Hello RMW-ettes.

As you’re all probably aware it is Fashion Week here on Rock My Wedding. That’s right! And in keeping with this week’s theme, I thought I’d share with you my bridal fashion covet list.

Yes you heard correctly… I have a covet list, specifically relating to all things weddings and I’m willing to bet that I’m not the only one. In fact, I’m certain that each and everyone of you has a list just like mine, split into specific categories with prices removed. You know, just so you can’t torture yourself with the extortionate price tag of that brooch that you need so that your nuptial outfit is COMPLETE.

In the interests of research…I mean I had to make sure that I hadn’t missed anything off said inventory… I have spent a fair few hours shopping which has done nothing for my oniomania. The things we do for you lot – honestly…

Aisle Style

Those of you who are currently shopping for or who have already found THE ONE will be fully aware that wedding dress shopping is not quite as simple as it seems.

The gown that you’ve swooned over in the magazines, that you’ve pictured yourself gliding down the aisle to is often nothing like the sheathed beauty that you end up with. Perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps some of you fabulous lot knew exactly what you wanted and it suited you down to your pretty little toes.

If this is the case, then I am mightily jealous. You see what I thought I wanted and what actually looked good on me were two very different things…and so I shall live vicariously through my mood boards instead.

This fabulous array of silk, lace and taffeta reflects my aforementioned Jekyll and Hyde personality – we have Grecian style column dresses AND full-skirted frothy drama.

Shall we go and take a look…

I always held the opinion that a bride should look demure and romantic, shrouded in layers of lace and tulle. I am a sucker for the more traditional trumpet style gowns and frou-frou affairs. If it has volume then I’m already loving it. Add oodles of embellishment, signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours.

It’s just unfortunate that I look like a toilet dolly in them.

In another life I would like to wear both of the fabulous designs by Jesus Piero and Monique Lhuillier. Look at the glorious train in Piero’s design; the dress is beautifully simple but you can’t take your eyes off it can you? And Monique Lhuiller’s ‘Candy’ looks good enough to eat with its intricate beading and peachy hue.

But what I didn’t know is that brides can be a little bit…sexy…too.


Spilt thigh wedding dresses, marabou capes, come to bed eyes with a dusting of rouge lips is what it’s all about for me. Capes – how I love capes! Figure hugging gowns and the barest whisper of tulle to cover the upper torso is my look of the moment. What do you think lovelies – too much?

Also top of my current lust list is backless dresses. They exude style and impact and a naked back can turn many a man to jelly – girls I am TELLING you. For many guests, the first real glimpse of a bride is of her back as she parades down the aisle, train swishing behind her so why not give them something to look at. Temperley’s Goddess dress and Claire Pettibone’s Kristene both demonstrate how back drama can be achieved in completely different ways but with equal amounts of class.

Crowning Glory

To veil or not to veil seems to be an ongoing question/ debate for many of you and I’ve found that modern day brides are split pretty evenly between the two camps.

That said most of you still want something to adorn your pretty little heads whether it be a floral crown, a gossamer light veil or something with glitz appeal.

Here at RMW HQ we’re particularly fond of headdresses of the feather variety – in fact Charlotte and I try to wear them whenever it is physically possible although sleeping in them does crush the feathers somewhat. Take it from us, don’t try it at home…

Below is a selection of my favourite head candy…

The north star blusher veil from BHLDN, made from Swarovski crystals and wisps of tulle, is not only beautiful and romantic but versatile too. The veil can be detached and worn simply as a halo – perfect for any bride wanting to make a transition from day to evening with minimal fuss.

For those girls looking for something a little edgier, then the Kirsten crystal headband is for you. Made from a sparkling navette and baguette faceted stone trim, this piece is Luxe with a capital L. The thing I really love about the Kirsten is that you can purchase it attached to either satin ribbon ties or elastic. Does anyone else have a head which elasticated headpieces gradually slide off? Just me then…well it won’t happen with this baby.

It’s the Lilium Halo that I’ve got my eye on though. Wearing this I’d feel like Titania, Queen of the Fairies, debecked in enamelled lily leaves and flowers with a sprinkling of crystal-studded pearls. It is SO pretty.

Please will someone buy it for me, I’ll love you forever…..

A Brief Dalliance

I have been spoilt.

Utterly ruined I tell you…allow me to elaborate…

You see, a couple of years ago I happened to purchase a pure silk underwear set from Marks & Spencer’s Autograph range. Yes it’s utterly impractical as it can’t go in the washing machine with the rest of the normal undies and granted you’re quite right in thinking that silk is nowhere near as durable as cotton hence the subsequent purchasing of further silky ensembles.

But ever since, I’ve developed a taste for the stuff – it’s like a siren’s call which gnaws at my soul and I can’t escape. Do you know what I mean? For some girls it’s shoes, for others handbags but for me it’s the promise of a brand new set of underwear.

And there’s something about a girl’s wedding day that really makes me want to make the effort in the lingerie department. I want to wear something that I’d be happy to prance about in on a carousel horse or leap out of a giant martini glass whilst batting my eyelashes bambi-like over huge feather fans.

I promise I’m not an exhibitionist… honestly I’m really not.

Seriously though, we are seeing a revival in the number of UK companies producing beautiful luxury underwear. The choice is endless, from cute body suits and high waisted 50s style knickers to decadent garters and elaborate lace.

I’m also crushing over the teal, lacy number at the bottom of this set of images which could be just the ticket for your something blue or could just sit nicely in your drawers with the rest of your smalls.

My favourite is the bondage style get-up from Agent Provocateur. You can tell it’s been exquisitely designed with a nod to the suspender days of old but with a healthy dollop of modern tailoring. It would also be perfect for whenever you might be having a 50 shades moment…ahem…moving on.

It’s Never Too Cold For Peep Toes

It really isn’t.

Actually with the exception of the beribboned blue flats, all of these shoes are peep-toes. It wasn’t my intention to focus purely on this sartorial style, it just happened that way.

But my gosh, this little collection packs a punch. They are statement shoes…and a half.

I won’t be alone in thinking that if you’re going to spend a small fortune on your wedding day footwear then you want to be able to strut your stuff in them again afterwards, right? So you don’t want them to look too well, wedding-ly. Well doll-faces, I still fell hook line and sinker for two beauties that are right smack bang in this category.

It wasn’t my fault – look at them. How can you resist feathers and tulle?

I’m toying with the idea of wearing a brightly coloured heel to my own wedding in October. If the grooms and ushers can sport the statement sock, then ladies we can sport some fabulous creations of our own and I am all over those red Zara numbers.

So who will be forming an orderly queue behind me and wearing some eye-watering pops of colour on their wedding day feet?

True to form, I am also a little bit in love with Jimmy’s Pair of Clues. They are super sparkly…and sky-high after all and GOLD…which brings me nicely onto the next part of this post.

Lustre Loves

If you’ve been reading my other posts then you’ll know that I’m a bit of a magpie.

Scrap that…I’m an absolute gannet for any object radiating a golden hue so my apologies now if you’re more of a silver kinda gal. I will say though, there are some absolute bargains to be had out on the high street at the moment if you’re looking to accessorise your delicious dress without receiving a nasty call from the bank manager.

Feast your eyes on this gorgeous lot…

There are A LOT of bangles in this selection probably because I really really want someone to rock a bit of cuff action on their wedding day. I am in love with the amazing contrast between a pretty gown paired with jewellery that has a masculine edge.

Are you loving the idea but worried that it might be a bit too much? Well I’ve found you the perfect answer in the form of a seed pearl cuff that has plenty of charm without compromising your style statement.

Take a look at those rectangular faceted earrings from Monsoon. Utterly divine and wouldn’t they be absolutely perfect with swish chignon for a chic do in the city? A steal at only ten sterling pounds – proof that you don’t have to spend a fortune to look glamorous on your wedding day.

And I had to include the ‘Loved’ ring because it made me go a little bit teary when I saw it. That and the fact that it has two 0.5ct diamonds that sit on the other side of this band. No, I jest with you. It was the inscription that made me weep and I’m thinking that I might pinch it for my own ring.

Are any of you lovelies having something engraved on your rings? We’re incredibly nosy here at RMW HQ and want to know all about it.

So what do you think? Have I persuaded you to embrace the Amazonian goddess in you and wear a fierce cuff on your big day?

Will your toes be caressed by feathers or tulle?

Grecian princess all the way or does your heart belong to a full-skirted beauty?

And will anyone be jumping out of a Martini glass as part of their wedding nuptials?

Please say yes…

Answers on a postcard…(I’ve always wanted to say that)…or in the comments box, folks.

Lauren xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

31 thoughts on “Coveted.

  1. Usually when I look at this kind of post, I find something I really, really love only for it to be the most expensive item on the page! Delighted that this time my eye was drawn to the Topshop cuff! Oh and the Monique Lhuillier dress but having recently been married I don’t think I can justify that in a million years! Topshop it is! Thanks x

  2. Text to big sister: “Do you think a dress with a thigh high split and tulle angel wings, with a pearl veil, peek a boo underwear and a feathery shoe would be a bit much all at once?”

    Big sister: “Yes, but you are too too much on a regular basis. What you could do to really shock everyone would be to turn up in a minimal shift dress, hair not the height of Mount Everest and maybe just a simple, but classic, diamond tennis bracelet. Now that, would be shocking. Although you would look like me, and that would be weird. So if you are asking me can you wear all that, yes, go ahead, Pamela.”


    I am going home to unstring my Primarni pearls and try to sew them on some kind of headscarf.

  3. As I feasted my eyes on the beauty of this page I was secretly hoping you had gone for the Candy by Monique Lhuillier.

    Since this does not seem to be the case I could be consoled if you are instead showing up sporting the BHLDN headpiece (even though you made me look at their pretty wedding dresses again and I shouldn’t be looking at their expensive wedding dresses), the teal undies and feather shoes. Please?

  4. And, @Lauren – my wedding underwear part un makes me look like a beige-flavoured sausage. It is pretty much the most unfetching item of clothing I have ever shrouded myself in…well, not quite, but…It does however do a job and as soon as my dress went over the top of it, the sausage was forgotten…although now I have become obsessed with my armpit sausages that my mother says I do not have but I know are there. I spent yesterday going through RMW reports where brides are wearing the same dress designer I am and trying to see if they had armpit sausages, none of them do…I think I have bad posture…

    Anyhow, I digress, underwear part deux (which realistically is going to go on the morning after the wedding isn’t it, because once I’m out the sausage I can’t see myself wanting to strap myself in anything else for some time!) is yet to be decided…but I am loving the Biba stuff at House of Fraser. I have a silk, navy blue playsuit chemise thingy from there that rocks my socks off. When I wear the sausage I am going to pretend I am wearing that…

  5. ooo the dress at the top left, with the gold neckline was worn by a friend of a friend!! At first I thought it was a bit odd but there more I see here in it, the more I think WOW!

  6. @Chelsea – I am thrilled that you like the cuff. Bargain isn’t it! Think I might go get me one of those myself.

    @Claire yes the Monique is divine and my budget didn’t stretch that far either. But looking at it is almost as good as having it, isn’t it? Who am I kidding?!

    I’m trying to console myself with the fact that I wouldn’t look very nice in it – it isn’t working…

  7. @Lauren – you are a very bad girl (in a good way). I am now tempted to scrap my original plans for just injecting my dress with a little ‘me’ in the form of my trusty leopard print Kurt Geiger ponyskin skyscrapers and make off with some of those BHLDN beauties…sigh. And the ‘loved’ ring? Ditto the tears – simple things and all that.
    Thanks for what I’m sure will be the most stylish bit of my day : )


  8. @Lauren what are you doing to me?! Firstly, why on earth have I been married for 6 months and 9 days and this is the first time BHLDN have appeared on my radar?

    I’m breathing into a paper bag right now.

    I am desperado to share my wedding dress details with the RMW family, but there’s no way I’m mentioning a word on these pages until the big day!

    Veils and shoes however – well my covet list [sub category: veils] is just full of Sara Gabriel. I die every time i visit her website and up until now I was all set on yellow shoes but I can see a new sub category being introduced – j’adoring the feather shoes!


  9. @Ann I can’t promise I’ll be wearing the teal number on THE day – I need something super silky you see but I might just go ahead and buy it anyway. What the hell… I’m only saving for a wedding don’t you know.

    Ahem..perhaps you could have a word with mother on the shoe front…might help the budget.

    @Amma & @Fabienne hot and wow indeed!! Glad you like girlies.

    Almost makes me want to purchase another dress for the evening soiree. Oh wait…I can’t do that because I’ve purchased two by accident and need to sell one of them first. Darn it!

  10. @pamela – love the reference to the beige flavoured sausage. Not quite sure what it will taste like, but the thought of underwear being flavoured very much makes me laugh 🙂

    I too will be sporting underwear of the beige variety and have become slightly obsessed with searching for honeymoon undies. So far its not going too well as i feel slightly spolt for choice, but i like the agent provocateur number above ALOT! I have also just spent the last half hour looking at the BHLDN website which i also never knew existed either…verrrrryyyyyy nice!

  11. @Pamela I had to write a comment just for you because you have had me in stitches and I nearly choked on my lemon water…naughty girl.

    I hadn’t even thought about stitching some giant pearls onto some sort of headwear fandango but you’re onto something here…perhaps a D.I.Y post is required not that we’re plagiarising or anything.

    And being ‘too much’ is impossible when you’re a bride on your wedding day. I’ve asked for a floor length, hooded cape in eggshell taffeta and all I’ve had is people roll their eyes at me so I feel your pain.

    And the underarm sausages – I don’t ruddy believe it. Except now I’ve got images of you with little cocktail sausages under your armpits complete with sticks. As for part deux, it sounds divine – I still haven’t bought mine yet hence the covet list but a playsuit sounds amazing!!

  12. @Ellie – seriously, when I went upstairs in my mums spare bedroom to try on the number in question she said to me, “Now make sure you close the curtains, you don’t want the man in the house over the road to see you in THAT.” Because it really is that bad.

    @Lauren – I already wear part deux though – the Big C has had that treat! Maybe I could just get it in rose and be done with it? I feel sexiest in my running trousers and gym crop top…because I like my stomach, and that is pretty much all now, thanks to the armpit sausages! But I can’t really bust out the Nike gear for the wedding…even if it does have a lovely aqua stripe.

    And, @Karen – you just did, lovely. Don’t worry, they let me right about sticky stuff once. The golden rule sounds good, but I have no tits (in fact they have recently shrunk further!) and my bum could belong to a Kardashian. I had a boyfriend that tried balancing a beer tray on it once. The Big C is out tonight watching the football, so I am going to practice with a book on my head like the models do.

  13. @Pamela haha, yes – swish up and down the living room like you’re making Miss Jay proud! #antm

    Also, the fact you go the gym probably means your in much better shape than many of us, so I’m going to put it out there that your armpit sausages are in your head!


  14. I’m so all over the 50s highwaisted knicker – I’ve even got bikini bottoms in that shape! I’m not generally one for splashing the cash on skivvies but I made an exception when Mimi Holliday had a well-timed sale and bought myself a beautiful fuschia silk set plus a sheer black nightie (not to go under the frock you understand, I’m sure I’ll require a Pamelaesque beige number too!).

    I’m v keen on having a preposterous headpiece – I’ve tried a few veils and they don’t really work on my sweepy fringe so I think a hatty/fascinatory thing is the way to go, and I do enjoy ridiculously big accessories.

    Love love love the ‘Loved’ ring – the lorry driver and I haven’t bought our wedding rings yet but when we do we’re going to have RUTTS engraved on the inner bands (it stands for Right Up To The Stars, which is how much we love each other. Sponsoring your daily serving of cheese right here!)x

  15. @Lou – your little bit of fromagerie has made me feel better. You see my wedding ring is basically 400% more than the Big C’s, so to make it special I said I’d get his engraved…and I couldn’t think of what to put in it other than ‘The marriage chutch’…you see we have this thing that we do where we squeeze each others cheeks (in varying styles of squeeze let me tell you!) depending on the occassion, there is even a BBQ chutch…but I wasnt going to do it…but now I am!

    And, do, get a beige flavoured sausage number. I’m going to turn them into the next big thing. I really, really am.

  16. I would like the lacey Claire Pettibone dress, the Lilium ‘halo’, the turqoise underwear (Chris might end up with palpatations), the Topshop pearl bangle and of course the feathery shoes! Who wouldn’t want feathery shoes?!?!?!

    I’m not quite sure they all go together but I do not care!


    P.S. @Karen – BHLDN is a killer, if I could I would buy it all!

  17. @ Pamela – do it! I love the idea of our wedding rings ending up as family heirlooms or in an antique store in a hundred years and people being really puzzled by the inscriptions!

  18. @Lou – I will, I will, I will! I promise! In fact, I need to get a move on and do it. Wedding is nine weeks away and between then I have a baby to welcome into the world (my sister’s not mine, oh and I’m not delivering it, just making sure it has enough clothes!) and a trip to Ibiza to do and then recover from….

    I might do it tomorrow in my lunch hour. Job 371 – DONE!

  19. @SophieDay bless your cotton socks. I’m always happy to share the pretty with you lovely lot.

    @Karen Sara Gabriel veils are beautiful aren’t they! Is it wrong that my favourite veil is actually one called Lauren. How very vain of me.

    @Ellie I take no responsibility for any extravagant spending of yours with regards to the BHLDN website. I merely introduced you to it…

    @Lou you’ve just made me cry. But yes I love inscriptions so for me it will either be ‘Loved’ or a line inscribed around the whole of the inside of the ring but doesn’t quite meet. Its meant to signify ‘I love you this much and all the way round’ which is what the boy and I say to each other.

  20. @Lauren, Lauren is stunning. I’m torn between Emma and Victoria at the moment, but no doubt will change my mind. AGAIN. Apparently they’re planning to come to the UK soon! xx

  21. We’re having our rings engraved with our initials and wedding date. I know this sounds silly but I wanted to keep it to something that could absolutely only belong to us.

  22. Lauren you are a girl after my own heart! I love this post 🙂
    Where to start… the floaty, lacey dresses, but they just don’t suit me 🙁 (never fear, I still love my dress – I think!!! ha ha)
    I am however definitely (hopefully) getting a BIBA feather cape, I just need to decide whether to choose the ivory or ink coloured one……am very tempted to go for the ink one (well it is a cocktail bar wedding, so surely that’s more appropriate?!) 😉

    And thank you sooooo much for showing me this amazing topshop cuff – I’ll be running off to get this very very soon 🙂

    Oh & shoes….I’m definitely not an ivory shoe girl, so am hoping for either a pop of colour or some gorgeous sparkly numbers. Although I am a little bit in love with those feather shoes…….I think you should know that you & Miss Charlotte have single-handedly ‘made’ me need a feather crown – so much so that I ended up making a feather crown all for myself! Brightened up my Jubilee weekend 🙂

    @Pamela – I love the sound of this BIBA “silk, navy blue playsuit chemise thingy” – think I may have to make a trip to House of Fraser soon! (maybe I can get it at the same time as the cape! 😉 )

  23. ps. sorry for all the emoticons, think I got a little carried away with myself! Was just too excited by all the pretty!

  24. That loved ring is so damn gorge!!!! Been looking for a ring to wear as a wedding ring that isn’t boring and I think this is it!!! Roll on payday so I can order it! 🙂 I can always trust RMW to inspire!

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