Canadian Cool… Part 2

So, one of the things I would look for in a photography, if I had my day again, would be the ability to take some so-cool-it-hurts portraits. I know there’s a reall tendency to veer towards the ‘classic’ for a wedding day but why is that??? I know when I planned my day one of my over-riding concerns was that I was YOUNG! There was no way I wanted to look dolled up like a little girl in her mums make-up. I wanted the photography to be fun and age appropriate and something I could hang on my wall. And I think this couple, Elisa and David, totally got that from Brett Harkness.

Hold on to your hats because these are some of the most smack-you-in-the-face-cool Wedding portraits I have seen so far….


Sunshine on a Rainy day…

The theme for the wedding was yellow and silver, cream/ivory as an accent if needed. The yellow was tied in through the flowers. My bouquet was soft yellow and cream colour roses, with the stem wrapped in sheer ribbon. The bridesmaids had the same but just the soft yellow colour roses. The groom wore a single cream colour rose and the groomsmen wore the single soft yellow colour rose.


Sifting through various websites, I fell in love the hydrangea and rose combination. To pull everything together for the table centres, in a tall vase was: 6 soft yellow coloured roses, 6 cream hydrangeas and 1 orchid inside the vase. Draped around the flowers were a strand of crystals with a crystal ball hanging from the end. (The picture does it more justice!)


The fabulous florist was Wanda Shipley from the Forest Florist and Country Accents in Forest, Ontario Canada (20mins from where I live), I knew when she was the right vendor when the first thing she told me was that the hydrangeas needed to be in water so they’d last- no other vendor told me that. It’s kind of an important detail!

She worked hard to get the right shade of yellow for the roses- keep that in mind when selecting a colour scheme for your wedding- shade matters in pulling everything together!
Another interesting note, I had come to find out that she did my parents wedding too (35 years ago!)…it was meant to be!

Portrait and Photographic Perfection

Brett Harkness was amazing, definitely the premier photographer in the UK. We had record rain fall the day of our wedding and he captured the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen. He does such fab work and we were very lucky he was available for our special day. Have a look at his website and you’ll know he’s the right one for your wedding!


Limoncello Layers

To stick with the colour theme, the cake was a lemon flavored sponge cake moistened with Italian liquor called Limoncello. The filling was lemon flavoured as well.
It was 4 tiers, covered in yellow fondant and adorned with fondant pearls in an ivory and silver colour. Each layer was wrapped with a sheer ribbon.


Only the top layer was real. The rest was fake. We had pre-arranged slab cakes done in the same way as dessert for guests. Our selection was inspired by a bridal magazine. They had a feature spread of different wedding cakes.

Dancing the night away!

During the cocktail hour we hired a 4 piece jazz quartet. I love Frank Sinatra type music-it always puts me in a good mood. An upbeat jazz quartet provided for great ambience and went well with the gourmet hors d’oeuvres being served. Our guests really enjoyed the quartet.

We hired a DJ for the evening. He played dinner music and also was the Master of Ceremonies. He did a phenomenal job. He entertained our guests and had everyone on the dance floor the entire night with his great song selection. It was an amazing party and that was what Dave and I were trying to achieve.


Dave and I both love Keith Urban and as soon as the song Memories of Us came out (which is supposedly for Nicole Kidman) we fell in love with it. The words are so beautiful.

Do me a favour!

Of course we had favours! Being of Italian heritage it’s tradition to give a little something to guests.
We chose a merino-inspired blown glass bottle stopper all the way from New York. There were no two bottle stoppers alike because of the blown glass process. We had them professionally wrapped with shimmery soft yellow paper, sheer ivory ribbon with a flower sticker on top finished with some bling.

Shining Decor

The décor for the wedding was inspired by the yellow and silver colour scheme, which included a lot of bling! My ideas were brought to life by Victoria Sebbin, from Victoria’s Décor and Event Planning (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada)

The ceiling at the hall was covered with 20 panels of veiling/tulle, with each panel meeting at the large chandelier in the centre of the hall. Around the chandelier was twigs and hanging from the chandelier were what looked like 100 crystal strands. It was breath-taking and definitely set the tone for the evening.


Our head table looked enchanting. Lots of tulle/veiling, draping, gathering, and of course bling! Framing our table were 2 large urns filled with twigs soft yellow roses, and hydrangeas.
Candles were everywhere. We had crystal votive candles around the table centres and cake. Candles are a must-have. They provided an essence of romanticism.


We had a 5 step bottle chiller sculpted out of ice. In each “step” we had different liquors. Guests were given a chilled shot upon entering the hall. Once the cocktail hour was over, it was converted with twigs, hydrangeas and bling, which flowed with the rest of the décor.


Our place cards were placed on large crystals in shades of yellow, white and silver. This is an easy DIY. I purchased the place cards (ivory colour) from a local stationary store; I used clear labels to print the guest names, and then placed them on the place cards. It had serious wow factor. Guests loved it.
Our invitations were made by Laura Paladino. Her invitation selection is beautiful with a variety of price points. I selected the French Vanilla set. It was ivory coloured paper with raised silver ink. I also added a motif at the top and put a swarvoski crystal in the centre. To follow the stationary theme (another DIY and cost saver) I purchased ivory stationary from the local store and had menus and church programs printed. I added the swarvoski crystal to the menu (complimented the bling of the hall). For the church program, I added a satin yellow ribbon because we were “tying the knot”. Each stationary item had the same motif and silver ink to keep things uniform.


Advice from across the pond…

Pay attention to the details!

Stick with your theme throughout, including stationary

Be creative- add your personal touch

Explore ways to DIY and save money

Go with your gut feeling when making a decision

Most importantly, enjoy the process while it lasts, your special day goes by quick!

Thank you for letting me share our wedding day details (and re-live the experience!) with you all the way from Canada.

– Elisa

Thank you so much to Elisa and David for Sharing the day with us, and all your planning tips. Thanks also to Brett Harkness for the stunning images. Congratulations from all of us here at RMW.

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

11 thoughts on “Canadian Cool… Part 2

  1. Gosh the bride is absolutely stunning- what a beautiful couple they make! I feel like I am going to look so plain in comparison!

    The photos are great 🙂 x

  2. Love this wedding!

    Loving the bling and colours, quite different to anything I’ve seen.

    I have been searching for the crystal beaded tealight holders seen here, in the UK. I have found the lower one in Monsoon but can’t find the one with silver stem anywhere apart from ordering from the US online which is quite costly shipping. If anyone has seen these I’d love to know where thanks x

  3. Hi Emma, I purchased the earrings from a kiosk (stall/stand in the middle of a shopping centre) in a Toronto mall. Unfortunately, there is no website link I can provide you…

  4. Was a wedding in a million, was a pleasure to be part of the day. Thanks to all for letting me drag you through the fields and the rain but boy was it worth it!!

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