Colour Story: Peaches And Cream.


Afternoon folks! And we’re back to earth with a bump after the glorious weekend. Yep it’s Monday but have no fear, we have a whole heap of pretty up our sleeves for you to indulge in this afternoon.

If you stopped by the blog last week then you’ll have seen our Midsummer Night’s Dream inspired extravaganza and this week we’re back with another dose of inspiration for you – namely Peaches And Cream.

Honestly it looks good enough to eat!

Having been shoved to the back of the inspiration cupboard for so long, it’s no secret that Team RMW are huge fans of the peach colour scheme wedding. Perhaps it’s because it’s such a pretty shade or maybe it’s because it’s such an adaptable and flattering hue for all seasons of the year, either way we just can’t get enough of it.

And so as a way of paying homage to the ‘Peach’ wedding, we’ve decided to dedicate this afternoon to it by way of a whole heap of delicious decor, beautiful bouquets and decadent dresses moodboard inspiration.

I hope you like it…

How To Create A Peach Colour Themed Wedding Using Flowers, Bridesmaids, Cakes And Decor._0001

As with any ‘colour theme’ wedding perhaps the easiest way to integrate the shade of your desire is by using florals of that self-same hue as well as including them in your wedding stationery. The beauty of using peachy tones is that they look wonderful at all times of the year, at the height of summer in the form of soft coral peonies (who doesn’t like them?!), set against the berry and reddish tones of Autumn, combined with golds and silvers in wintry months or representing a sign of wonderful things to come at the beginning of Spring.

If you’re a Summer bride then the world is your oyster, choose from flirtatious come hither peonies showy dahlias and more delicate snapdragons, if you’re marrying in the Autumn months then it’s all about the smaller spray roses, calla lilies and lots of seasonal berries (in fact my own late October bouquet was very much composed of these blooms and it looked lush!).

Carnations, Amaryllis, and fronds of freesia will ensure you look the picture of beauty in Wintery settings. Whilst carnations might send shudders down your spine (garage forecourt flowers anyone?), just using their sturdy heads in huge quantities can make a wonderful floral statement if styled in the right way. Lastly peach blossoms, tulips and ranunculus make for the prettiest of bouquets and table centrepieces in light and airy Spring weddings.

How To Create A Peach Colour Themed Wedding Using Flowers, Bridesmaids, Cakes And Decor._0002

Having spoken to a fair few brides and their maids in our day to day dealings here at RMW it seems that many of you are a little apprehensive about wearing the colour peach. I get it, honestly I really do, after all I’m sure that I speak for most of us when we say that there are colours that we tend to avoid because they just don’t do anything for us. I have a friend who vehemently avoids reds and yellows and I can safely say that Cadbury’s purple doesn’t do me any favours although I love it on others.

Peach seems to be another of those colours for you lovely lot but I’m not sure why given how gorgeous all of the maids in this collection of images look in their respective frocks. If you’re a bride with a bridesmaid or two who’s not so comfortable with the hue then can I suggest that you opt for a neutral tinged dress with some peachy accessories instead? I’d also recommend that those of you with olive skin tones opt for brighter, more intense coral shades whereas fairer maids look radiant in softer more subtle hues.

Ruffled - photo by -

And the boys don’t need to be left out either. Not so long back I saw a dashing groom in a full on peach suit and whilst that sounds in theory a little intense he looked AMAZING. Granted I don’t see the general male population being so bold in their fashion choices but that’s not to say that they can’t include the tone in their sartorial get-up.

The most obvious method of integrating the shade is via groom accessories – a chic tie or jaunty bow-tie is perhaps the easiest option but equally choosing pocket squares, braces, cufflinks and socks are all just as fun too. If he’s feeling semi-brave, can I suggest a peach toned shirt? The shade looks particularly awesome with a slim-fitting grey or blue toned suit. Finish off with a beautiful buttonhole in similar blooms to that which you have in your bridal bouquet.

How To Create A Peach Colour Themed Wedding Using Flowers, Bridesmaids, Cakes And Decor._0004

How could I not finish on a sweet note? From a personal perspective, I can’t help but feel if you’re going the whole hog on the peach agenda then you’ve got to integrate some kind of peach flavoured action into your culinary delights. Be it a peach bellini (SO delicious) during your drinks reception or evening cocktail hour, an actual peach cake topper or wedding favour for each of your guests or even peach pie instead of your conventional dessert then believe me, you’re on the right track.

Plus it looks so damn pretty too!

So there you have it, a veritable smorgasbord of peach toned delight. Are any of you lovelies having a similarly coloured themed wedding?

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

17 thoughts on “Colour Story: Peaches And Cream.

  1. I was not a Peach fan until reading this post! I had previously thought of it as dated but having seen this mood board, my mind has been changed. I think it’s such an elegant and delicate color! Love it.

    1. It’s so funny how people think that certain colours are dated…and it tends to be peach, purple and burgundy that scare people.

      But it’s soooo much about how you use the colour, rather than the colour itself! Honestly we’ve seen some absolutely delicious weddings in ‘outdated’ colours!

      Pleased Lolly has changed your mind BlueBouquetBride 🙂 We love peach at RMW!!

      Fern x

  2. *pin pin pin*! Peach and blue are my wedding colours! We didn’t really set out to have a strict colour ‘theme’ but after going through what we do like and don’t this seemed to be the agreed result for décor choices and blooms. My maids weren’t feeling brave enough for the peach dresses which is understandable so we’re going pastel blue dress with peach blooms. My gorgeous other half has already purchased his peach tie from Moss after we were browsing the sales the other day, it’s been quite tricky finding that right shade of peach for the tie but as soon as we saw this one we had to buy it for fear of not seeing another shade like that! Hoping to pair it with a blue suit.

    Lovely inspiration board!

    1. Hi Emma,

      Ohhhh pastel blue dresses with peach blooms sounds lovely – like when you get one of those glorious pink-dappled blue-sky sunsets!!!

      And it might work out for the better that your girls aren’t in peach too – you don’t want to over do it!

      Fern x

  3. Gorgeous styling, understated elegance and a vintage feel. All the things I love.
    our colour scheme for the big day is coral/peach and cream.

    1. Jo this sounds delicious – we do love a bride who has opted for the coral/peach and cream combination. It’s the right amount of feminine and pretty whilst still remaining modern and fresh too xx

  4. This post is crazily timed for me as we just met with our florist tonight and were playing around with different colours in the bouquets to go with mostly ivory and greenery and we ended up with those peach David Austin roses. The other choice was blush which is so pretty too but I’ve seen so much of it that the peach seemed to be something different. Now I feel confirmed in my choice seeing it all together!

    1. Hurrah! Alanna I am so jealous – the peach David Austen Roses weren’t in season on my own wedding day but I definitely would have chosen them if they had been. They’ll look amazing!!

  5. I didn’t think i’d have a theme, but it seems to have evolved and it is peaches, cream and gold… but then sunflowers and lavender are special to me too… can i mix these colours on as table flowers?

  6. I am having peach and duck egg for my colour scheme and I love it! I was a little nervous at the start as I had a few funny looks but I am now super relieved it has been given some RMW love. I am having my best friend in a duck egg blue dress with peach flowers and the little bridesmaids and me in ivory with cream and peach flowers.

    Thank you for the great inspiration!

    Laura xx

  7. Absolutely loving all the details involved in drawing together this wonderful peaches and cream theme. It’s the perfect balance for any bride looking for something effortless, vintage and romantic. You did a splendid job Lolly!!

    Going to pin like crazy now…


  8. Loving this post and all the beautiful images. A few weeks ago we finally nailed down the colours we were wanting to include and have gone for white with a touch and peach and metallics and seeing this post has made me so glad that we have! xxxx

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