Bunny Delicious.

Didn’t need a fancy title for this piece, the quirky and delectable stationery company do it all on their own with what is perhaps one of my favourite company names EVER.

Yup that’s right folks – Bunny Delicious.

They make all sorts of wonderful and unique wedding type stuff and the table plans in particular are OUT OF THIS WORLD.

I mean it people – just total knock-your-socks-off super clever loveliness.

Bunny Delicious was created by Zoe Rusga in 2003 after the birth of her second child and coming to the conclusion that the thought of becoming a housewife was terrifying……..

7 years and over 1600 clients later and this lady is positively rocking W-day paper goods.

And if you like me are a design geek/wannabe entrepreneur/lover of kitsch originality then you GOTTA read this piece Zoe put together for Rock My Wedding, ’tis witty, honest and full to the brim of utterly gorgeous images.

My designs, or “My stuff” as I like to call it, was born out of desire NOT to be like everyone else. I hated looking like other people in school/out of school. hated having the same things as anyone at school, so was always on the hunt for unusual, expensive or one of a kind. Naturally when it came to designing stationery, the same rules apply. It can’t be the same as anything else out there. It HAS to be unique, as well as giving people the OMG, I have to have it! reaction. The same reaction that I used to get from a pencil case in Paperchase in Tottenham Court Road/London at 14 years ago, is the sheer hit-you-sideways-with-a-dumb-fascination is what I wanted to bring to my designs. You know deep down its just a pencil case, but you can’t help to be sidetracked by its awe and beauty.

Sticking a feather or anything that came in a pack was such a cop out to me, anyone can do that….so I always made things as difficult and as complex as possible, especially in the early days of design plagiarism, of which I was a constantly pillaged! I almost gave up, I found it soul destroying! What gives these girls to steal the concepts that breed and develop inside my head?? This is turn spurred me on to develop my brand as SO recognisable, that the other girls looked silly copying me, as it stood out a mile as to what they were up to. How can you use a designer that has no design skills?

My inspiration is deep routed into my childhood. I have a thing for detail, I was raised into the world of Art Deco, Liberty prints, William Morris, London, Art Galleries, the V&A, history, foreign travel, exotic foods, hello kitty and things of cute miniature nature. My one stand out thought is a shop that sold every kind of pen, pencil, rubber, pencil case, note book, pencil sharpener, school bag going. It was situated in the Old Town of Stockholm (Gamla Stan) Sweden and it was called Happy Lina. The logo was a fairy, with wings, a big smile, a wand surrounded by a trillion stars. I think subconsciously this is where the star aspect comes into my designs. You can’t help to be transfixed by a star, it twinkles, it draws you in, and saturates your heart will the possibility of a fabulous dream.

I don’t draw on anything in particular for inspiration, I don’t look at other people’s work either. The recent trend for vintage bird cages was very tempting, but I do abhor jumping on a bandwagon. I love to create little “scenes” which is a new tangent for me. Everything you see is drawn on a computer, digitally cut, illustrated and then stuck or built into a picture. Every piece that I make like this, is a one off creation. I am an utter perfectionist, therefore nothing goes out unless I am 100% happy with it. I am my toughest critic!! Thinking about it, other peoples dreams and brief’s are my inspiration. there is nothing more I enjoy, than taking an ordinary, dare I say dullish brief, and turning it into something so amazing the bride cries. You know you did good when that happens.

My most favourite memory was a couple who came to collect their table plan. they stood there for 2 minutes not staying a word. I thought they hated it, no emotion no nothing, they left saying a small thank you, and that was it. I was gutted, to date it was my best piece. She emailed me later in the day to apologise. She said they were so struck by how perfect and how they had never seen anything like it, that they were both lost for words! they couldn’t believe this “thing” was now theirs! They’ve emigrated to Australia now,but she still buys all her friends wedding albums from me! I just ship them over to her!

So basically, why do I love my job? I have the creative freedom to do as I like, I feel like an adult 14 year old girl sometimes! My work still has a chidish edge to it and I think thats what draws people in. For as long as people continue to give me orders, and fuel my desire for quirky stationery, I will reign supreme in my own fantasy world.

Um….I want a guest book, I want a honeymoon book, I want one of those hen party invitations, I want the New York inspired table plan and the London one and the FARM one….. Jeez I so want the farm one!!

And I’m not even a bride anymore.


But most of you lot are ….. Hoorah!

Go check out Bunny Delicious and tell us what takes your fancy.

Big Quirky Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

37 thoughts on “Bunny Delicious.

  1. Zoe made our table plan, table names, cocktail menus and hen invites! All totally gorgeous and the service was fab. Wouldnt hesitate to recommend her!

  2. I’m sold! She’s fab! Loving the cricket top table too, that’s what’ll swing it for my fella, I imagine…

  3. OMG (i hate those 3 letters)…
    its amazing, love it, making my heart flutter.
    im off to her website – via yours…
    credit card get ready,…

  4. Wowsa, I’m a bit of a stationery nut and this has completely bowled me over, I love it!! Is it wrong I really want a table plan just for my wall 🙂

  5. Good Grief – ‘Tis only 9.15 and already there is a lot of love for Bunny! Yay!

    The “Farm” one that is like my most favourite table plan on the whole of planet earth was actually based on “what the couple liked” – so they sent Zoe the things they loved and this is what she came up with. How clever!! I never would have imagined beer and pie and tractors could look so darn cool 🙂

    So Sarah B exactly Pet – cricket was one of the things they liked too.

    Emma – do let us know what you buy!! I am jealous!!

    Kathyrn – I want one for my wall too……..

    Littlet – send us some pics, would love to see!

    AJS – Oh no I am sorry Hun …..but only a bit. This stuff is amazing!!

    TTDB – I know what you mean, They would make a great momento of the day too

    Charlotte xxx

  6. OMG this is one of the best posts EVER! I am completely in love… want to redesign my entire wedding now. Off to the site to spend some money!


  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bunny D!! She is fab! I totally love a stationer who has their own unique style and brand and she has been amazingly lovely to me since I started out. Order from her -you will definitely not be disappointed!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. I can’t decide! But as we’re collecting the last of the RSVPs, I’d have to lean towards the honeymoon albums and memory boxes. Such a beautiful style!

    Zoe – I have to say that I think it’s so so awesome that you publish your prices. I’m sure that many suppliers lose out because people see such fantastic work and think “I could never afford that!” and just don’t bother enquiring further.

    Off to email the link to the beloved!

  9. I have regressed from 14 to age 8, I feel like I am hiding behind a curtain and giggling. I’ve never seen such a collection of heartfelt praise. I usually get “thanks for the guest book, it’s fab” which is great, but this goes way deeper AND just from the pictures, from lovely people that haven’t even seen “the stuff” in the flesh! I will indulgently sit here with a coffee until 10pm and just F5 refresh for a little bit and then finish a table plan, which has 4 cats, Stockcar racing, cricket, shoes, Australia & Zante….aside from this MAGIFICIENT piece, today will be far from oridinary I’m feeling. Thank you so much Charlotte, and thank you to everyone who has commented and WILL make comments, because for today, you have all ROCKED my foundations….oops I spilt a tear now xx

  10. Wow! Loving all of it 😀 Also the piece is written so well it really makes me wish I did it for a living! Thanks again for sharing x

  11. I stumbled across this website a while ago and the stuff on there is simply amazing, unfortunately I’d already ordered all my stationery by that point boo!! Loved Zoe’s piece 🙂 x

  12. Oh I’m so sad! So sad that I didn’t find this before my wedding. Now desperately trying to think of occasions to use one… maybe for Christmas…. hmmm

  13. Absolutely gorgeous – my favourite of all the stationery RMW has featured – The table plans are beautiful, works of art in their own right and I just keep going back for another look at that Vegas honeymoon book….crumbs…it’s just so lovely I want to nibble on it.xxx

  14. I don’t normally comment on here (as much as I love it, I’m just a little embarrassed that I still lurk around on wedding sites looking at ideas when I got married last October!!) BUT Oh my god Bunny Delicious on Rock My Wedding, my most favourite supplier on my favourite blog!! Zoe made our New York table plan, table names and guest book and they were utterly fabulous!! I was a little apprehensive about the cost at first but it was worth every single penny. Everyone commented on it on the day and only yesterday I had an email from my photographer, a bride- to-be had seen some pics of mine on their website and was desperate to find out where it came from!!

  15. Amazing! I have looked at so many stationary websites & ordered lots of samples and whilst they have all been lovely none of them have made me as excited as these! Defo going to email Zoe! Thanks ladies! x

  16. I can’t believe how amazing those table plans are! Also, I like that they look a little home made. (I really hope you take that as a complimet Zoe as it’s meant as one) or maybe hand made is a better expression. I wish I had seen this in time for our wedding… on Sunday!
    I have some string tags upstairs. I am trying to think of something I can write on them and tie them together with ribbon. It’s such a good effect!
    I Love Bunny D.

  17. I’m grinning like an idiot reading this blog post and all the praise for Zoe. Quite right, her stationery is really special, definitely unique and always gorgeous to look at. And she’s lovely. Well done Zoe. xx

  18. Brilliant article. I’ve just bought my stationery from Zoe and cannot praise her designs or the finish of the work enough. It’s bespoke, it’s funky and girly without being toooo girly and nothing is too much trouble. Her designs hit me with a brick when I first happened upon them and I’m so glad I found her. As she infers in the article, you think you can’t be bowled over by pieces of paper and card, but you certainly do once Zoe’s finished setting the scene for your wedding. The save the dates/invites are the first things your guests see and it sets the tone and creates excitement over your special day, its so important. And Zoe seems to get it right every time, judging by comments on her Facebook! I will be recommending her to everyone I know for as long as I can! 🙂

  19. Totally in love as I got engaged in NYC but sooooooooooooo scared to ask the price??? Put me out of my misery before I commit to my heart please………..

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