Elegant Traditional Wedding In Devon with Bride In Dress By Mirror Mirror And Images From Weddings Vintage
Bride & Groom
Bride & Groom
Elegant Traditional Wedding In Devon with Bride In Dress By Mirror Mirror And Images From Weddings Vintage
Elegant Traditional Wedding In Devon with Bride In Dress By Mirror Mirror And Images From Weddings Vintage
Elegant Traditional Wedding In Devon with Bride In Dress By Mirror Mirror And Images From Weddings Vintage
Elegant Traditional Wedding In Devon with Bride In Dress By Mirror Mirror And Images From Weddings Vintage
Table Plan
Table Plan
Elegant Traditional Wedding In Devon with Bride In Dress By Mirror Mirror And Images From Weddings Vintage
Elegant Traditional Wedding In Devon with Bride In Dress By Mirror Mirror And Images From Weddings Vintage
Elegant Traditional Wedding In Devon with Bride In Dress By Mirror Mirror And Images From Weddings Vintage
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Casie-Georgia & Tom

Anyone else think Casie-Georgia looks like Miranda Kerr? Those dimples!! Honestly, when putting this wedding together I just couldn’t get over how photogenic her and Tom are.

They had a beautiful wedding too – taking lots of inspiration from Rock My Wedding of course! Casie-Georgia made our glitter table numbers, which guests loved so much, they had all been smuggled away in people’s handbags by the end of the evening…

Casie-Georgia The Bride: Tom and I met whilst at university at one of Southampton’s student bars called “KAOS” – not the kind of place you would expect to meet your future spouse in! Four years later, having lived apart for a year, had a few job changes and bought our first home together, Tom proposed the day before his 24th birthday party as the sun set over London. I was speechless for the first time in my life.

The Planning

We booked our church and venue within a month of being engaged and, coincidentally, the date available for our wedding would be exactly a year to the day Tom proposed! In the year of planning we spent most of our days using Google or browsing RMW – I’m afraid our social life was quite neglected (sorry friends!)

We have always made a great team and, although we don’t agree on everything, luckily, we had the same vision for our big day; simple, elegant and, most importantly, that our family and friends would have an amazing time that they would always remember.

The Church

We decided to get married in the South Hams in Devon. We don’t have any particular links to Devon although we had enjoyed Tom’s dad’s 50th birthday in Dartmouth so we wanted to try and mirror this weekend of happiness.

Tom and I both wanted to get married in a church but we had no links to the local parish at this time. The village vicar, Anne, supported and guided us as to what we would have to do to fulfil the legal requirements. This was to involve making the trip from London to Devon nearly every weekend for a year! However tired and weary those trips made us it was all worth it to be married in a church by her; she is wonderful!

The Dress

I had always imagined that I would get married in a lacey, bohemian dress but I seemed to be veto-ing every lacey and bohemian dress that I tried. This was meant to be the dream but I had no idea! Eventually, I tried on a dress that was made of satin, with beaded arms and back. The style was very different to what I had been looking for as it was much more glamour than bohemian but we fell in love with it straight away. My Mum lovingly handmade my veil (something she hadn’t made before!) and it was the perfect finishing touch!

The Colour Scheme

Tom and I decided that our colour scheme should be mainly white with hints of pink and gold. This was to be brought out mainly in our flowers, which were arranged by the wonderful Caroline Hodges. We managed to re-use the flowers in the church windows for our table centre pieces, thus saving us a lot of money – and nobody noticed! Tom’s Mum and Aunt decorated our wedding cars using the same flowers. The bridal car was a white Land Rover Defender 90 and a red Defender 110 was used for the bridesmaids. We were lucky that these cars are in the family as they meant much more to us than a borrowed Rolls Royce and fitted in perfectly with the countryside setting. Tom’s dad also reinvented the Land Rover logo just for us!

The Food

As I said previously, the most important thing to us was that our guests had an amazing time. A huge part of this for us was to be the food and entertainment. Unfortunately, we did have a huge issue with the food that was being offered to us at tastings prior to the day. We stood our ground and insisted on changes; eventually our venue began to take note and, on the day, the food was delicious. It did, however, take us a long time to get there. My advice is that you shouldn’t be afraid to voice your concerns! You’re the paying client and the venue/chef needs to make sure you’re happy.

The Entertainment

A long time was spent online looking for our wedding band: we seemed to be listening to demos of what seemed like the same old wedding band each time. We are probably fussier than most but we didn’t want an average wedding singer/band. When we found The Sweet & the Lowdown we were smitten! Modern retro with an old style microphone! It wasn’t easy booking them – we had left it a little late but we are so grateful we managed to because they were amazing! Everybody danced all night and we were all shouting for another song at the end of their set; nobody wanted them to leave. Since the wedding, we have had to pass their details on to a lot of our friends who are now planning their own weddings.

The Wedding Party

Tom had five groomsmen (three of his cousins and two of his best friends). We can’t thank them enough for how helpful they were on the day. Indispensable!
And the bridesmaids – my three best friends and Tom’s sister – what would I have done without them? They were on hand with lipgloss, deodorant and champagne at all times!


I love planning, especially for a party, but I wasn’t quite prepared for wedding planning. A few words of advice for all in the midst of wedding chaos:
put time and effort into your table plan. People will appreciate this!

Finer details make a difference – our champagne saucers were a huge hit as it was something different!

Make sure you split the organising 50/50 as much as possible. People often think that the groom is not interested in planning the day but Tom and I agreed from the start that if one of us wasn’t happy, then we would make sure we thought of something else that we both liked instead. We both put as much effort into planning and we now have a day that we are both very proud of!
Enjoy yourself, even if things don’t go to plan – you will never get this day again.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who was a part of our wedding – for making the effort to come down/up/across to Devon! The day was only amazing because of you all.

Photography by Weddings Vintage
Author: Fern Godfrey
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.

21 thoughts on “Casie-Georgia & Tom

  1. Shilstone appears on RMW twice in one week! What a lovely wedding this is!

    Am getting married there this July and already concerned re: menu planning…sample menu we’ve been sent is very different to the one they shared when we paid our deposit last year. We have our tasting day in a couple of weeks – am disappointed to hear you struggled with them on this.

    Any tips on how to manage with them? Also – which church did you get married in? I don’t recognise as Dartmouth?

    1. Hi Rosie, thank you for your lovely comment!

      You will have a beautiful day at Shilstone – everybody was completely blown away by the setting and on the day the incredible service we were offered by the waiting staff! Our experience with the food we were originally offered when we booked the day was that we were told we could create our own menu and they were very excited about doing this for us however; when we went down for the tasting of this they weren’t actually able to deliver on this promise (we were served yoghurt in a ramikin for dessert?). Because of this disappointing meal we had to go back and choose something they were happy to recommend from their set menu which was fine to do but not what was originally planned although, having tasted this once more, we still weren’t happy with the presentation or the taste.

      You may find that their idea of a tasting day is unlike other venues. It is more of an open day instead of a private tasting session (although this may have changed now) so from our experience we advise that if this is the case, you make sure you grab someone to have the one-on-one time you need to talk about your day because otherwise you’re a little rushed round with everybody else whilst the owner tries to sell you frozen cocktails in a juice pouch which wasn’t for us…

      Because we were worried about the food still we ended up having to pay for a private tasting session to ensure our guests were going to get the best. Luckily they had brought on a new chef by this point and she was able to make something we were very happy with and that wasn’t school dinner like. We were ready to bring in our own caterers however, if this had not been the case.

      Just make sure they listen to you – as said previously, you’re the paying customer!! And on the day, our concerns were wiped away as the staff were genuinely fantastic and the food was gorgeous!!

      We got married in Holy Cross Church in Newton Ferrers.

      Good luck for July – how exciting!!!!!

  2. This was my venue! Looks like you had a gorgeous day and I love your dress!

    Rosie – looks like Casie-Georgia got married at Newton Ferrers but we got married at St Petrox in Dartmouth. Father Will there is amazing and made the service so personal. We weren’t in the Parish (live in the Midlands) but we made regular attendance there like Casie-Georgia.


  3. I got married in Shilstone too last summer, stunning venue and the day was perfect but get EVERYTHING in writing for what you agree, the owner has a tendency to not always recall agreements! They do a great job on the day tho just not so hot on admin 🙂

  4. Hi
    Just commenting on traveling all the way from London to Devon every weekend for a year to be able to get married in the church – wow, that’s a lot of effort! Firstly, I really respect the church of England’s rules around having a parish connection or alternatively for the couple to attend services to demonstrate a commitment before being allowed to get married there. I just wanted to advise other couples of a third alternative if you want a church wedding but are struggling with distance/don’t have the parish connection.

    I really wanted a Christian church service but didn’t have the parish connection and lived several hours from where we got married. We managed to get a “superintendents registrars certificate” which enabled us to legally get married in the church by “living” in the parish for 8 days. By living I mean I stayed in a B&B in the parish for 8 days (did a lot of wedding planning during my stay!!) You take the B&B receipt to the local registry office and they give you a certificate which enabled us to get married without the connection or having to attend services in that church. As a word of warning, it’s a slightly more complex process and not every vicar will agree to accepting this certificate (they don’t have to so speak to them about it first!) Because we were regular attenders of a church in our home city, our vicar agreed to this route. 8 days B&B isn’t cheap and you may need the time off work to do it but for us it worked out cheaper and was less hassle than the commuting up and down the country to attend services. Plus if you get married somewhere like Devon you can turn it into a little holiday! We still made the effort to attend a service during our stay and built a lovely connection with the vicar and parish community.

    Anyway – just thought that may be worth sharing with brides out there wanting to get married in a church but don’t have the connection.

    Beautiful wedding and congratulations to the couple x

  5. Absolutely gorgeous wedding. It looks a lot like how I want my wedding to be.
    Do you mind me asking where your bridesmaids dresses and groomsmens suits are from?
    Also, did you source the champagne saucers yourself?

    Thanks in advance x

    1. Hello!! Thank you 🙂 the dresses are from TwoBirds and the groomsmens suits were from next, they do great suits and the boys can use them after instead of hiring tails etc!

      The saucers we hired from a company called Devon Vintage China, along with the vintage cup and saucer sets for the afternoon tea. The saucers were one of the most talked about parts of the day, everyone loved them and we much preferred them to the standard flutes.

  6. Congrats Casie & Tom!!! Casie & I went to uni together on the same course and haven’t seen her since! You make a beautiful bride xx

  7. Hi Casie – thank you for showing my cake on your wonderful wedding blog. You looked absolutely beautiful and the whole day looked fantastic. I wish you and Tom all the best. I thought I would just let you all know that I have now been invited by Shilstone House to be one of their recommended suppliers so my wedding cakes will be showcased at Shilstone alot more!! Something I am really happy about as it is such a fantastic venue – Kate, xxx

  8. Hi,

    Such a beautiful wedding! I’m getting married in Devon next year and am looking for hair and make-up recommendations. Who did yours?


    1. Hi Lara, thank you for your comment! I brought my lovely friend from home with me to do our hair & make-up (one girl getting 7 girls ready – she is a hero!) so unfortunately, can’t recommend anybody in Devon – sorry!

    1. Hi Jess, I took my lovely friend with me to Devon to do my hair specially on the day. She isn’t working in the industry anymore though otherwise I would have passed on her details. She was fantastic! X

  9. Hi,

    Could you let me know the company that produced the ‘Just Married’ Land Rover logo? I’d love to get a sticker of this for when I’m chauffeuring a friends wedding next month

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