Colour Me Pretty ….part 2

There was a LOT of love for the peachy blooms and nude shiny Loub’s in part 1 of Amy and Matt’s W-day and I’m sure there will be just as much adoration for the gorgeous reception details.

Matt designed all of the paper goods himself (I know, so clever) and Amy made a variety of decor items including the table plan, mini poms (love!) and teeny tiny bunting to decorate the (delicious looking) cake.

And it all looks so professional. And so personal.

Happy Tuesday lovelies.

Love/Lust List Worthy

The photographers… oh my, I really can’t praise our photographers enough!! Originally, we weren’t going to have a wedding photographer but I fell in love with Jo and Simon’s at Shoot Photography on these very pages of RMW and once I’d spent hours trawling through their blog I just knew we had to meet. They were the only photographers we met and and as soon as we did we were sold!

These two are the loveliest people you could wish to have at your wedding and everyone has commented on not only the awesomeness of our wedding pics but how great they both were on the day at getting everyone (including Matt and I) to feel completely at ease in front of the camera.

I must also say their service is impeccable – Jo was always available, answering my emails no matter the time, and I couldn’t believe how quickly we got our pics back! We got to see a sneek peek of some of our shots THE DAY AFTER our wedding (how quick?!) with the full batch of photos waiting for us when we got back off honeymoon in a gorgeous parcel – it was a real pick-me-up to brush off the back-from-honeymoon blues.

We are sooo in love with each and every photo – they capture our day perfectly and we can’t thank Jo and Simon enough. If anyone reading this is currently looking for their photographer, I seriously cannot recommend these guys enough!

A Cake-Shaped Compromise

Throughout all of my blog reading and tearing bits out of magazines I kept falling in love with wedding cakes and then would find out they were from the USA. I loved the look of frosted style cakes (nice sharp corners) rather than the more traditional soft icing but was finding it quite difficult to justify spending money on a bespoke cake when we were originally going to opt for an off-the-shelf M&S one. So, a compromise was made and I traded in a wedding car (that hardly anyone would see) and started looking for someone to make us a yummy, sharp cornered(!) cake.

It was Jo, our photographer, who recommended Rachel Edwards in Sheffield to us. We met and she completely ‘got’ what I was wanting. Rachel gave us samples of some of her cakes that were all amazing and we decided on two tiers of lemon sponge with lemon curd and buttercream and a traditional tier for the base. I spent a day cutting and stitching miniature bunting which Rachel applied to the cake once it had been iced and Matt illustrated our amazing cake topper to tie in with the rest of the wedding stationery.

We also had little birds featured on our wedding stationery so I contacted Dawn Painter of London Clay birds (we have one of her creations on our bookcase) and she made us two cute little birdies, even painting them white, for us to have sat beside the cake… a little bit of London! The cake tasted gorgeous and we were so pleased with how it looked!

Strictly Come Dancing

We opted against a band or DJ and instead Matt took the music playlist on as one of his jobs. He spent many an evening shuffling through our extensive music collection to create an afternoon and evening playlist that everyone would enjoy. He did good – the evening ‘disco’ had everyone pulling out their best dance moves at some point including my 85 year old grandad who was one of the last standing!

We never really discussed our first dance at length… the thing I love most about our relationship is how much fun we have together. We make each other laugh a lot and, given we both love Fleetwood Mac, we thought the sentiment of ‘You Make Loving Fun’ was just perfect for us so it was quite an easy decision. We swayed a bit, managed to stumble into an impromptu samba roll (I’m a big Strictly Come Dancing fan) and had everyone dancing along before the end of the song.

Fruity Favours

For the favours, I wanted to make something that people would hopefully want to use. I’ve enjoyed making my own jam before for Christmas pressies so thought this would be a personal gift. I narrowed down the choice of jams by trying to tie the colour of the jars in with the colour scheme(!) and after giving up on an early season for apricots, settled on Peach and Vanilla Marmalade and Lemon Curd.

I have to say they both tasted yummy and we’ve had good reports back from our guests! Matt tied the label design in with the rest of the stationary and we made the jam hats out of left over material from the bunting.

A Joint Effort

There were quite a few DIY projects we took on for the wedding starting with the stationery which Matt designed. Matt’s a graphic designer and this was one project he could really get his teeth into – he did us proud and created some gorgeous save the dates, invitation packs, order of service, table name signs, seating plan, menus and all the other paper goods used throughout the reception. I was so excited sending out the invitations as they were so personal to us and seeing everything on the day looked amazing.

We also made the table seating plan using a frame we picked up quite cheap in York, some more of Matt’s stationery and some ribbon and jewels I picked up from the haberdashery shop on one of my many visits!

With the help of my mum and my brand spanking new sewing machine we set up a bunting production line whilst Matt and I were at my parents house over Christmas and made loads to hang in the garden of Grays Court to give it a nice English summer garden feel and tie in with the colour scheme. I bought fabric from ebay and various haberdashery shops to try and get fabric that would help bring the colour scheme together.

I also dread to think how many hours i spent making fabric ‘pom poms’ – these were for a garland to hang between the trees in the courtyard at Grays (which tied into the invitation and menu design). I’d seen the instructions for this a long time ago in blog world and loved it! Given all the driving we were doing from London to York in the run up to the wedding I’d take my bag of fabric and spend most journeys busily sewing the pompoms!

Other personal touches included a make-shift photo booth area, which we set up in one of the rooms at the venue, with some lips and mustache props that we’d made out of fimo following instructions from these very pages(!) and a pick and mix table to satisfy our guests’ sweet cravings… I know these are becoming increasingly popular but it’s for a reason, they went down a storm!

Advice From a DIY Bride

I had such an amazing wedding day… I’ll be the first to admit there were times throughout the planning when it felt like we had taken on too much but seeing everything come together on the day and hearing so many lovely comments from our friends and family made everything well worth it. We wanted to make sure our guests had a great time so we never resented the time we were spending on the little tasks – they were fun and doing things together really made it feel like ‘our’ wedding and I know it made Matt feel more involved in the planning.

For all other DIY brides it’s definitely important to set yourself a cut off point when you have to accept whatever isn’t done by that point can’t be done. It was a friend that reminded me that nobody else knows what you have planned to do except you and your hubby so there’s not going to be gasps of horror if the confetti cones don’t get made (ours didn’t)!

On the day itself remember to enjoy yourself! You’ll only get to do this once so trust the people you have put in place to help rather than worry about things yourself, have a decent breakfast, make sure your lipgloss is never far away and just relax! Plan your morning to try and allow for a little time (if only 5 minutes) before you leave for the ceremony so you don’t feel rushed and stresses and take a deep breath before walking down the aisle and savour that moment when all your friends and family are there for you both and you see your hubby to be waiting for you – it’s a very special moment that you’ll always remember!!

Cake – Rachel Edwards

Venue – Grays Court York

Florist – Louise at Heaven Scent Flowers

Photography – Jo and Simon at Shoot Lifestyle

Stationery – The Groom

Decor – DIY

Charlotte O’Shea: A sucker for a confetti shot. And a Rock My Wedding bride.


So anyways, I don’t know about you gorgeous lot but I’m finding an excuse, any excuse…. to bake a cake and make mini bunting to decorate. I’m not sure it will look any where near as fabulous as Amy’s efforts but hell, I’m willing to give it a try!

Big Colour Me PEACHY Love

Charlotte xxx

You can find Shoot Lifestyle Photography on The List, however, all real weddings are chosen on individual merit and no part of this post is sponsored.

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

29 thoughts on “Colour Me Pretty ….part 2

  1. I didn’t get a chance to comment on this lovely wedding yesterday-but I couldn’t resist adding a comment after Reading part 2!

    This looks like such a fun filled, happy wedding-I would so love to have been a guest!!

    The bride and groom are both so talented and all their DIY projects look so professional-am seriously loving the cake, the poms (the colours are beautiful), the stationery and all the gorgeous blooms. Oh, and not forgetting those shoes-to DIE for!!!

    Amy’s words of advice are also very heartfelt and worthy of note.

    If Amy is Reading this-I would love to know where the pic frame is from and I would love to know how the mini poms were made-they look so sweet!

    Are there any pics of the two birds? Would love to see those as I’m looking for something similar.

    Big Tuesday love 

  2. I was so looking forward to part 2 and it didnt disappoint! It looked so much fun and those 2 are a very smiley happy looking bride and groom. I love the bunting!

    Well done for doing so much DIY, it looked fab! And love the pompoms too!

  3. erm peach and vanilla marmalade??

    how much do I want that on my toast RIGHT NOW??

    Love all the DIY projects, love the colours, love the words of wisdom

    mrs x x x

  4. I should probably be looking over some interview prep for the interview I have….in about an HOUR but had a ‘quick glance’ and now I want to make fabric pompoms.

    Brides of Britain (and everyone else that reads RMW) please cross your fingers and toes for me between 10am and lunchtime today.

    x x

  5. Good luck Rebecca!

    Amy – I didn’t get chance to comment on your dress, the amazing flowers and the shoes yesterday – all gorgeous.

    But today I am wowed by the Poms! (Yay! Somebody makes our DIY’s!) and THAT cake – YUM!

    Your wedding is beautiful. It’s my favourite kind of wedding, clean and crisp modern elements whilst still being super pretty!


  6. The teeny tiny bunting is making my life right now!
    Think I’m going to trot to the shops at lunchtime and buy myself some peach/coral nail polish!


  7. This whole wedding is mouth-wateringly pretty, the stationery is just perfect, and it’s all been wonderfully captured. Everyone looks so happy too – congratulations to both of you!

  8. I love this wedding, it makes you really wish you were there! All the hard work really paid off!

    Everything is just gorgeous…what a lovely happy looking couple.

  9. You two should start a wedding designing business.

    No, seriously…the stationery, the decor, the colour scheme, the poms, the decor, the fun and love and light, I love it all!

  10. Love this wedding!!
    Amy if you are reading these… please point me in the direction of where your cake topper is from, its fab!!!


  11. Soooooo pretty!

    Would absolutely love a mini how-to on those fab little poms!

    I think they’re a must for decorating outside on my big day… having already made several trillion tissue poms for inside!

  12. I honestly and truly love this! This is very close to my perfect wedding too! Stunning flowers, gorgeous cake and that stationery is stunning! In fact please go into business – we need stationery vendors like this in the UK!!!

    Rachie xo

  13. Thanks again, ladies (*blush*)…

    Shell – the frame was from a place called The Range in York but we also saw some similar ones on ebay. I don’t think Jo & Simon got any shots of the birds but if you contact Dawn through her folksy site (London Clay Birds) she was really helpful and sent us pics to choose the ones we wanted.

    Also – the pompoms were made from instructions on this site!

    MrsL2B – I’m afraid this was another of Matt’s handy works – he illustrated the two of us (it was a lucky guess he drew the pic of me with my hair down and a strapless dress!).

    Enjoy! x

  14. Gorgeous wedding posts! I love the mini bunting around the cake and I will be a-pinching the table plan/ backless frame idea as inspiration for our own! We’ve got a good few tables and squeezing it onto a board might easily look messy. Frame = much prettier! 🙂

  15. MrsL2B – I’ve seen some quite similar cake toppers on Etsy – do a seller search for ‘urastarhouse’ and ‘ReadyGo’. Urastarhouse make proper custom cake toppers that are drawn from photos of your and your H2B – but they are expensive! With ReadyGo’s toppers, you can select dress and hair styles, skin colour, glasses/no glasses etc to your specification – so while not an exact likeness, they can be made to look quite similar to you and they are a LOT cheaper. Hope this helps and good luck with your topper! x

  16. Wow this wedding is so dreamy, love it….never thought I’d like peach theme but seeing it a couple of times on here it really can work in a super stylish way, love the flowers, the cake with the bunting, the pom poms, the Loub’s, stationery, the bride looks gorgeous and this wedding looks like it was completely fun filled! Congrats to you both, has brightened up my day 🙂 x

  17. What a beautiful wedding! Love so many of the little touches. We are also having a ‘sweet shop'(any excuse for some sweet treats!) and I wondered where you found your little sweet scoops? x

  18. Wowsa, what a beautiful wedding. I wonder could you tell, where did you get your sweet bags from? they’re brilliant! Caroline

  19. I’m so glad I’ve found this. My fiancée and I fell in love with your cake in perfect wedding magazine but the picture was TINY! Now I can see it properly it’s definitely something we would like! I’d also been toying with the idea of a photo booth and seeing your great photos has confirmed it for me! Sooooo many ideas to steal from your wedding it’s unreal! 😉 Beautiful wedding in the beautiful city in which I live!

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