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The festive season is looming and it’s time to choose a party frock, but it’s also planning season in full swing for the winter brides out there. Todays city chic wedding makes me think of the most stylish maids in cocktail attire, looking and feeling fabulous, but where can you find perfect party frocks, special enough for a Bridesmaids dress, without breaking the bank?

Coast had become a little, dare I say it… predictable for Bridesmaids (and I think I’m allowed to, as my own Bridesmaids wore Coast) but a recent flick through the website left me pleasantly surprised and I just had to share some options for the chicest maids, prettiest parties and general festive flirtations 😉

Navy Nuances

Navy remains one of my all time favourite colours for bridesmaids. Perennially chic, suited to all seasons and just a general all round winner, it’s classic whilst remaining modern.

I’m particularly loving the old gold colours here with Navy, a really subtle and sophisticated pallet suited to the colder months and a hefty dose of city chic.

Quirky Cool

I’m really loving the idea of bridesmaids wearing shorter frocks these days… the short skirt revolution is nothing new, but cocktail styles and grown up maids are a match made in chic heaven…

Though most of these are well suited to a winter months affair, I can see the purple with floral details at a fun summer celebration with jewels tones and bright shoes.

Monochrome Magic

Whilst black is not my favourite shade for a bridesmaid, monochrome is a totally different ball game and there are occasions and settings where it can look timeless, modern and up to date in the style stakes. Super stylish, these designs would look just as at home on a summers day as in a winter warmer of a wedding day.

Add glitzy accessories, wrist corsages and a statement clutch for modern maids in monochrome.

Goddess Gorgeous

Want to ramp up the glamour with a bit of va va voom for your maids? Channelling a retro vintage look? Then tell me these gowns are not a vision of elegance? I’m particularly loving the central dress from the Coast Couture range… could almost be straight out of a forties movie.

I’m thinking heels, gloves, furs and hollywood hair. Simply divine Daahling… 😉

Head over to Coast to see if your party dress solution awaits…

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

23 thoughts on “Coasting for Chic

  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I’m a sucker for navy, too. It’s so elegant and easy to wear and smart without being stuffy. And flatters everyone.

    Love the v-neck on the top row. Unfortunately, Coast hates me. As soon as I slip on the diving silkiness of their dresses, it’s like their garments all conspire to make me look like a booby knome.

  2. Divine! Love them all.
    At the weekend, I finally bought one of the French Connection dress (Charlottes BM’s) in Black. Yay!

  3. I would love love love to wear the middle one in the first row. However, like Anna K, Coast does not like me very much. Booby gnome – that’s exactly how I feel in the vast majority of their dresses. Sob! x

  4. I cannot believe I spelt gnome wrong. K isn’t even next to g on the keyboard!

    Rachael – those dresses are a bloody marvel, I have it in blue. So flattering. Except they’re dry-clean only. Tsk!

  5. I SO want 2 and 3 on the top row! I have been a navy bridesmaid and am a big fan. I was able to wear my dress again as a formal gown too, without it being obviously ‘wedding party’.

    I’m only having flowergirls but can’t decide between navy and dark purply indigo – purple and cream flowers so am having Ribena berry fears!!!

  6. I love the first one on the third row down. Such a sexy dress. However I have big boobs so high neck lines just don’t suit me. Sob. Xx

  7. Anna K – that just made me laugh out loud – I’ve never heard that phrase before but instantly knew what you meant!

    For me, coast don’t always favour the more hip heavy among us – I have always wanted one of their satin creations, but sadly no – lots of unwanted bum ruching (sp?) (I tried to spell that rushing but it gave me quite vivid images) x

  8. Ladies… you’re all VERY entertaining this afternoon!

    I’m seriously loving these… I had given up on Coast recently but this collection is very glam and sexy – just what we need for Christmas!

    I’m turning my thoughts to the RMW Manchester meet up and what to wear for that… I’m thinking bodycon 🙂


  9. I too am a sucker for navy but like some others I just can’t wear Coast dresses. I am not sure who their fit model is but it ain’t 5ft 3 with a pair of boobs!

    Rebecca- Please don’t wear bodycon, I’m depressed that i can’t fit into any of my clothes at the moment due to my burgeoning bump.. how about we all agree to don oversized unflattering sack dresses?!

  10. Is it wrong of me to be more concerned about treating myself to one of these little beauties than actually considering them for my bm’s…..?

    Dear Santa (ahem, Martin if your reading thats you), I would very much like the 3rd one along on the navy row. Tis divine.

    I just had to google bodycon just to make sure I was thinking of the right thing. I was. Nope, sorry. No can do. I have far too many lumps and bumps that I somehow need to get rid of within the next 8 months. Eeep!


  11. Well due to a rather unfortunate allergic reaction over the weekend I currently have a head like a swollen lumpy melon. The only thing I have appropriate to wear is a bag. And I don’t mean a fancy one either, I mean a big paper one with small eye holes…

    To wear over my HEAD.

    Brideandchic and Mahj, you guys have NOTHING to worry about. And if you ever feel a wee bit insecure just check out the weird lady in the corner with the brown paper head piece.


    Charlotte xxx

  12. Wowzers. Loving these. Having a butt like JLo though doesn’t always go so well with dresses. Because it sticks out like a shelf my bum makes all dresses 2″ shorter at the back. Not a good look.

    However, happy to report that my MOH is going to be rocking an amazing purple Karen Millen body con beauty. But then she’s 5’8 with legs up to her armpits.


  13. Haha Rebecca, I absolutely take your point, but there’s a difference between loving your curves and displaying them for the world in bodycon!

    Although…who knows…could the Manchester meet up be the UK’s first Bodycon Convention??!?x

  14. Oh, I do love my curves, I don’t really have an option as they are going nowhere, but there’s showing curves and there’s showing the gusset of your tights 🙂

    If I do any dress, I need a knee length skirt to save my dignity. And to not get arrested for being a lady of the night.


  15. Booby (K)gnomes! This is surely one of your Top 3 comments, Anna K, genius! And Ribena Berry Flowergirls! Comedy and yummy dresses, a great post!

    I’m in the Booby Gnome Brigade too and don’t own a Coast dress. Would love to but I don’t have the ‘bone structure’ for them. And how lucky would any BMs be to get to swish around in any of these beauties afterwards? Plus subtle navy make up. Loving. this. colour. scheme

    P.S… Off subject, but ‘Rock my Royal Wedding’ has a ring to it doesn’t it? Girlies, quick, get the link off to Kate !xxx

  16. Another one here who can’t rock Coast dresses – I am tall with good legs but sadly have a bit of a belly (sigh) and all Coast dresses cling over it and make me look 6 months pregnant. Shame as I love those navy numbers and am looking for something like that for my work Xmas do at the moment – anyone any other suggestions for a pretty dress with a bit of bling that won’t make me look like a beached whale?!

  17. I have been searching everywhere for the navy dress 3rd along, I just love it!! (it’s called Eaden from Coast, I’ve done my research!) None on ebay or anywhere else so if you know of someone willing to part with one I’d love to buy it. Size 12 would be best ( a 10 may do). Ever since my mum said brides often change into another dress at the end of the evening before heading off to the hotel, I really want this to be my second dress!! xx

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