Come Away With Me.

Emma and Chris married in July 2012. The church was stonepark Baptist church and the reception was at a local private house that is sometimes used as an art gallery.

We have a bit of a fashion fest for you this morning – both Emma and maids and Chris and his groomsmen really pulled all the sophisticated-but-cool stops out.

Camera action today is courtesy of Blackbox Photography.

A Blushing Bride

The dress was from blush boutique in Belfast, designed by David Fielden. For me this dress is all about the fit, I felt like it was made for me and me only, and once I put it on, it was the only one I didn’t want to take off, I knew it was the one!!! (after trying on about a million different dresses beforehand of course)


As the dress was about the fit and not lots of detail, I knew I could go with lots of detail for the head piece. I actually saw the head piece on pinterest and fell in love, it is by a designer in America called Doloris Petunia, you can find her through Each piece is made as you want it, from Swarovski crystals… And when it came it was even more amazing in real life than in the photos.

A Low Heel

As I am 5 ft 11, I sadly had to go with lower heels on the day (although I walked down the aisle and got married in bare feet) so I had little sparkly ivory shoes from Dune. They were perfect.

Hair Perfection

My hair was by the lovely and talented Grianne Moane, from Blue Sky Hair in Enniskillen. She put up with a lot as I, for some reason, was a little bit of a perfectionist about my hair… But she was great, I wanted it to be messy like I hadn’t tried too much, and to fit in with my head piece… She made it exactly how I wanted on the day. My makeup was by the equally lovely Jill Wallace (my good friends sister, who as well as being a beautician, is a model, so she knew all about what kind of makeup I needed for the lighting and photo’s)

Scooped From A Field

As soon as we picked the date for July I knew that I wanted sun flowers, so it started with that, and then the theme of the wedding was always rustic/ country fair, so I wanted flowers that looked like you just scooped them up in a field, so just chatted this through with the florist, McGarry Flowers, and chose a mixture of colours and textures, including sun flowers, thistles, pink roses and caspedia. (There are too many to write them all in here ) The bouquets all had long stems, apart from mine which was a little shorter and tighter. They were all tied with hessian bows. For the button holes, again we went rustic, with mini sunflowers, thistles, and caspedia.

At the church we had apple boxes with milk churns sitting on top, each churn was packed with flowers, which overflowed, and each church pew had a sun flower tied to the edge.

At the reception we had clear bottles with again the same kind of rustic flowers for our table centres, and then the cake had fresh flowers as a bottom tier

Finally our table plan which was an old bike, had sunflowers tied all over it. Our wedding really was flowers, flowers, flowers

Fly For Ties

The groomsmen wore grey suits hired from Grahams Menswear in Enniskillen. The ties were Tommy Hilfiger, bought in America from Maceys, (Chris was there for work, he didn’t just fly over for ties) keeping the yellow and blue theme, and the boys wore bright yellow socks, to match in with the bridesmaids yellow shoes. The bridesmaids dresses were from BHS – as soon as I saw them I knew they were perfect, having 6 I had a lot of shapes to fit, so A line was always safe and I knew I wanted blue/navy so that the flowers would stand out even more. The girls had yellow heels from Aldo.

He Looks So Hot

Chris wore something very different from the groomsmen. He wanted to stand out, and likes wearing nice sports jackets so he went for a grey striped jacket we found in a local shop. He wore navy trousers and a white shirt and a fab blue tie with yellow flowers that he picked and loved. Walking up the aisle I kept thinking “he looks so hot, I’m so happy he’s going to be my husband”


My best friend and her husband make up the amazing Blackbox Photography. They were always going to be doing our photos, they take different, fun, interesting shots – we even picked the date of our wedding around them.

Lou my best friend was actually a bridesmaid, so her husband Louie did our wedding solo (his first wedding on his own) and they were fantastic. Louie knew that we really wanted to enjoy as much of the day with our friends and family as possible, and he allowed us to do this, but still managed to get great shots. Even having our portraits done was fun, even though it was in a field and in the woods, with hundreds of flies and bugs who all managed to find a home in the tulle of my dress, honestly there were about a hundred in there at one point.

We also had a wedding video done by Cinematic Tide, who make a short film in the form of a music video for the day, again we didn’t even notice they were there, and they managed to get great shots.

Three Tiers

Our cake was from Clair Condell Cakes. We had three tiers, two vanilla sponge and one fruit layer, all with butter cream icing, which was put on rustically to try and make it look a bit like tree bark. The bottom layer of the cake as mentioned before was a tier of flowers, and it was finished with a single sun flower on top.

Mad Uncle Harry

The band we had was from Galway, chosen by Chris, I had actually not heard them until the wedding evening. He really wanted a band with lots of instruments, so we had a double bass, guitar, ukulele banjo, slide rule guitar and fab singers. They are called Mad Uncle Harry, and they were incredible. Everyone was dancing all night… Chris definitely did good with this one!

Our Song

Our first dance was “Come away with me” by Norah Jones. Chris and I have been going out since we were 17, and I used to play this all the time. I remember cooking him pizza on his 18th birthday and filling the room with candles and having this song on. This has always been our song.

Keep the Doctor Away

My favourite food in the whole world is apples, particularly Jazz apples, so each person had an apple each, with a little wooden heart pierced in the top.

Country Fair

We wanted a real ‘country fair’ theme, so we had bunting, made by my sister Louise and my friend Kathryn, and bails of hay outside. We made some of the bails into a sofa, and then the others were put into little coves for people to sit on. We covered them with pieces of navy and yellow material, so it wasn’t so sore on your bottom . We made little tables from wooden pallets that we found.

We had a small marquee outside and decorated this with ribbons, fairy lights and old photos from our families weddings. We made big massive paper flowers and had these positioned outside around the bails of hay. We had an old sweet cart, serving strawberries and cream on arrival to the venue. We basically just tried to think of lots of ways to keep it interesting and unique.

Enjoy Every Minute

I know there were heaps of little details in our wedding and that was all fun, and we enjoyed watching all our friends enjoy these, but the truth is our wedding day was special because it was ‘our wedding day’ we were so excited to be getting married, and it wasn’t until the day that you realise all the other stuff, although fun and to some degree important, doesn’t actually matter that much.

So to all you brides to be I say – enjoy every minute of it, try not to get stressed, try and think out of the box, keep looking for new ideas (wedding blogs, pinterest, magazines etc), I know it can get tiring but it is worth it, but most of all have fun, and try and focus on the reason you are doing it all… You are marrying the love of your life… And that in the end will be all that matters 🙂

Boutique – Blush Boutique

Dress – David Fielden

Headpiece – Doloris Petunia

Shoes – Dune

Hair – Blue Sky Hair

Groomsmen – Grahams Menswear

Maids – BHS

Photography – Blackbox Photography

Videography – Cinematic Tide

Cake – Clair Condell Cakes

Band – Mad Uncle Harry

Loving the fashion today – the David Fielden dress suits Emma perfectly and Chris certainly holds his own with his grey striped number.

The sunflowers add a really nice vibrant summer touch to this contemporary wedding and I love the way the groomsmen have tied themselves into the colour scheme with the bright colour pop yellow socks. A really easy, effective and fun way to unify your groomsmen.


18 thoughts on “Come Away With Me.

  1. Great big wedding love from one tall bride to another! Love this, the frock is sublime and I love the dreamy field shots (and the bugs don’t show up at all!)x

  2. Wow – the dress is absolutely stunning, fits you SO well and is just gorgeous! Whole wedding lovely, bright, fun, cheerful. Congrats! xx

  3. Right, I don’t know if it’s because I’m still on a Strictly come down from the weekend, or because I’m going to see the Queen of Dress Up, Nicki Minaj, tonight, but I am now feeling well underdressed after seeing Emma’s headpiece. And the fact it’s made by a lady called Doloris Petunia makes me want it even more!

    I adore the fact that even though this is a beautifully rustic wedding Emma still hasnt shyed away from the bling! I mean, come on, if you can’t bejwel your forehead on your wedding day, when can you?!


  4. So lucky to have such a gorgeous ‘our’ song. Come Away With Me by Norah Jones is a wondferful first dance song choice. Thanks for sharing Emma and Chris!

  5. @Pamela – I too feel underdressed this morning. I am wearing a jumper and jeans… how dull is that after witnessing Emma’s blingy bling-a-thon of greatness?

    I have a soft spot for Nicki Minaj – she is like a life-sized dolly. I was talking about her campaign for MAC with Adam the other day and he didn’t know who she was, I thought at first he must be joking. Or living under a giant rock.

    I have her lipstick shade for Viva Glam – just a bit scared to actually wear it (!)

    In other news, I really like what has been done with sunflowers here, I have never seen them mixed with pink roses before – so pretty.

    Charlotte xxx

  6. @Charlotte – tell Adam he is not alone. My sister has no idea who she is either. I explained that I couldn’t see her tonight because I was seeing Nicki Minaj and she said: “Oh that’s nice your friends having you over for dinner.”

    I dont like feeling so underdressed, I may nip back to the apartment at lunchtime and add some more jewels…although I’m wearing a polo neck so it may look a bit 90s tastic…

    Although that seems to be my vibe at the moment, I wore wide legs trews and a crop top out on Saturday night with hoop earrings – I felt like I was in Eternal! Amazing.

    And wear the lipstick. If it’s good enough for Nicki…Although I probably take my lips too far…my friends boyfriend saw a photo from a recent night out and his first comment was, “How DARK are Pamela’s lips. She looks like she’s been sucking blood.”

    When are we going to hear about Jenny Packham and NYC?!


  7. @Pamela – This afternoon pet! The dresses were so beautiful….

    I cannot for the life of me wear a polo neck, my head is far too round.

    There is a lot of love for this statement headpiece and I’m very glad about it – I hope to see more through the submission doors of RMW HQ.

    Charlotte xxx

  8. Absolutely LOVE the sunflowers!! (well who doesn’t really!)
    And the dress is absolutely perfect 🙂

    And yes, agree with the Charlotte & Pamela – that headpiece is to die for! Having serious wobbles about my headpiece choice now…..eek!


  9. @Charlotte – aaaarrgghhh in twenty minutes! Twenty minutes! And agreed – more headpieces – add them to the brief!


  10. @Charlotte – hurry with the Packham update!!

    Love this wedding, I have waist envy – and also anyone who can do cleavage whilst still looking like an angel. (clearly I cant, I look like a lady of the night)

    Also, lets recap on the amazing names of the photography couple – Lou and Louie. Too cute.

    @Pamela – Minaj tonight??! YES. Tell me how big her bum is at the earliest opp.

    @Rebecca – your headpiece is a beauty! hush! you’ll look like a princess


  11. YEYYYY! Thank you so much guys for featuring Emma & Chris’s awesome wedding! We are so excited to have our photos on here 🙂 And yes Emma’s dress paired with her headpiece was stunning!

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