Cosmic Love.

Before we go any further I probably need to tell you all that I love this wedding. I LOVE IT.

I have struggled to edit the photographs down from the selection Joanna Brown sent in to Rock My Wedding because I simply wanted to use every single one. She has captured the day perfectly.

The preparation, perfect. All the reception details, perfect. Walking to the church, perfect. The couple shots… Well, what do you think?

Agata and Alex got married in Ditchling, East Sussex. The reception took place at the Ditchling Village Hall.

The One

The dress is Justin Alexander style 8530 and it is from Leonie Claire Bridal Boutique in Brighton. It is a lace, satin and silk gown and it was the first dress I tried on. In total I tried on 8 or 9 dresses which I am told isn’t much at all but I kept going back to this one. It was my mum who made me realise this was the one. Each time I put it on she had tears in her eyes.

A Perfect veil

The gown came with a lace veil and as soon as I tried it on I knew I wanted it. It seemed so perfect and completed the look I was going for. In terms of jewellery I was only going to wear my engagement ring and a brooch from my lovely bridesmaid which was attached to the bouquet as my something borrowed. I ended up however wearing a small locket too which was a present from Alex on the morning of our wedding.

I had a silver satin sash added to the dress with crystals sewn onto it in a floral pattern. I knew I wanted to add a little bit of colour to the dress and after a few tries I asked the bridal salon to make the sash and to make it in silver/ light grey shade. The dress took 4 months to make and it was a very exciting 4 months! I couldn’t wait to try it on when it was finally ready and that really was the moment when it all became real to me. I was getting married and this was the dress I was going to wear.

Dazzling White

I wore skyscrapers! 4 inch heel and a small platform Badgley Mischka’s Babette slip ons that I first saw on Pinterest and I knew those were the ones. When they arrived they were perfect, dazzling white with satin and suede and a little bit of sparkle!

Lush Lashes

I found the hair style I wanted on Pinterest. Really I don’t think I could have organised the wedding without Pinterest, it’s full of so much inspiration! Because the wedding was English countryside set in the middle of the Downs I wanted a darling look with plaits and soft waves. The make up was going to be quite simple but with a little bit of glamour and so I asked for false eyelashes and an eyeliner flick on the eye.

It took a few tries to get the look I wanted. The first make up artist and hair stylist made me look completely different to the pictures I showed. I was so disappointed it was really hard to look for someone new and hope that this time they would do what I asked for.

Becky from Beauty Call responded to my email in 3 minutes late one evening. I was so impressed I knew I was onto something good. She was an absolute diamond and I could not believe how beautiful she made me look and that was just the trial. On the day of the wedding she was fantastic again making the bridesmaids look gorgeous and being completely calm. She was great to have around because you really need someone to calm your nerves! Once again she made me feel beautiful and was so much more than I could have ever asked for!

A Rustic Look

Ali Ball from Gobotanica was the wonderful florist behind the brides and bridesmaid’s bouquet’s and groom’s and groomsmen buttonholes. I asked for peonies and ranunculus and she delivered them beautifully.

The church and reception venue were decorated with flowers by the groom’s mum and her friend. They even went to a wedding flower arranging course a few months before the wedding. We went shopping together at flower markets in Brighton 3 days before the wedding aiming for pink and purple blooms.

They did an amazing job! We also spent hours making the flower jars, sticking on lace, hessian and string to make them look rustic.

Grey And Purple

Alex’s brothers were his joint best men. They both wore their own grey suits and purple ties which were part of our pink, purple and grey colour theme.

The bridesmaids chose their own dresses from Karen Millen and Dorothy Perkins following in the theme and matched them with stunning hot pink Carvela open toe stilettos. I wanted them to choose their own dresses to make sure they felt fabulous!

Crisp White Shirt

The groom’s suit was Ted Baker. Alex knew he wanted a grey suit and a crisp white shirt. The shirt was Italian and Alex wore his granddads cufflinks with it. I tried to sneakily get him to buy a silver tie that would match my sash on the dress without reviling the secret of what I was going to wear. The first time Alex saw my dress was when I walked down the aisle to him. We kept it a complete secret wanting to make the moment as magical as possible.

A Valentines Shoot

As soon as we got engaged I was researching a photographer. We knew that it was going to be very important because the day would go by in a flash and we would have the pictures forever to relive the moment. I started following Jo Brown’s blog and a few weeks later I noticed she was doing a Valentines photo shoot for couples. I emailed immediately and we got in (woohoo, spaces were limited!).

Alex was a little nervous about having his pictures taken so this was a perfect opportunity for him to break the ice before the wedding so to speak. Jo turned out to be wonderful the minute we met her! She made us laugh and giggle so much and she even managed to make us do perhaps a little peculiar things like lie down in a corn field in February (haha!) but the pictures turned out great! We knew her style of photography would suit us and our venue completely and she was such a pleasure to be around. We couldn’t imagine asking anyone else.

Gorgeous And Personal

Our gorgeous and talented friend Clare from Little Bear Cakery made the cake as a gift to us! The top tier was a fruit cake which we’ll keep for the christening of our first baby (one day!) and the bottom tier was a vanilla sponge with vanilla icing and jam. We wanted a classic white cake and Clare matched the lace on the cake to the lace on my dress exactly! She is so talented; the cake was gorgeous and personal and tasted delicious!

Jukebox Jury

We looked at band after band on the internet but couldn’t find anything we really liked – lots made us laugh but none were exciting! In the end we stumbled upon a chap called Nick Lipton at a friend’s party, he plays sax and clarinet beautifully. He played whilst we had our meal and afterwards we had a jukebox.

The jukebox was hired from Jukebox On The Night and was a fantastic Wurlitzer! The little children at the wedding loved the bubbles and lights in the side which was an added bonus. We were allowed to add our own CDs and even had the index cards printed up so that our guests could pick some of our favourite tunes in addition to the classics the jukebox already came with.

Falling In Love

Our first dance was to Florence and The Machine – Cosmic Love.

We looked for ages as our “falling in love songs” were all from The XX which is a little too chilled out for a first dance. We chose this song because the lyrics are beautiful and the song is quite dramatic and atmospheric.

Jam Packed

Homemade jams were our favours. We collected jars for months and the groom’s mum and dad made raspberry and plum jams to give to the guests. Happily everyone has told us that they are absolutely delicious.


Pretty much everything was homemade. We ordered pink and purple paper lanterns to decorate the venue and hung them with lots and lots of fairly lights. Twigs were collected and bunting was made. Table runners were sewn and place tags hand stamped and punched with a little heart hole puncher. The entire wedding was a family affair with friends and family chipping in and crafting together. Our friend Kat prepared the lovely Italian feast and she and her husband Nick were making the chunky boards to serve the antipasti on two days before the wedding. Guests who wanted to contribute to the wedding brought desserts. We had the most amazing selection of crème brulee, tiramisu, heart shaped brownies, cheesecake and lots more. They were all delicious and very personal!

We are planning on selling lots of bits and bobs from the wedding and even offering to hand make luggage tag place names for people – our Etsy store is nearly open.

A Final Thought

Follow your heart is the best advice I can give to any bride. Use wedding blogs and sites such as Pinterest for inspiration. There are lots of beautifully talented people out there who will inspire you no end.

Photographer – Joanna Brown

Venue – Ditchling Village Hall

Dress – Justin Alexander

Boutique – Leonie Claire Bridal Boutique

Shoes – Badgley Mischka

Hair and make-up – Beauty Call

Florals – Gobotanica

Cake – Little Bear Cakery

Jukebox – Jukebox On The Night

Entertainment – Nick Lipton

So what did you think?

The hessian table runners, the lace, the Wurlitzer… I could go on but I feel like I need to blow into a paper bag for a bit.

This is a simply beautiful casual D.I.Y affair that has made my day.


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

18 thoughts on “Cosmic Love.

  1. Lovely wedding, the flowers are amazing! I didn’t know you could hire a jukebox and then put your own music in it, that’s a fab idea


  2. Also loving the jukebox! And I’m sorry but how actually gorgeous is the bride? She looks like a David Bailey 60s sex kitty! I’m leaning more and more towards a W-day fringe you know…x

  3. Awwww lovely. Woke up feeling a bit under the weather and this wedding has perked me up – that close up of the fringe, the eyeliner and the gorgeous lashes at the beginning is fabulous, I want it on my wall! Love the shots with the umbrellas too – I believe rainy weddings are good luck!


  4. This wedding is lovely! I love the all the colours. The make up is ace to!
    Agata, can I ask where you got that lovely cardigan/jacket from?? I’m looking for something just like that as my wedding is in October but can’t seem to find what I am looking for anywhere!

  5. I so want a jukebox!

    Such a beautiful wedding and I can see so much of how we want our wedding to be in it! The dress is also a beaut 🙂


  6. Great to see another bride rocking the wedding fringe!

    Such happy pictures with lovely DIY touches and fab florals. I’m loving the jukebox idea too and would totally go for it if I could trust me and Phil (male of honour) not to play Commander by Kelly Rowland over and over again!


  7. Oh wow such wonderful comments! Thank you so much ladies, this is very overwhelming and so unexpected.
    I’m glad you’ve enjoyed our photos, I see it as giving back because I have spent months looking on blogs and hoping that I would see things that we could make our own.

    @Caroline H the cardi is from H&M and i’m pretty sure they still have it. I actually bought it for day after wedding celebrations but it ended up making an appearance on the day 🙂 xx

  8. I love that last image so much – it just exudes romance. Congratulations on organising such a beautiful day!
    (P.S. Your hair & make-up is stunning!)

  9. Ahh I love it all! Your dress is stunning! Do you happen to know the name of your husband’s Ted Baker suit as we are looking for a 3 piece suit in grey and this is perfect.

  10. We had “Cosmic Love” as our processional song in the church for our wedding last August. And I still cry every single time when I hear it. Very good choice! 😉

  11. WAIT! Heart shaped brownies????? Wow…

    PS Yeah, yeah, stunning bride, gorgeous flowers etc BUT heart shaped brownies? I am struck dumb in admiration of the yummy kitschiness of them,

  12. Oh my. This is beautiful but also it was kind of freaky that I read this just a few days before going for a hair and make-up trial and thought: that sounds bad about the disappointing trial, I hope it doesn’t happen to me.

    This: “The first make up artist and hair stylist made me look completely different to the pictures I showed. I was so disappointed it was really hard to look for someone new and hope that this time they would do what I asked for.”

    I could have written this. I’m pretty angry that someone who was meant to be a pro was just so awful and wouldn’t listen to me. So I really feel for this bride too.

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