Colour Me Beautiful……part 1

I am more than a little bit in love with this colourful affair…..

Not only is it ULTIMATE eye candy with a whole bunch of completely unique ideas but you would be hard pressed to find a couple who made it more THEIR day THEIR way than Ines and Jordan Banks.

Even with an incredibly short time scale as long as you maintain a confident can-do attitude it’s amazing just what a beautiful event you can pull off.

Oh and as some of you will know Jordan was the O’Shea Big Day photographer, so I knew from experience that there was no way his wedding was going to be anything but cool, relaxed and a ton of fun and of course would be held in Croatia where the gorgeous Ines is from.

All images courtesy of Sue Castle at Source Images.

MAC Magic and Shakira Inspiration

My bridesmaid Zowie is a professional makeup artist for MAC so I didn’t have to worry about the thing. She did mine and my maid of honour make up.

Ivana is one of my oldest friends and she kindly offered us her salon in the morning to get ready. She also did our hair – I just had one thing in my mind. Shakira hair! I really love her bouncy curls and I knew from the start I want my hair down and curly and bouncy. I told my bridesmaids to choose the hair styles that will make them comfortable on the day.

And The Bride Wore….Black

I wore a black one off original from the House of Ines (fancy way of saying homemade). I always wanted to have a black wedding dress. Since I was fifteen years old. I dreamed about it maybe because it is different or maybe because I knew that Black was original/traditional colour to get married in until the beginning of the century. It was made from scratch, I spotted the big underskirt at one of the wedding fairs we attended.

The corset was a difficult one though and I finally managed to find it in Agent Provocateur three weeks before the wedding. Top bit of the skirt was handmade by a lovely seamstress called Joanne who lives just down the road from us. She couldn’t believe I left it a week before my flight to Croatia!!

Dolce Vita Vintage

I have seen Dolce vita roses before (doing a lot of weddings I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted). They look so rustic and vintage and made a perfect match to my purple nails and eye shadow. My
Bridesmaids had big two tone margaritas to match with the shoes, handbags and dresses.

Casual Cool

Jordan decided to go with light linen trousers, and a white shirt from Kenneth Cole with a loosely slung tie, from Paul Smith. The best man and the ushers wore the same only without the tie. Who says that opposites don’t attract?

Fate Brought Us Together

We met randomly….. Jordan came over to Croatia to look at buying property and I was working for my dad’s real estate company. I wasn’t supposing to work that day but my colleage called in sick. It was the first day he was there and we spent the next two weeks together before he went back home to pack some things. He was back in Croatia a couple of days later. Being between assignments we decided to rent an apartment for the next six months before work took us to Guatemala and Mexico for 2 years.

Right then, I want Shakira hair – right now!

Come back tomorrow for what are perhaps the coolest bridesmaids I have ever seen….

And a whole lot more gorgeousness.

Big Colourful Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

17 thoughts on “Colour Me Beautiful……part 1

  1. Ditto on the hair and the dress – stunning! can’t wait for part 2, can we have it today?! please! x

  2. Oh man Ines looks incredible! Totally jealous of the Shakira barnet, loving the dress, the makeup, oh and the backdrop…happy Tuesday, people

  3. Wow this wedding is stunning, the location is fantastic, the bride looks gorgeous, with this amazing dress, and fantastic hair. Love the relaxed outfit the groom has on……….wish more people could be as individual as this!! LOVE it!!! xxx

  4. Wow, what a unique colour scheme. There must be so much a professional photographer see’s and thinks ‘i’ll use that’.

  5. Ines is stunning!!!!!!!!! GOSH!!!! she could have worn a black sack and still would’ve looked amazing!!

  6. Hi Ladies

    I know – how amazing is the hair? I am mighty jealous and want to get myself some curls ASAP!

    We try and show as diverse a range of weddings as we can on RMW so that hopefully there will be something everyone can identify with at some point.

    Seriously though – I have so saved the best bits for part 2!

    Charlotte xxx

  7. Whitle traditional white weddings are lovely it’s so nice to see something a bit different. I love it when couples really make the day their own! Congratulations to Ines and Jordan x

  8. I squealed with delight when I saw this post – Ines and Jordan are our photographers thanks to you Charlotte!!!

    Congratulations Ines and Jordan. The wedding, flowers, dress and photos are all gorgeous. You look so happy together – I LOVE the two kissing shots. Ines please make me look as good as you do next August!

    Hurry up Charlotte with part 2!!! xxx

  9. AMAZING!!!!! I’m gettting married in Dubrovnik next August, this wedding has confirmed to me that we have picked the pefect location!!! Cant wait to see more pics of their beautiful day!!!!

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