to develop an interest in very high heels… and the ability to look good in them too!
    I now have a selection of about 15, ranging from scruffy flip flops right through to my most beloved petrol blue suede platform shoe boots. I confess I am always drawn to what I would describe as a “budget-stretching” shoe (I’ve been known to linger for some time in the Selfridges shoe galleries), but head tends to win over heart, hence I don’t have that many and still have a roof over my head at the time of writing.
    I would love to win some beautiful Rachel Simpson shoes for my bridesmaids, two lovely girls of endless patience and kindness. Anne would look stunning in the pale grey Kittie and Katy would rock the Rosie in slate. I’m pretty sure neither would permit herself to actually buy such gorgeous things, so to be able to surprise them on W day would be amazing.

  73. I think I just counted 12 pairs (only two more pairs than Mr D!) Being a nurse I spend my life in boring , sensible,foot preserving shoes! I would love the opportunity to treat my feet to some beautiful shoes. There is a whole world of shoes out there waiting for my feet to try. A pair of gorgeous Rachel shoes would be a great start to my shoe adventure!

  74. I have 26 pairs now after a big clear out, and of course what’s needed after a big clear out? ……… New beautiful shoes to fill the void and keep my feet dancing for the next few years!

  75. Love Rachel Simpson shoes! I have about 15 pairs of shoes. I just donated about 15, so it’s time to buy more!

  76. Hi, you may be wanting a more glam girly answer, but I’ll just be honest….
    I currently have 3 pairs of shoes, 1 are worn out flip flops, 1 are pumps my Dad bought me before I came back out and one are a pair of hand-down crocs. Glamorous ey? This was NOT the case in 2009!! In 2010, I came out to Cambodia (started a charity ) to look after some very precious orphaned children and gave up everything I had and in many many ways have no regrets, BUT this summer I have a few close friends getting married and will be back in Blighty to celebrate, I’d say flip-flops are simply not enough to celebrate in style, Rachel Simpson has some serious style, would love to be glaming it up in her shoes the summer

  77. I own 25 pairs of shoes, and I love every pair. There are so many lovely shoes that you cant stop getting more as there sooooo many more to own and worship!

  78. I own about 5 pairs of shoes! I used to own about 25 but my crazy dog decided that they looked a bit tasty and chewed up the rest so now I am a right shoeless joe!

    The reason that 5 is simply not enough is because I need at least a pair of shoes per outfit that I own and that means that I really should have at least 100 pairs of shoes, and I should have a lovely revlving shoe cupboard Overboard stylee!!!

    Plus I have hideously manky feet and the only thing that makes them better is to put them into beautiful shoes! 🙂

  79. I have just counted, and I have 12 pairs of shoes in my wardrobe (plus a pair of muddy wellies in the car for tending to my allotment). Having briefly scanned the other comments, I feel I am lacking somewhat in the footwear department. Winning this competition would definately help boost my shoe cred! Plus these shoes look very special, and my bridesmaids’s feet would look lovely in them (thank goodness we have the same size feet).

  80. I would say that I own around 20 pairs of shoes. Definitley not enough in my opinion but I really struggle to find shoes that I really love and which aren’t too high for me. I’ve already considered Rachel Simpson shoes for my wedding day as the style and heel height seem perfect so would be a welcome addition to my rather limited shoe collection.

  81. i only own 4 pairs of shoes a pair of trainers,flip flops,kitten heels and a pair of crocs im getting married end of this year and came across this wonderfull competition in google would love to win a pair of you beautifull stylish shoes to walk to the isle x

  82. I currently own about 50 pairs of shoes but they are all mainly Primark so that’s definitely the reason I should have these beautiful shoes to add a touch a class to my shoe collection and my bridesmaids! 😉

  83. How many pairs of shoes do I have? Well, it depends on what continent I’m on….! Leaving most of my worldly goods in Blighty, including probably 30-ish pairs of shoes, I started again from scratch where I currently am in Australia where I’ve probably clocked up another 20-ish. That’s a few on high rotation, a couple more for specific occasions, and some worn-out ones skulking at the back of the wardrobe, including the ubiquitous Aussie ‘thongs’ (flip flops) which it seems a bit much to actually class as shoes…

    However, none of them in either hemisphere are remotely as pretty as the Rachel Simpson ‘Kittie’ heels, at the sight of which I may have let out a little ‘eek’ of joy.

    Coming back to the UK next month for a family wedding, followed by another trip home for my own next year, I am using up all my shoe money on boring things like airfares, and therefore beg and plead to win these beautiful shoes to ensure I stay the belle of the ball.

    Or, in an uncharacteristically altruistic move, I could treat my own ‘two birds’ – my gorgeous sisters and bridesmaids to be – and get married in the flip flops!

    Either way, thank you RMW for the pretty.


  84. In the middle of 7 months travel, I’ve found myself with three pairs of shoes: one walking, one flip flops and one pair of Sanuks. I’m now back in the UK for 2 weeks and have found I have no shoes to wear for normal occasions – 3 pairs of travelling shoes just aren’t enough! Having worn Rachel Simpson ‘Mimi’ shoes for my wedding, I could definitely do with some more!

  85. My shoe collection is pathetic!!
    Once upon a time i was the proud owner of stunning, delicate shoes. I became a mum and now it’s Birkenstocks (the staple comfortable trendy acceptable shoe!) a couple of pairs of trainers that are never run in and some black ballet shoes for work. Oh, there’s a few trendy-Wendy sparkly shoes still in my cupboard – so I once did have a tendency for the nicer shoe!
    I’m hoping your pity on me will guide you to choosing me for these super delicious shoes – I would love love love to walk down the aisle in August in a pair of these. Please don’t let it be flip flops ;-D
    Jem xxxx

  86. Can’t stop thinking about these shoes!! think I might pop if I don’t find out soon! ? :-)) Making more wedding plans for the summer! When do we find out?

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