By The Waters Edge.

Sometimes I am confronted with images so beautiful I am completely and utterly lost for words. Literally.

Anna and Tony who say “I Do” in just a few weeks time are not only ridiculously gorgeous, they are deliciously, hopelessly and unequivocally in love. Their Scarborough shoot captured by List member Jon at S6 Photography encapsulates everything that I look for in a RMW worthy engagement feature. And that folks is exactly that – everything. The emotion, the location, that pure unadulterated magic between two soon-to-be newly weds.

So, without further ado, I’ll let you sit back, enjoy and make plans to go hold hands in the sea with your favourite boy whilst fully clothed…..

I know I sure as hell am.

Anna: Being a born and bred south Yorkshire lass I always wanted to get married in my home city Sheffield. So when our search for a photographer started we headed online and very happily came across Jon from S6 Photography, we both loved his pictures and his relaxed yet intimate style.

Having stalked Jon’s blog for the past 6 months we noticed he was starting to do engagement shoots or pre-wedding shoots. We really liked the idea of doing a shoot not just for the photo’s but to get used to having our picture taken and to try and relax us on the day so we knew what was coming. (Hopefully not more water!)

Tony and I live in Scarborough and as we are getting married in the steel city we thought it might be a lovely idea to have some pictures where we live by the sea. Having grown up here Tony also really liked the idea of including Scarborough somewhere in the wedding.

Scarborough is a lovely little seaside town and on the right day, in the sun, looks picture postcard. Luckily for us the day we had the shoot was the perfect day, sun shining and brilliant blue sky and sea. Although I didn’t think we would be taking a dip! Even though we were totally soaked with sand everywhere it was so much fun and looking at the pictures I am so happy we decided to do it.

The wedding in only 2 and half weeks away, final details and table plans are ruling our lives but we are so excited about the whole day and what Jon will capture for us!

Photography List Member Jon at S6 Photography

Was I right?

Do you now have an unprecedented desire to go jump bare foot in the waves?

All I’ll say is this: I can’t wait to see the ruddy wedding.

Big If I was Anna and Tony ALL these images would go on my wall Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

20 thoughts on “By The Waters Edge.

  1. gah! it is super hot and horrid in my office right now, all i want to do is be in scarborough playing in the sea with mr and eating an ice cream

    stoopid work

    mrs x x x

  2. I have had these up on my computer at work for most of the afternoon, and I still can’t articulate just how perfect they are.

    They are so free, you know?

    And the palette. Don’t get me started on the colours here. And Anna’s hair. And the magic.

    Charlotte, forget images on the wall…if I were Anna and Tony these would be made into WALLPAPER.

  3. Ahhhhh these are great shots! And it shows off Scarborough really well. Wishing we’d booked S6 photography as I love his photos everytime I see them on blogs etc. Lovely looking couple too!

  4. Wow awesome photos! The light is just stunning, as are the couple! They were very brave to run into the sea, especially Anna in jeans! Boy they must have been heavy to walk home in! But the shots that Jon captured are amazing so it must have been worth it!


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