Coming Full Circle.

As some of you may already be aware, Rebecca and I were both members of the W-day metropolis that is the You And Your Wedding forum. In fact, it was how we “met” and a huge part of our planning journey towards achieving the big day of our dreams. There’s nothing quite like logging on to the interweb and gaining advice from like-minded future brides, especially when you are experiencing a particularly stressful time, are stuck for inspiration or could just do with some general advice and are concerned about boring your non-bridey friends to death….

The You and Your Wedding Forum was where I shared my original wedding report “You Rock My World” and to be completely truthful, had it not been as popular as it was, Rock My Wedding may not be here today. It was a combination of the amazing feedback and support from the YAYW ladies on my decisions to do it my way and the realisation that the UK would benefit from a daily dose of on-line pretty that brought these blue polka dot pages to you gorgeous lot.

A wee while ago Rebecca and I were asked by the YAYW team if we would like to participate in a live webchat, discussing the various ways you can put a great big personal stamp on your wedding day. Of course we were both honoured and Tuesday from 1pm until 2pm sees us Blog Queens pulling out all the stops to give you valuable advice, inspirational ideas and the confidence to do it any which way you ruddy well please.


So lovelies, get your questions at the ready and do come join us for some lunchtime fun!

It’s a whole two years since I wrote the first thread of the O’Shea Big Day on YAYW, and after I’d finished I don’t mind admitting I was a bit bereft, the forum gave me such a sense of community and I had spent such a considerable amount of time ( um, possibly whilst I should have been working )…. admiring everyone’s beautifully styled soirees and deliberating over the diverse W-day related discussion topics.

And although we are not and don’t pretend to be anything like YAYW in terms of size or clout in this constantly evolving industry, I do think we are well on the way to hosting a community with just as much integrity and individuality.

Yup. It’s definitely you talented folk that make this place super duper.

So then, do let us know if any of you lovelies are members of YAYW, what you think of forums in general and if you will be joining us this Tuesday between 1 and 2pm.

Oh and if there happens to be any of the original BBB’s reading today then lots of love and kisses to you all from team RMW!

Big Coming Full Circle Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

15 thoughts on “Coming Full Circle.

  1. As one of the 2009 Big Budget Brides I just thought I’d drop you guys a message to say how pleased I am for you at your “going full circle”. I’m still a great follower of Rock My Wedding despite being an old-married for some time now. I think the site is fantastic and it allows me to indulge in that Weddingy World even though I no longer need to.
    Well done ladies and good luck on going back to your roots for the webchat. X

  2. I used to be a massive yayw fan, but it just takes too much out of my day- its too addictive! That said, I’ve met some wonderful women on there who are just lovely people, and we’ve had great chats and in the main are now facebook friends…. glad to hear that RMW started there, its a great forum. The only snag is the weakness of the rest of the site… maybe they could take some tips from you and Rebecca Mrs O’Shea??xxxx

  3. You ladies are definitely doing something right as I had never heard of YAYW until now…….. your constant inspiration on here as me pinning on my Pinterest Wedding board all week, I save all my favorite ideas down and just waiting on Mr A to ask the big question to put this into practice.
    I have recommended your sight to many engaged friends and they love it.

    More Please!

  4. An original bbb here!! I remember reading both yours and rebecca’s reports and followed you both over here when you set up rmw! Still visit rmw and yayw to catch up, yup, I’m technically a wedding addict 🙂

  5. I am an original BBB too. I had just started planning my big day when I started reading Charlotte’s report. I now have 11 weeks to my wedding, I wonder how differently my wedding would be if I hadn’t got addicted to RMW…so many ideas I would never have even thought of!!!!


  6. Yet another one who was one of the YAYW BBB’s – I still well remember the long dull summer of 2009 which was brightened up with a daily installment of Charlotte’s original ‘You Rock My World’ wedding report on the forum!! I found YAYW a big source of inspiration initially (especially the Weddings Abroad section as that’s what I did) and then of course the birth of RMW provided even more inspiration! I’m glad I’m not the only old-married who still visits both from time to time!!

  7. Yep I was a newly engaged b2b when I stumbled across your story in BBBs. Not yet a married myself (6 weeks to go!) but it was a great inspiration – plus I got uber excited when you were in the mag (was it cosmo bride?) and h2b couldn’t quite understand the exitement bearing in mind I didn’t even know you!! I’ve loved rock my wedding from day dot (see what I did there) and still do – keep up the good work 🙂

  8. I was also addicted to YAYW forums back in 2009 and was inspired by both you lovely ladies, though sadly I only stumbled on your posts a couple of weeks before my own big day, they did inspire (and were mentioned in!) my write up in the Aug 2009 brides forum. 7 of us from that forum are still close friends, we talk on FB all the time and have even met up! I still feel so so honoured that you asked me to submit my write up to RMW in it’s early days and have been addicted to RMW ever since. I haven’t really been back to YAYW as RMW is all the daily wedding fix I need (glad to hear I’m not the only old-married who still reads RMW on a daily basis!) I also think YAYW could take some advice from you to help with the rest of their website! Thanks so much girls, my days would be boring without the RMW pretty 🙂

  9. My most favourite YAYW thread ever. I was a fellow lover of 3am, think I commented just about that, I could never find the words to do justice to the whole thing. I’ll be working when your web chat is on but cant wait to get home to have a gander at it. Good Luck.x

  10. I remember being absolutely glued to your wedding report on YAYW Charlotte, and I got so excited when it was in the magazine that H2B thought I knew you personally (we went through this yet again when you were on the telly box!)!! Since RMW has been here I’ve spent a little less time over on YAYW as I really think for ideas and inspiration RMW is far better, but I do pop back every now and then to join in some of the discussions as I do think the forums are a great way to keep in touch with like minded people when everyone else around you is sick of hearing about weddingy stuff. It’s also great for me when H2B is away (he’s in the forces) as I have folks to chat to and keep me company a bit.

    I’ll be at work for your webchat sadly but hope it all goes well and you have fun 🙂


  11. It is so funny as I was totally like every one else when I saw you in the mag and on the TV. My hubby still rolls his eyes at me!

    I wasn’t a BBB but avidly logged onto YAYW to catch up with all the gossip from wedding world – so much so that I was almost limited to time on the laptop by the then H2B. I absolutely loved reading both your reports and found inspiration from them (made my own wishing tree and so very nearly did the photo dressing up box!) It was so exciting to log on and see the next installments – it was the first thing I checked out when I logged on there!

    I also found some very, very good friends on YAYW, one of whom has commented above and starred on RMW! *waves at Sarah!* and think that YAYW is a good place to meet like minded people who don’t mind talking weddings 24/7. However, RMW is so much easier to read and gives much more inspiration than most of the articles on YAYW. Plus this is a MUCH easier site to use!

    Your blog is so great and I still log on every day (even though I got married last October) to read all the pretty things and also to see if I can pass on any tips to my friends who are engaged – I point them in your direction whenever I can!

    Please keep up the good work and although I will be at work, I’ll log on to YAYW after to work to see you go ‘full circle’. Good luck x x x

  12. I too was a 2009 YAYW bride, I got married in the October, and I remember being glued to charlottes updates that summer! I must admit I still check RMW most days. I loved the forums, they were great for getting ideas and peoples opinions. Like most people I probably got a little obsessed! I agree though that RMW is easier for getting the inspiration from and you don’t get the catiness( is that even a word?!) you sometimes get on the forums.

    Keep up the great work girls!

  13. I’m a 2009 YAYW BBB’er too!

    Also remember rushing out to get my copy of Cosmo as Caos (?) from our wedding forum was going to be in it!! hehe

    My, how things have come along since then. I don’t go on YAYW as much as I used to, but do pop in for a nosey every now and again

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