Can’t Take My Eyes Off You…..part 1

Each of the RMW team will pick out something entirely different from each real wedding we feature as their “favourite detail” or their “favourite moment”, I 100% guarantee it. That’s not a bad thing of course, it simply goes to show that we are all individuals with varying requirements for what makes us tick. Much like you gorgeous lot in fact, and why we endeavour to showcase as much variety as we possibly can.

When I first saw Lucy and Chris’s Big Day it was the dress that first caught my attention, so swishy, so elegant, so glamorous. And then it was the blooms. Peach, pink, lilac and spring green, a ray of sunshine all tied up in one ribbon wrapped bouquet.

Of course all that pretty is easy to admire, and as much as I love the obvious aesthetics, my favourite part of this London soiree has got to be when Lucy is walking up the ailse. The way Chris is looking at her. The anticipation of Lucy looking at him. The way they look at each other …..


All of the beautiful images are courtesy of Christian and Erica at Christian Ward Photography.

A 1930’s inspired Natural Look

For my hen party ‘Emma Dennis’ did all my friends hair and make-up for a 1930s themed evening. She did a fab job so I asked her to do my wedding hair and make-up. I went for a fairly natural look so I looked like an improved version of ‘me’ it was definitely worth having a make-up artist because it stayed on all day and night!

I looked at Jenny Packham head pieces but I decided it would have been a bit too much with all the detail in the dress so I decided on a simple cream flower with wavy hair for a soft look.

The Dream Dress

My dress was from Morgan Davies in Islington. It was Papillon by Jenny Packham. I had thought I would pick a very simple grecian style dress but I fell in love with the detail, sequins, beading and beautiful 1930s style of Papillon. It felt amazing when I tried it on. After one day of dress shopping I knew I had found my dream dress.

Budget Bling

My engagement ring is an antique Edwardian cluster ring. I wanted to fing some earrings to match but on a budget! I found exactly what I wanted on Etsy.

My shoes were peep toe heels from Monsoon. They had some beading at the front and matched the dress perfectly. For a girl who is not usually drawn to jewels and beading I had turned into a magpie!

An Honourable Maid

My maid of honour was a trooper and we went dress shopping on Oxford Street when she had given birth only three weeks before! We picked a long navy dress from Coast to match the grooms suit, she looked stunning. Our flowergirls were our three year old nieces they looked very cute in pretty Ivory dresses from John Lewis with big net skirts which they loved and matching handbags.

A Subtle Vintage Theme

Juliet from Kensington Flowers did an amazing job. I described to her that I wanted a soft vintage look using pink, peach, cream and different greens. She came up with exactly what I hoped for.

My Mum provided lots of different glass cake stands for the table arrangements and small glass vases for the ceremony table they fitted the vintage theme perfectly.

In The Navy

Chris picked a lovely three piece navy suit with a fine pinstripe from Ted Baker. His Best Man also had a navy suit from Ted Baker with a slightly different pinstripe.

Photography – Christian Ward

Brides Gown – Jenny Packham at Morgan Davies

Shoes – Monsoon

Bridesmaid – Coast

Florist – Juliet at Kensington Flowers

Grooms Suit – Ted Baker

A bit of a tear jerker no?

And just wait to you see part 2 lovelies, a whole heap of W-day ideas to steal!

Do tell us what your favourite bit was…

Big Jenny Packham Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

18 thoughts on “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You…..part 1

  1. For me it’s the look In the fathers eyes-a bit ‘oh my god this is happening’ but also ‘oh my god this is actually happening’ and the sumptous decadent feeling of the earlier photos.

    I also love the dress. It’s not something I would go for so it’s a mark ohmygodthebridelookslush that makes me adore it so much.

    And it’s great to see a bride with shoulders and hair down without hiding the dress.


  2. Love this wedding. Like that the vintage feel is not overdone and everything is so stylish. They look so calm and collected in their ‘getting ready’ images, but you can get that feeling of anticipation and butterflies in the stomach as well! Love it!

  3. Erm, would it inappropriate to say that the groom is one handsome man?!
    I think my favourite would be the photo of the bride and groom, taken just as the bride has walked up the aisle to stand next to him. Le sigh.


  4. I LOVE the dress – so very pretty! And I think my favourite pic is the one of Chris watching her walking down the aisle. I always watch the grooms face at weddings and their reaction tends to make my heart flutter and cause a lump in my throat! Oh and tres pretty flowers too xxx

  5. Is the venue The Roof Gardens in Kensington?(apologies if it’s in the copy, feeling v. tired this morning!)

    I LOVE this venue. It’s simply gorgeous.

    I’m with Mahj too about that image – it would be all over our house if we were the couple!!


  6. I love how walking up the aisle has been captured – the bride and her father, then the groom then the couple together, lovely!

    Also any details on the hair flower? I am on the hunt for something similar!

  7. Charlotte this is all your fault, I am a weepy snivelly mess. I have rarely seen such evocative “as the bride walks up the aisle” shots. I feel like I was there at the wedding. What they portray is incredible.

    On a slightly more shallow note…loving Lucy’s lipstick – a beautiful colour without being overpowering…can anyone tell me what it is?

    Oh an even shallower note…what a gorgeous groom!

  8. What a beautiful wedding and loving the looks between bride and groom. Also in love with that JP dress, if I didn’t have my hefty hips this is totally the type of dress I would have loved to wear!! 🙂 Can’t wait for Part 2!! x

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