Pink and Peach Streamers, Gold Foil Balloons | Colourful Wedding Fiesta at Abbotsbury Wedding in Weymouth, Dorset | Decor from The Prop Factory | Bride in Made with Love | Photography by Paul Underhill. Pin Image

Colourful Wedding Fiesta, Weymouth

OMG could this be more fun? What a wonderful, colourful wedding fiesta this Aussie living, UK born couple created.  It is drenched in decor, dripping in colour and oozing creative flair with DIY elements combined with excellent prop sourcing from The Prop Factory, an RMW The List Member have you know. 

The Dorset coast is packed full of glorious open spaces, and coastal sights for a perfect wedding but Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens could actually be thousands of miles outside the UK and you would be none the wiser.

Paul Underhill has captured the most fabulous moments and each photo is filled with pure joy. We are super fans of smiley brides and Fran here is all the happy. 

Colourful Wedding Fiesta Props by RMW The List Member The Prop Factory

Fran & Luke: Like most couples, we really wanted the day to feel like ours. We had a lot of fun creating personal and hand made elements which we invested far too much time into! We placed colourful sofas from The Prop Factory around the gardens, surrounded by pinatas and mirror balls hanging from the trees. We even had a tiki bar serving Pina Coladas to help add to the tropical vibe of the day! Music was also important to us, and I took great joy in creating various playlists to create different atmospheres throughout the day.

We really wanted all our guests to have a really fun day out so entertaining them was important to us. We rented the brilliant mini golf set from The Prop Factory, as well as setting up our own nerf guns and targets, Piñatas and a stand of personalised temporary tattoos and stickers, designed by Elsa Isabella who did our programmes. 

In the evening we wanted the marquee where we were eating to feel like its own experience, so we created seating cards, jungle animal place settings, cactus and succulent favours, and even a homemade neon sign for the ‘Jungle Lounge’.


Author: Amy Cooper
Amy works on The List as Rock My Wedding Supplier Development Co-ordinator and she also writes and produces ‘real wedding’ content. Amy lives in Hertfordshire with her husband, three children and two chickens.

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  1. Wow!!! What a wonderful and colorful wedding. A very beautiful place for an open air wedding. I like the decoration and atmosphere. Thank you for the great pictures and article. BR

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