Cover Me In Confetti.

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that there are an abundance of wedding traditions that you an choose to incorporate in your own big day or not.

The receiving line, the first dance, the cutting of the cake….choose to have ‘em all, a few that you feel are important to you and yours or maybe even none at all.

Now then. My favourite “tradition” is, without a shadow of a doubt, the throwing of the confetti.

For me it is the most significant aspect of the I do celebrations where friends and family congratulate the bride and groom on their together foreverness…a shower of love, luck and eternal happiness.

And from a purely aesthetic perspective, I think it’s difficult to improve on the vision of a pair of beaming newly-weds surrounded by a cloud of pretty pastel paper or flower petals…I always look out for that “shot” when I receive a real wedding submission.

Lolly and I were actually discussing confetti whilst at the NWS in Earls Court last week. Turns out it’s one of the traditions she will be keeping for her W-day this Autumn, and she is a big advocate of the familiar horse shoe and bell shaped silvery variety that it would seem is quite difficult to find in biodegradable material (if you have any ideas where we can find some then do let us know – Lolly will love you forever.)

And no we don’t think the train of your elegant gown shimmering in the sunshine with a selection of metallic shapes is tacky – it’s positively retro cool.

I actually provided each guest with a heart-shaped box of dried delphinium for the O’Shea Big Day back in 2009 – I placed them on the ceremony chairs so no-one would be without. And no, it’s not because I was an uber generous bride, it was because I really REALLY wanted to be covered from head to foot in a giant rain fall of blooms.

That was my “Princess” moment I guess. The only one I had any kind of real desire for. I could take or leave pretty much everything else.

I have mentioned before a gazillion times how much I am looking forward to Lolly’s epic Ralph Lauren AW 12 campaign inspired affair. I’m already captivated by the tales of ebay sourced decor and all sorts of glossy magazine worthy fashion…


The main event for me is being able to throw handfuls of this laser cut paper from BHLDN.

I know.

I die.

Oh and I mustn’t forget bubbles. I’m a HUGE fan of those too.

So lovelies, what are your thoughts on confetti?

Are you even having any for W-day?

Do you think it’s an important part of the day?

And if the answer to the above two questions is yes, what kind are you having?

Please share your ideas with other RMW-ers in the comments box below and feel free to ask Team RMW any questions/requests for recommendations etc.

Big Shower Of Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

48 thoughts on “Cover Me In Confetti.

  1. We had dried rose petal confetti (biodegrable as our venue had animals), it was provided by our venue and made for some really lovely (and funny) shots – note to guests: throw the confetti in the air not at the Bride or Groom’s head, people! 🙂 It felt great to walk through the cheering avenue of our nearest and dearest a few minutes after we said I Do, one of many fun moments of the day.

  2. We had sugar paper punched out into little jigsaw pieces. It took us blooming forever to sit there and cut them all out (although always easier with a bit of Downton Abbey on in the background!) and after about 5 hours, I just couldn’t go on and my wonderful husband carried on and finished it. It was something that did take time in the end, but it was so worth it and the pictures are immense!

  3. I REALLY like the idea of having pom-poms thrown! You know those little wool ones you used to make at primary school! Think it would look awesome and will keep the kids busy picking them up afterwards!! Now just got to convince the H2B!!

  4. I’m making my own confetti with dried rose petals. Generally have a bunch of flowers at home and as they start to fade I dry them. I just lay the petals out on a plate with some kitchen roll underneath. By the time of our wedding next year should have enough. For £3 from tescos I have fresh flowers for a week and confetti – not bad!

  5. We’re going with the bubbles, but did consider paper airplanes at one point – until someone pointed out what a health & safety hazard they would be!

  6. My very patient Mum and I dried petals all summer long on our lounge windowsill. My still even more patient bridesmaids and I spent a happy couple of evenings stuffing the petals into 200 small glassine bags (that stamp collectors use to preserve stamps) and then tying them to the back of the orders of service so that everyone could have some. Confetti is by far one of the most amazing parts of a wedding day to me and so I really dislike it when I don’t have any to throw ( although I do tend to have a bag of petals in my handbag)! There are some rather fantastic photos of confetti at our wedding, but my favourite is my face on seeing the wiggly tunnel of people ready to throw confetti at us! Whatever you use, whether you buy it, make it or use pom poms (what a fun idea Charlie!) the confetti toss isn’t to be missed!

  7. We had dried flowers – my Dad’s girlfriend tried to dissuade us but I listened to our photographer (the VERY talented Amy Murrell from Especially Amy) and she said that confetti shots are sometimes the best shots because your reaction is totally genuine. I LOVE my confetti shot – there is pure joy written all over my face!

  8. LOVE confetti shots BUT I’m getting married in Ireland….. it’s going to rain (optimistic!) so i’m worried about buying confetti that might get wet and therefore stain my dress, any ideas?
    Would dried flowers be best? (Dont these cost a bomb?)

  9. Oh Charlotte, you know me and my retro cool… forget rose petals, give me bit of tissue paper cut into bells and horseshoe shapes any day of the week.

    L.U.V. Confetti! …/cheerleader/Madonna style/

    Howevs, I’m really not sure my venue will allow it so i’ll have to drag everyone onto the street and do it outside Primark! haha. One fabulous thing though, is that when I passed our venue last week, I looked up and noticed for the first time, a Wills and Kate, Buck Palace style balcony… I could have fun with that


  10. I’m a sucker for bubbles (obviously!) but we also considered rice (as they do way out east) and – for a brief time – bird seed… Whatever your choice, I agree it’s one of those lovely traditions you can’t help but to have fun with!

  11. The confetti photo is always my favourite so I was really excited but…..I have to give a big confetti shaped warning!! We got married in the Provence and so we had dried lavender which smelled amazing. The problem was we gave out way too much and it ended up everywhere, there was no getting it out of my hair or (tight fitting silk) dress that showed every bump, even got some in our mouths. It was really funny but looking back I am lightly peeved that in our photos afterwards I can see all the lavender in my bra!

  12. I have to admit I ALWAYS make sure I have confetti with me at any wedding just in the hope they will do a confetti shot!
    A friend couldn’t have confetti but her wedding planner did have rose petals that she scattered as my friend came down the stairs (& thrown over her & hubby during first dance)….it was beautiful BUT fresh rose petals stain! She had red marks all across the bottom of her dress & many people who had taken their shoes off in the disco had red stained soles!!! So be warned!

    I was thinking of having dried lavender but after what @Helene has said I may have to re-think that idea
    Am definitely providing the congregation with some kind of confetti to make sure everyone can get in on the action! 🙂

  13. – love the confeti shot. We filled jars with confeti with a little note asking our guest to throw at us as we walked up the aiel. Was a wonderful experience, it was 100 people congratulating us. We did not have other tradition no cutting of the cake, no group shoots. Awh I wish I could do our wedding again. Xx

  14. I loved the idea of having bubbles but a few friends have put me off – they said the bubbles could stain my dress and they wouldn’t show up that well in photos. The latter proven completely wrong by that wonderful image above 🙂 Also with us having our wedding day in one venue I’m not sure how to do it as we aren’t really leaving anywhere, maybe it could be done when we are doing the big group photo? Does anyone have any ideas for me?

  15. The last wedding I shot had a little ‘hooray’ and ‘whoop’ flag parade, which was amazing in itself. Then, the confetti shots were a whirl of colour and glitter… Amazing!!
    Personally, I really like the idea of a bubble shower.
    Natalie xx

  16. I love all things confetti!!! we bought some cheap confetti from Ebay and im in the process of making cones out of paper doillies and putting them in a basket and giving a trusy bridesmaid the task of giving them out! although boxed on chairs is a really good idea……

  17. Afternoon gorgeous types!

    @Charlie – Mini poms would be so cool – do it do it do it

    @Heather – Hmmm, the health and safety aspect is a shame as they too would be all kinds of awesome.

    @Becks – I am not sure about the staining issue, however if you wanted to be “safe” then go for all white. Did you see the white paper that Lolly has chosen? LUSH.

    Charlotte xxx

  18. I hadn’t even given confetti a thought! I am RUBBISH! Right, that’s a job for this weekend – I’m liking the idea of dried petals but I also have a soft spot for the 1970s little pink/blue/yellow paper stuff (I remember picking bits off the ground at a wedding when I was little!)

  19. Karen – A balcony you say? A BALCONY? Thi is going to be epic.

    Helene – I know I shouldn’t but…lavender down your bra?! that sounds kind of cool (!)

    Stef – They just look like dried flower petals, mine didn’t look dead as they still retained a lot of pretty colour. And unless you are going to go REALLY close up in your photos it just kind of looks like a shower of pretty stuff.

    Charlotte xxx

  20. We are punching crepe paper hearts from lots of different coloured paper and providing them for guests along with sticks with rainbow ribbons and hopefully bubbles too 🙂

  21. yes white confetti! why didnt i think of that?!
    I have a heart stamp punch cutter that i’ll be using for place names, so perhaps i’ll just get some tissue paper and make my own, then at least i know it wont stain me/ my dress!

  22. @Becks @Peridot @Carys – have you thought of ribbon wands? They’re fairly easy to make, look cool in photos and don’t break any of the rules.

    There’s a few tutorials online, but I’ll be making them too so might have to a little DIY post!

    @Charlotte – I’m totally doing a ‘the kiss’ moment!! xx

  23. i loved the chintzy horseshoe and bell confetti too. i found some biodegradable ones in country baskets and gave them out to all our friends, looked great in the pics xxx

  24. @Sarah – Cool, and I think the guests will appreciate it on the chair, it kinds of works as a little “gift” upon arrival.

    @Lou – You are not rubbish, there is a lot to consider for W-day! and we (Team RMW) also have a soft spot for the 70’s stuff too.

    Honestly – do it if you can.

    @Carys – I would say anywhere outside pet, the less staged the better. You could literally just run through everyone whilst they were blowing the bubbles as if you were leaving somewhere (does that make sense?) and if you are worried about bubbles (have never heard of staining myself) then the ribbon wands as mentioned by @Karen above would be equally as cool.

    @Becks – I have one of those too 🙂 And glad to have been of service!

    Charlotte xxx

  25. @Charlotte – I’d like to take credit for the paper airplane idea but I saw it on (the website I almost never look at) The Knot! Google image search brings up a few photos – all the brides look like they are ducking and covering their heads! Black eye in the wedding photos anyone?!

  26. I was determined to get loads of confetti shots so we did glassine bags filled with tissue paper hearts for all our guests. We started off punching our own hearts but I gave up in the end (the punch kept continually jamming) and resorted to good old eBay and had a selection in white and a variety of blues. Then husband and I stuffed the glassine bags one evening fuelled by wine. It was fun!

    @becks We had rain on our wedding day and the confetti didn’t run/stain. I may have done a test run at home with some spare confetti, a glass of water and a wad of kitchen towel though…

    @Carys – our wedding was all in the one venue and we just dragged everyone out to a covered porch area (due to rain)to get our shots. People love a good confetti throwing gaggle so they’ll be up for it!

    @Charlotte. I do love the BHLDN paper but a word of caution – it’s not very fluttery. More suited to table sprinkling than throwing. It’s too heavy to hang in the air for lovely photos.

  27. I LOVE confetti as it can make for some fabulous photographs, as you’ve shown above – however, if I was to give a couple of tips, I’d say 1. check with your vicar / registrar / ceremony venue that they’re happy for guests to throw confetti. Sometimes you may find they only allow certain types, some don’t allow it at all (I know, miserable) and 2. if you are allowed to throw it, make sure you have LOADS AND LOADS of it! Piddly little amounts don’t work. Make sure everyone has armfuls of the stuff to get really great confetti shots.

  28. I flipping love confetti!

    Our choice came down to two different venues and I must admit, I went with ours in the end because they’d let us have confetti. Haha sad I know, but I REALLY wanted to keep that tradition and I love love love the photos it creates! I am super excited for this part of the day 🙂


  29. I dont know if this is allowed in the UK (as per @Neale James’s comments above) but I have seen a pic on an American blog where everyone threw GLITTER! Now THAT would be an epic photo opportunity!

    Has anyone done this/considering it? I am thinking gold glitter in varying sizes (but not the really tiny stuff – maybe more sequin size?) to really catch the light? Perhaps with some pink petals mixed in for contrast?

    Laura xxxx

  30. We had confetti although we weren’t supposed to.
    My mum had been drying rose petals for months when we found out we weren’t allowed to have confetti at our venue…
    We had it anyway, but not in an obvious area. We used the dried rose petals and mixed them with dried lavender (which btw makes it look like I have really bad dandruff in the photos!)
    I’m so glad we had it though 🙂

  31. I HAD (supersize that word, underline it a few times and the emphasis is almost there..) to have confetti shots. My amazing mum spent the afternoon with a hot glue gun making cones out of old sheet music and then later filled them full of petals bought from Shropshire Petals (again biodegradable as the venue requested).
    They are some of my favourite images, I love my husbands face, one of his friends gave him a face full of confetti at the start of our tunnel and he’s spitting it out for the rest of the walk!

  32. I made our confetti from drying the Rose petals from the flowers my now hubby bought during our engagement (fortunately he is a generous flower purchaser!). Top tip is to put them on kitchen roll and dry them in the microwave, it takes literally seconds that way. Just before the wedding I put some Rose essential oil in the box so not only did they look good but smelt great too. The confetti shots are definitely some of my favourites of the day.

  33. I love a confetti shot and we were lucky enough to be allowed it inside – I love the way it ended up in my headpiece and my husband’s buttonhole. He made ALL the confetti we provided by punching hearts (found a punch on eBay) from paper in our colours and we put them in sheet music cones.

    Possibly an over share but when I got out of my dress I found I had a paper heart stuck to each boob – was very funny…

  34. I love a good confetti shot. Happily our venue let us have it indoors, so people could throw it as we came down the aisle. We got some great photos and the place was covered in it afterwards, as were we.

    My husband made all the confetti using a heart-shaped punch I found on Ebay and about 75 sheets of paper in our wedding colours. I wouldn’t recommend using tissue paper – as others have said, it jams the punch. Normal paper punches fine and works really well. We put them in sheet music confetti cones, which were actually the first wedding detail I picked.

    Some people say: oh, it’s the guests’ job to bring confetti, but in my experience hardly anyone does and it’s also a nice opportunity to do something that fits in with the feel of your wedding.

  35. A confetti shot is a MUST!!!
    I’m trying to find the 70’s style bells/horseshoes etc style confetti at the moment, I want to use the same stuff my parents did back in the day! I can’t seem to find it in a biodegradeable version though, does anybody know where I can find it?

  36. @Carys, re the whole confetti opportunity thing, we did ours later in the day. It was totally staged, but it didn’t stop it being a whole lotta laughs (we’re the bubble people above btw). Draw your own conclusions, if you will. Oh, and I can’t say I can report any bubble staining either…. x

  37. Hi!

    I’m getting married in April and we’re using bird seed as confetti as we come out of the Church. Has anyone else ever seen this done? We’re going to use mixed seed as it’s small enough for the job. My partner and I are very keen on birds and supporting UK wildlife so once the weddings over the birdies get fed too!

  38. We want cones of dried petals for our wedding but are unsure how many to get, we will have a minimum of 80 guests at the church, do we have to make sure everone has some?

    1. Tracey we did a staged confetti shoot with some of my closest friends and it was lovely and I only needed half the amount of confetti. I wouldn’t worry about everyone needing some and people will bring their own.

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