Brighton Rocks.

I love Brighton.

When you think about Brighton you probably think Seaside, Pier, Pavillion. You are less likely to think thistles, open fields…. kilts?

Re-adjust your expectations people!

RMW readers Liz and Colin brought a little piece of Scotland all the way down to the south coast of England, and in the process created an effortless and elegant start to the rest of their life together. Lisa Devlin also made the journey, and she brought her camera along…

A Long Weekend.

Our Brighton wedding took place on Friday July 8th 2011 St Margaret’s Church in Rottingdean and Pangdean Barn for the reception. Colin is Scottish so we had lots of guests travelling down for a long weekend. We had heavy rain the day before the wedding and at the rehearsal the night before we had to shelter in the Church until it stopped… I was a bit worried as we had chosen ‘here comes the sun’ by the Beatles for our leaving the church song so I was so relieved when we the sun came out just in time for us.

Five Votes For Suzanne Neville.

I found my dress from Leonie Claire in Brighton who were amazing from start to finish. The girls were so welcoming and made us feel really relaxed. I went along with my 5 bridesmaids and mum and we had a lovely time picking out dresses with a glass of champagne in hand. As you can imagine with 5 bridesmaids in tow there were a lot of opinions as I tried on each style! But when I came out in the lace long sleeved design by Suzanne Neville, it just felt so perfect and finally they all agreed that this was the one!

Simple Vintage.

I chose a simple veil and a vintage look side pearl head piece from designer Polly Edwards. I didn’t have any jewellery other than diamond ear-rings that my husband-to-be had left with my bridesmaids Jenny and Katie on the morning of the wedding – which they woke me up with by jumping on my bed!

The Perfect Pick.

I loved my ivory satin 40s style peep toe shoes from Rainbow Club, my mother-in-law Carolyn actually picked these out for me at my final fitting and they were perfect!

Wind And Veil.

Originally I thought about doing my own make up but I really wanted to relax on the morning and this turned out to be the right decision as I could really take everything in and watch the girls getting ready. I actually had the make-up trial the day before the royal wedding, so we had a really fun afternoon where my bridesmaids came over and we had champagne and Will & Kate cupcakes! I was really happy with the look on the day, although I did put my hair spray to the test by having pictures up on a hill by a windmill and in a corn field, at one point my veil flew off and Colin had to chase after it through the corn field! Luckily it was all caught on camera and video too!

Vintage Blooms.

My bridesmaids and I had bouquets of Old Dutch, Amnesia and light pink Sweet Avalanche roses, light pink peonies and hydrangeas. Our florist The Vintage flower house tied the colours in perfectly with our ‘sage and pink’ colour theme. On the tables we had a mix of candelabras and clusters of silver vases with different posies of our flowers. They were so beautiful we took all the posies home and gave them away to friends as we were going on honeymoon. My sister-in-law Monica also had the idea to press some flowers from my bouquet so we did this the next day and I’ll frame this later.

A Scottish Touch.

Our colour scheme was sage and pink. Our beautiful bridesmaids wore sage green dresses from Coast – although we had a bit of a drama when Sam announced she was pregnant and would be 6 months pregnant on the day! Luckily Coast did the same dress in a long length that suited her bump perfectly and she looked gorgeous. The girls all chose their ivory shoes from Next in 2 different styles. Our best man Iain and the ushers all wore their own tartans and jackets from Macgreggor Macduff in Glasgow.

A Tot In Time…

My husband wore his family Logan tartan. His best man Iain had thoughtfully bought along a hip-flask of Whisky to calm his nerves which seemed to work, as he almost fainted in the Church.

Double Vision.

We chose Lisa Devlin as our photographer after seeing her work on her website, I loved the vintage look to her photography and she really captured the feel of the day. Lisa had the idea for her assistant Jayne to photograph Colin and the ushers getting ready in the morning at the flat while she did me, my mum and the girls getting ready at the hotel. This was such a good idea and I loved seeing them all getting ready at the flat and seeing what we were doing at the same time on the morning.

Floral Flourishes.

We had a jam and cream sponge 3 tier cake from the Marks & Spencer that tasted delicious – we asked our florist to decorate it so it looked really effective.

All Day And All The Night.

We found a band that we had seen on a night out called Tongue and Groove and they were amazing 5 piece rock band after our first song they launched straight into ‘All day and all of the night’ by the Kinks which got everyone up after we had told them we had that inscribed inside our wedding bands, so that was such a lovely moment.

First Dance.

We chose ‘In my life’ by the Beatles because it seemed right for us and not to difficult to shuffle along to.

A Joint Effort.

My bridesmaid Aimee and I spent the weekend before the wedding making the table plan, wedding post box, menus and all the decorations, it was a really special and made everything feel so personal. We used a mirror from our flat and stuck plain paper to the back of left over invitations and printed the names on and it looked really effective. I would also suggest using tableplanner software which was only £10 and really helpful when you are deciding on the table plan. My bridesmaid Sam also made photo displays of us growing up in beautiful heart frames that really tied in with the barn, they were a surprise on the day. The barn was also filled with fairy lights and candles which looked so pretty and cosy.

It’s All Part Of The Process.

When you are saving for the wedding it’s easy to think ‘all that money just on one day’ and to focus on making the day perfect, but I think the best advice I could offer is to see the wedding build up as just as important and enjoy things like choosing a band, dress fittings and picking the rings as experiences in themselves rather than jobs being ticked off the list. Looking back I will never forget some of the lovely days in the build up like having fun nights out with Colin seeing random bands, making the decorations with my bridesmaid and the dinner with my family the night before the wedding.

Church St Margaret’s Church

Reception Pangdean Barn

Photographer Lisa Devlin

Boutique Leonie Claire

Dress Suzanne Neville

Head piece Polly Edwards

Shoes Rainbow Club

Flowers The Vintage flower house

Grooms men Macgreggor Macduff

Entertainment Tongue and Groove

Erm… Brighton Rocks, yes?

Things I love about this wedding…. The stationery (understated but with beautiful detail)… That first black and white shot of Liz in the window (Grace Kelly anyone?)… Windmills and wind beaten grass (something perfect about this that I can’t quite place my finger on).

Oh, and that massive London bus, you’ve got to love London by the sea.


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

23 thoughts on “Brighton Rocks.

  1. I officially L.O.V.E. that dress – its gorgeous! and the hair slide, and her hair and … well everything really! What a beautiful couple 🙂

  2. Beautiful photography, gorgeous bride and kilts!! What more does a wedding need?

    Also, Liz has the same colour scheme and bridesmaid dresses as Catherine & Ben’s wedding earlier in the week, but the two couldn’t look more different! It just goes to show that you don’t have to worry about some of your details having been done before – as long as your personality shows through on the day, your wedding will be unique to you as a couple. 🙂

  3. WOW! I love this!
    Suzanne dress is gorgeous, and the hair and hair accessory too. The bridesmaids and the flowers and just the gorgeous shots in the fields!!!

    So so amazing!

  4. @Shirley – me too pet. It’s one of the loveliest dresses I have seen in a long time.

    @Tracy M- you know it is so funny you should say that… Sometimes juggling weddings at RMW HQ can prove challenging, especially when we get so many all at the same time come through. Not only do we try and post them it some kind of date order (the only fair way basically) but we also have to be mindful not to post a series of similar styles/colour schemes/themes very close to each other. We really want to give EVERY W-day the opportunity to shine.

    I actually did think about Liz and Colin’s W-day in relation to Catherine and Ben’s, as in terms of the green and pink. But then did a total 180 and thought you know what? these weddings are so ruddy different. And both completely RMW gorgeous in their own way.

    Um… sorry for the long comment there lovelies, it’s clearly been on my mind!

    Charlotte xxx

  5. One of the most elegant dresses I’ve seen, love it!
    On the ‘oh no it’s been done before’ thing, it’s so easy when you are planning to lose sight of the fact that hardly any of your guests will have picked up a wedding magazine, or read a blog, in the last 12 months (if ever!) If you really like something you shouldn’t ever worry that guests will think it is old hat. They won’t, and if they did, they aren’t worth worrying about!!

  6. What a good thought – I have only just booked date&venue and already thinking ‘omg all this for one day’ but its not – its a years worth of days/nights out and memories
    What a dress! A truly lovely day

  7. There are so many things that are absolutely beautiful about this wedding, I don’t know where to start!! That dress is an absolute stunner, really really beautiful, I love the neckline on it!

    Charlotte, these two weddings could not have come at a better time – I’ve been looking for green & pink wedding inspiration! Perfect! Feel free to send more my way… 🙂

  8. THE most beautiful dress I have seen on these pages.
    Absolutely STUNNING!

    Everything else, also falls in to the ‘absolutely STUNNING’ category… in particularly the blooms and the stationery.

    Wow-wee – J’adore it all x

  9. what a beautiful wedding, loving the whole style. That dress is amazing, loving the hair and flowers too. A beautiful bride and handsome groom!

  10. What a beautiful dress.

    And I had fun reading – first about the bridesmaids waking the bride by jumping on the bed; ‘awwww’ I thought, obviously little one. Then about them drinking champagne; ‘oh, okay, um’ I thought. Was quite relieved to see pictures of bona fide grown up bridesmaids – rather than prococious fizz swilling children!

  11. I agree, an absolutely gorgeous dress. I really want to try out suzanne nevilles new collection! Just wondering where the invitations were from Liz? Or are the diy? x

  12. How unbelievably stunning! That dress is To. Die. For. Such timeless elegance.

    And the photography? Lisa Devlin is one very talented lady! Fabulous!

    Charlotte, I’m with Celine – loving the sage and pink this week, it’s giving me great inspiration!

    J x

    PS: Bridesmaids waking you up by jumping on the bed? BRILLIANT!

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