Clean, Scottish and Stylish… Part 2

So it’s time to share part 2 of this stunning wedding, crisp, clean and very cool. We love.

And in this part you get to see the second dancing dress, (with cool shoe change too!) all the reception finishing touches and some simply beautiful photography.

Bring. It. On.

Stylish Photography

Our photographers were Christina and Jay from Elemental Weddings We had spotted them from another wedding they had photographed at our venue and booked them on the spot.

We had an engagement shoot last August so we could meet them before the wedding and feel a bit more relaxed about the photos.

We needn’t have worried as Christina and Jay are amazing and we cannot recommend them highly enough. They made us feel immediately at ease and you can tell how passionate they are about their work.

Reception in a Cow shed!

The reception venue was Kinkell Byre just outside St Andrews which is basically a posh cow shed! It was one of the first venues we saw and we knew it was the one for us – the stone work and oak barrels have rustic charm and the view over St Andrews Bay is one of my favourites.

Sandy who owns Kinkell Byre was so helpful with many aspects of arranging the day. Stevie at i-light productions arranged the lighting and spent considerable time with us making sure our cakes and centrepieces were properly lit. His work really brings the venue to life.

For the centrepieces, we had spotted large volcanic looking bowls which we wanted to plant up with a variety of succulents and tillandsias. We did this a few weeks before the wedding (again it was useful that Steve’s dad is a gardener!) We also had several white cascading phalaenopsis placed on the oak barrels.

Our caterer was Tania Dixon from Ginger Snap who also sourced all the cater hire and was very professional, and the food was excellent. We had an evening buffet of Simple Simon pies who are located in Biggar.

Decor Designs

I had sourced silver birch trees on e-bay in January. I had visions of lovely leafiness but the reality was they looked pretty stick like for quite some time! Thankfully the warm spring weather did it’s thing and we had leaves on our sticks on the day.

I had spent the evenings making a ridiculous amount of pom poms (120 to be precise) which we were going to hang from the beams in the byre. When we actually saw the byre again in the flesh we realised this was not going to be an easy feat as the beams were far higher than we had anticipated. As I’d made and ‘fluffed’ the poms, Steve had the job of climbing a very tall ladder and throwing nylon thread over the beams to hang them. We decided it was better to have the groom in one piece than more pom poms hung!

Our save the dates and invitations were made by a friend of Steve’s who owns a series of vintage printing presses. Some of the fonts on our invitation are over 100 years old and the volcano block print featured was hand cut for us.

I started making the pebble place names in October with pebbles collected from Elie beach. Our tables were named after volcanoes we have either both or individually visited; Eyjafjallajökull, Mount Fuji, Pacaya, Tungurahua, Villarrica, Popocatéptl, and Ixtaccíhuatl.

A Cake Table

We had looked into various options for wedding cake all of which seemed crazily expensive. One Saturday in St Andrews we noticed a new cake shop that had opened called Bibi’s Bakery and we met Jenni. She is the most lovely lady and was so enthusiastic about ideas that we had. I knew I wanted to have a cake table with a selection of cakes for our guests to choose from rather than dessert.

We had a tasting session and chose several large sponges: Raspberry and Vanilla, Chocolate, Earl Grey, Coffee chocolate, Lemon, Chocolate and Pear, Chocolate peanut butter and animal cupcakes for the kids (penguin, polar bear, tiger and dog!) The cake domes were sourced online. The silver knife and cake server were both given to me as gifts for my 30th from my close girlfriends.

I had also sourced online very big round balloons which we filled with helium and tied with bakers twine – some of our guests had a lot of fun with those later in the night! During the tying process Stevie accidentally let go of one of the balloons and it floated way up out of reach into the rafters. Sandy (the byre owner) thought it would be fun to shoot it down but thankfully it was retrieved without a gun shot being fired!

Swinging Fever

Callanish provided our evening entertainment with a selection of celtic and contemporary music and we can’t recommend them enough. They also left their sound system so we could plug in our ipod for later.

For our first dance we had secretly attended swing dance classes for a few months last year. Usually when we were on our way to class someone would call (usually Steve’s mum) and I had to make something up (usually that we were on the way to the supermarket). Needless to say, now when we are actually on the way to the supermarket she doesn’t believe us. We attended a swing dance aerial’s workshop and latterly arranged a private lesson with Ben and Helen who don’t normally choreograph dances but since we knew a few moves they arranged something for us including a couple of the knicker flashing aerials we had learnt! The music was At the Woodchoppers ball.

Alison Kirk in Perth was where the shorter of the two bridesmaids dress’ was from. It was a teal Dessy dress and I loved the 1950s shape so much so that I opted for the same style in white for my surprise 2nd evening dress – in snow white. The staff at Alison Kirk were so lovely and Laura who did the alterations was fantastic. The high spike heels did prove problematic when walking across grass to the ceremony and of course these shoes were not made for dancing! So the shoes of choice for the evening were grey and red converse all stars (girls slim fit).

Scandophile Favours

For favours, we decided as Scandophiles to celebrate Walpurgis Night (30th April) by setting off wish lanterns at the break in the dancing. The pebble place names were also taken home by our guests as a memento.

Advice from a Bride

For quite a bit of the day it was pretty surreal and the best way I can describe it is like being in a film. I thought I would feel very nervous walking down the ‘aisle’ and also thought I would cry saying my vows as they were very honest and heartfelt, but I actually felt very strong through the whole experience.

Our wedding didn’t really follow any theme other than things we like, although I suppose there was a strong volcanic element! To be honest it was our guests who made the day so special – we only had 50 guests but everyone was either close family or friends who we really wanted to be there.

Things will always happen that change your plans for one reason or another. My close friend who was to be a bridesmaid fell pregnant and was due to give birth a week after our wedding. She had to step down as bridesmaid on her midwife’s advice and it was touch and go whether she would actually make the wedding at all. I was overwhelmed when she managed to not only make the wedding but dance the gay gordons and party until well after the meal. It’s moments like that that make you realise what good friends you have. The effort our band made into making our ceremony very personal to us by agreeing to form for the day and learn and arrange songs for us meant so much and really made the ceremony.

The day passed so quickly and advice given to us was very true – that you need to take a step back every now and again through the day and take it all in. The times the two of you have together alone are also very special and one of my favourite parts of the day was having some photographs taken with my husband just after the ceremony.

Source things online and DIY if you can – it saves a remarkable amount of cash.
Stick with your instincts. Your head can be turned by lots of beautiful weddings on wedding blogs which can make you feel inadequate. Remember the day is about you and your husband and a party with friends. Keep it personal and it will work.

Photography – Christina and Jay from Elemental Weddings

Venue – Kinkell Byre

Entertainment – Callanish

Second Dress – Dessy at Alison Kirk

Swing dance classes – Zoot Swing

Lighting – i-light productions

Caterer – Ginger Snap

Pies – Simple Simon pies

Cake – Bibi’s Bakery

Wedding Car – 1960 Mercury Montclair owned by Jim at Rock and Roll Motors in Bo’Ness!

It’s going to be a long time until another wedding knocks this off my top spot!

Tell us your favourite bit…

Yours Truly,


You can find Elemental Photography on The Love Lust List, however, all real weddings are chosen on individual merit and no part of this post is sponsored.

Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

33 thoughts on “Clean, Scottish and Stylish… Part 2

  1. I just love this wedding – such great attention to details, so stylish and at the same time fun – just look at their first dance pics! Class!

  2. oh wow this is pretty! also i wanted to say that in the dancing photos christina really looks like taylor swift. (meant as a compliment, haha.) x

  3. Had to giggle to myself about frantic pom making and grooms on ladders hurling nylon thread… Exactly what me and my now-husband were doing this time last week (and he’s terrified of heights). And I spookily had an almost identical shoe change too!

    Beautiful wedding, incredibly atmospheric venue and a gorgeous bride. A feast for the eyes! Esp the cakes, amazing!


  4. I’m with Rebecca, this have just gone straight in as one of my all time favourite weddings.


    mrs x x x

  5. WOW-I am actually lost for words! This wedding is super cute, super stylish and in many ways super simple but it all works so well together. Love the venue, the dress-and shoe-change, the florals, the invites and the pics-I could go on and on and on!!

    Also loving all those cakes-what a fab idea!

    Would love to know where the cake stands were sourced from online. I’m having a wedding cake dilemna at the moment-I’m not into traditional silver cake stands but absolutely love the ceramic stands like the ones used in this wedding. The only problem is I need to find one that is about 12″ for our 3 tier cake to stand on. I have looked literally everywhere with no luck-if anyone can help with my search it would be very much appreciated!

    Big Thursday love 


  6. Eeeeee – I walked past Bibi’s Bakery when I was in Scotland 2 weekends ago…may have also dribbled slightly when I did! The cakes in their window were L-U-S-H!

    There is something about seeing both a bride & groom in Converse trainers, flinging themselves around on a dancefloor. Its just so freakin cool! And I love dress #2!


  7. That cake table is immense. And I didn’t get to comment on part 1 but the image with the car driving off and the sky was beautiful – I’d have that framed.

    A super cool couple and amazing photography…. My kind of W-day.

    Charlotte xxx

  8. I absolutely LOVE this wedding – I am a bit of a volcano geek as well, but it never even occurred to me to bring that into the wedding! What a fabulous idea and the venue and photography are outstanding.

  9. AMAZING swing dance photos. In fact, amazing photos in general.
    Am completey in love with the save the dates and invites, not to mention the orignal floral arrangements. Perfection!
    Would love to know where they got the big balloons! xxx

  10. Love, love, love! So stylish and fun. My fav bit has got to be the save-the-dates and invitations – fantastic xx

  11. Shell, there’s an American company called Rosanna Inc that does lovely ceramic cake stands, and they have a 12″ version. Check it out at The website also has a number you can call to find out UK stockists, but I think John Lewis stocks the brand and there are a few places you can buy online too. Good luck!

  12. Love the decor and the dancing!

    Callanish are playing at our wedding (2 weeks on Saturday – eek!) and I’m so looking forward to it – good to hear another recommendation!

  13. THE STATIONARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love. xxx

  14. AMAZING!
    The decor is stunning, and the shoes and dress look uber cool!
    I want some peanut butter cake please and a swing dance lesson.
    Would have been amazing to be at that wedding! xxx

  15. This wedding looks like so much fun! Am loving the Sky Lanterns (we have also gone for these, and so glad we did after seeing the lovely photos).

  16. I love it all – but my favourite thing is the venue – stone work, wooden beams, oak barrels and fairy lights = perfection. I wish there was a posh cow shed available near to my home. Gorgeous wedding.

  17. This wedding looks amazing! I’m so jealous of Scottish barns. There are none within an hour radius of Glasgow 🙁
    Can I ask the bride if she’s on here how she made those pebble place names? Is it chalk?

  18. Love how personal this wedding was, so many great elements that reflect the bride and groom! And the volcano theme is so unique!

    The dancing shots are fab and I’m with you Charlotte, that pic of the car driving off from yesterday is definitely one that needs framing!

    I totally want to steal that cake table, they look awesome especially with that lighting!


  19. Just wanted to say a huge thank you to the very lovely RMW for featuring our work once more, and to everyone who has commented on the posts.

    I’ll be seeing Katie soon and will be happy to pass on your questions re. cake stands and pebble writing.

    Finally, a huge thanks to Katie & Stevie for inviting us to be part of their day. We loved every minute of it – you guys rock!

    Christina & Jay (Elemental)

  20. Thank you all for the really lovely comments.

    Shell, the ceramic stands were from We ended up giving Jeni one of them to make sure the domes fitted over the cakes as we had planned to have 12″ cakes too. She actually had to use 10″ tins instead, otherwise the dome would’ve squished the icing. I’ve measured the flattest pedestal stand and it is just 12″ across and no more so maybe check with your baker if that would be big enough?

    Jo, the balloons were 2ft white from and the helium was hired from – they deliver and collect your canister.

    Linsey, I used a very fine edding 780 paint marker for the pebbles. I printed everyones names then cut out the lettering with a scalpel to make a stencil. Took a bit of time, but when I tried it free hand it looked as if a 2 year old had written on them! 😀

    Good luck and all the best to the brides to be! Kx

  21. Wow! I went to St Andrews University and we had a number of balls at that farm. Brought back lovely memories. Amazing venue and the whole thing looks incredible!!

  22. Love the colour of those bridesmaids dresses, thats my fave colour! The balloons on the cake table look lovely, great idea and the swing dance looks amazing!!

  23. Gorgeous!! Love the centrepieces. Very envious of the swing dancbg, how much fun, and fab outfit.
    Linsey- if it’s of any interest, there’s a barn at Comrie Croft, about an hour north of Glasgow. It’s not as pretty as this one but easily prettified!
    Yay for Scottish barns!!

  24. Hi Katie and Stevie,

    Am very proud of you guys – glad to see some photos and to hear you pulled off a couple of aerials! Looks like it was a great day 🙂


  25. What a beautiful wedding – stylish, personal and fun. Just the kind of wedding I would love to go to. You looked absolutely gorgeous!

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for sending us this link and we are just delighted you were happy with the cakes.

    Thanks and wishing you a long, happy life together <3

    love from all at Bibi's


  26. So cute, Very unusual but awesomely cool! I love Scotland! Speaking of it when I so those skirts remember the movie entitled “The Braveheart” . Congratulation on your perfect wedding.

  27. Beautiful wedding!!! Just my idea of perfect, I love Elie!! Katie if you’re still on website what was your wet weather plan?


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