Celebrate Your Love.

Quite a fashion fest for you this afternoon, we have a “not-a-wedding-dress” dress in a pinky peach, grey maids and a groom in burgundy.

You are going to love it.

Rock My Wedding readers Imogen and Jamie married in April with a reception at Packington Moor Farm in Lichfield.

All of the ace images are courtesy of Mirrorbox Photography

On Time

Dan, one of our parent’s best friends and our friend, married us. His talk was so funny, personal and casual that both Jamie and I and our guests felt at complete ease. The ceremony was important to us so I made sure that I arrived bang on time!

Blushing Bride

I knew that I wanted to look like a bride but without the stereotypical bridal gown/look, I knew it wasn’t really me… I found a beautiful blush pink/peach Anoushka G evening dress online and rang every supplier on their list and managed to source one dress in a size 8 at the shop in Leamington Spa. My dress wasn’t from a typical bridal shop but an evening/prom dress shop called Revolve in Leamington Spa. I went the next day and I knew it was special, different and very me. So I decided it was to be mine. The price was also a beauty, at only £695 I knew I could then afford some beautiful Kurt Geiger shoes.

It’s hard to describe the style – I’d say Star Trek/ Lady Gaga/ Titantics/ 1940’s. The heavily embellished shoulders were a talking point amongst guests.

Minimal Detail

I have always known that I didn’t want a large veil or tiara, I have always wanted to keep it simple and informal, but when I tried on my entire garb I felt like I was missing something. So a week before the wedding I purchased a birdcage veil with very minimal detail from a seller on ASOS Marketplace for only £30. For the evening (as I knew a birdcage veil was going to irritate me all day) I bought a small pearl hair slide from Debenhams that I just quickly slid in after welcoming drinks.

As for jewellery, I’ve never been a big wearer of jewellery so all I wore was my engagement ring. I knew I’d be forcing something that wasn’t me if I wore a large amount of jewellery so I stuck with what I felt comfortable with.

Extra Height

For my shoes it was skyscrapers all the way!! At only 5ft 1 I needed all the extra height I could get. As my dress was a blush, soft pink, I knew that I couldn’t go for white shoes (not that I wanted to) so I trawled online and found a pair of gorgeous grey, suede Kurt Geiger heels with large bows on the front which I had to have, also they were in the sale for £40! Absolute steal! Though extremely painful by the end of the night, I love them and they are currently sitting on my dressing table for me to admire daily!

Simple And Loose

As my dress had heavily embellished shoulders I knew my hair needed to be in an ‘up-do’, but I wanted something simple and loose, nothing stuffy and tight, I still wanted to look like myself but just a more pristine version. My local hairdresser, Socorra at Kennedy’s, came over in the morning and took care of my hair. I decided on a loose, low, pinned back look (I must have had a hundred bobby pins in my hair!) and I was so happy with the finished look.

I can be quite fussy about my make-up…so I decided to do my foundation and blusher myself – using all Mac products. Then I made my way over to the local beauty salon, Essentials, to have my eye make-up done, I decided on a smokey grey eye to match my shoes and a very subtle soft pink lip.

Spring Fresh

We’d always envisioned our wedding to be relaxed and informal and I wanted the flowers to carry on with this theme. After approaching a few florists with my ideas I was given some rather ludicrous quotes! So I decided to speak to a family friend, an ex-florist, and asked if she’d like to do my flowers. Fortunately she said yes and understood exactly what I wanted and I have to say that the final result was fantastic, I couldn’t complain about anything even if I wanted to, they were stunning.

I wanted them to look like I’d picked them out of a garden that morning – fresh, spring flowers – so I had a selection of Ranunculus, David Austin roses, lisianthus, stock, rosemary and veronica’s.

The bridesmaid’s bouquets were just slightly smaller versions of my own and the table centres were made up of a number of different size and style vintage vases collected from charity shops over the months filled with the beautiful orange, peach, cream, white and green flowers.

Polka Dots

We asked our ushers to wear navy suits and we purchased their white Topman shirts and River Island burgundy polka dot ties. Again, I didn’t want typical bridesmaid dresses and after trawling for hours with no success on the internet I decided that they needed to be made. A family friend is a seamstress and between us we came up with a simple design, decided on a beautiful grey dotted fabric and went from there. My two bridesmaids (my sister and sister-in-law) are very different shapes, so we decided on two different styles but in the same fabric. I wanted them to feel comfortable so told them they could wear any shoes and accessories they wanted. One wore green shoes, the other pink, but it all just worked!

Burgundy Suit

Ah, the handsome groom! We went on a trip to Paris for a music festival and stumbled into a The Kooples store. Jamie immediately fell in love with a stunning burgundy three piece suit and tie. They were bought then and there and honestly, he did not stop talking about it until the honeymoon, he adored it!! He wore some lovely Hudson brown shoes and white Ted Baker shirt. Walking down the aisle, I did swoon, but because I knew that he felt as comfortable and happy as he possibly could.

Relaxed And Comfortable

Photography was extremely important to us and we knew we had to get it right. We wanted photographers that were fun, took risks, created informal, candid, subtle ‘capture the moment’ images and who also dabbled in lomography.

I stumbled across Mirrorbox Photography on RMW and immediately fell in love with the beautiful images. We got in touch with Sam at Mirrorbox Photography and after a friendly chat Jamie and I had faith that they would be able to produce the images we were after as well as a relaxed and comfortable environment for us, family and guests. We have to thank Mirrorbox Photography for the beautiful images and highly recommend them to any future brides out there!


Every girl loves cake so we wanted it to be tasty. My friend’s mum is an excellent cake maker and as a wedding present she offered to make our wedding cake free of charge. We opted for a three tier, battenberg covered in the most scrumptious butter icing! It was then decorated with three tiny tissue paper pom poms. As I was dancing all night I sadly didn’t even get to try any, but I heard it was delicious!

Indie Covers

Kindly my mum desperately wanted to buy a band for our wedding as a wedding present. We wanted a live band that played our style of music, so opted for a local indie cover band called The Atlantics from Leicester. They were fantastic and played songs from the Beatles to The Rolling Stones to Amy Winehouse. We always knew we wanted it to be a fun party and The Atlantics kept the crowd dancing all night! They even unexpectedly pulled Jamie and I up to sing. A DJ then followed on to keep the party going until late.


Our first dance was to Home by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. We’ve always loved that song and the lyrics mean a lot to us. It was made even more special when we went to a music festival in the woods in Paris and we heard it live, we knew it was the one. There’s always that one song that makes you think of the other person and that should be the one you choose, even if it’s not considered ‘weddingy’ because it doesn’t mention ‘love’ every other word.

A Few Questions

Favours was a difficult one… I knew we wanted something for our guests but didn’t want to spend a lot of money. So, on each person’s place setting we left a ‘Bride & Groom Wedding Questionnaire’ and a personalised pencil that they could take home. The questionnaires were purchased from a seller on Etsy and provided some light hearted fun for our guests as well as amusing us when we read them after our honeymoon.

As an extra something, I personally bought earrings and necklaces for my best girlfriends that I hid under their napkins for them to find during dinner. I wanted them to know that even though they weren’t bridesmaids, they still have a special place in my heart.

Vintage Inspired

My cousin works as a set designer for Hammonds and she gave me free reign of her store cupboard so I was able to find odd bits and bobs for the tables such as stacks of books and unusual vases. My house is full of old vintage furniture and I had always envisaged a ‘vintage area’ at my wedding, so my cousin and I created a corner with an old chair, cupboard, suitcase and odd bits and bobs such as a typewriter and vintage camera, to provide a great photo opportunity and to put our personalities into the barn.

My mum and I also slaved for hours making tissue paper pom poms that I had seen previously on RMW, we attached them to the beams and the back of mine and Jamie’s chairs. They had such an amazing effect on the barn and they were even recycled for my cousin’s wedding later that month.

Our stationery was created by my father (a graphic designer) from a personalised drawing of Jamie and I and we used it on our invitations, menus and table plans. We also used grey and white yarn pom poms to decorate the barn and cars.

Stay True To Your Style

What made our day special was that it was completely ‘us’. You are given advice when planning a wedding and advice that you feel obliged to take on board but it’s important to stay true to your own style and personalities. Never feel under pressure by comments such as ‘that’s not very weddingy’ as it is weddingy to you.

Remember why you are arranging the wedding, it’s to celebrate the joining of each other in marriage and the love you have, so don’t stress, not everything needs to be perfect, so what if one table has one more vases than the other! Have one night a week where you agree not to mention the wedding even once, and just enjoy each other’s company without the wedding planning hanging over your heads. Your wedding day will then be completely joyful as opposed to stressful and genuinely will be the best day of your lives.

Venue – Packington Moor Farm

Dress – Anoushka G

Boutique – Revolve

Shoes – Kurt Geiger

Make-up – Essentials

Groom – The Kooples

Photography – Mirrorbox Photography

Band – The Atlantics

Those portrait shots are so beautiful aren’t they?

Also, I am loving The Kooples a lot at the moment and now I am seriously thinking about making some burgundy investments.


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

21 thoughts on “Celebrate Your Love.

  1. Am i first? good, so i shall begin……….

    Non wedding dress, dress – absolutely LOVE it. I’m now going to start looking for evening dresses 🙂

    Shoes – lush.

    Kooples Suit – Sooooo original.

    Photography – Im off now to get a quote!! Such lovely shots, the portraits are so lovely, and the shots of the barn and during the speeches, love a caught in the laugh shot!

    Etsy – details of the person doing the quiz please??!

    Love this wedding its so relaxed.

  2. Love this! Love the frock, love the suit, love the vintage car and very cool b+w group shots – plus I’ve just nearly had a teary moment reading about the bride leaving presents for her best friends under their napkins. I was agonising over how to recognise my cousins at the wedding (without having 8 bridesmaids!) and now I think I may steal this lovely idea. Congratulations on a beautiful wedding day!x

  3. Oh my word!! That dress is stunning!! Everything about it is gorgeous, the embellished shoulders & waist detail, the ruching, the colour……I just love it!
    Such a gorgeous couple and a stunning looking wedding.
    And beautiful photography!
    I am in love with this wedding!! 😀 xx

  4. Obviously I like this wedding A LOT.

    I have never seen a burgundy grooms suit parred with peach and grey before but it so works.

    And you can’t beat those florals, or such a simple but statement cake.

    Charlotte xxx

  5. Wow, this wedding is truly beautiful. I love the dress, the Groom’s suite…the whole thing really.

    The couples first dance song is AMAZE! I just looked it up on You Tube and I love it!

    I think it is so brilliant that there are bride’s spearheading new and innovative way to do W day. It encourages all of us fellow brides-to be to go with our own style and our uniqueness. I am in awe and very inspired!

    Congratulations to Imogen and Jamie xoxo

  6. AAARRRGGGHHHH – the shoulder detailing. It’s too too too much for a Monday afternoon! My heart is pounding with love for the shoulder bling!!!!!! I dont want to go swimming after work, I want to go and coat my shoulders in jewels!

  7. Wow the “not-a-wedding-dress” dress looks stunning on Imogen. What a beautiful wedding…it’s going to be one of those ones I keep coming back to on here to swoon over!

  8. Well, I am not a peach fan (because I have a near hatred of pink and it’s a bit close) but frankly, this beautiful dress could actually convert me – what a wonderful dress and of course it helps that the bride is a beauty herself but the dress and the bride were just obviously… meant. To. Be. (Ahem, just as she was with her groom I’m sure – getting too carried away on the superficial here!).

    @Pamela – and so you should. Or, you could get a very Joan Collins-esque bathing costume with sparkly shoulders and combine the two. In which case I want to see a pic…

  9. I would like a dress with embellished shoulders – is it too late to change my mind with two months to go?

    Perhaps but doesn’t Imogen look gorgeous – I wish I’d been much braver with my dress choice now.

    @Pamela I’m so hearing you!!

    For me the sartorial choices of the wedding party is one of the key highlights.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE bridesmaids in grey – they look elegant, sexy and slightly 40s too – is anyone else feeling that vibe? I’m also crushing on the burgundy suit worn by the groom and how it perfectly complements his ushers’ suits.

    Burgundy and blue together. Yum!

  10. Love the peach with the grey!!! What a wonderful wedding!

    And I am in LOVE with the bridesmaid dresses-where are they from???

  11. Gosh I love this wedding – so may ideas to “borrow”. Imogen, I’m on the look out for personalised pencils, but the sites I’ve found want a minimum order of 250 – where did you get yours from?

  12. Beautiful…I love that dress, the bride is gorgeous! I really like the photos and the venue too, so much so I have been on both sites now and Im not even getting married yet!!

    It doesn’t hurt to start planning though right?

  13. Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for these wonderful and kind comments about mine and Jamie’s wedding!! It truly was a special day and to see such lovely comments from people that don’t know us personally has really touched me. THANK YOU!

    To answer a few questions… The questionnaires were from a seller called My August Press on etsy. She was so lovely and made any alternations until they were just right. She has many other styles to choose from too.
    Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the details of where I got my pencils from, I’m so sorry.

    If you have any other questions let me know. Again, thank you so much for your kind words. Jamie and I were shocked to see all these lovely comments!

    Wishing all future brides the best and congratulations!!

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